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Learning to make disciples like Jesus did

Learning to make disciples like Jesus did


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Learning to make disciples like Jesus did






E65 – Thoughts on Disciple-making when you are overwhelmed with life

Busy is the word for the day. I can keep up with anyone in the busy-race. I can out-busy just about anyone.... not that I'm proud of it. The thing with disciple-making is it works even when you get overwhelmed for a bit. Here is a short recording I made back in MARCH!!!! It only took my 6 months to move it from my phone to my computer to you.


E64 – How do you share your faith with a Buddhist (or anyone else) (Part B)

The other day a friend of mine sent me this message: "Long time no text. Hope you and your family is doing well. My son is struggling with trying to talk and reach some high school friends that are Buddhist. Do you have any resources or tips to help him start a conversation with them." This podcast is an attempt to answer that question.


E63 – How do you share your faith with a Buddhist (or anyone else) (Part A)

The other day a friend of mine sent me this message: "Long time no text. Hope you and your family is doing well. My son is struggling with trying to talk and reach some high school friends that are Buddhist. Do you have any resources or tips to help him start a conversation with them." This podcast is an attempt to answer that question.


E62 – Missions, PTSD, and Mid-life Crises

Many prepare for the initial sacrifice, but few think about the costs the rest of their lives. Its been a while since we posted anything. After I posted this episode I thought of a dozen different things I wish I had said or added, so maybe I'll make a part 2 down the road.


E61 – Story of the Ne’er-do-well

Who are the ne'er-do-wells in your life? What are their stories? This is the talk I mentioned: Tea with Hezbollah: Is it possible to love your enemy? Carl Medearis He has a book with a similar title if you are interested in reading the book called Tea with Hezbollah: Sitting at the Enemies' Table I told a little bit of the story from Peace Child. If you liked what you heard I encourage you to read the whole book.


E60 – Hitting the 20 mile wall

Learning to run Run a marathon Not a sprint A marathon And, run it well "If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men." 1 Cor 15:19 (NIV)


E59 – When God asks you to play second fiddle… or third… or fourth

What do you do when God asks you to play second fiddle? What do you do when His plan for you is not fame and glory, but anonymity and unrecognized work? Will you follow Him?


E58 – Perseverance and Encouragement

Ironically, a short episode on perseverance and encouragement.


E57 – Are you all in?

Are you all in when it comes to the Kingdom? What does it mean to be all in? How do we help grow the people to disciple to be all in? In this episode, we address some of those questions as well as some of our own struggles in those areas. Audible book suggestion: (If you like audiobooks you should strongly consider signing up for an Audible subscription from Amazon. You get two books per month for often less than the price of one audiobook.)


E56 – The Silence of Easter

Imagine what it would have been like to be a soldier guarding the tomb. It's silent. It's quiet. Until it isn't.


E55 – Learning to pray the scriptures

Prayer is hard, and if we were honest with ourselves, most of us struggle to have the kind of prayer life we really think we should. Today, we are going to be talking about a really great way to grow your prayers and your prayer life. We'll be talking about praying God's words back to Him. It is super powerful, and really good to spur us on toward better prayers. Included in today's episode will be an example and opportunity for you to pray through a passage in Matt 13 together with us.


E54 – Case Study – Disciple A – Part 5



E53 – Tech investors, Beekeepers, and disciple making

What can we learn about disciple making from a major tech investor and beekeepers?


E52 – Which sin would you rather commit?

Have you ever found yourself facing a decision and not knowing which way is right and which way is wrong? Each choice has the potential for obedience and each choice has the potential for sin. I recently was faced with a similar problem. For me, the final thing that helped me make my decision was the question in the title of this post. Which sin would I rather commit... or rather which sin would I want to avoid the most?


E51 – Flunking Matthew twenty-five 101

Have you ever flunked Matthew twenty-five 101? I'm not even talking about the advanced class. I'm talking about 101. Dave and I have flunked it a few times. I actually don't think you can really pass it until you have flunked it a few times. In this episode we discuss some of the challenges of living out this scripture is intentionally. One of those challenges is escaping our middle class insulation from the poor. Last week, Kris talked about how he takes people from his church down to...


E50 – Do you want Sunday School or do you want the truth? -Kris Ewbank

How do you disciple your future son-in-law while he is in a drug rehab program before he has even met your daughter? How do you welcome someone coming out of jail and drugs into your house? Listen to Kris share about the way his church actively brings people into ministry to others, and then listen to his story of how he met and begin discipling a man who would one day become his son-in-law. You can hear Stephen's story on Episode 49. You can hear Brook's story on Episode 48. This is Kris'...


E49 – God’s Redemption of Stephen Harney

This is the story of God's redemption of Stephen Harney. From meth addict with his life falling apart to solid follower of Jesus, listen in to how God used a jail guard and a Bible to begin Stephen's surrender to Jesus. Then hear the story of how God used a man named Kris to help Stephen grow spiritually and then get back on his feet. And, in only the way God can write a story God used Kris to introduce Stephen to the love of his life, Brook. (who was featured on our last episode.)


E48 – 85% of the church in 1 on 1 discipleship – Brook Harney

Can you imagine 85% of your church being in one on one discipleship? That means it is way more than just the staff discipling. Listen in and see what you can learn. To see her church's disciple making tools and resources go to If you want to get in contact with Brook you can reach out through us, or use the contact form at


E47 – Memorize Scripture better

Towards better scripture memory. In this podcast we will talk about a simple system for sustainable scripture memory. Then we will talk about a neuro-scientific method that helps you commit scripture to memory faster and better. For the system you will need some some kind of card. I use the ones from the Navigators. You can buy them on Amazon or from Here is a sample of the neuro-scientific method explained in the podcast. This example would be for memorizing Romans 14:1-4....


E46 – Case Study – Disciple A – BBQ and a canary farm

A continuing case study on how to disciple someone.