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The official home of the Conspirinormal Podcast. A show dedicated to uncovering the truth in all things paranormal and conspiracy theory related.

The official home of the Conspirinormal Podcast. A show dedicated to uncovering the truth in all things paranormal and conspiracy theory related.
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The official home of the Conspirinormal Podcast. A show dedicated to uncovering the truth in all things paranormal and conspiracy theory related.




Conspirinormal Episode 231- Skinwalker Ranch Roundtable (Seriah Azkath, Joshua Cutchin, Timothy Renner, Chris Wolford)

Recorded October 10th, 2018 Seriah Azkath, Joshua Cutchin, Timothy Renner,and Chris Wolford join us for a roundtable about the Skinwalker Ranch, and the new film "The Hunt for the Skinwalker" We look into the course of events on the Skinwalker Ranch and how they relate to other places with strange occurrences around the globe. We also delve into our impressions on the documentary and is the documentary being used to roll out more information about the ranch to...


Conspirinormal Episode 230- Jenny Ashford 4 (The Faceless Villain 2:The 60s)

More Recorded October 2nd, 2018 We welcome back one of our favorite guests on the show, Jenny Ashford. Jenny continues her foray into the realm of unsolved murders in her her second book of "The Faceless Villain" series. IN this wpisode3 we deal with the section of the book dealing with unsolved murders from the 1960s. (We'll continue the discussion soon about cases from the 1970s in a later episode.) Jenny fills us in on such cases as the Wanda Beach Murders, the...


Conspirinormal Episode 229- Peter Robbins 4 (The Murder of James Forrestal)

Recorded September 25th, 2018 Peter Robbins makes his return to the show! we discuss with Peter the life , career and possible murder of the first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal. We look into Forrestal's interesting connections to UFOs and Majestic 12. Also, did Forrestal commit suicide or was he murdered to keep him silent about the existence of UFOs or was it something else entirely? This and much more on this episode. You can find info on Peter and...


Conspirinormal Episode 228- Mark Stavish (Egregores)

More Recorded September 18th, 2018 We welcome new guest Mark Stavish of the Institute of Hermetic Studies to discuss his new book: "Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny" This was a learning experience for us as we knew next to nothing about the topic. We talk about what an Egregore is, how they manifest, and they can influence our reality. We also look into the idea of Tulpas and how they are connected to the Egregore concept and how...


Conspirinormal Episode 227- Space Communism Spectacular! (Wren Collier and Matt Ashley)

More Recorded September 12th, 2018 The reins are turned over to Serfiel for this discussion of Soviet Cosmism, Soviet Psi Research and the ideas of the Posadist movement. We are also joined by one of Wren's friends, Matt Ashley joins us for his first time on the show. In the beginning of the show Wren tells us about his experiences at Cryptidcon over the previous weekend.


Conspirinormal Episode 226- Bernie Taylor (Before Orion)

Recorded September 4th, 2018 We welcome new guest, Bernie Taylor to the show to discuss his new book, "Before Orion:Finding the Face of the Hero" Bernie tells us about a couple of caves in Spain with ancient art that depicts astronomical and Archetypal symbolism. We delve into the importance of this to our own culture and what it may mean to our relationship to the planet. You can find info on Bernie and Before Orion at: In the outro Timothy Renner joins us to let us...


Conspirinormal Episode 225- Romper Room 4 (Adam, Serfiel, and Heather.)

Recorded August 28th, 2018 We had some issues with jobs, sickness and scheduling so we decided to do a fourth "Romper Room" episode. We enlisted our good friend and oldest fan, Heather to discuss some items with us. We cover with Heather topics such as "Toxic Masculinity" vs. Toxic Femininity" and the take down of the Silent Sam statue. We also read an email sent to us by a listener about being a targeted individual. Check out Heather's Tarot reading...


Conspirinormal Episode 224- What is Wrong with Conspiracy Culture? (Adam Gorightly, Red Pill Junkie, Wren Collier)

Recorded August 14th, 2018 This is a continuation of sorts of a round table Adam was involved in on "Where Did the Road Go?" Red Pill Junkie and Wren Collier got into some of what's wrong with the Conspiracy community and culture. It was such a good conversation that we wanted to continue it here. Adam Gorightly joins us to discuss an article that he wrote on the Daily Grail about Qanon. We get into some of the controversy involving Alex Jones, Pizzagate, and Qanon and if we are just dealing...


Conspirinormal Episode 223- Romper Room 3 (Adam, Rob, Serfiel, and Special Guest)

More Recorded August 7th, 2018 With so many stories having built up over the last few show we decided to finally do another Romper Room format. In this episode we discuss the banning of Alex Jones, whether Elon Musk is a fraud, and if Bigfoot is a Satanic trick. Dr. Future joins us in the studio to help us discuss the antics of the "Fireman Prophet" Join us for our Skittles and Unicorn solutions to the World's problems.


Conspirinormal Episode 222- Recluse (The Knights of Malta)

More Recorded August 7th, 2018 In this somewhat shortened yet packed with information episode we sit down with Recluse of the Visup blog to discuss his work on the "Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta". We look into the history and strange connections of the Knights of Malta to Freemasonry, the P2 Lodge, Operation Gladio, and even the "Cornbread Mafia" Dr. Future sits in with us as he has written about and done much research on the Knights as...


