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Study the Lutheran Confession of Faith found in the Book of Concord with lively discussions led by host Rev. Brady Finnern, President of the LCMS Minnesota North District, and guest LCMS pastors. Join us as these Christ-confessing Concordians read through and discuss our Lutheran doctrine in the Book of Concord in order to gain a deeper understanding of our Lutheran faith and practical application for our vocations.


Saint Louis, MO


Study the Lutheran Confession of Faith found in the Book of Concord with lively discussions led by host Rev. Brady Finnern, President of the LCMS Minnesota North District, and guest LCMS pastors. Join us as these Christ-confessing Concordians read through and discuss our Lutheran doctrine in the Book of Concord in order to gain a deeper understanding of our Lutheran faith and practical application for our vocations.








Luther’s Small Catechism. What is the benefit of this eating and drinking? So what?

Christ’s body and blood are in, with, and under the bread and wine, but what difference does that make? Luther makes it very clear that the purpose of Jesus’ institution is to give forgiveness, life, and salvation to sinners. This supper connects us to the deliverance during the Passover that our Lord saved His people from slavery. Although not slaves in a foreign land, we are freed from the slavery of sin and damnation by His blood. Take and eat Christ for your forgiveness, life, and...


Luther’s Small Catechism. What is the Sacrament of the Altar? Is means is. It’s true.

Christ’s words are simple. Is means is. He institutes this supper to bring all the benefits from His cross to us today. We confess that it is the true body and blood because He is truly there. The same Jesus on the cross we receive in that bread and wine. If Christ is truly there and we believe His words, we receive what He promises: forgiveness, life, and salvation. Rev. Keith Lingsch, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Naples, FL joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study the Sacrament of the...


Luther’s Small Catechism. What is the Office of the Keys? Opening and closing forgiveness in Christ.

The Church’s authority is only based on God’s Word. By God’s wisdom He gave the Office of the Keys to the Church for the sake of forgiving and binding sins. The Church has the difficult task of call sinners to repentance and sadly, there will be times where people do not turn back to the Lord. We pray that people repent, by the work of the Holy Spirit, so that the keys are used to open up the gift of forgiveness in Christ. The joy of one-person's repentance leading to forgiveness beyond...


Luther’s Small Catechism. A short form of Confession. Go in peace!

Martin Luther made sure that we do not only talk about confession, but that we do it! He provides a short form for the seared-conscience Christian to faithfully confess their sins and to faithfully receive the full forgiveness of sins on account of Christ. In this short form we clearly reminded of our many failures toward God and our neighbor (causing hurt or harm, spoken evil, stolen, lack of love). The pastor attentively hears these sins and gives a clear conscience to the penitent, only...


Luther’s Small Catechism. What is Confession? Repentance and forgiveness on account of Christ.

Scripture speaks of the importance of confession & forgiveness (Psalm 32; Psalm 51; I John 1:8-9; James 5:16; 2 Samuel 12:13). We confess our sins to the Lord with full confidence that, as Christ has died for our sins and has risen from the tomb, we know that by His grace He will graciously forgive us. We look to God’s Word to see our sins, namely the 10 commandments, but our confession is not to spend all day looking at our sins but to the free and gracious forgiveness won for each of us....


Luther’s Small Catechism. I have a question? Baptism.

The clear and concise teaching of Baptism from Scripture brings great comfort. Yet, questions continuously arise. We address the most common questions asked concerning Baptism according to the Word: Is someone actually saved when baptized? How can a baby have faith? Can a baptized person walk away from Christ? What happens to a person who dies before they are baptized? Is baptism a work? What do I need to be baptized? What should I do after my child is baptized? Rev. Dennis McFadden, pastor...


Luther’s Small Catechism. What does such baptizing with water indicate? Daily dying and rising in Christ.

The Old Adam needs to die. Each of us do not need a lifeguard in this Christian life or a life raft on the lazy river, but we need a complete resurrection. In Christ, through Holy Baptism, we receive the gifts that God gives us in Baptism (forgiveness, a new creation, the robes of His righteousness, washing of rebirth, and renewal by the Holy Spirit). We are to come before our LORD in repentance each day to die and by His grace we rise to a new life in Christ. “Satan hear this proclamation;...


Luther’s Small Catechism. How can water such great things? How is this even possible?

Holy Baptism gives us the promise of Christ’s work on the cross for us. The water is life-giving by God’s Word done to us. Baptism gives us rebirth, renewal by the Holy Spirit, an inheritance, hope, and eternal life in Christ. It may not make sense, but neither does it make sense that God could make a man out of dust or a woman from a rib. God has chosen something as simple as water, that by His Word, He would justify, sanctify, and save us in Christ. “O Lord, help us to rest in this...


Luther’s Small Catechism. What benefits does baptism give? Too many to count!

Holy Baptism was not only an event in the past but showers us with grace throughout our lives. We are united with Him by the water and the Word, wrapped in forgiveness & eternal salvation. He provides us with a new identity, dying to sin and rising to new life as His new creation (Romans 6 & Colossians 2). This baptismal identity reminds us that as the LORD came to us in the water, He never leaves His people. “He because I could not pay it, gave my full redemption price. Do I need earth’s...


Luther’s Small Catechism. What is Baptism? Gospel Not Law.

