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Enlightenment doesn't have to be DULL! Irreverent to the core, this pagan podcast dances on the athame's edge, blurring the line between sacred and profane! Rules -- who needs 'em?


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Enlightenment doesn't have to be DULL! Irreverent to the core, this pagan podcast dances on the athame's edge, blurring the line between sacred and profane! Rules -- who needs 'em?



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EMPA#0047: Yule, Community, and the Death of Baldur

Hail and welcome! It's Yule time on Eat My Pagan Ass. The trees are lit up with lights, gifts strewn below. The longest night approaches, and day is to be reborn. As we gather in with one another, fending off the winter blues and lonely, cold nights, we revel in the light of the human spirit, and find joy in one another's company. Now is the time of song and story telling, of promises and hope. A new day dawns, and we spiral inward to find the spark of light and carry it outward once more. Death of Baldur In this episode, I chat about community and the importance of coming together to honor ourselves and our spiritual path. I also give a reading of the the tale of the Death of Baldur, written by yours truly. In between I play some seasonal ROCKIN PAGAN MUSIC sung by Grailwood high priestess, Selkie Lyrazel ("The Snow Queen"). Brew yourself some mulled wine, or heat your spiked eggnog, pull up a chair by the fire, and let me carry you away back through time to an ancient place where ice and darkness ruled and where the gods and giants were very much alive. Featured musical artists: Silkie O-Ishi and Vincent Moschello - "The Snow Queen" Rija (Aija-Riitta Holopanien) - "Nordic" Rija (Aija-Riitta Holopanien) - "Tuoltapa Näkkyy" Sound Effects Library - "Ambience, Drama - Airy Ambient Drone with Heavy Low End, Horror Horror & Haunted Ambiences" Bjørn A. Løken, Christian Eggen, Kjell Samkopf, Rob Waring & Einar Fjærvoll - "Third Construction" from John Cage in Norway Anonymous 4 - "Grene Growith the Holy" Recorded Dec. 16, 2012 Published Dec. 17, 2012 + + + Email us at Friend us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: Donate to us via PayPal to THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! BLESSED BE, BITCHES!


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EMPA#0046: Samhain 2012, Hydrofracking, Politics, and Pagan Pride with Courtney Weber

Courtney Weber, high priestess of the Novices of the Old Ways coven in New York City, a non-tradition based, fellowship-oriented Pagan spiritual community, and co-creator of the Tarot of the Boroughs, a photographic journey through the Tarot using modern New York City settings and notable community personalities, joins Luckylicious for the 2012 Samhain episode of "Eat My Pagan Ass" podcast. Courtney Weber and Luckylicious at NYC Pagan Pride Day 2012 Originally scheduled to be published before October 31, Superstorm Sandy had different ideas. Well, better late than never. This episode is chock full of Samhainy goodness. And coming just ahead of the 2012 U.S. presidential elections, includes quite a bit of politics from a Pagan perspective (well, from a couple of Pagans' perspectives, anyway). Courtney shares her story of how she came to Paganism (or, how Paganism came to her), and describes Progressive Wicca and how this spiritual and religious philosophy informs the activities of the Novices of the Old Ways. And just to keep Samhain super-scary, Courtney warns of the dangers of hydrofracking and the attempts of the Spectra Energy Corporation to bring hydrofracked gas into Manhattan via a pipeline that is planned to run under the West Village and other densely populated areas. And it's not just Manhattan -- hydrofracked gas is going to come your way, too, unless you stop it by calling your U.S. senators and congressional representatives and your state governor and demand that they refuse to allow hydrofracking and its products in your state. If you're a New York State resident, call Governor Cuomo TODAY at (518) 474-8390. To learn more about hydrofracking, check out the Sane Energy Project. Oh, and BLESSED SAMHAIN, kiddies! Featured musical artists: Oka - "Totem" from Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2 Andy Graham - "Freja" from Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2 Bhakta - "The Australian Purple" from Didgeridoo Trance Dance 2 Mannheim Steamroller - "Harvest Dance" from Halloween: Monster Mix Radiohead - "Nude" from In Rainbows Audio credit: NYC Pagan Pride Day 2012 audio courtesy DJMysticVampire Recorded Oct. 15, 2012 Published Nov. 18, 2012 + + + Email us at Friend us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: Donate to us via PayPal to THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! BLESSED BE, BITCHES!


