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Exploring theology, culture, and politics within a biblical and reformed worldview. Welcome to the Dead Men Walking Podcast.


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Exploring theology, culture, and politics within a biblical and reformed worldview. Welcome to the Dead Men Walking Podcast.






Blake Long: Taking No For An Answer

This week Greg sat down with Blake Long. Blake is an author and Master of Theological Studies graduate from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His new book "Taking No For An Answer" drops on 2/1/23 and can be found on Amazon. The book discusses prayer and the responses we receive. Greg & Blake discussed how we should pray, how we should respond, and what we do when God simply says "No" to our prayer. You can check out Blake's blog HERE. Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from...


Phil Johnson: Still banned from Twitter!

This week Greg sat down with Phil Johnson. Phil is an editor, most famously editing almost all of Pastor John MacArthur's books, Pastor at Grace Community Church, and founder of The Spurgeon Archives, the Hall of Church History, and Pyromaniacs Blog . Greg and Phil discussed his banning from twitter, what the tweet contained, and why he is still banned almost four months later. They discussed how to respond to censorship, how to biblically navigate governmental tyranny, and how the next...


Chris Huff: Being a Pro, Chasing out Wolves, and a review of the LSB Bible

Chris Huff returns! Chris is the host of the Theology Matters Podcast. Greg & Chris discussed being a professional in all we do, being excellent in every aspect of life, why we need to chase out wolves, and finished up with a review and discussion of the Legacy Standard Bible (LSB). It's always a joy to have Chris on, and I'm sure you guys will enjoy it too! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from Contract to Close" Support the showBe sure to check out our merch store at


Attorney Davis Younts

This week Greg sat down with Davis Younts. Davis is a Christian, husband, homeschool dad, attorney, and former military officer providing legal guidance and expert criminal defense to federal law enforcement and other patriots, former prosecutor, JAG, and #1 rated defense counsel in the Air Force. They discussed the constitutionality of hate crime laws, vaccine mandates, and how to legally fight back against tyranny and infringement upon religious freedoms for individuals, churches, and...


Dr. James White: Restoring the Culture, Newsy News, & Fresh 10!

This week Greg sat down with Dr. James White. Dr. White is a theologian, theologian, the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, author, scholar, and host of The Dividing Line. After a segment of "Newsy News", they discussed how Christians are to respond to secular culture, how we restore it, if Christians should be involved in policy and government, and what the most urgent threat facing the American church is. Dr. White also answered 10 personal questions in the "Fresh 10" segment. It was...


Special Christmas Livestream with Isaiah Bayly

Greg & Isaiah sat down in studio for the annual Christmas livestream episode (originally aired 12/22/22) They read listener submitted stories of the worst Christmas presents ever and picked a winner for the "St. Nick Punching Heretics" contest , played a game of "Name that Christmas Movie" and held the first ever Christmas Song Draft." it was a fun night. Be sure to checkout the video stream of this episode on our YouTube channel. Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from Contract to...


Randy Meyers: The Misguided Calvinist & Christmas Beer Review

This week Greg sat down with Randy Meyers. Randy is a teacher, author, professor, and home brewer. So Greg took full advantage and had a discussion while reviewing their favorite Christmas craft beers. They discussed how Calvinists (and all believers) can become misguided in their theology, assuming grace may abound, and ignoring the seriousness of their sin and the lack of their works, all while tasting and reviewing six of their favorite Christmas craft beers. It was a great show....


Dr. Joel Beeke: What is puritanism and is it still relevant today?

This week Greg sat down with Dr. Joel Beeke. They discussed what a puritain is, what their theological and doctrinal beliefs were during their 150 year revival, and if those biblical standards are relevant for today. Dr. Beeke also gave us some suggested reading towards the end of the episode that everyone should check out. Enjoy! Dr. Beeke is a pastor, author, and scholar. He is the President and teaching Professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, editor of the Puritan Reformed...


TRIPLE EPISODE: Righteous Wretch, Reformed Dissenters, & Westminster Effects

Finishing up our LIVE series from Fight Laugh Feast, we had three great guests. First up is our good friends Marcus & Jason from Righteous Wretch. These guys have the absolute best appeal. We talked about growing their business, and the challenges of owning a Christ centered business. Second up is the young guns, Bruce & Jacob. These two homeschooled brothers are hosts of the Reformed Dissenters Podcast. We discussed being Gen Z homeschoolers, and the effect that has had on their worldview....


Nathan Spearing of Warriors Tending Gardens: Dominion, Stewardship, & Small Business

Continuing our LIVE series from the Fight Laugh Feast Conference, Greg sat down with Natan Spearing. Nathan is a 14 year veteran who served as an Army Ranger, Special Operations. He now owns and operates multiple small business', including Warriors Tending Gardens. We discussed what Godly Dominion in business looks like, how we are called to steward well what God blesses us with, and how his service as a veteran has helped him in the entrepreneurial space. Great episode! Enjoy! Covenant...


