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Keeping Doctrine in Its Place Concepts discussed in the show are based on our chart which can be found at


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Keeping Doctrine in Its Place Concepts discussed in the show are based on our chart which can be found at








099: How To Discern Primary vs Secondary Doctrine? (Chartology 101)

What is the biblical basis for secondary doctrine? How do we discern between the primary and secondary columns when seeking to triage a particular doctrine? Kenn breaks that down and more on this episode of Chartology 101 Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


098: Sam Black (DTE #4)

Sam Black is the Director of Recovery Education for Covenant Eyes and author of the recently released book The Healing Church. For a limited time, Do Theology listeners can get a free copy of Sam's book through this link: Learn more about The Healing Church: What Churches Get Wrong about Pornography and How to Fix It and download the first chapter for free: Covenant Eyes offers Accountability Software and free educational resources: 0:00 Introduction 1:24 Covenant Eyes' Evolution 6:09 Defining Pornography 8:09 Porn Stats 14:21 The Problem with Porn 20:12 Porn as an Escape 26:32 Protecting Children 41:29 Why the Church Fails 48:54 Strategies for Accountability 53:36 A Word to Those Addicted Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


097: Biblical Basis of Primary Doctrine (Chartology 101)

Is the concept of "primary doctrine" a biblical one? Are the categories of primary, secondary, tertiary, etc., biblically warranted categories? In this episode of Chartology, Kenn wrestles with these concepts. Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


096: Hans Fiene (DTE #3)

Hans Fiene is a reverend in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the creator of Lutheran Satire. Follow him on X @HansFiene. 0:00 Introduction 3:02 Overview of Lutheranism 10:47 What Keeps You Lutheran? 21:40 Views of Conversion 45:32 Flame's Conversion to Lutheranism 51:15 Other Notable Lutherans 1:03:54 The Famous Tweet 1:06:43 Lutheran Satire 1:35:01 Comedy's Divine Origin 1:44:07 Reception of Lutheran Satire 1:48:04 What's Next for Lutheran Satire 1:57:36 Will Jeremy become Lutheran? Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


095: Brian Reynolds (DTE #2)

Brian Reynolds is the host of Words of This Life on YouTube and editor of The Lord Is Near devotional calendar, which can be found here: Follow him on X @wordsofthislife. 0:00 Introduction 2:31 Life in Nova Scotia 7:51 Hippie Years 16:35 Conversion Experience 29:50 The Jesus Movement 39:45 The Plymouth Brethren 1:04:31 Discovering the Plymouth Brethren 1:13:06 Ministry in Utah 1:22:25 Plymouth Brethren Distinctives 1:34:35 Church and Politics 1:56:43 Future Glory Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


094: Chartology 101 - Definitions and Goal of The Chart

What is theological Triage? What is the purpose and goal of the discipline? Kenn talks through these questions and more in this first installment of Chartology. Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


093: Matt Slick (DTE #1)

Welcome to the first episode of DTE, the Do Theology Experience. In these episodes, Jeremy sits down with a guest for a longform casual conversation about life and theology. Matt Slick is the founder and president of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, which you can find at He also hosts Matt Slick Live, a daily call-in radio program that is available for download wherever you get your podcasts. Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


Understanding Deconstruction and Disentanglement

This is Jeremy Howard's seminar from the 2023 IFCA Convention. The new format of the show launches August 9, as episode one of the Do Theology Experience premiers with guest Matt Slick. Got questions or comments? Hit us up at


092: Discovering Dispensationalism with Drs. Cory Marsh and James Fazio

Drs. Cory Marsh and James Fazio join us live at the IFCA Convention to discuss their latest book Discovering Dispensationalism, a work that traces dispensational thought back to the second century. Many claim that Dispensationalism was the invention of John Nelson Darby, but this book shows that concepts consistent with Dispensationalism go all the way back to the early days of the church. Pick up your copy here: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


Biblical Fundamentalism - LIVE at the IFCA Convention

Jeremy and Kenn recorded a brief recap episode of their time at the IFCA Int National Convention in Covington, KY. Learn more about the IFCA here: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


A Critique of Covenant Theology

Recently, Jeremy published an article contrasting Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology in the major areas of theology where the two systems diverge. You can find that article here: Stay tuned for more summer content before the new show format drops in August!


MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS Regarding the Future of the Show

Changes are coming to the Do Theology Show. Jeremy and Kenn explain... Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


091: Mailbag: Communion, Imputation, Revelation and MUCH More!

Jeremy and Kenn crack open the mailbag once again and answer YOUR questions! Chapters Intro 0:00 Lord's Table Elements 2:56 Dispensational View of the Active Obedience of Christ 12:52 Temple issues in Revelation 23:29 Baseball Questions 34:53 Why So Many Confessions 40:35 Relationship between Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology 46:45 Archeology and Interpretation 51:19 How Wrong Can I Be and Still Be Saved? 59:22 God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility 1:02:30 Head Coverings and Nazarite Vow 1:06:51 Church Covenants 1:10:48 Wrap Up 1:20:16 Contact Us: ​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


090: Critiquing Infant Baptism and Covenant Theology with Peter Goeman

Jeremy and Kenn welcome Dr. Peter Goeman to the podcast to discuss the arguments surrounding the baptism debates. You can buy Dr. Goeman's book here: Chapters: Introduction: 0:00 Basic Definitions 1:37 The Link Between Faith and Baptism 3:34 Spirit Baptism vs Water Baptism 6:21 What About Baptismal Regeneration? 9:26 Should Baptism Always Be Immediate? 14:51 What Was Zwingli's Role In Popularizing Infant Baptism? 20:54 Covenant Theology and Reformed Baptists 32:12 The Infant Baptism Argument Summarized 37:37 Covenant Theology and Infant Baptism 43:27 How Does Infant Baptism NOT lead to Baptismal Regeneration? 58:00 What About the Regulative Principle? 1:01:50 Why Were the Earliest Dispensationalists Paedobaptists? 1:04:53 What is the Strongest Case for Believer's Baptism? 1:10:59 How Important Is This Issue? 1:17:10 Wrap Up 1:23:16 Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast: #baptism #baptize #paedobaptism #credobaptism


089: What Does It Mean to Be Led by the Spirit?

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding our lives today? How does He do it? Listen to our previous episode responding to Scott Aniol and Todd Friel: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast: #HolySpirit #SpiritLed #charismatics #cessationism


088: A Journey Into and Out of Eastern Orthodoxy with Joshua Schooping

How much do you know about Eastern Orthodoxy? You’re about to discover a lot as you go on today’s journey with pastor Josh Schooping. This episode is brought to you by the Better Pastor Podcast. Find out all about it here: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast: #EasternOrthodoxy #theology #Christianity


087: Contrasting Mormonism with Christianity - Eric Johnson

Is Mormonism another sect of Christianity, or is it a different religion? How can Christians have more productive conversations with those of the LDS faith? Christian apologist Eric Johnson joined the program to answer these questions and more! The Kindle version of Eric's book is on sale through April 11th here: Learn more about Eric's ministry here: If you are LDS and want a free copy of Eric's book, email him here: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast: #mormon #mormonism #LDS #LatterDaySaint #Christianity #Apologetics


DT Reacts: The Ortlund-Horn Debate

Gavin Ortlund and Roman Catholic apologist Trent Horn recently debated Sola Scriptura and it quickly turned into a conversation about how people can know which doctrines are "essential" and which are not. Check out Jeremy's reaction to some of the things that were said in the debate. Listen to our episode, "Does God Desire Doctrinal Differences?": Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


086: Getting Church Music Right with Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson joined the podcast to discuss the importance of singing great music in our churches. Check out his book here: Learn more about Biblical Ministries Worldwide here: Learn more about Church Works Media here: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


A New Podcast for Pastors

Jeremy has started a new podcast that should be a help to those engaged in local church leadership. We're sharing the trailer and the first episode with you here. Find all the ways to subscribe: