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Listen to past sermons and other helpful biblical content from Cornerstone Baptist Church, High Point, NC, on the go!


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Listen to past sermons and other helpful biblical content from Cornerstone Baptist Church, High Point, NC, on the go!






Midweek Podcast: The Holiness of God (Leviticus)

This third book of our Bible continues the instructions given to Moses by God at Mount Sinai. Leviticus can be a book of the Bible that we can struggle to read through since it contains instructions for animal sacrifices, seemingly strange civil laws, and purification rituals, among other things. However, the big idea of Leviticus is God’s holiness and His concern for the holiness of His people.


Midweek Podcast: God's Presence

The remaining chapters of Exodus show us how Moses enjoyed God's presence with greater intimacy than the rest of the Israelites (with the possible exception of Joshua). This week we will discover God's desire to be among His people and four steps we can take to constantly know Him more and more!


Rekindle: God's Wake Up Calls

Ezra 1:1-6 begins with a couple of wake-up calls! How does God wake up our passion for Him? These verses will also give us our first prayer to pray as we seek God to rekindle any area of our relationship with Him that has or is waning.


Rekindle: How to live so that no one knows your name.

Ezra chapter two is a chapter of our Bibles that we are tempted to skim over or skip entirely. However, this chapter shows us how to live for God's glory alone!


Midweek Podcast: The Ten Commandments (Part 2)

These ten words of Exodus 20 serve as a compass, pointing us down the path of right living with God and others. They also tell us our need for a Savior and that this Savior is Jesus. I pray that our Lord uses these couple weeks of focusing on the ten commandments to help you love Him supremely, love your neighbor as yourself, and, if need be, open your eyes to your need for rescuing from your sin by Jesus, the only one who can save us from our sin!


Midweek Podcast: Moses and the 10 Commandments Pt 1

God gave Moses and the Israelites these commandments almost 3500 years ago and yet they still are as relevant today as they were then as they show us how we are to relate with God and others.


Midweek Podcast: Moses and the Plagues

Moses and the plagues reveal who the true God is and that as the only One who can rescue a people for HImself and safely guide them home, He is the One we ought to trust and worship. This week we see how God proves Himself to the Israelites and the Egyptians and how they responded and how we can respond today.


Midweek Podcast: Joseph

The story of Joseph teaches us how we can trust God because He is faithful to do what He says He will do. Joseph demonstrates how we can remain strong in our faith while God works out His plans for our lives despite suffering because of someone else's evil actions and intentions.


Midweek Podcast: Abraham

As we turn our gaze to Abram, better known as Abraham, we see a monumental building block for our understanding of the one biblical narrative. If this were a ten-week series instead of a 52-week study, I would still have included God’s covenant with Abraham in our survey at number two. The Abrahamic Covenant continues God’s redemptive work promised in Genesis 3:15 and helps us understand some end-time events. At this point in the biblical storyline, it shows us the extent of God’s redeeming...


Midweek Podcast: The Flood

Noah and the flood is one of the most well-known historical stories of the Bible. In this episode, we will see God reveal Himself as both Judge and Redeemer and discover some practical applications in how we can walk with Him like Noah.


Midweek Podcast: The Fall

Genesis 3 is one of those chapters in the Bible where a pastor can find weeks of message material to preach! This week's blog focuses on how Satan tempts God's people and how we can resist his tactics and experience more and more victory over sin in our lives. The podcast uses Genesis 3 to help us have a better understanding of God, ourselves, our world, and God's promise of the best being yet to come.


Midweek Podcast: Creation and Us

In the second ever episode of our midweek podcast, we continue looking at the creation narrative from a different angle. In week one we saw what creation taught us about God and this week we will see what the Bible's account of creation can help us correctly shape our identity (blog) as we discover what it means to be made in the image of God. The podcast focuses more on life application derived from God's revelation of Himself as a Triune Creator God.


How God reveals Jesus to others through His people.

Christmas day has come and gone. Your Christmas decor may or may not be packed up. Our focus is no longer on the birth of the world's Savior but the world's new year and what it may hold. We linger in John's Gospel so that we might not rush from the season for which Christ is the reason without contemplating what His birth means for the upcoming year. This week's sermon shows us that God revealed Jesus as the coming Messiah through one man's obedience to His revealed will. The truth is, God...


Midweek Podcast: Creation and God

In our first season of the Midweek Podcast, we will explore 52 important stories of the Bible. Like Lego blocks being joined together a block at a time into a finished Lego creation, each story in this season will connect to one another, building an understanding of the Bible's one continuous story.


Philemon Week 3 - Really? Forgive?

Paul's request of Philemon to forgive Onesimus was counter-cultural. Paul asked a master to forgive a useless, thieving, runaway slave instead of punishing him. Who or what could Paul justify such a request? In this episode, we focus on the man who positioned himself to make this kind of head-spinning forgiveness possible and sensible.


Baptist Children's Home

In this episode, Karen Slate from North Carolina Baptist Children's Home shares about what God has done and is doing through the umbrella of ministries provided by BCH.


How to Live in a Dying Land

This week Pastor Bradley looks at the lives of Jeremiah and Daniel for wisdom on how to live a godly life in a spiritual wasteland.


In Everything Give Thanks

Pastor Bradley walks us through how to be thankful in everything!


Philemon Week 2 - I know you're sorry, now apologize.

In week 2 of our series, Onesimus shows us how to ask someone to forgive us for a wrong we committed against them. This episode covers three qualities that make an apology sincere and effective.


Philemon Week 1 - Baseball Ready

The making of a spectacular play on the ball in baseball begins before the pitcher hurls the ball toward the catcher's mitt. A good fielder is in a position that enables him to make a play on the ball hit toward him in any direction. This week we will discover that the ability to forgive also begins before someone hurls a wrong our way. The first seven verses teach us how we can be in a position to make a play on forgiveness before we even have a reason to forgive.