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Join LifeWay author and founder of Fight For Love Ministries, Rosie Makinney, as she tackles everything you need to know about helping your porn addicted spouse. By introducing you to the best resources and experts available, this honest and upbeat show will educate and motivate you to take proactive action to take back your marriage from porn. Over the weeks you will discover:


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Join LifeWay author and founder of Fight For Love Ministries, Rosie Makinney, as she tackles everything you need to know about helping your porn addicted spouse. By introducing you to the best resources and experts available, this honest and upbeat show will educate and motivate you to take proactive action to take back your marriage from porn. Over the weeks you will discover:



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91. The REAL Silver Bullet of Recovery

This week's episode is an intimate conversation between Rosie Makinney and her husband, Mark, as they dive straight into the spiritual heart of pornography addiction. No punches are pulled in their conversation as they tackle the spiritual root of addiction, and the need for individuals to fully surrender control and rely on God for recovery. Drawing from their own crazy story, their love for the stories of C.S.Lewis, and many years of working in the trenches with couples in recovery, Mark and Rosie reframe this painful and difficult journey as a potential source of unexpected and tremendous blessings. This is one to enjoy with your partner!


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90. Helping Kids Navigate Hypersexualized Culture with Barb Winters

Are you concerned about how to raise your children in today's hypersexualized culture? In this episode of "Fight For Love," host Rosie Makinney welcomes guest Barb Winters, an expert in promoting healthy relationships. They dive deep into the challenges parents face, such as discovering their children's engagement in undesirable behaviors like sending nudes, and watching pornographic videos. Barb and Rosie acknowledge the difficulties parents encounter and emphasize the importance of setting boundaries and consequences while being present and available for their children. They shed light on the alarming reality that children are not only preyed upon by the pornography industry but are also victims. To confront this issue, the conversation turns to the significance of starting conversations about the dangers of pornography from a young age. They discuss the importance of understanding the devices children have access to and having calm conversations about their behavior to alleviate fear of judgment or punishment. Barb shares a personal story about her son's involvement with pornography and the steps they took as a family to address it. Barb's book Sexpectations is a valuable resource, providing insights into what a healthy relationship looks like and practical advice for what to do when your kids have been exposed to porn. Share this episode with the parents of your children's friends as an easy way to open up the discussion and get on the same page.


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89. Co-Occurring Disorders & Sexual Addiction with Julie St. Onge

Are you struggling to understand your husband's behavior and suspect that he may have a mood or personality disorder? In this episode, Rosie is joined by Julie St.Onge, an expert on mental health and addiction, to dive into the importance of mental health screenings and how they can impact the journey of recovery from addiction. Julie discusses the different types of mood and personality disorders, including sociopathy, histrionic behavior, narcissism, borderline personality disorder, and ADD, and also explains how these disorders can affect behavior, emotions, and attachment styles. Listening to this episode will provide you with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the potential underlying issues that may be contributing to your husband's actions. Julie offers practical advice on navigating these complex challenges, including the need for long-term therapy and the importance of comprehensive evaluations, such as psych evaluations and MMPI tests. Today's episode is all about giving you the clarity and tools you need to support your husband and make informed decisions about your future.


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88. Spiritual Warfare in Marriage with Tim Muehlhoff

Today, Tim Muehlhoff, author, speaker and professor of communication at Biola University, joins Rosie on the show to delve into the fascinating topic of Spiritual Warfare in marriage, especially in marriages struggling because of a pornography addiction. In this episode they discuss the tactics of Satan and look at all the ways he attempts to discourage and divide us. Praying warfare prayers does have to be complicated or scary, it's all a matter of understanding your authority, or rather whose authority you represent. Grab your sword, and your coffee, and take a listen! Defending Your Marriage book Join the Fight For Love Facebook group


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88. Freedom from Toxic Teachings with Sheila Wray Gregoire

For those of you who grew up in purity culture but have never connected the dots to your current situation, this is going to be a powerful and potentially emotional listen. Back on the show by popular demand is Sheila Wray Gregoire to discuss the harmful teachings of purity culture and the impact it has had on women. In her new book She Deserves Better, Sheila explores the damaging messages around modesty, consent, and respect, highlighting how these teachings have led to blame and shame for women, many of whom are now in abusive or traumatic relationships. In this conversation we touch upon problematic resources within Christian literature, such as "Secret Keeper Girl," and discuss the concerning messages it sends to young girls, and how it's legacy is still permeating into children's and youth ministry today. Share this episode with all your mamma friends!


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87. When Porn Leads to Prison with Jen, Rebecca and Lynn

Joining Rosie today to tackle the bewildering and overwhelming topic of having your husband arrested for illegal sexual acting out are Jen, Rebecca and Lynn. In this extended episode we cover how to: And even though it is hard to listen to the pain and devastation that this addiction causes, the hope and faith that these ladies share towards the end of the episode is truly redemptive and beautiful. Join the private FB group at


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86. Reclaiming Your Sexual Identity After Betrayal with Bonny Burns

If you feel like your sexual identity has been shattered following betrayal, it's hard to imagine ever feeling positive towards sex again. Here to help us tackle this sensitive and painful topic is author/coach/founder of StrongWives, and co-host of the popular Sex Chat for Christian Wives Podcast, Bonny Burns. In today's conversation we look at how betrayal ruptures our sexual identity and the steps you can take to reclaim it. Sexual Clarity Group with Bonnie Unlocking Your Orgasm book


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85. Should I Marry Him? with Crystal Renaud Day

When you are dating someone who is struggling with pornography evaluating whether you have a long term future together is complex and tricky. To help us tackle this difficult decision we have broken it down into 3 parts: Step 1 - Evaluating your own Struggle with Singledom Step 2: Understanding the reality of marrying a porn addict Step 3 - Assessing the strength of your partner's recovery and long term likelihood of sobriety. Joining Rosie on the show today to explore step 1 is the founder and director of, Crystal Renaud Day who has written the immensely helpful guide to singleness and dating Dating Done Right. Written as the guide she had always searched for as a single Christian living in the aftermath of the purity culture, Crystal shares the value of pursuing contentment right where you are, which will in turn give you the best chance of discerning exactly who the right husband is for you. If you would like to be considered to be part of the next podcast panel sharing your experience of dating a porn addict, whether you decided to go ahead and get engaged/married or not, we would love to hear from you. Email and leave a brief voice mail telling her what you think women in this situation need to hear.


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84. God, Sex & Your Marriage with Dr. Juli Slattery

If you have ever felt deep in your bones that there is something dreadfully wrong with the way the world AND the church think about sex, then this episode is a MUST LISTEN. Returning to the show is clinical psychologist and founder of Authentic Intimacy, Dr. Juli Slattery, to talk about her mind-blowing and paradigm-shifting new book ‘God Sex and Your Marriage.’ Juli brings a much needed perspective, reframing our painful sex lives and helping us understand how the pursuit of true sexual intimacy begins not in the bedroom but in the throne room. Eminently relatable and practical, Juli’s words of wisdom are just the tonic for anyone who feels stuck and demoralized about their sex life. Buy Juli's Book God Sex and Your Marriage Authentic Intimacy Buy Rosie's Book Fight For Love Fight For Love Website


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83. What to Expect When You Are Getting Divorced

Today in the second part of our divorce panel, we get down to brass tacks and discuss what the process of getting divorced looked like for Ruth, Tami and Jen. We talk about finding the right legal help, other forms of support, timelines, and knowing best when to try and negotiate things on your own. Using their hard won wisdom, the panel share all the things that they wished someone had told them before they started travelling this path, and also what they have learnt about themselves and their relationship with God through this process.


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82. How do you know when it's time to get Divorced?

Returning to the show to help unpack one of the most common questions we receive here at Fight For Love are Ruth, Jen and Tami. Deciding whether to hang in there for a bit longer or to call it quits is one of the most difficult decisions a betrayed partner can face. There are no easy answers, every situation is unique. However, there are common threads that can bring validation and clarity to those in the painful and confusing fog. Today our panelists take us through the emotional, mental and spiritual journey of deciding to get divorced, sharing all the things they learnt along the way with honesty and compassion. And for those of you desperate for a glimmer of hope, curl up somewhere cozy and listen in to these precious ladies describing what their life is like now compared to how it was before.


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81. Oxygen Mask #2 : When you feel Ugly and Unattractive

Next time you get overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy because you think you can't compete with the women in pornography, take 10 for yourself and listen to this. Put a post it on your mirror that reminds you to look up every time you look in.Oxygen Mask #1 - When you don't feel Strong Enough Fight For Love Website


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80. From Shame to Grace with Jessica Harris

For those of you who have struggled with pornography yourself, or have ever felt pressured by your partner to watch it with him or create images of yourself, this episode is for you. Jessica Harris is a leading voice and trail-blazer on the topic of female porn usage who shares with a level of honesty and insight that is literally shifting attitudes around the world. Jessica joins me today to talk about her own struggle with pornography and the invitation to grace that she found in the midst of her secret shame. And even if this isn't your own personal struggle, do take a listen as she gives ESSENTIAL guidance on how to help those you know who are dealing with this. Buy Jessica's book Quenched Connect with Jessica at her website Jessica's Instagram Buy Rosie's book Fight For Love


