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Platform addresses on ethical topics and issues recorded live from the Ethical Society of St. Louis. These lectures cover a number of areas including ethics, religion, values, and humanism. To discuss our podcasts please visit us on Facebook -

Platform addresses on ethical topics and issues recorded live from the Ethical Society of St. Louis. These lectures cover a number of areas including ethics, religion, values, and humanism. To discuss our podcasts please visit us on Facebook -
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Platform addresses on ethical topics and issues recorded live from the Ethical Society of St. Louis. These lectures cover a number of areas including ethics, religion, values, and humanism. To discuss our podcasts please visit us on Facebook -




Building Toward a More Inclusive Tomorrow; Sincere Kirabo, 25-Nov-2018

Identifying with and being a part of a community is a quintessential human endeavor. However, exclusion is a common challenge to community-building. This talk focuses on teasing out ways to create communities that genuinely strive to include everyone. Sincere Kirabo is a DC-area-based cultural critic and social change instigator; his work focuses on cultivating Black humanist culture, building healthy Black masculinity, and struggling to create a world that honors the “radical” idea of free...


How And When To Be Civil; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director, 11-Nov-2018

Philosophers, politicians, and talking heads everywhere are decrying an apparent breakdown of civility in our public discourse. Rising partisanship, extremism, and an increasingly contentious social media environment are combining to fracture our political community and make our public discussions cruel and fruitless. But what does it mean to be “civil”, really, and is it as high a value as many believe? In this Platform we’ll explore what “civility” means, and how it can cultivate—or...


Choosing Community; Kate Lovelady, Leader, 4-Nov-2018

An individual’s community used to be largely determined by circumstance—the extended family and town in which they grew up, the traditions of family and background. “Community” was mostly a given, and often something to escape from in search of freedom and new experiences. Today, community is often something that people are seeking, as families shrink, people move more often, traditions continue to lose power, and individuality reigns supreme. What does it mean to cultivate voluntary...


Social Justice Warriors; James Croft, Outreach Director, 21-Oct-2018

Culture and politics today are riven with debates about social justice. Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement are social justice campaigns which have become international phenomena. At the heart of these movements are so-called “social justice warriors”: people who take to the streets (and their keyboards and phones) to promote their vision of social justice. But what does it mean to be a social justice warrior, and should we become one?


Are We Making Any Progress on Gun Violence?; Kate Lovelady, Leader, 14-Oct-2018

The epidemic of gun violence is of deep concern to most Americans. Yet it often seems as if we’re stuck in a cycle of tragedy, “thoughts and prayers, and pollical stalemate. What progress has been made and how might we achieve more?


2018 Ethics in Action Award Ceremony, “Actions, Not Words”; Jorge Riopedre, 7-Oct-2018

A special Platform presenting the 2018 Ethical Society of St. Louis Ethics in Action Award to Jorge Riopedre, president and CEO of Casa de Salud, a clinic providing high-quality, low-cost clinical and mental healthcare to the uninsured, focusing on the new immigrant community. Jorge founded a media production company specializing in the Hispanic market, and then became the executive director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis. He is a...


Deed Before Creed: Do Our Beliefs Matter?; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director, 30-Sep-2018

“Deed Before Creed” is one of the best known sayings in the Ethical Humanist movement. It has become a sort of motto for our community, expressing something important about our approach to religious beliefs and ethical values. But what does this motto mean? What is the relationship between our beliefs and our values, and does it matter?


Now, What?!, Jé Hooper, AEU Leader-in-Training, 23-Sep-2018

Jé Hooper is in the Leader-in-Training program of the American Ethical Union and the Ph.D Interdisciplinary Arts program at Ohio University. His work promotes the intersections of art, justice, and religious ethics in efforts to obtain social equity. An AEU Mossler Fellow, Jé is working on a film entitled “Humanitas: Conscious Coloring of Kindness,” in which Felix Adler and W.E.B. DuBois are re-imagined in a histocontemporary retrospective.


Why Are We Here? A Purposeful Year; Kate Lovelady, Leader, 16-Sep-2018

Our 2018-19 monthly themes are all related to the Ethical Society’s Statement of Purpose, which you can read around the building and at What does it mean to Ethical Humanists to live a life of purpose? What are some of the sources of a sense of purpose, for an individual or an organization? Come explore these and related questions, and hear about the year we have in store!


