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Enlightenment doesn't have to be DULL! Laugh it up with Carmen and Lucky as they dance on the athame's edge and blur the lines between the sacred and the profane.

Enlightenment doesn't have to be DULL! Laugh it up with Carmen and Lucky as they dance on the athame's edge and blur the lines between the sacred and the profane.
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Enlightenment doesn't have to be DULL! Laugh it up with Carmen and Lucky as they dance on the athame's edge and blur the lines between the sacred and the profane.




EMPA#0047: Yule, Community, and the Death of Baldur

Hail and welcome! It's Yule time on Eat My Pagan Ass. The trees are lit up with lights, gifts strewn below. The longest night approaches, and day is to be reborn. As we gather in with one another, fending off the winter blues and lonely, cold nights, we revel in the light of the human spirit, and find joy in one another's company. Now is the time of song and story telling, of promises and hope. A new day dawns, and we spiral inward to find the spark of light and carry it outward once...


EMPA#0046: Samhain 2012, Hydrofracking, Politics, and Pagan Pride with Courtney Weber

Courtney Weber, high priestess of the Novices of the Old Ways coven in New York City, a non-tradition based, fellowship-oriented Pagan spiritual community, and co-creator of the Tarot of the Boroughs, a photographic journey through the Tarot using modern New York City settings and notable community personalities, joins Luckylicious for the 2012 Samhain episode of "Eat My Pagan Ass" podcast. Courtney Weber and Luckylicious at NYC Pagan Pride Day 2012 Originally scheduled to be published...


EMPA#0045: Yust Lundberg, The Faerie King

One of my dearest friends, Yust Lundberg, aka The Faerie King, perhaps the least but not least important among his many other monikers, agreed to share parts of his amazing life story with you. It's his birthday, so wish him a happy one! Your lucky host, Lucky, got a rare opportunity to record this ephemeral man and share it with you. Yust, The Faerie King (and regent of The Gossamer Court, an affiliation of spiritually inspired artists devoted to healing through art), tells us a little bit...


EMPA#0044: Gede Parma and Ecstatic Witchcraft: Magick, Philosophy, and Trance in the Shamanic Craft

So I'm looking through my Facebook friends' friends and I come across this total hottie witch named Gede Parma. Shameless gay Leo that I am, I immediately reached out and invited Gede (pronounced g'DAY) to be on the show. Much to my delight, he accepted and fast forward several months into the future to July 12, 2012, the date finally arrived! When this magically delicious Aussie sauntered into my lion's den it took all my self restraint not to offer him one of my famous back massages....


EMPA#0043: Bull of Heaven -- the Mythic Life of Eddie Buczynski and the Rise of the New York Pagan

Most pagans don’t know the name Edmund “Eddie” Buczynski (aka Minos Gwydion-Hyakinthos), but they should. In the span of only a few years in the 1970s, Eddie established three living traditions of modern neopaganism—the New York Welsh Tradition, the Wica Tradition, and the Minoan Tradition, which includes the Minoan Brotherhood, Minoan Sisterhood, and the Cult of Rhea, or the Cult of the Double Axe. This founding elder stood at the convergence of the hippy culture, gay liberation movement,...


EMPA#0042: Lisa Owen, Soul Portraits, and Poop

Ever wondered what your soul looks like? Just ask Lisa Owen, a talented artist who sketches beautiful original art based on her psychic impressions of people's souls. After a harrowing near-death experience following a car accident at a young age, her psychic awareness intensified with abilities to see auras and talk to spirit guides and ancestor spirits. Her training with midwestern Native American tribes taught her reverence for the circle of life and the sacredness of totems, the medicine...


EMPA#0041: Christopher Penczak, Pagan Paths, and Assless Chaps

One sweltering early September morning at Gay Witch Camp (aka Between The Worlds queer pagan men's gathering) in southern Ohio, I was lugging my camping gear to and fro when who should happen to wander by and in a grand gesture of chivalry offer me some assistance but none other than the World Famous Pagan Author and Witch, Christopher "Get Off My Robe, Bitch" Penczak?!? It's not every day two of pagandom's most notorious gay witches meet for the first time. The earthworms will sing of our...


EMPA#0040: Dragon Ritual Drummers

The Dragon Ritual Drummers make a special guest appearance on Eat My Pagan Ass podcast with host Luckylicious. Following the band's powerful performance at the Between The Worlds queer pagan men's gathering in southeastern Ohio in mid-September 2011, Lucky asks members Utu, Adrian, and Flint all about the group and their music. Listen and learn about the group's origins and inspirations (musical, magical, and spiritual), as well as their commitment to strengthening the brotherhood of men in...


EMPA#0039: Gay, Gay, Gay!!

Gay pagans, gay gods, sex magick, frolicking in the forest, and MORE! Lucky interviews the notoriously fabulous (or is that fabulously notorious?) Ocymvio, a gay pagan who's made his home in NYC and has brought quite a big of magick and fellowship to the gay pagan community there. Founder of the NYC Gay Men's Open Pagan Magick Circle, gypsy born, Minoan Brotherhood member, fashion designer, tarot reader, regular attendee at Between the Worlds and Short Mountain Sanctuary, and all around...