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EMPA#0045: Yust Lundberg, The Faerie King

One of my dearest friends, Yust Lundberg, aka The Faerie King, perhaps the least but not least important among his many other monikers, agreed to share parts of his amazing life story with you. It's his birthday, so wish him a happy one! Your lucky host, Lucky, got a rare opportunity to record this ephemeral man and share it with you. Yust, The Faerie King (and regent of The Gossamer Court, an affiliation of spiritually inspired artists devoted to healing through art), tells us a little bit about his past, his vision, and the future in this wondrous episode of Eat My Pagan Ass. Here's a string of things discussed in this episode: Featured music: Ani de Franco "I'm No Heroine" + + + Email us at Friend us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: Donate to us via PayPal to THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! BLESSED BE, BITCHES!


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EMPA#0044: Gede Parma and Ecstatic Witchcraft: Magick, Philosophy, and Trance in the Shamanic Craft

So I'm looking through my Facebook friends' friends and I come across this total hottie witch named Gede Parma. Shameless gay Leo that I am, I immediately reached out and invited Gede (pronounced g'DAY) to be on the show. Much to my delight, he accepted and fast forward several months into the future to July 12, 2012, the date finally arrived! When this magically delicious Aussie sauntered into my lion's den it took all my self restraint not to offer him one of my famous back massages. Instead, I humbly begged his forgiveness for my not being able to find my high-quality audio recorder and instead had to settle for recording this interview on my iPhone. (Siri interrupted one of the questions, and she's been put in time out.) In this interview, Gede shares with us how he came to paganism (well, was born into it by some definitions), how it's shaped his outlook on life, and why he's inspired to share his insights with others through his several published books and workshops. He challenges the idea of sacred space as separate space, and refuses to admit the idea of the solitary witch in an infinitely interconnected cosmos. The magical is the mundane (M=m), and from this point of constant connection to the divine we can be in this world here and now and effect positive change through conscious awareness and activism. Gede also discusses his books, including his latest, "Ecstatic Witchcraft: magic, philosophy & trance in the shamanic craft," which is available through Llewellyn Worldwide and pretty much any bookshop. You can also learn more about this fascinating and very charming young pagan teacher at And try to catch him while he's still in the U.S. doing his book tour through the end of July 2012!! Recorded July 12, 2012. Published July 20, 2012. Featured web links: Gede Parma's web page: Buy the Book: Ecstatic Witchcraft (on Featured music:"Resonate the Head" by Charlie Mc Mahon & Gondwana "Charmed theme song" by Knightsbridge "Cornflake Girl" by Tori Amos "Shake It Out" by Florence + the Machine "Lights" by Ellie Goulding "Waltzing Matilda" by Ophelia of the Spirits + + + Email us at Friend us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: Donate to us via PayPal to THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! BLESSED BE, BITCHES!


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EMPA#0043: Bull of Heaven -- the Mythic Life of Eddie Buczynski and the Rise of the New York Pagan