Chris Arnzen of Iron Sharpens Iron Radio

Continuing our LIVE series from the Fight Laugh Feast Conference, this week we had on legendary broadcaster Chris Arnzen of Iron Sharpens Iron Radio. We discussed his beginnings in radio, as well as his journey in his 30+ year career as a broadcaster. Towards the end we got him to list his favorite theologians, and reminded him of a few he forgot. It was a great show! Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from Contract to Close" Support the showBe sure to check out our merch store at...


Thank God For Bitcoin! Should Christians Embrace Digital Currency?

Greg caught up with Jordan Bush and David Cotrone at the Fight Laugh Feast Conference. Jordan & David are part of "Thank God For Bitcoin" and Jordan is the author of the book with the same name. We discussed why christians should embrace bitcoin, how digital currency plays into the end times, and why the excuses for gold as the standard are dead. If you are interested in this space, or have questions about digital currency, this is the episode for you, and I would encourage you you to reach...


Tim Murphy Returns! Living Stones Unearthed and the Creative Gifts from God!

This week Greg sat down with Tim Murphy. Tim is a musician, father, husband, and the creator of Living Stones Unearthed. We talked about the explosive growth of this project since the last time he was on, as well as his creative process as a musician, and the revival of Christians embracing the arts for the Glory of God. It was great to record this episode with such a dear friend. Be sure to check out his website and support the project. Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from...


Ed Kost: The Redeemed Podcast and the Feminization of the Church

This week Greg spoke with Ed Kost. Ed is the creator, writer, and producer of the Redeemed Podcast which uses voice actors to dramatize biblical stories. We talked about the unique approach he uses on the podcast, and then shifted into the feminization of the global western church, and what the biblical response to that is. As our very first Aussie on the podcast, we played a round of "Authentic Australian or Not?" It was a great episode. Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from...


Erik Smith: Paypal Sucks, Closet Presby, and Children as a reflection of God's Blessings

Wow! What a crazy episode! As we were recording this live from the Fight Laugh Feast Conference, Paypal announced their policy to fine users up to $2,500 for what they deemed "misinformation and hate speech." It was happening as we discussed Paypal in the first half of the episode. Erik Smith is the owner of Dime Payments, an online merchant. We discussed Christians building a digital infrastructure, his journey as a "closeted presbyterian", and the blessing and reflection of God's grace we...


Joel Webbon: A Baptist who upsets Baptists

Continuing the Fight Laugh Feast Live Series, Greg sat down with Joel Webbon. Joel Webbon is the President and Founder of Right Response Ministries and the Senior Pastor of Covenant Bible Church. In what felt like a baptist response to last week's episode with Jared Longshore, Greg & Joel talked about why he is such a lighting rod for the SBC and americanized baptists, as well as the issue of baptism, how he views baptism of children, and the baptist perspective. It was a very interesting...


Mere Christianity: Forgivneness

Welcome to Dead Men Walking Podcast Shorts! Released every Saturday, Greg sits down and discusses a biblical subject, theological term, or a cultural issue in five minutes or less. This week we did something a bit different, and played a five minute clip from chapter 7 of the C.S. Lewis classic "Mere Christianity" on the subject of forgiveness. It's very fitting for out time. We Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from Contract to Close" Support the showBe sure to check out our merch...


Jared Longshore: The baptism debate and God's covenant with children

Live from the Fight Laugh Feast Conference, Greg sat down with Jared Longshore. Jared is a Pastor at Christ Church, author, and speaker. They discussed his departure from the SBC and Founders Ministry, and his new found home as a Presbyterian in Moscow, Idaho. They also talked about pedobaptism, and God's covenant with children. Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from Contract to Close" Support the showBe sure to check out our merch store at and follow us on all...


David Reece: Christian Dominion In Business & How To Set Yourself Apart

Greg sat down with David Reece this week. David is the owner of Armored Republic and a Pastor at Puritan Reformed Church. Greg & David discussed how christian business owners are to take dominion in the marketplace, attract customer and clients that share your core values, and how you can set yourself apart as a business owner or influencer at the place you work. They also did a Fresh 10 segment, and Greg & David had a real "Step Brothers" moment over their daily carry weapon....


Chocolate Knox Returns: Fight Laugh Feast & Other Dangerous Ideas

Greg was excited to welcome back Chocolate Knox (Deleaone Shannon) to the podcast! He's 1/3 of Crosspolitic, a Blaze contributor, and host of Knox Unplugged. We teased out what he will be talking about at the Fight Laugh Feast Conference, (tickets and info here) and Greg also did a Fresh 10 segment with him towards the end of the show. You're going to be surprised by some of his answers. Enjoy! Covenant Real Estate: "Confidence from Contract to Close" Support the showBe sure to check out...