EMPA#0038: Faeries, Ethics, and Motörhed

(Sequel to "Judgment Day XX: Here It Is Again (and THIS TIME It's for REAL, We Promise") It's the same old bullshit since the day anyone walked around claiming to be a prophet: follow some jokester, swallow his bull hook, line, and sinker, give him all your money, sell everything you own, leave your families, and tell everyone the world is coming to an end. When will people learn? Is it self-loathing that turns them against this world, their loved ones, and themselves? What kind of...


Eat My Pagan Ass podcast promo

Hi, beautiful pagans!! Lucky has created a new 32 second promotional clip that anyone can download. It's especially great for other podcasters who would like to promote Eat My Pagan Ass in their podcasts. If you are a podcaster and plan to include our promo in your show, please let us know by emailing us at Podcasters are encouraged to email their promo to us, too, and we'll consider including it in our podcast. Bye, hookers! xo Lucky


EMPA#0037: Springtime for Hitler (and Germany!)

Carmen drops a bomb on Eat My Pagan Ass in this episode!! She's leaving the show to travel the world with some crazy band of "famous" pagans (she won't say who) doing miracles in places of need. It's all very mysterious, and Lucky wonders if Grannylicious has anything to do with it. Speaking of Grannylicious, EMPA fan Fire Lyte reveals a tasty tidbit of gossip -- tho we'll save most of his story for another podcast. Lucky is distraught about what's to come...or is he? Maybe he planned this...


EMPA#0036: Happy Winter Solstice / Yule / Christmas / Chanukah / etc.

Blessed Yule, pagan ass eaters!! It's the winter solstice with a kick: total lunar eclipse! Whahoo! That means anything goes, and it DOES in this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast. Lucky is a single gay pagan AGAIN (don't worry--he's okay with that) and Carmen has the hots for some guy and this time actually works up the nerve to talk to him. (It's progress, not perfection, right?) We touch one last time (for now) on the passing of Lucky's dear friend, Glitterpussy, and the pagan...


EMPA#0035-2: Glitterpussy, Pagan Music Artist, Part II

This episode is a follow-on to Eat My Pagan Ass episode 35, which featured an interview with pagan music artist and one of Lucky's best friends in the glamorverse, Glitterpussy. Tragically, Glitter (or Allyson, her given name), passed away unexpectedly on November 5, 2010. Episode 35 was aired as the August 2010 interview was intended, letting Glitter speak for herself in her own words, and including no mention of her passing. In this episode, we hear the tale of how Glitter and Lucky met in...


EMPA#0035: Glitterpussy, Pagan Music Artist

Lucky interviews pagan musical artist, tantric instructor, and best friend, Glitterpussy. Glitter shares her thoughts on living life to the fullest, self-acceptance and body image, musical influences, pagan festivals, American paganism, fundamentalism, marriage to the love her of life, vulture housewives in grocery store parking lots, abortion, pagan parenting, polyamory, tantra and breathwork, kitchen witchery, and more! Lots of Glitter's original music featured, including: Hooker with a...

EMPA#0034: Samhain Stirs Up All Kinds of Demons (Like Grannylicious)

Carmen & Lucky welcome you to our 34th episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast. This episode started off innocently enough -- responding to listener emails, talking about our days and our Samhain plans, and then POOF Grannylicious appears out of thin air and the shit hits the fan. The millennia-long feud between Carmen and Granny comes to a pivotal turning point, and worlds hang in the balance as these two ancient ladies level their wands at one another, and Lucky must use every last ounce...


EMPA#0033: It Gets Better (Don't Off Yourself!)

Season 3, Episode 2 (EMPA#0033): It Gets Better (Don't Off Yourself!) Recorded NYC, October 3, 2010 Carmen Kickass and Luckylicious proudly bring you the thirty-third installment of Eat My Pagan Ass. In this episode, we bring everyone up to speed on just where the heck we've been all summer long. Lucky's been on Fire Island, the notorious gay haven by the sea, communing with the elements and checking out all the delicious, roasting meat (see poem below). Carmen has been hopping the globe,...


EMPA#0031: Lazy Summer, Lazy Pagans

Carmen Kickass and Luckylicious are back from their siesta with another episode of the most famous pagan podcast on the planet -- Eat My Pagan Ass! In this episode, we remember the amazing talents of the widely imitated Miss Cleo of Psychic Friends Network fame (don't worry, she's still alive, thank the Goddess!), discuss the power of intuition and its ability to protect us from dangerous situations, swap some pretty grody recipes, spiral off on yet another tangent about Carmen's frickin'...


EMPA#0030: The Beltane Sex Episode (Scandalous!)

Carmen and Lucky lay their plan for changing the world. Pay attention, pagans -- this is the episode that starts it ALL rolling! Civil rights and drag queen masturbation, all in the same breath!! Carmen explains that there's more than one way to dance around a Maypole (ahem), and one of them involves a lot of stinky cheese. Covens and sex, and Gerald Gardner pops up again, and Carmen alleges a scandalous origin of Wicca's founder. Oh, and did we mention sex? We also riff on some tarot cards....


EMPA#0029: Anger Management & Broom Closets

In this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast, Carmen Kickass lashes back at Grannylicious (aka Voldegranny), but short of starting a witch war proceeds with caution because she's truly scared of the evil that Granny can do (and has done), least of all the murder of Carmen's beloved parakeet Paco (R.I.P.)! Lucky doesn't want to get caught in the crossfire and changes the subject to more fun topics, like Sex and Beltane and Maypoles (ahem). But first -- the Vatican is at it again,...