Ethical Culture Versus Ethical Humanism; Kate Lovelady, Leader, 26-Aug-2018

For this year's "compare and contrast" Platform address, instead of looking at similarities and differences between the Ethical Society and another tradition, we'll explore how the views and practices of Ethical Societies have changed over time. What would Ethical Society members of 100, 50, or even 20 years ago recognize in the Ethical Society of today? What would they find has changed? And what does our history suggest about how the Ethical Society might continue to develop in the future?


One Book, Two Sisters, Many Stories; Samantha and Krystal White, 19-Aug-2018

In Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women, Susan Burton details her life experiences growing up impoverished in California, navigating abuse, addiction, poverty, and the cyclical nature of imprisonment in the US, and how she broke free and became an inspiring leader. Her story is both tragic and hopeful, and is the focus of the “One Book, One Ethical Society” initiative. In this year of exploring emotions, Samantha and Krystal will share...


Spillover: Feeling All Six Emotions; Mitch Harden, 12-Aug-2018

Sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat and a gasp as you catch your breath. Did you just get attacked by a wild animal? Or did you just run into the love of your life? No matter what you think, your body responds the same! Find out more about the biological underpinnings of emotions in this Platform.


Developing Our Emotions; Sean O’Hara, 5-Aug-2018

How as human beings do we look inside ourselves in order to develop ourselves emotionally? If we don’t believe there is a higher power to provide us with answers to life’s conundrums, how do we look inside ourselves to find wisdom that helps us overcome our insecurities as a person? This Platform offers a humanist’s insight into how to grow and mature as a person as we move through life’s trials, tribulations and wonders.


Our Dark Desires; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director, 29-Jul-2018

Not everything we want is something we should want. Sometimes, we have less control over our desires than we would like. And sometimes, we’ve been told our desires are wrong, when in fact they are not. How can we deal with our dark desires, those things we want but think we shouldn’t? Why do we want things which hurt us? Where can we find help?


Emergent desire: Braving the darkness and the light of beloved community, Elizabeth Vega of Artivists StL, 22-Jul-2018

Veteran activist, artist and artivist Elizabeth Vega will explore how what we desire can and should change as we become radicalized by love.


When You Wish Upon a Star: What We All Truly Desire; Kendra Holliday, 8-Jul-2018

What makes desire healthy or not? How does society shame us about our healthy desires? How can we ethically pursue our desires? Kendra Holliday explores the various facets of what we yearn for, and how we can find balance in pursuing our passions. Kendra Holliday is a sex-positive activist and co-founder of Sex Positive St Louis, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide safe spaces for adults to connect with like-minded people, obtain accurate sex ed, and explore their...


Learning to Live & Love in the Farthest Spaces of Our Hearts; Victoria Price, 1-Jul-2018

“Let my heart put aside every desire, so that my heart grows used to its farthest spaces. Better that it live fully aware, in the terror of its stars, than as if protected, soothed by what is near”—Rainer Maria Rilke. Scientists say we live in an infinitely expanding universe—an idea that they also say our human minds are incapable of comprehending. Essentially, infinity scares the heck out of us. Which is how desire—the yearning for something or someone—became the gasoline in the motor of...


The Illusion of Shame; Shane Reister, PsyD, 17-Jun-2018

Shame shackles helpfulness, despite the illusion that it promotes right living. Can we learn from “shameful” behaviors used to adapt to suffering-filled environments? All stressful work risks anger and mistrust being brought home from the office. Healthier coping allows helpfulness to rise as we grow from misdeeds, address addiction, and end aggression. Shane Reister, PsyD, received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. He...


The Politics of Pride and Shame; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director, 10-Jun-2018

Recent years have seen a resurgence of political extremism, as well as the increased relevance of what is often called “identity politics.” The truth is, much politics revolves around a search for group identity and is driven by a desire of people to feel pride in themselves, their group, or their nation. Likewise, feelings of shame and self-disgust can be manipulated to fuel political movements. This Platform explores the role of both pride and shame in politics.


The Upside of Feeling Down; James Croft, EdD, Outreach Director, 13-May-2018

The recent Pixar movie Inside Out reminded us that sadness isn’t all bad: indeed it is an essential part of our emotional repertoire, a necessary color in our palette of feelings. Using the character of Sadness as our guide, we will ask, “How can we embrace the sadness of life?”, using moments from the film to examine the upside of feeling down.