Most pagans don’t know the name Edmund “Eddie” Buczynski (aka Minos Gwydion-Hyakinthos), but they should. In the span of only a few years in the 1970s, Eddie established three living traditions of modern neopaganism—the New York Welsh Tradition, the Wica Tradition, and the Minoan Tradition, which includes the Minoan Brotherhood, Minoan Sisterhood, and the Cult of Rhea, or the Cult of the Double Axe. This founding elder stood at the convergence of the hippy culture, gay liberation movement, and the rise of neopaganism in New York City, and took aspects of each to create unique and important contributions to neopagan religion and culture. In this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass, Luckylicious interviews special guest Michael G. Lloyd (aka Garan Du), a Minoan high priest, co-founder of the Between the Worlds men’s gathering, and author of Bull of Heaven: The Mythic Life of Eddie Buczynski and the Rise of the New York Pagan, a book that some consider the sequel to Margot Adler's seminal history on neopaganism, Drawing Down the Moon (Ms. Adler provides the foreword to Bull of Heaven). As Michael shares in this episode, researching Eddie’s life and its impact on neopaganism was a labor of love that put him in touch with many of our community’s most respected and well-known leaders. As a spiritual descendant of Eddie’s work, Michael hopes that through this book more neopagans will become familiar with Eddie, a man he calls “the Gerald Gardner of the gay pagan community.” Recorded Sept. 15, 2011. Published April 13, 2012. Featured web links: Michael G. Lloyd’s author page: Michael G. Lloyd's guest blog post on The Wild Hunt: Between the Worlds Men’s Gathering: Featured music: “Siganos Pentozalis” by Various Artists “Blue Eyed Minoan” by Tatjana Maté “Epostiroxan Ta Nera” by Various Artists “Minoan Queen” by Divine Knights + + + Email us at Friend us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: Donate to us via PayPal to THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! BLESSED BE, BITCHES!


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EMPA#0042: Lisa Owen, Soul Portraits, and Poop

Ever wondered what your soul looks like? Just ask Lisa Owen, a talented artist who sketches beautiful original art based on her psychic impressions of people's souls. After a harrowing near-death experience following a car accident at a young age, her psychic awareness intensified with abilities to see auras and talk to spirit guides and ancestor spirits. Her training with midwestern Native American tribes taught her reverence for the circle of life and the sacredness of totems, the medicine wheel, and the spiritual artist's path. Then, while overcoming a cancer diagnosis that resulted in intensive chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, Lisa's artistic powers ignited and she began to shape her visions into drawings, dolls, and altar pieces. "Stage IIIa cancer...gave me my is my juice, my blessing from the gods...I learned how to live through almost dying," Lisa says in this powerful interview, recorded July 17-ish, 2011, at the Sirius Rising Festival at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, New York. I have had the pleasure of receiving two soul readings from Lisa during two separate trips to the Sirius Rising Festival, and both have been powerfully moving experiences of healing and transformation for me. She travels the country attending pagan festivals, so be on the lookout for her at your next festival. You can also check her itinerary and view her art on her website at She is also available for readings and consultations. Soul Portrait my Lisa Owen of Bear Soul Studio. Copyright Lisa Owen. Recorded July 17, 2011. Published March 13, 2012. Featured web links: Lisa Owen's website: Sirius Rising festival website: Featured musical artists: "Appalachian Roundup" by Celtic Thunder "Spring Raja" by Christopher of the Wolves "Biomorph" by Christopher of the Wolves "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf "Stayin' Alive" by the BeeGees "Man In the Mirror" by Michael Jackson "Skunk Werks" by Belief Systems "Arc of Ascent" by Vas "Theme from Charmed" by Knightsbridge "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by The Charlie Daniels Band + + + Email us at Friend us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: Donate to us via PayPal to THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! BLESSED BE, BITCHES!


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EMPA#0041: Christopher Penczak, Pagan Paths, and Assless Chaps

