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Study the Lutheran Confession of Faith found in the Book of Concord with lively discussions led by host Rev. Sean Smith and guest LCMS pastors. Join us as these Christ-confessing Concordians read through and discuss the Book of Concord and Confessional topics in order to gain a deeper understanding of our Lutheran faith and daily application in our vocations.

Study the Lutheran Confession of Faith found in the Book of Concord with lively discussions led by host Rev. Sean Smith and guest LCMS pastors. Join us as these Christ-confessing Concordians read through and discuss the Book of Concord and Confessional topics in order to gain a deeper understanding of our Lutheran faith and daily application in our vocations.


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Study the Lutheran Confession of Faith found in the Book of Concord with lively discussions led by host Rev. Sean Smith and guest LCMS pastors. Join us as these Christ-confessing Concordians read through and discuss the Book of Concord and Confessional topics in order to gain a deeper understanding of our Lutheran faith and daily application in our vocations.








Augsburg Confession Article XXVIII: Church Authority

What is the distinction between church authority and secular, government authority, and how do they interact? Do pastors have authority in relation to the civil life of the community in which they serve, in relation to the daily lives of the people in the congregation, in relation to the ceremonies and customs that are used in the congregation, and/or in relation to how the congregation operates? Rev. Mark Bestul joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss Church Authority in Article XXVIII of the...


Augsburg Confession Article XXVII: Monastic Vows

Is it bad to want to serve the church and live in intentional Christian community? Why is it important to measure church traditions in terms of practice, rather than just in principle? Should Christians be taking vows, even if they have good intention like in serving the Church? Why do people often tend to put more value in our promises than in God's? Rev. A. Brian Flamme, pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Roswell, NM, joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss monastic vows in Article XXVII...


Augsburg Confession Article XXVI: The Distinction of Meats

What's the deal with the distinction of meats? What happens to the grace of Christ when human traditions dominate instead of the Gospel? How do the traditional Lutheran emphases on "Grace Alone" and "Faith Alone" provide a proper Christian focus to this article? Rev. Mark Squire, pastor of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in St. Ansgar, Iowa, joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss the Distinction of Meats in Article XXVI of the Augsburg Confession. Find your copy of The Augsburg...


Augsburg Confession Article XXV: Confession

Why a second article on confession? Learn about the relationship of private confession and absolution to the general or public confession and absolution of the Divine Service, whether we need private confession and absolution when we have the general confession and absolution in Church, how confession and absolution provides the cure of souls more than just the care of souls that you might get from counseling services, and what psychological benefits might come to a person who confesses and...


Augsburg Confession Article XXIV: The Mass

How did the Lutheran Reformers answer the charge that they had abandoned the Mass? Have we, at times, been guilty of abandoning the Mass today? Also hear about why we would want to retain the Mass, its benefit to Christians and to the Church, why the Lutheran confessors specifically include talk of observing the Mass with the highest reverence and celebrating every Sunday communion. A chief concern in Article XXIV has to do with the medieval practice of "private masses." Why is this so...


Augsburg Confession Article XXIII: The Marriage of Priests

Is there a religious life style more valued to God than that of marriage and family? Hear discussion on whether clergy should be married or celibate, why the matter of marriage of clergy matters to laity, and how the argument of the Confessors here in regards to the Marriage of Priests based on what God has established in creation and through His Word. Rev. Sean Kilgo, pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Lawrence, KS, joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss the marriage of priests in...


Augsburg Confession Article XXII: Both Kinds in the Sacrament

Even though this article begins a shift towards addressing the specific abuses in the Roman Catholic Church at the time of the Reformation (and thus this lines up nicely with the 492 Anniversary of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession today, June 25), how is the Lutheran approach to addressing these abuses still very much relevant for our consideration of matters within the Church still today? The specific abuse addressed in Article 22 — both kinds in the sacrament — isn't really much...


Augsburg Confession Article XXI: Worship of the Saints

Do Lutherans have regard for the saints? Do saints pray for us? Learn about the role that saints have in the Roman Catholic Church, in the Lutheran Church, and in other Reformed churches. Also, hear about ways in our modern Lutheranism in which we may fall into either the cult of saints or no regard at all for saints, and how we can honor the saints according to Scripture. Rev. Tim Sims, pastor of St. John Lutheran Church & School in Chester, IL joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss worship...


Augsburg Confession Article XX: Good Works

We confess that good works are not necessary for salvation, but in what sense *are* they necessary? Hear also why some people accuse Lutherans of "forbidding good works," how this article on Good Works is really more about faith than about works, whether there is a wrong motivation for doing good works, what good works truly are, and whether there is a time that doing good works would actually be an insult to the work of Christ. Rev. Andy Wright joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss good...


Augsburg Confession Article XIX: The Cause of Sin

Sin is often excused because we claim that God "set us up" or that "the devil made me do it. But, what is the truth about sin and the cause of all sin in our world? Hear about the nature of our will after the Fall and why our reluctance to acknowledge the reality of our sin actually keeps us from the comfort of the Gospel. Rev. Mark Bestul, pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL, joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss the Cause of Sin in Article XIX of the Augsburg Confession. Find...


Augsburg Confession Article XVIII: Free Will

Do Christians have a free will? Hear discussion on what good people are able and unable to accomplish, and whether people have the ability to overcome evil by their own will-power. Also, consider how we think about charitable unbelievers and if God really hates their "good deeds." Finally, plug the Word and Sacraments into the conversation to think about how the nature of our will emphasizes our need to receive Christ and His Word. Rev. Matt Wurm, pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in...


Augsburg Confession Article XVII: Christ's Return for Judgment

How do we to understand the Biblical teaching on the future and Jesus' return for Judgment? Learn about how we we confess this teaching in our Christian life by the way that we pray, our liturgy, our hymns, and even how we view our everyday lives in this world. Also hear about what the final judgment hold for believers and unbelievers, how that influences how people react to the Last Day, and in what ways people hold false opinions on the kingdom of Christ and His return. Rev. Mark Bestul,...


Augsburg Confession Article XVI: Civil Government

Is civil government a blessing — a gift of God, to be participated in, supported and sustained? Or is government evil and a tool of the devil? Is the world itself — our family, job, and communities — evil to be avoided? Or are the things of the world for Christians too, to be used in god-pleasing ways? Hear about the purpose of government and the Christian's relationship to it, the attitude of the Reformers toward service in civil government, if a Christian can be part of a government that...


Concord Matters for Writing Confessional Lutheran Hymnody (Rebroadcast)

As Lutherans we love our hymnody, but what makes hymns particularly Lutheran? How do hymns point us even more to Scripture, and how can we use them devotionally? And, on the creative side, how does a Lutheran hymnwriter create a hymn that is both beautiful poetry and also doctrinally rich? Rev. Stephen Starke, Lutheran Hymn Writer of over 200 hymns (including 32 in the Lutheran Service book) and retired LCMS pastor, joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss our heritage of Lutheran hymnody and...


Concord Matters for Lutheran Hymnody (Rebroadcast)

We sing hymns every Sunday, and hopefully throughout our daily lives. But, what actually is a hymn? Is it just a fancy word for song? Hear this delightful conversation about the purpose of hymnody, where we find scriptural basis for singing hymns in worship services, how we use hymns in the life of the congregation, how music and text work together in hymnody, and what makes our Lutheran hymnody so unique and wonderful. Rev. Dr. Jon Vieker joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss why concord...


Augsburg Confession Article XV: Church Ceremonies

What are human ceremonies in the Church? What good is there in practicing human ceremonies in the Church if they are not commanded by God? When the Augsburg Confession says "ceremonies ought to be observed that may be observed without sin", learn what that would include and exclude, how we best confess Christ and His Gospel by our ceremony in the Church, and why it may be even more necessary today or keep or recover traditional orders and ceremonies in our churches. Rev. Anthony Dodgers,...


Augsburg Confession Article XIV: Order in the Church

Article XIV of the Augsburg Confession is very short, and yet remains a point of contention. What is the benefit of having a properly Called pastor in the Church, and how do we understand the role of pastors in the Church? How has the church formed, Called, and Ordained pastors throughout the centuries? Rev. Kyle Mietzner, pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Anchorage, Alaska, joins host Rev. Sean Smith to discuss order in the Church in Article XIV in the Augsburg Confession. Find your copy of...


Augsburg Confession Article XIII: The Use of the Sacraments

In Article XIII, the Lutheran confessors are concerned about the Roman Catholic understanding that the Sacraments are beneficial just by doing them. So, how do Lutherans speak of the proper use of the the Sacraments? What do the Lutheran confessors mean when they say that the Sacraments were instituted to awaken and confirm faith in those who use them? Is the improper use of the Sacraments harmful? How does our confession of this article affect our practice and use of the Sacraments in our...


Augsburg Confession Article XII: Repentance

What is “true repentance”? Learn about what follows repentance, what it means to be sorrowful over sin, and why this article speaks of good works as “the fruit of repentance”. Also, hear about the (false) teachings that once you’re baptized you cannot sin anymore (“once saved always saved”) and if you sin after baptism you cannot be forgiven, and why these teachings are so destructive to the Gospel teaching of repentance. Lastly, learn whether the errors the confessors addressed in the...


Augsburg Confession Article XI: Confession

We turn to Article XI on Confession. The Lutheran confessors condemn what the Roman Catholic practice of confession had become, yet why do the confessors urge the private confession and absolution should be retained in the churches? Also hear discussion on the reactions most people have when urged to go to confession, misconceptions about the practice, and why it's important for God's people. What benefits of private confession and absolution should encourage us to make this a practice in...