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Sermon audio from the pulpit of Fellowship Bible Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sermon audio from the pulpit of Fellowship Bible Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Sermon audio from the pulpit of Fellowship Bible Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan








What is a Talent?

January 16, 2019 PM, Matthew 25:14-30.This message is about the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. What exactly in the nature of the talent? Listen in and you will find out!


Trinity, Part 2

January 13, 2019 PM, Various.We answered some questions about the work of Satan in Judas (John 13) and a number of follow-up questions about Satan. Then we looked further at the doctrine of the Trinity. We read Proverbs 1.


What is the Gospel?

January 13, 2019 AM, Romans 5, and others.Pastor Postiff addresses the crucial and debated question about what exactly the gospel is. He gave a short summary of the gospel message, and then unfolded that message to help the church prepare itself to share the message accurately and passionately with those who are currently outside of the faith. You can follow along with the slides that are available in PDF format. Scripture reading was from Romans 3 and 4.


Ephesians, Part 18

January 13, 2019 SS, Ephesians 5.Our teacher takes us into Ephesians 5 again and up to Ephesians 5:18. At that verse, there is a very important prohibition about being drunk. Drunkenness is one of the key manifestations of depravity. Meanwhile, think of these questions: Is the wine today the same as in Biblical times? Is it necessary for us? Is it the best choice for us? Is it habit-forming? Is it potentially destructive? Will it harm my Christian testimony?


The Setting of Revelation 21:1-8

January 9, 2019 PM, Revelation 21:1-8.We continue to deal with this passage, but in this message we focus on the larger context of chapters 21 and 22.


Taking the Lord's Table in a Worthy Manner

January 6, 2019 PM, John 13.We connected 1 Corinthians 11 with John 13 and saw how we can partake of the Lord's Table in a good manner--namely, but exercising humble love toward our brothers. This, along with a healthy self-examination and recognition of the need for constant cleansing from sin, are key ingredients that we learn from the Last Supper to apply to our Lord's Table practice.The portion of the service in which we shared the bread and cup, after the message and before the...


Daniel 11, Part 1

January 6, 2019 AM, Daniel 11:1-35.After reading the remainder of Leviticus 13, we learned a lot of prophecy and history in Daniel 11. We started with historical anchor points at Alexander the Great and Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and looked at a number of Syrian (Seleucid) and Egyptian (Ptolemaic) kings. Keeping everything straight is difficult, but a very important point we learned is this: God's Word predicted in great detail the movements of these two kingdoms over a two hundred year...


Longing for Heaven

January 2, 2019 PM, Revelation 21:1-8.We examined the sin list in verse 8 and defined each of the sins that are listed there. We also learned about how we should be regularly thinking about heaven. It is our destination, and it encourages us to be sanctified and confident in Christ.


Ephesians, Part 17 - Walking in Light

January 6, 2019 SS, Ephesians 5:8-14.Our message today is about walking in the light. We are to continue to be imitators of God, walking in the light as children of light. Light is a metaphor representing all goodness, righteousness and truth.


Daniel 10, Part 2

December 30, 2018 PM, Daniel 10.We considered at some depth the issues surrounding the spiritual battle that is taking place behind the visible scenes of our world, and how it impacted Daniel's life and prayer. We learned some applications regarding resisting the Devil, about being persistent in prayer so that the potential delays in answer do not overthrow us, and about not giving in to the spirit of the age that is influenced by forces of evil.


Missionary Report: Mariano and Becky Proto

December 30, 2018 SS, Acts 16:11-15.We had the distinct blessing of connecting with Mariano and Becky Proto. They are ministering in Carmelo, Uruguay, but are on furlough in Massachusetts. Technology allowed us to connect and, as you listen in, you will hear what we learned about the Protos ministry and how we can pray for them. We also learned about the apostle Paul's gospel ministry in Philippi, and what his approach to ministry was.


Echoes of Scripture in Revelation 21

December 26, 2018 PM, Revelation 21:1-8.We reviewed some material from last week's message on Revelation 21 (which was not recorded), and went on to consider other threads of truth from Scripture that find their completion in the eternal state.


Genealogy and Birth of the King of Kings

December 24, 2018 PM, Matthew 1.After several short Scripture readings, we examined Matthew 1. The genealogy offers several important facts, and some difficulties that require explanation. Then we briefly examined the narrative of the birth of Jesus from Joseph's perspective. Our application was this: since it is the birthday of Jesus, what gift do we give him? We should give ourselves to the Lord since He gave Himself for us.


The Newborn King

December 23, 2018 AM, Matthew 2.Our Christmas reading was in Matthew 2, followed by a message where we examined: We learned some interesting facts about Herod and the wise men (magi).


Types of Fulfillment

December 23, 2018 SS, Various.We looked at a couple of different relationships between Old Testament text (a prophecy) and New Testament "fulfillment." The idea is to explain what is the connection is between the two texts. A key takeaway of the message is that fulfillment in the NT is not simply an OT prediction that comes to pass. It may be something else. Listen in to learn more that will be helpful in your reading of Scripture. Type #1: a predictive prophecy that comes to pass (Micah...


Trinity, Part 1

December 16, 2018 PM, Various.After we read 1 Samuel 29, we addressed a couple of questions about the pre-incarnate Christ, we spent some time examining the doctrine of the Trinity. We basically defined what Christians mean when they use the word "Trinity."


Daniel 10, Part 1

December 16, 2018 AM, Daniel 10.We learn in this message how Daniel was impacted by the vision of a certain man at the Tigris River, and how he learned that something was happening behind the scenes which caused a delay in the answer to his prayers. There is great significance here for the modern believer in Christ as to the matter of prayer, and concerning how the world truly works. There is an unseen, but nonetheless very real, world behind the visible realm. This morning's Scripture...


Ephesians, Part 16 - Walking in Love

December 16, 2018 SS, Ephesians 5.Our teacher focuses our attention on the culture of Ephesus and how our American culture is not unlike it. This heightens the applicability of what Paul writes. We visited a number of Scriptural cross references to correlate with the teaching in Ephesians 5. We learned here that we are to be imitators of God, and walk in love, with Christ Himself being our pattern.


I Will Be Their God

December 12, 2018 PM, Revelation 21:1-8.We examined the following key phrases in Revelation 21:3 and 7 and their correlates in the other Scriptures: We studied this under the general heading of the important relational aspect of the Christian faith.


Christmas Program

December 9, 2018 PM, Hebrews 9:26-28.Our scripture was in Hebrews 9:26-28, along with a number of other passages. The message was preceded by a number of offerings of music. We uploaded this MP3 in a much higher quality recording than normally, so it is very large and will take longer to download. The program is available in ten Youtube videos. Just look for the ones entitled "2018 Christmas..." Thanks to Jeff and Sin Mei Dowell for recording and producing these videos!