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A weekly podcast from the Archdiocese of Omaha. Designed to help leaders transform their cultures to embody the pastoral vision to be One Church, Encountering Jesus, Equipping Disciples and Living Mercy.

A weekly podcast from the Archdiocese of Omaha. Designed to help leaders transform their cultures to embody the pastoral vision to be One Church, Encountering Jesus, Equipping Disciples and Living Mercy.


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A weekly podcast from the Archdiocese of Omaha. Designed to help leaders transform their cultures to embody the pastoral vision to be One Church, Encountering Jesus, Equipping Disciples and Living Mercy.




Coach's Corner 1: Getting the Most Out of Mass

I’m trying something new. My team and I have the privilege of working with leaders in parishes as they discern how to move their parish culture toward mission. This has brought a multitude of topics to my attention that could be aired on the EquipCast. And so, today, I bring you the Coach’s Corner where we break down important topics to help equip you and your team for mission in your church, in your family, and in your ministry. This episode’s topic might not immediately scream “equipping...


Episode 106: Pray for Your Priests

If you’ve had a chance to check out the Journey of Faith, you know there are many reasons we’ve entered a season of restructuring in our diocese. One of these reasons is that by 2033, we will have approximately 81 priests, and currently, there are 136 parishes. If we want to keep our priests from the inevitable burnout, something needs to change. But, what is the average layperson to do? Today I speak with Katie Keller, the local coordinator for the Seven Sisters Apostolate. This is a group...


Episode 105: The Gospel Changes Everything!

Whatever your ministry, whatever your background, I’m confident that today’s episode is for you. I’m confident because it is about the Gospel, and I’ve seen first-hand the power of the good news of Jesus. It revolutionizes lives, marriages, and ministries. So, whether you are involved in a parish ministry, a ministry of mercy, or just the daily ministry to your own family, I encourage you to tune in. This episode will help you share the core gospel message in a clear and explicit way as well...


Episode 104: Everyday Spiritual Warfare

The victory is ours; through Jesus, the battle is won! (1 Corinthians 15:57) I know this to be true, but does it ever feel like the battle for your own heart and mind is on-going? Today, I talk with Jessica Navin about what’s really at the root of spiritual warfare, or the enemy’s attempt to steal our faith. She provides practical tips for noticing the trajectory of our thoughts and using scripture to defend ourselves. And while there is no silver bullet, she shows how easy it can be to let...


Episode 103: Healthy Families: The Key to Evangelization

JPII once said in a homily “As the family goes…so goes the whole world in which we live.” As I continue to beat the drum for missional communities, I’d like to go deeper and look at the foundation of these communities: the family. Did you know that 85-90% of Catholics in the pews on Sunday are from intact families? If we want to fight the current diminishment of the Church, we must pay attention to this trend. Today, my guest, J.P. De Gance, tells us about his ministry, Communio. They help...


Episode 102: How to find time and organize your life

The conversation today might at first feel like a niche topic. I talk to Fr. Tom Fangman about how he learned to let go and start working with an administrative assistant. Now, if you aren’t a pastor or a CEO, you might ask, “How can this possibly apply to me?” The reality is we all, at times, try to hold on to control when we don’t need to. The surrender necessary to let go as well as the ability to learn to trust another individual is a lesson for everyone. It’s often even a conversion of...


Episode 101: Supporting Mothers and Children

In a post-Roe world, the ministries that support mothers and children are more necessary than ever. In Omaha, we have a few homes for pregnant women, and today, I’d like to highlight one: Mater Filius. Julie Mainelli and Stacy Floersch tell us stories that exemplify the power of prayer, teamwork, and a ministry of presence. They are a witness of a Church that embodies love. And even though you may not be called to care for women and children the way these ladies have, I’m confident that...


Episode 100: Grief & Loss in Pastoral Planning

As you know, the culture has been rapidly changing around us, and as a result, the Church is diminishing in size. If we want our parishes to flourish again, we must heed the call to become missional communities. The Archbishop has started the Journey of Faith for this very reason. However, if you have ever experienced change before, then you know it’s not all butterflies and rainbows. Even happy changes (moving off to college, getting married, etc.) come with moments of grief. In fact, it’s...


Episode 99: Teach Less for More

We’ve all had the experience of drinking from a firehose of information. At seminars or retreats where this happens, I often hear people say things like, “It’s overwhelming…but all the information is good!” And it’s true, all the information is good. But, how much of it sticks? Today, we are finishing our series on The 7 Practices of Effective Ministry with the adage “teach less for more”. Tune in today to hear from, Jen Moser, our Leadership Formation Specialist. Over the years, she has...


Narrow the Focus

Our lives are busy. If you are like me, every day, there are demands on your time. I have obligations as a father, as a full-time employee, and as a faithful parishioner. If I say yes to every good idea that comes my way, then I won’t have time for the most important things. So, how does one choose? Today, I pull another teammate in front of the microphone to talk about how to “narrow the focus”. The overabundance of good things to say yes to is not just a problem in our daily lives, it also...


Episode 97: Clarify the Win

Is it important to "win" at ministry work? Should we set goals, run after them, and measure them? It's probably no surprise that my answer to this is a resounding "YES!" Today, I pull Whitney, the producer, in front of the microphone to talk about what she calls her "extreme need for clarity". Her drive for clarity makes our team goals sharper and our wins easier to achieve. And, yes, winning is not everything, but when we do clarify what winning looks like, our team is more effective at the...


Episode 96: Prayer: Manifesto

What is the Lord doing for you in prayer? As many of us know, life comes with suffering. Our daily struggles can so easily rattle us and disrupt our peace. This, then, creeps into the way we interact with God. Today, I bring you the story of Jill Ruskamp. She has built a personal manifesto around her prayer, collecting moments of inspiration, scripture passages, words from God, and key memories. Not only does it bring her peace in the middle of suffering, but it has also become a great tool...


Skill Demo 12: How to Prepare for the Unknown

The culture is changing around us, and the things that used to grow the parish community no longer do. If we want to continue drawing others to Jesus, we must change the way we walk with people in the secular world. For most of us (dare I say ALL of us), this means venturing into the unknown. We are in uncharted territory and must figure out our way forward. Making this shift towards becoming a missional community means opening ourselves to the newness that God desires for us. It involves...


Episode 95: The Impact of Live Lent Together

I know…I know! Talking about Lent in August feels like it should be in one of those “It’s too early for Christmas” memes. You guys know, I get really excited about the impact small groups can have on a parish, so I just couldn’t wait to share this story with you! Sacred Heart, a parish in Omaha, was able to use their Live Lent Together initiative to both bring parish leaders together and to reach the peripheries. After listening, I hope you consider growing Live Lent Together at your parish....


Episode 94: The Thresholds of Conversion and Discipleship

The buzz phrase "Meet people where they are!" has been around for a while now. Pope Francis often concretizes this in a call to go out and be with those who are suffering. While many of us are no stranger to caring for the physical needs of others, we know that the spiritual poverty of the United States is where the greatest need lies. So, how do we meet people where they are when the need is intangible? One tool that my team, The Parish Support Team, has found to be very useful is the...


Episode 93: Hearing the Voice of the Lord

This week I talk to a friend in the Diocese of Houma Thibodaux. If you couldn't tell by the hard to pronounce spelling, that's in Louisiana. There, they also have a Parish Support Team tasked with helping pastors and parishes become missional communities. I've looked to them for more than a year now as an example for my team. One of the most surprising things we've learned? How to pray more intentionally about the work that we do. Tune in to hear some really practical advice for hearing the...


Episode 92: Creating Cultures of Generosity

As much as I would like them to, our episodes on stewardship do not do as well as our episodes on evangelization. We are so used to thinking about stewardship as just giving money to keep the lights of our parish on. While this kind of generosity is good, a cultivating a Culture of Generosity takes so much more. In fact, we know, through parables such as the rich man and Lazarus, that generosity is one of the keys to sanctity. So, I encourage you to give today's episode a chance. Dave...


Episode 91: How to Talk About Abortion

The end to abortion is here! ...Legally...at the federal level. While we should celebrate a major victory in the fight against abortion, the work has really just begun. If we want to end abortion, not just make it illegal, then we have to change minds and hearts. Today's guest, Katherine Burow, tells us "A lot of people are pro-choice because they've never heard a compelling secular argument." Katherines work as the Executive Director of the Abortion Dialogue Academy is to end abortion by...


Skill Demo 11: How to get stuff done

Let's talk about productivity. There is this lie that is a two-edged sword in the Christian world. For some, getting tasks done does not come naturally, and so it can rob them of the peace that comes with a relationship with God. On the other hand, we often deeply feel the urgency that comes with a call from God causing us to "over produce" or to work ourselves to the bone in order to "achieve" His will. Neither is good. Growing in skills of execution can help us be productive without...


Episode 90: Myth Busting: Clear Path of Discipleship

The Archdiocese's Big Goal, each parish in the Archdiocese of Omaha will be a missional community, has three characteristics: collaborative leadership, a clear path to discipleship, and a culture of generosity. I believe we can't talk about these enough. So today, I have another episode on the clear path to discipleship for you. In many ways, the clear path isn't a new idea; it's just a new expression of something that is as old as the Church. Thus, people don't respond negatively to it, but...