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Emuna and body-soul harmony with author, spiritual guide and health coach Rabbi Lazer Brody




Emuna and body-soul harmony with author, spiritual guide and health coach Rabbi Lazer Brody






Likutei Moharan II: 95-96 - Private Speaking 202

Rebbe Nachman takes our power of personal prayer and uplifts it to the next level. We learn practical advice that we can readily implement, both in our formal and personal prayers. Imagine the power of one truly sincere expression, from the heart, to our beloved Father in Heaven...


Day for the Soul

Most people dread the thought of Yom Kippur and fasting for 25 hours. That is bodily-oriented dread. As far as the soul is concerned, it's the happiest day of the year. Let's connect to our souls and find out why.


Lazer Brody Meets the Lubavitcher Rebbe osb”m

This is the amazing story of how a newly observant IDF war veteran - Lazer Brody - spent four days with the Lubavitcher Rebbe of saintly and blessed memory. The story begins with the First Lebanon War of 1982 and then moves to 770 in Crown Heights, Parshat Korach, 5747/ June 25-28, 1987. The Rebbe's unforgettable eyes...


Moshiach, Shofar and Rosh Hashanah

Why do we blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah? What's the connection between the shofar and Moshiach? Our sages provide some eye-opening answers that tell us exactly what's happening today...


Simcha, Shofar and Self-Assessment

Here is the way to have a meaningful and delightful Rosh Hashanah. Even more, here's how to have a meaningful and delightful life.


Crowning the King

Most people misunderstand the essence of Rosh Hashanah. Today's lesson, a video playback of Rabbi Lazer's talk in Great Neck, NY earlier this week, prepares us for a meaningful New Year.


How Much Sunlight Do You Need?

How much sunlight do you need for your body to effectively produce Vitamin D?


The Kosher Tattoo

The Gemara says that a prohibition done for Hashem's sake is greater than a mitzva that's not done for Hashem's sake (Nazir 23b). Here's a story that I told in the Ojai, California Chabad house about something that the Heavenly Court would certainly consider to be a "kosher" tattoo. Unlike us, the Heavenly Court takes all considerations into account.


The Fence

"The body is a fence to the soul. To find our true selves, we must jump the fence." ~Rabbi Lazer Brody. Enjoy today's 3-minute message.


You’re Beautiful

You're beautiful. Here's proof in a 2-minute message.


The King’s in the Field

The Hebrew month of Elul includes the 4 weeks that precede the High Holidays. At this time, Hashem - the King of Kings - is especially accessible.


Likutei Moharan 2:5 - Rabbah’s Whale

In this terribly long exile with never-ending troubles, many have lost hope. They don't believe that their prayers will ever be answered or they don't believe in prayer altogether. They confuse apparent Divine concealment and think that Hashem has forsaken them. Rebbe Nachman, while interpreting one of Rabbah bar bar Chana's cryptic allegories from the Gemara, proves that the opposite is true.


The Gate of Love

Love is like atomic power. The positive aspects of love can illuminate the world but its negative aspects can destroy the world. In today's lesson on Chapter Four of "Orchus Tzaddikim" (The Ways of the Righteous), we learn an important lesson for life. There are seven main types of love. Each has a misplaced application as well as a positive one. We also learn important holistic health advice when learning the proper way to love ourselves.


Likutei Moharan 2:4 - Shining Souls

This week we learn the ability of powerful prayer. It can rejuvenate and illuminate a soul as well as invoke tremendous Divine abundance.


Chutzpa, Good or Not: The Gate of Audacity

Chutzpa is the Hebrew word for audacity. When we activate our chutzpa in the right place, we gird ourselves in strength and are able to take a bold stand against evil. On the other hand, chutzpa in the wrong place sends a person into a self-destruct mode. Today's lesson on Chapter Four of Orchus Tzaddikim - Ways of the Righteous - teaches us to differentiate between "holy chutzpa" and the unholy type.


Desert Wolf

I was alone in the Negev Desert, a prime place for personal prayer. I was facing a hill. Upon it was a majestic creature, an Israeli desert wolf (Canis Lupus Arabus). The didn't budge; it just gazed at me calmly. Suddenly, it gave a proud howl that echoed across the desert. It seemed to say, "I'm the chief of this region." I tool my Land-of-Israel reed flute out of my backpack and started playing the melody that the wolf seemed to inspire. The melody came out with a native-American flavor. Enjoy it, and may we soon see the days when the wolf dwells with the lamb (Isaiah 11:6), amen!


Likutei Moharan 2.3 - Words of Justice

Today's lesson teaches us the secret of effective prayer and how to avoid the negative elements that hinder us during prayer.


Behind Closed Doors: The Gate of Shame

Would you do whatever you want behind closed doors if you knew that no one would see you or catch you in the act? Would you allow your spouse to see your computer's or smartphone's surfing history? There's a healthy type of shame that indicates to emuna and spiritual intelligence. This is the subject of today's lesson on the "Gate of Shame", the third chapter of the classic "Ways of the Righteous."


Women’s Personal Prayer

Our host tonight is 7th Degree Blackbelt Taekwondo Master Sunny Levi who is also a Certified Emuna Coach. With her group of "Personal Prayer Bootcamp" graduates, she holds a lively Q&A session with Rabbi Lazer Brody. Anyone can relate to the amazing questions asked here. What should we pray for? Are angels real? Can a person truly overcome PTSD? How does a woman rid her life of anxiety? And, much more...


Song of Shiloh

Wherever I go here in my cherished homeland, be it the desert, the seacoast or the field, I sense a different melody. Strangely, if I'm playing a beautifully crafted Native American flute produced from the finest North American cedar, nothing happens. But if I take a simple flute, like the one King David played made out of a Land-of-Israel reed, it plays by itself. Here's the melody that echoed from the ruins of the Holy Tabernacle in ancient Shiloh. It reflects a haunting sadness in the beginning but finishes with determined hope in anticipation of our rebuilt Holy Temple, soon, amen!