One sweltering early September morning at Gay Witch Camp (aka Between The Worlds queer pagan men's gathering) in southern Ohio, I was lugging my camping gear to and fro when who should happen to wander by and in a grand gesture of chivalry offer me some assistance but none other than the World Famous Pagan Author and Witch, Christopher "Get Off My Robe, Bitch" Penczak?!? It's not every day two of pagandom's most notorious gay witches meet for the first time. The earthworms will sing of our fateful encounter for generations to come. As it so happened, being the informed witch that I am (it pays to have dirt on people) I knew Mr. Penczak was going to be there and I was planning to hunt him down and nag him until he agreed to be interviewed. So imagine my delight when he not only found ME but also practically begged me to let him be on the show. Well, what can I say...they don't call me Lucky for nothing. I played hard to get at first, of course, but I consented. He IS world famous, after all. Christopher "Get Off My Robe, Bitch" Penczak gets a smooch from Luckylicious. In this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass podcast, Christopher Penczak dishes ALL to Lucky -- starting from his childhood Catholic porn fantasies wending all the way through his meteoric rise to grand poobah (well, 1/3rd poobah) of a pretty awesome school of witchcraft (but not, including the wizardry curriculum would have opened the school up to threats of copyright infringement from the folks at Hogwarts). Assless chaps are involved, as is much flirting and general silliness, all of which spice up what is a very interesting and informative glimpse into the life of one of modern paganism's most prolific witches and occultists, and explores the Temple of Witchcraft he created with his life partners Steve Kenson and Adam Sartwell. Recorded September 15, 2011. Published October 2, 2011. Featured web links: Christopher Penczak's website: The Temple of Witchcraft website: Otherworld Apothecary witchcraft supplies website: Between The Worlds queer pagan men's festival website: Featured musical artists: Emerald Rose performing "Freya, Shakti" from the album "Bending Tradition" The Gypsy Nomads performing "Belly Trance" from the album "At the Carnival Eclectique" + + + Email us at Friend us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: Donate to us via PayPal to THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! BLESSED BE, BITCHES! "Who wouldn't want to be a Momma's Boy with this as your momma?"


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EMPA#0040: Dragon Ritual Drummers

The Dragon Ritual Drummers make a special guest appearance on Eat My Pagan Ass podcast with host Luckylicious. Following the band's powerful performance at the Between The Worlds queer pagan men's gathering in southeastern Ohio in mid-September 2011, Lucky asks members Utu, Adrian, and Flint all about the group and their music. Listen and learn about the group's origins and inspirations (musical, magical, and spiritual), as well as their commitment to strengthening the brotherhood of men in paganism and their vision for a united global pagan community. Lucky's interview with this world-famous, chart-topping musical performance group touches on the need for men's mysteries and rights of passage, the role of voodoo and other Afro-Caribbean religions in the evolution of American music and culture, and the wonder and joy that comes from following your heart, living your rhythm, and dancing your soul. + + + About the Dragon Ritual Drummers (Source: the group's website): The Dragon Ritual Drummers [celebrated] their 10 year anniversary [in] 2010. Based out of the Niagara Region, they began their journey as favorites in the pagan festival circuit in Ontario Canada. They have since moved on to play at pagan festivals and large mainstream events all over North America. The troupe is comprised of 6 members; Utu, Flint, Adrian, Drago, Naresh and Eion. All members play a variety of instruments including tribal drums, string instruments, as well as brass and archaic reed instruments heard in the ancient hills and valleys of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Their music and performances are creative, intense and powerful. They bring the audience to their feet dancing as they are swept away in the intense beat of music, inspired from around the world and through the ages. The lore of the Dragon Ritual Drummers is attached to the entity from which they take their name, the mythical dragon spirit that resides in an ethereal cave at the brink of Niagara Falls. The ancient serpent spirit was once revered by aboriginal inhabitants of the region but was eventually cast into a negative legacy by the conquering Iroquois nation. The serpents legacy was one of obscurity for generations. From the beginning the the Dragon Ritual Drummers reached out to awaken the ancient water dragon spirit, and the rest as they say is history in the making. The Dragon Ritual Drummers attribute much of their success to the dragon spirit, achieving unprecedented success for their musical genres world wide. Their interactive and critically acclaimed CD "The Epic: A Drum Opera" tells the story of the Niagara dragon from the ice age to modern times, all with drums and percussion along with beautiful illustrations. They currently are promoting their newest release "Temple of the Drum" They have been featured in numerous mainstream and pagan media, have owned the #1 ranking on the Canadian MySpace music charts for the genres of "Afro-beat" and "Tropical", and are currently in the top 20 in the U.S. MySpace music charts, and ranked #1 for their genre of World Music on Reverb Nation! + + + Recorded September 16, 2011 + + Published September 24, 2011. Featured Songs: Hot Toddy - Temple of the Drum - Dragon Ritual Drummers Fanga - Temple of the Drum - Dragon Ritual Drummers Tuatha De Dannan - Temple of the Drum - Dragon Ritual Drummers Shango - Tribal Magik - Dragon Ritual Drummers Bamboula - Tribal Magik - Dragon Ritual Drummers Mountain Mystery - Tribal Magik - Dragon Ritual Drummers All songs copyright Dragon Ritual Drummers. BUY THE ALBUMS: + + + Find us on the web: Facebook: Twitter: Email:


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EMPA#0039: Gay, Gay, Gay!!