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79. Moving from Fear to Faith with Jennifer Hand

If you need a shot in the arm of positivity and encouragement, this is the episode for you. Jennifer Hand is the equivalent of a storm chaser. Where others might pick up the phone and text in a donation, Jenn will pick up the phone and literally book a flight. In the aftermath of terrible tragedies Jenn can be found ministering on the ground, and equipping others to do the same. Wonderfully relatable, delightfully uncoordinated, and infectiously joyful, Jenn inspires and equips us to face the challenges of the season that we find ourselves in by reminding us of just who our God is. My Yes Is On the Table - Buy the Book! To find further resources and join the free Fight For Love support group head on over to Fight For Love Ministries web page Fight For Love - Buy Rosie's Book!


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78. Helping Addicts Empathize with Carol Juergensen Sheets

Empathy by the recovering addict for their betrayed partner is essential component of reconnecting and healing, but learning how to become empathetic takes work and practice. Joining me today to talk about her powerful Early Recovery Couples work is the wise and wonderful Carol Juergensen Sheets. With it's focus on developing those all important empathy skills, Carol's workbook Help Her Heal not only helps addicts understand what their betrayed partner is feeling but also lays out a roadmap for rebuilding lost trust and intimacy. Grab a cuppa, and get comfy for this hope filled conversation! betrayalrecoveryradio


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77. New Technology for Internet Filtering - Canopy with Sean Clifford

We are know there is no silver bullet when it comes to preventing our loved ones from accessing porn, however today we introduce you to man whose company's mission is to get as close as possible. Using technology developed in Israel to scan for nudity in real time, Canopy offers a level of protection and range of features not yet seen in the US market. Sean Clifford, CEO of Canopy invites Fight For Love listeners to be part of the next generation of this software, using our feedback to help thousands of other couples world wide! BREAKING OFFER: To sign up use the promo code FIGHTFORLOVE at for a free month and 20% off subscription (This is hot off the press so if the code doesn't work yet try again in a few days and it will be working.) Also make sure you are signed up at our newsletter at so we can contact you with details of how to give feedback to Sean. Lastly, this is the last in the current season of Fight For Love. We are all taking a little break for a couple of months, but do not panic we have not gone anywhere and will be back with season 4 shortly. Use this time to get caught up on past episodes!


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76. Redemption After Adultery with Christy Neal

Today we come alongside those of you who are feeling tempted to seek, or have already sought, comfort outside of your marriage to cope with the pain of being neglected and/or betrayed by your spouse . Christy Neal is an advocate for women who feel tainted and cast out after adultery. As the author of Don't Ever Tell and the podcast host of Everyone Has a Voice she is the catalyst for hope and healing she desperately needed but never found a decade ago after her own affair.


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75. Hope for the Perpetually Neglected with Karen Rellos

If you feel crushed and broken by your partner's persistent emotional distance and neglect, this is the episode for you. Today we are so blessed to have Karen Rellos, Certified APSAT coach, Certified AASAT Intimacy Anorexia Coach and founder of Restored Hope Coaching & Redeeming Love Marriage Ministry, with us to share her incredible story of finding her voice and restoring her marriage after years of soul-crushing emotional neglect and abuse. Grab a fluffy blanket, a cup of tea, a box of tissues and join us for this validating, honest and inspiring conversation.


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74. Gaslighting with Sarah Morales

If you have ever felt invalidated, confused and manipulated, found yourself second guessing your instincts, or had trouble making decisions, this episode is for you. Living with someone who is intentionally, or even unintentionally gaslighting, is a confusing, painful and lonely prison. Eroding your ability to connect with your authentic self, gaslighting steadily robs you of your self-worth and true power. Sarah Morales, relationship coach, host of Deconstructing Gaslighting™ podcast and speaker, joins me today to help you understand and identify gaslighting in your life and relationships.


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73. The 3 Stages of Betrayal-Trauma Recovery with Lisa Taylor

We keep talking about "Recovery" for partners and how important it is, but what does that actually mean? What will you actually be working on when you enter recovery, and why is it so important to find an experienced guide? Joining me today to give us a candid closeup of three stages of the healing process is Lisa Taylor, an APSAT trained Christian counselor specializing in sex addiction and betrayal trauma. The Three Stages of Betrayal -Trauma Recovery: Stage 1 - Establishing Safety Stage 2 - Remembering & Mourning Stage 3 - Reconnecting To connect with Lisa, follow her research, and access her incredible blog Naked Truth Project To access Fight For Love resources, join the Fight For Love support group, download a free devotional for partners, or purchase our Biblical Battleplan go to Fight For Love Website