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Welcome home to the magic and mysteries of your soul. Step into your heart on a deeper level with Danielle Paige as she takes you on a journey through your mind, body, soul, and of course the stars to help you understand you’re more than just a human being - you’re truly a cosmic body. Cosmic Body is a podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life. Danielle will be looking at the world through a multidimensional lens while giving you practical tools, tips, and life hacks to help you find more peace and purpose on your human journey. Let’s enjoy the ride!


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Welcome home to the magic and mysteries of your soul. Step into your heart on a deeper level with Danielle Paige as she takes you on a journey through your mind, body, soul, and of course the stars to help you understand you’re more than just a human being - you’re truly a cosmic body. Cosmic Body is a podcast for anyone searching for more meaning and clarity in their life. Danielle will be looking at the world through a multidimensional lens while giving you practical tools, tips, and life hacks to help you find more peace and purpose on your human journey. Let’s enjoy the ride!




Astrology & Consciousness with Pam Gregory

Danielle Paige speaks with legend in astrology, Pam Gregory. Gregory brings her nearly 5 decades of experience in astrology to this episode to discuss the imminent changes in our world. Danielle and Pam discuss what it will mean in the coming years for our world to transition from power of the few to power of all people. Changes in how we travel, how we see the medical world and how we relate with the world around us are all discussed. Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for over...


Near-Death Experiences with Cherie Aimée

Danielle Paige sits down with world-renowned near-death survivor, Cherie Aimée. Cherie has spoken with Dr. Oz and Megyn Kelly. On this episode she tells the unbelievable story of her unexpected illness and shocking cardiac arrest. The tale of her miraculous survival and links with her experiences crossing over. How does she use her experience? What did she learn? And how do we deal with trauma, be it our own or the trauma of those around us? Key Takeaways Cherie tells the story of how she...


The Divine Design with Lorie Ladd

Lorie Ladd is an author, spiritual teacher, and thought leader specializing in the evolution of human consciousness. The Divine Design is a groundbreaking account of the courageous and complicated history of Earth and humanity. It is a faithful companion on this lifelong journey of embracing the power of remembrance and expressing your fullest potential. Key Takeaways -Lorie talks about connecting with her guides at 13, what they said, and the long path from there to going to Mount...


How to be loving with Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, creator of The Desire Map series––the book has been translated into ten languages, a day planner system, and online courses that over 250,000 people have tapped into. There are 500+ Desire Map Facilitators running programs in 23 countries. In this episode of Cosmic Body Podcast, Danielle talks about her newest book, How to Be Loving, and why it’s the perfect book for those who are looking for more understanding about how to live and be...


Animal Power with Alyson Charles

New podcast alert! Episode 21 is a fun one! Journey with me as I interview Shaman and Author, Alyson Charles, as we talk about all things Animal Power (her new book!) On this podcast we talk about: -Shamanism and how she get into it in this lifetime -Her new book, Animal Power, and how it will help the unity and oneness of all beings -The meaning of Bees as they always come around (story on the show!) -How to connect with your power animal -What we can learn from them -An impromptu...


Awaken Your Magic with Alea Lovely

Grab your cozy blanket and some tea because this conversation will give you all the feels - so much so that we both had tears in our eyes at different points. Join me on Cosmic Body Podcast as I introduce you to Alea Lovely, Empath, Medium, Energy Coach and the creator and host of the “Spiritual Shit podcast” as we get deep, raw, and real about awakening, spirituality, self love, and so much more! We go deep into our cosmic bodies and talk about how grounding and being IN your body is the...


8 Essentials of Conscious Living

On episode 19 of Cosmic Body Podcast I’m so happy to interview Dr. Tommy John who is a medical freedom activist. Join us as we have a causal talk on all things connected to evolving your soul! On this episode we discuss: 8 essentials of conscious living His birth chart Why the body loves simple and ancient when it’s healing Planning your life with intention Daily rituals How to not have a bad day Relationships - What if they were just experienced rather than always trying to force it...


Breathwork and Healing from Emotional Trauma

This is such an important episode since breath is life and without it we would not be here in our cosmic bodies having this physical experience. Kurtis Lee Thomas (@manfromthestars) is a corporate mindfulness trainer, #1 best-selling author of The World is Yours, the secrets behind "the secret”, the founder of Breathwork Detox and just released his new book titled, How To Thrive in the age of Anxiety. On this episode we talk about: -What breathwork is -Why it’s important to be...


Anxiety Free With Food

In this episode of Cosmic Body Podcast Danielle interviews Certified Nutritionist and three time best selling Author, Liana Werner-Gray as they go deep into intuitive eating and cancer free foods for your cosmic body! On the show Liana breaks everything down in an easy to understand manner! She shares about her health journey - how dealing with cancer at a young age changed her life as well as a growing up in Australia with the Aboriginal and how that influenced her life and...