Conspirinormal Episode 221- Scott L/ Brian Godawa 5 (Ghostly Talk/Resistant)

More Recorded July 31st, 2018 For Episode 221 we have a dual guest show. First off we welcome Scott L from Ghostly Talk to the show. Ghostly Talk was one of the first paranormal podcasts dating all the way back from 2002! We talk about Scott's conception for the show, it's format during it's run, how the paranormal changed while the show was on, and Scott bringing it back. We also dig deep into Scott's philosophy of podcasting. You can find Ghostly Talk at:...


Conspirinormal Episode 220- Rich Blackett (Of Wolf and Man)

More Recorded July 24th, 2018 We welcome a new guest to the show, Rich Blackett to discuss some of his work on the mythology and folklore surrounding wolves. This is from the material that Rich has gathered for his upcoming book on the subject. W e look into the existence of an ancient Wolf Cult, gods and goddesses that were identified as wolves, and the existence of wolf symbolism in various warrior cultures. Check out Rich's blog at:...


Conspirinormal Episode 219- Joshua Cutchin 3 (Thieves in the Night)

More Recorded July 18th, 2018 We were very excited to finally have Joshua Cutchin rejoin us to discuss his new book "Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions" We go into detail with Josh on Fairy lore and how it relates to the fairies stealing children and replacing them with Changelings. We also look into some of the more scientific explanations for the phenomenon and whether they match up with the lore. We also compare the...


Conspirinormal Episode 218- Jennifer Stein and Kathleen Marden (UFOs and the Future of Humanity))

More Recorded July 17th, 2018 Returning guest Jennifer Stein and new guest Kathleen Marden are joining us to discuss the upcoming 2018 MUFON symposium. Jennifer is organinizing the Symposium this year and Kathleen is one of the speakers that will be presenting. Jennifer takes us down the list of the speakers, presentations, and other events that are planned at this years Symposium. We than discuss with Kathleen some of her research into Alien Abductees and...


Conspirinormal Episode 217- Richard Hatem (Mothman Prophecies, Screenwriting, and the Fortean)

More Recorded June 26th, 2018 We had the real privilege of speaking to the screen writer of "The Mothman Prophecies", Richard Hatem. We discuss with Richard his entry into screenwriting in Hollywood and what shows inspired him. He than tells us about how he became interested in the "Mothman" and how the screenplay developed over time. Then the conversation gets really deep on the nature of the paranormal and life and death. Check out Richard's twitter at:...


Conspirinormal Episode 216- Kenn Thomas 2 (The Octopus, Adam Parfray, and Old School Conspiracy)

More Recorded June 27th, 2018 Kenn Thomas rejoins us to discuss his work on the Octopus conspiracy. How did the suspicious death of journalist Danny Casolaro in 1991 shed light on a much vaster conspiracy involving the CIA, the middle east and even UFOs? This is the question that Kenn and his co-author, Jim Keith asked when they published the books in the late 1990s. We also look at the life and Kenn's association with Adam Parfray. In the outro Adam and...


Conspirinormal Episode 215- Melissa Martell and John Chadwick (Drawing Out the Spirits)

Recorded June 19th, 2018 We end up in Studio B tonight for our discussion (in three different countries) with Melissa Martell and John Chadwick from "The Drawing Out the Spirits Podcast" which is also a Youtube Channel. We speak to Melissa and John about some of their ideas for the show and some of their weird experiences that have inspired them. we also end up getting a little political on this episode as well. You can check out Melissa and John's show at:...


Conspirinormal Episode 214- Adam On the Road 2 (West Coast Edition)

More Recorded June 6th to 8th 2018 Adam took a trip out west to see a family member recently and decided to stop by the Los Angeles area to meet up with a few of our favorite guests. Included are two interviews with Robert Guffey and Adam Gorightly. Plus there is a small walking tour with Walter Bosley on some of the significant places he describes in his "Empire of the Wheel" series.


Conspirinormal Episode 213- Roejen Razorwire (Project Archivist, Childhood Possession, and Assorted Weirdness)

More Recorded: Interview: May 12th 2018 Book Review: May 22nd 2018 In Part One, we (Adam and Serfiel) speak to Roejen Razorwire from the Project: Archivist Podcast about a number of topics. We first get into his ideas he had in creating his podcast, his experiences of his own childhood "possession", and his ideas on Skepticism and the Paranormal. Part Two is our second ever Book review. We look into the book, "Programmed to Kill" by Dave McGowan. We talk...


Conspirinormal Episode 212- William Ramsey and Jim Smith (The Smiley Face Killers)

More Recorded May 22nd, 2018 We welcome return guest William Ramsey to the show to discuss his new film "The Smiley Face Killers: Who is abducting, torturing and murdering college-aged men in the US and UK?". We are also joined by the main researcher on the film, Jim Smith, to help us iron out this strange, horrifying and compelling subject. You can get the film on demand here: And to check out Wiliam's other...