AS GAY AS IT GETS! Gay pagans, gay gods, sex magick, frolicking in the forest, and MORE! Lucky interviews the notoriously fabulous (or is that fabulously notorious?) Ocymvio, a gay pagan who's made his home in NYC and has brought quite a big of magick and fellowship to the gay pagan community there. Founder of the NYC Gay Men's Open Pagan Magick Circle, gypsy born, Minoan Brotherhood member, fashion designer, tarot reader, regular attendee at Between the Worlds and Short Mountain Sanctuary, and all around groovy guy, Ocymvio shares his experiences as a gay pagan and how he puts a little swish into his "Walking the Talk." This episode was recorded at Beltane, so there's a bit of friskiness and quite a lot of vulgarity -- served up just how you badass pagans love to hear it! See Ocymvio's fashion designs on the web at Gypsycamp Clothing. Other links featured in this podcast: Christopher Penczak's Blog: Gay Gods Magickal Realms in the Bronx, NY Gay Sex Magick group on Recorded May 7, 2011 ++ Published August 3, 2011 Music Credits Don't Be Gay - Chase Pagan Beltane - Dream Catcher - Ashtar Ron Allen Find us on the web: Facebook: Twitter: Email:


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EMPA#0038: Faeries, Ethics, and Motörhed

JUDGMENT DAY XXI: The Return of Judgment Day (Sequel to "Judgment Day XX: Here It Is Again (and THIS TIME It's for REAL, We Promise") It's the same old bullshit since the day anyone walked around claiming to be a prophet: follow some jokester, swallow his bull hook, line, and sinker, give him all your money, sell everything you own, leave your families, and tell everyone the world is coming to an end. When will people learn? Is it self-loathing that turns them against this world, their loved ones, and themselves? What kind of escapist fantasy nightmare are they giving themselves over to, and for what? How does this contrast with the pagan worldview? Luckylicious talks about loony fundamentalist fringe-heads and acknowledges there's more to be learned from their behavior than you might realize at first. Also in this very special episode Lucky interviews the very talented artist and witch, Silkie Lyrazel, high priestess of the Grailwood Coven in New York City. Silkie shares her insights into the Faerie Tradition, bardic work, ritual drama, living with familiars, staying attuned to nature and the realm of Faerie, and even dishes on True Blood and her vampire/goth fascination. Silkie and Lucky talk about ethical living and how pagans can walk the talk a bit more, as well as take pride in our convictions and stand up for ourselves in the face of persecution, discrimination, and threats of physical violence. Recorded April 3, 2011 and May 21, 2011 ++ Published May 21, 2011 Music Credits Reckoner by Radiohead Armory by Daft Punk Rice Cake Preparation Dance by Female Voices of Japanese Shinto Ritual Music Impossible Planet by Murray Gold and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales Ba Ba by Sigur Rós Ich Warte by Einstürzende Neubauten Orgasmatron by Motörhed Find us on the web: Facebook: Twitter: Email:


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Eat My Pagan Ass podcast promo

Hi, beautiful pagans!! Lucky has created a new 32 second promotional clip that anyone can download. It's especially great for other podcasters who would like to promote Eat My Pagan Ass in their podcasts. If you are a podcaster and plan to include our promo in your show, please let us know by emailing us at Podcasters are encouraged to email their promo to us, too, and we'll consider including it in our podcast. Bye, hookers! xo Lucky


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EMPA#0037: Springtime for Hitler (and Germany!)