Baptism is simple: Water and the Word bringing salvation to all ages. God gives us the assurance of our salvation through Jesus through a physical means to keep us from desiring to add to our salvation. Our identity does not stop the moment we are baptized into the Triune name of our Lord, but it is a lifelong hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. “God’s own child I gladly say it, I am baptized into Christ." Lutheran Service Book 594 Rev. Dennis McFadden, pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fort...


Luther’s Small Catechism. The Lord’s Prayer: 7th Petition and The Conclusion. Yes, Yes, it shall be so.

Evil surrounds us every day. Our conscience is attacked by the evil one so that we are confused over our relationship with our LORD in Christ. We stand before our Father as forgiven in Christ, but in this life our Old Adam will be troubled and devil does everything he can to pull away from our gracious God. Who will save us from this body of life? “Thanks be to God for the victory who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 15:57). Christ has had the final victory...


Luther’s Small Catechism. The Lord’s Prayer: 5th and 6th Petitions. Forgive us and renew us.

We pray to the Lord with confidence that we are fully forgiven by our Great High Priest. Each day we not only have the need to be forgiven, but to forgive others. Jesus bears our sins and we are to bear the sins of others. This forgiveness from Christ is by no means an excuse to no longer care about the temptations that surround us. “I’m going to get forgiven anyways, why care about temptation?” The devil desires to separate us from God, God desires to separate from sin. God invites us to...


Luther’s Small Catechism. The Lord’s Prayer: 4th Petition. Giving thanks, even our government.

Daily bread is what the Lord gives us for our daily need. The list of daily bread extends from the simple and mundane to the “big ticket items” which help us realize all that He has provided. Luther greatly emphasizes the gift of governing authorities as they are called to keep our land in peace and order. We ask that the Lord would continually remind us of the greatest gift of Christ’s salvation. Rev. Bruce Timm, pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in St. Cloud, MN joins Rev. Brady Finnern...


Luther’s Small Catechism. The Lord’s Prayer: 3rd Petition. Keep us firm in His Word and faith.

It is God’s will that all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). His salvation in Christ is done and it is given to us even today. The devil, the world, and our sinful nature do not desire salvation for the world, yet, by His Word the Lord keeps us steadfast and firm in Christ. We have many questions over God’s will during tragedy, sin, and fear, but we have the promises that His will throws us into the arms of Christ and His promises. Rev. Timothy...


Luther’s Small Catechism. The Lord’s Prayer: 1st and 2nd Petition. In faith, we pray for more faith.

The Triune God is holy and we are not. Truth is found in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection and He gives us His holiness by His Word. By His Holy Spirit, He helps us to live holy lives here and in eternity. His kingdom is not our work, but His reign over the world. In faith, we pray for more faith. “I believe, help my unbelief” we pray for the Holy Spirit and we pray that other may believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. “Lord help us to receive Your Holiness by the Word and protect us from...


Luther’s Small Catechism. The Lord’s Prayer: Introduction. Praying with confidence to our dear Father.

Prayer is speaking to God in words and thoughts. This speaking shows that He is the one who has established this relationship in Christ. God is not some unknowable object, but the true God who tenderly invites us to trust in Him and talk to Him. This Triune God listens like a dear, loving, and compassionate Father who is always available, gives full confidentiality, and promises to answer our prayers with perfect grace and mercy. Keep praying saints of our Lord! Rev. Tysen Bibb, pastor of...


Luther’s Small Catechism: 3rd Article of the Creed. I believe that I can not believe.

I believe that I cannot believe in Christ by my own reason or strength (I Corinthians 12). The progress of faith is completely a gift of God’s Work so that no one may boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). It is a comfort to know that He calls us, gathers us, enlightens us, makes us holy, and keeps us with Him so that we know the completeness of the Gospel. All Him and not us. We know that we receive the Holy Spirit by the Word & His Sacraments (Acts 2:38-39). These gifts point us away from ourselves and...


Luther’s Small Catechism: 2nd Article of the Creed. That I may be His own.

To confess I believe in Christ is the central tenant of the Christian faith. We confess our faith in Christ to the Lord, to one another, to the world, against the devil, and unbelievers. The fullness of the Triune God was pleased to dwell for the sake of reconciling us back to the Father. This reconciliation through Christ gives us a firm identity as one bought, won for, died for, and given the victory. Why? That I may be His own. Unconditional and perfect love unfounded in this world....


Luther’s Small Catechism: 1st Article of the Creed. Out of fatherly divine goodness.

The Triune God is the creator of all things. This good creation includes you. Through the gift of faith, we see how our bodies and all our members are a good thing from Him and He is still taking care of us. All that we have is a gift (house, home, family, land, protection from harm) from Him that He gives not because we deserve it, but out of a gracious love for us. We ask the LORD to give us thankful hearts that we realize all that the LORD provides for all of our needs. Rev. Jason...


Luther’s Small Catechism: Close of the commandments. “Don’t you know He’s a jealous God.”

The close of the commandment are at the heart of the 10 commandments. If we have the one True God, why would we pursue other gods? Why would they follow such gods when the True God not only led you out of Egypt, redeemed you, but He is a jealous God that has all power. Jealousy can also be translated as zealous. God has a desire to be with His people and does not look kindly on His children desiring something other than Him for salvation, comfort, and life. Repent and find love in all the...