Psychic Kids

New episode!!! This is for everyone even if you aren’t a parent because it will help you understand your childhood as well! Kids are our future and I’m so passionate about protecting them emotionally and physically. What I’ve seen is people will spend more time researching strollers than what they give their child AND how they learn to understand and support them in the way THEY need, not they way “we” need to heal our childhood wounds. This is huge! And with the new generation of kids...


Q&A - The Stars, Health, and Energy!

Q&A time baby!!! On Episode 15 I’m answering your questions and I cover a lot! As above, so below....we have to integrate it all because you’re a cosmic body! What I talk about: Yeah it was pretty awesome!! :) might be one of my favorite solo ones! Ps I talked really fast at some points when I’m channeling the astrology to get it all in. We go way slower in class 🤣 Links Mentioned: Astrology mystery school. Doors close September 15th! Join here: ...


EMF’s: What They Do to Your Body & How to Protect Yourself!

Your goto podcast on EMF’s For Dummies....& so much more! This is a VERY important episode on what can be a confusing topic if you haven’t studied it for years so Brandon breaks it down for you! On this episode of Cosmic Body podcast I interviewed Brandon Amalani, who is the Owner and President of BluShield Global USA & Shen Blossom and has over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industries. He is a wealth of knowledge!!! I know there are so many people that don’t understand...


Soul Age & Types with Ainslie Macleod

In this episode, which was divinely guided by will find out how, I had the honor of interviewing Internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and author who was also a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul! He is the real deal as I know first hand by having a reading with him as well. In our reading he touched on some core wounds that I have carried into this life to be worked out. I’ve had many readings and no one else has ever had brought to light these patterns that...


Human Design for your Cosmic Body

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a human design reading? Now you can! In this podcast, with Erin Claire Jones, we did things a little differently. You get to observe her reading my Human Design chart as I asked a million questions! Also, as always, I was very open and candid about everything as I know a lot of people wonder the same things. People often ask me if they should get a Human Design reading or Astrology reading. My answer is always the same. It is not something...


Dressing for Self Love

From wardrobe to wellness, feeding yourself from the inside out! This is a fun and inspiring chat!! In episode 11 of Cosmic Body Podcast Bree Jacoby Founder and CEO of Bree Jacoby Inc shares her adventures as a female entrepreneur and boss as well as a behind the scenes look on how to dress for self love, your body type, your lifestyle, and how to do a real closet edit which really means how to edit old energy in your life! Listen to what she says about being “her” today and stepping into...


Let’s Talk Aliens!

Aliens and tigers and bears, oh my! It’s here! In this solo episode I talk about something controversial (shocker!) which was hard for me to do and you will find out why. I talk about my personal experiences with aliens and I do so because we need to make these conversations more mainstream. Eventually people will laugh that we as a human race did not know more about all the life forms. Again welcome to 2020 we need to start having these conversations NOW! In this episode I talk about: -Why...


Amp coil: Healing with Sound & PEMF in a time of Viruses.

In this episode Danielle interviews Freddie Kimmel who is part of the Amp Coil leadership team and together they dive deeper into how sound frequency and PEMF are life changing tools to help your body clear out microbes, metals, and toxins and maintain optimal health and a strong immune system in this day and age - especially while living with the complexity of 5G, chemtrails, and a world of gmo’s. This episode is packed with so much information that will help your cosmic body you may even...


Quantum Healing Hypnosis + Your Authentic Self

In this episode, Danielle interviews Jeroen de Wit who is a QHHT professional and they talk about all things quantum healing hypnosis as well as connecting to your truth no matter what it looks like to other people! This is a juicy episode where neither holds back! And yes, we talk about aliens and Danielle will have more coming on that too!! Tune in to hear what happens to your soul when you go back (and forth) through time!


Eating Disorders & Your Gift of Emotions

This podcast is for anyone struggling with any addiction, not only an eating disorder. In this episode, Danielle Paige takes you on her intimate journey nearly 20 years ago when she struggled with an eating disorder and how she healed it and never looked back! As always Danielle is raw, candid, and talks about the uncomfortable emotions so that you can feel more comfortable with yours!


Part 2 - Quantum Healing with Lyndsay Diamond

On episode 6 of Comic Body Danielle continues with her healing journey and introduces her medical Intuitive who had a significant impact on her healing. Lyndsay Diamond is channeler, quantum healer, and medical intuitive who talks to us about the body from a quantum perspective and teaches us how she helped move the Lyme out of Danielle’s energy body so that her body and immune system could come back into balance and heal itself. Please note: Danielle is not a medical Dr. She is sharing her...