Carmen drops a bomb on Eat My Pagan Ass in this episode!! She's leaving the show to travel the world with some crazy band of "famous" pagans (she won't say who) doing miracles in places of need. It's all very mysterious, and Lucky wonders if Grannylicious has anything to do with it. Speaking of Grannylicious, EMPA fan Fire Lyte reveals a tasty tidbit of gossip -- tho we'll save most of his story for another podcast. Lucky is distraught about what's to come...or is he? Maybe he planned this all along. Maybe Carmen was just getting in the way of his glory. In the meantime, we dish about fallen fashion icon John Galliano and his wicked Nazi ways. (Shame on you, buttercup! Lay off the sauce, sober up, own up, and move on! -- Take it from Lucky, who celebrates three years of sobriety this week!) Lucky and Carmen also share some stories of how they have both had run-ins with the po-po No one went to jail, so things are looking up. Hope springs eternal, and well that was another lame segue -- BLESSED SPRING EQUINOX all you fan-freaking-tastic EMPA listeners!!! THIS IS NOT THE LAST EPISODE! MORE IS ON THE WAY!!! SPECIAL NOTE: This episode was recorded March 3, 2011, before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Japan. Please send your prayers to the people and animals of that country. Also, if you can, please consider making a donation to any of the causes that are working to improve the situation in Japan. Here are two suggestions: (for the people) American Red Cross or (for the animals) Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. Featured Music: "Springtime for Hitler" from "The Producers" Broadway Cast Recording "Goodbye" from My Darkest Days Contact us or stay in the know: Email: Facebook: Twitter: Web: Recorded March 3, 2011 - Published: March 22, 2011


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EMPA#0036: Happy Winter Solstice / Yule / Christmas / Chanukah / etc.

Blessed Yule, pagan ass eaters!! It's the winter solstice with a kick: total lunar eclipse! Whahoo! That means anything goes, and it DOES in this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast. Lucky is a single gay pagan AGAIN (don't worry--he's okay with that) and Carmen has the hots for some guy and this time actually works up the nerve to talk to him. (It's progress, not perfection, right?) We touch one last time (for now) on the passing of Lucky's dear friend, Glitterpussy, and the pagan implications of death and, apropos to the season, rebirth. Friends are among our most valued treasures, so treasure them! Chanukah schmooze 2010! We respond to some listener emails, which include tarot and rune readings, before heading out to Rockefeller Center to gaze upon the giant painted-up Yule tree and make fun of NYC tourists (keep coming back! we love you!) Lots of musical interludes in this episode, so enjoy! Pssst: 'Tis the season to be generous. Please support Eat My Pagan Ass with a donation today. Donate via to THANK YOU! Featured music: We Speak No Americano - Yolando Be Cool & DCap I Feel Pretty - West Side Story original soundtrack recording With a Little Help from My Friends - The Beatles We Are a Circle - Luckylicious Dreydl, Dreydl - Mark Eckardt, Jessica Rotter and The Dreydl Kids Hava Nagila - London Festival Orchestra Klezmer Waltz - Margot Leverette & the Klezmer Mountain Boys Christmas Day in the Morning - Shira Kammen* Carol of the Bells - Celtic Woman Baby Elephant Walk - Al Caiola/Billy May Spear Burn - Belief Systems* Talk Box - Belief Systems* Deep House - Belief Systems* Electro Jive - Belief Systems* Apple Tree Wassail - Shira Kammen* The Holly Bears a Berry - Shira Kammen* Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles *Courtesy Email us at Follow us on Twitter at Friend us on Facebook: Recorded December 4, 2010 Aired December 21, 2010 Happy solstice, everybody!


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EMPA#0035-2: Glitterpussy, Pagan Music Artist, Part II

This episode is a follow-on to Eat My Pagan Ass episode 35, which featured an interview with pagan music artist and one of Lucky's best friends in the glamorverse, Glitterpussy. Tragically, Glitter (or Allyson, her given name), passed away unexpectedly on November 5, 2010. Episode 35 was aired as the August 2010 interview was intended, letting Glitter speak for herself in her own words, and including no mention of her passing. In this episode, we hear the tale of how Glitter and Lucky met in July 2002 at the Starwood Festival, an annual pagan gathering and celebration that was held at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY (now at Wisteria in Ohio). Be transported back across space and time to this pivotal moment when two stars collided and began a spiral dance in one of the world's most magical places. Lucky shares his feelings about losing a dear friend, and also delves into the uncomfortable subject of what happens when we pass over--not only for the soul in transition, but also for everyone else left behind. It's not all laughs in this episode, but Lucky does share some of the beautiful gifts of healing spirit Allyson/Glitterpussy gave to those around her. Through this podcast, you may be touched, too, by this very special, beautiful being whose laughter and love will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Music in this episode includes: Email us at Follow us on Twitter: Friend us on Facebook:


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EMPA#0035: Glitterpussy, Pagan Music Artist

Lucky interviews pagan musical artist, tantric instructor, and best friend, Glitterpussy. Glitter shares her thoughts on living life to the fullest, self-acceptance and body image, musical influences, pagan festivals, American paganism, fundamentalism, marriage to the love her of life, vulture housewives in grocery store parking lots, abortion, pagan parenting, polyamory, tantra and breathwork, kitchen witchery, and more! Lots of Glitter's original music featured, including: Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Skinny, Swallow, Worst Case Scenario, as well as impromtu fireside covers of Aborchun (Jammin'), and With a Little Help from My Friends. Photos throughout of this fabulous and gorgeously magical woman. I LOVE YOU, GLITTER! FOREVER! Featured artist: Glitterpussy EXTRA: check out the YouTube video of Glitter's pagan wedding at the Starwood pagan festival in summer 2009! Recorded August 7, 2010 Aired: December 15, 2010 Email: Facebook: Twitter:
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EMPA#0034: Samhain Stirs Up All Kinds of Demons (Like Grannylicious)

Carmen & Lucky welcome you to our 34th episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast. This episode started off innocently enough -- responding to listener emails, talking about our days and our Samhain plans, and then POOF Grannylicious appears out of thin air and the shit hits the fan. The millennia-long feud between Carmen and Granny comes to a pivotal turning point, and worlds hang in the balance as these two ancient ladies level their wands at one another, and Lucky must use every last ounce of his political negotiation skills to keep them from pulling their hair triggers. Featured artist: Mannheim Steamroller Special Guest: Grannylicious Recorded October 26, 2010 Aired: October 31, 2010 Blessed Samhain! Email: Facebook: Twitter:


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EMPA#0033: It Gets Better (Don't Off Yourself!)

Season 3, Episode 2 (EMPA#0033): It Gets Better (Don't Off Yourself!) Recorded NYC, October 3, 2010 Carmen Kickass and Luckylicious proudly bring you the thirty-third installment of Eat My Pagan Ass. In this episode, we bring everyone up to speed on just where the heck we've been all summer long. Lucky's been on Fire Island, the notorious gay haven by the sea, communing with the elements and checking out all the delicious, roasting meat (see poem below). Carmen has been hopping the globe, stirring up trouble on both U.S. coasts and beyond. Both of us are asking "What the fuck is going on with all these gay suicides?" and you can bet we've got something to say about it. It's not all Sturm und Drang, however; we take a playful detour through the adventures of love (and how NOT to run away from the opportunity to love and be loved in return); we celebrate the official recognition of Druidry in the U.K. as a legitimate religion; we reply to some listener emails; we dish on J.K. Rowling's recent appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show; announce that the legendary Enchantments magical store in New York City is alive and well on the Lower East Side; ruminate on the coming Samhain season; explore Carmen's unnatural fascination with large zits (gag); mention Perdurabo, an updated biography on the man, the myth, the legend himself, Aleister Crowley ("Uncle Al"), written by Richard Kaczynski; and last but not least we hear a wonderful new song by Jeff Altergott called "It Gets Better" dedicated to all the GLBTQ youth out there struggling with daily harassment for being who they are. Featured artist: Jeffrey Altergott And now for a poem: Fire Island September 18, 2010 by Lucky de las Brujas Roiling tides that presage the storms at sea, Half-naked (or fully bare) boys with tans Hurling themselves, laughing, carefree, Into the swelling waters, finding fun In daring Dame Nature herself. Thongs on feet that flip, now flop, Now left alone along dry, sometimes-splintered boardwalks, Abandoned by their owners, Who prefer to feel the fire of the sun In the hot sands baking—almost burning— Between their carefully manicured toes, Connecting body to beach, man to eternity. A timeless sounding as surf sinks into the porous shore, Ephemeral sea foam fizzing into nothingness. Dingbat birds with tiny bodies, long legs, and even longer beaks Chase after the receding, briny waters Wanting to taste the sweet, moist meat of a fat worm Buried below the thirsty sucking mud. Pardon our sound--Lucky forgot to bring the good audio recorder and so this one was made with an iPhone. Email us to tell us any damn thing you want: Go to our podcast blog to post a comment, share your thoughts, and divulge your deepest secrets in an unabashedly public forum: Follow us on Twitter: Be our fan on Facebook:


