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Episode07 - The End of Atonement

Episode 7 – Show Notes Like the rest of the sceptical world in 2018 we had to indulge in a brief chat about Jordan Peterson. We complete our ‘Summer of Atonement’ this month. Andrew gives us an overview of the theories Christians use to try to make sense of it. Frances also gives some thoughts on the full set of philosophical problems with the doctrine. Ed tries to tie it all together to see how it counts as evidence in the assessment of whether Christianity can be true. Can we leave it as...


Episode06 - Atonement – it is quite a story

Episode 6 – Show Notes Ed and Andrew report to Frances on their experiences of the Book of Mormon Show in London. We also chat about SkyDivePhil who presented on Animal Suffering at the London Unbelievable Discussion Group. We recommend seeing him debate recently in Texas. Here is a link: In last month’s show we mentioned an impressive poem by Glen Scrivener “Given” which he read at this year’s Unbelievable Conference. We play his reading and...


Episode04 - Did Jesus get his timing wrong?

Episode 4 – Show Notes Andrew uses his ‘Is That In The Bible?’ slot to introduce us to a topic he researched deeply when a Christian and is a part of his journey to doubt. The verse is Matthew 24:34 “Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.” It turns out not to be isolated. The prophecy of Jesus’ early return is found throughout the New Testament. So much so that a whole movement in the church believes that he must have returned,...


Episode03 - The Historical Jesus & Should You Play the Mystery Card

Episode 3 - Show Notes We dive straight into an interview with our first guest –Andrew has a wonderful discussion with a Christian John Nelson who has studied at Nottingham University. John’s studies included a deep dive into Historical Jesus research and he puts the recent and current research approaches into context. Then we move to our section “Reason and God” and we respond to Chapter 6 of the Christian book “Evidence for God: 50 Arguments for Faith from the Bible, History, Philosophy...


Episode01- Resurrection on Trial & A Journey to Doubt

Episode 1 – Resurrection on Trial & A Journey to Doubt After introducing ourselves we use Frances’ expertise as a prosecution lawyer to mull over the claim that conflicting witnesses to an event help show its veracity. This claim lies behind some Christian approaches to demonstrate that the resurrection of Jesus must have been an actual physical event in history. We read the trial of Jesus in Mark to guide us (Mark 14 v55-59) and discuss Matthew’s use of prophecy to guide his apparent...