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EMPA#0031: Lazy Summer, Lazy Pagans

Carmen Kickass and Luckylicious are back from their siesta with another episode of the most famous pagan podcast on the planet -- Eat My Pagan Ass! In this episode, we remember the amazing talents of the widely imitated Miss Cleo of Psychic Friends Network fame (don't worry, she's still alive, thank the Goddess!), discuss the power of intuition and its ability to protect us from dangerous situations, swap some pretty grody recipes, spiral off on yet another tangent about Carmen's frickin' birds, and respond to a TON of awesome listener emails (you guys ROCK!). Thanks to our latest donors to the 666 Club -- Kate and The Highway Hermit. Also thanks to Brooke for sending us this awesome piece of artwork, which she calls "Holding Magick": Happy Midsummer, bitches! Love, Carmen and Lucky... Email us to tell us any damn thing you want: Go to our podcast blog to post a comment, share your thoughts, and divulge your deepest secrets in an unabashedly public forum: Follow us on Twitter: Be our fan on Facebook:


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EMPA#0030: The Beltane Sex Episode (Scandalous!)

Carmen and Lucky lay their plan for changing the world. Pay attention, pagans -- this is the episode that starts it ALL rolling! Civil rights and drag queen masturbation, all in the same breath!! Carmen explains that there's more than one way to dance around a Maypole (ahem), and one of them involves a lot of stinky cheese. Covens and sex, and Gerald Gardner pops up again, and Carmen alleges a scandalous origin of Wicca's founder. Oh, and did we mention sex? We also riff on some tarot cards. Lots and lots and lots of sex mentioned, so keep the kiddies away from this episode. Hope you are all having a blessed Beltane -- remember, WISH BIG! Email us at to tell us what you wish for this magical season! Featured musical artist: "Beltane Twirl" sung by Luckylicious Closing song: "Come on get happy" - The Partridge Family Recorded on May 5, 2010, NYC; Published May 8, 2010 Email us with your Beltane wishes -- dream big: to our podcast blog to post a comment, share your thoughts, and divulge your deepest secrets in an unabashedly public forum: Follow us on Twitter: Be our fan on Facebook:


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EMPA#0029: Anger Management & Broom Closets

In this episode of Eat My Pagan Ass pagan podcast, Carmen Kickass lashes back at Grannylicious (aka Voldegranny), but short of starting a witch war proceeds with caution because she's truly scared of the evil that Granny can do (and has done), least of all the murder of Carmen's beloved parakeet Paco (R.I.P.)! Lucky doesn't want to get caught in the crossfire and changes the subject to more fun topics, like Sex and Beltane and Maypoles (ahem). But first -- the Vatican is at it again, deflecting responsibility for its sex abuse scandals by blaming homosexuality instead of its unnatural policy of priestly celibacy. Nice try, lump heads. Carmen and Lucky respond to TONS of listener emails about coming out of the broom closet, Project Pagan Enough, high priestesses who can't get over themselves, and more candle magic. Featured Pagan Blog: Project Pagan Enough Featured Musical Artist: Ocean Lab - Siren Song - I Am What I Am Episode 29 recorded April 17, 2010, New York City Email us with your Beltane stories and pictures: Go to our podcast blog to post a comment, share your thoughts, and divulge your deepest secrets in an unabashedly public forum: Follow us on Twitter: Be our fan on Facebook: