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We help Christian leaders articulate their authentic values so they lead credibly from who they are, and build values-based organisations that transform society


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We help Christian leaders articulate their authentic values so they lead credibly from who they are, and build values-based organisations that transform society




Series 2 Episode 16 with Tiria Barnes

Tiria is the North West Coordinator for Just Love, a charity which inspires Christian students to pursue the biblical call to social justice. While at University in Liverpool, she was involved in setting up a Just Love group, was vice-president for the Christian Union, and graduated with a degree in history in July 2018.


Series 2 Episode 15 with Ruth Yimika Afolabi

Ruth Yimika Afolabi is the Founder & CEO of a women’s faith and lifestyle platform and community called MAGNIFY which she started almost 10 years ago at age 19. Her passion to empower women was encouraged from a young age and her desire to make an impact in society at large was harnessed when she went on to study Politics at Durham University. Upon graduating she went on to work in marketing and client services for L’Oreal and then Burberry. Over the last few years, Ruth has focused on...


Series 2 Episode 14 with Harry Phinda

Harry has been an advocate for young people in Global advocacy from the age of 15. This started by being selected to be part of the UK delegation to the G8 in Italy in 2009. Since then he has represented Unicef,Plan international and Restless development at the United Nations. In 2014 he Co-founded Youth for Change Global .The success of Youth for Change has spread globally with regional offices in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. Youth for Change has won numerous awards including the...


Series 2 Episode 13 with Galia Ben Israel

Galia Ben-Israel is 24 and is an Associate Pastor at KingsGate Community Church, a multisite, intergenerational, multicultural church family where she radically encountered God and became a Christian at the age of 15, having previously been an atheist. Galia studied Theology and Religion at Durham University and now, with the vision of seeing lives transformed by the power of God’s love, her varied role includes communications, storytelling and social media strategy, mentoring a younger...


Series 2 Episode 12 with David Barclay

David takes inspiration from his ancestors, who were bankers, brewers and business owners but also at the same time philanthropists, abolitionist campaigners and people of faith. He has sought to carry on their legacy in a variety of settings and roles - as President of the Oxford University Student Union, Community Organiser on issues of money and debt, Researcher on multiculturalism and Founder of the Buxton Leadership Programme. He has particular interest in the politics of the common...


Series 2 Episode 11 with Alex Sheen

Alex is passionate about cultural transformation through the opportunities created by large corporates to shape and influence communities and nations. Working in a variety of roles including finance, strategy and operations analysis, Alex seeks to help organisations make great decisions through data and analysis and see those decisions drive meaningful change to the world. Inspired by mission focused companies, Alex works in the aerospace and defence sector seeking to see the world safer and...


Series 2 Episode 10 with David Lawrence

David Lawrence is a Christian who works in politics. After three years of working in Parliament for different Labour MPs, he has recently started as Senior Political Adviser at the Trade Justice Movement, a pressure group. While at university, David was a founding member of Just Love, a Christian charity that helps students engage with social justice issues. He lives with his wife Hannah in Bethnal Green, London, where they are active members of St Peter's, their local church.


Series 2 Episode 9 with Naomi Partridge

Series 2 Episode 9 with Naomi Partridge by Leadership Podcast from Simon Barrington


Series 2 Episode 8 with Shantelle Johnson

Shantelle works with London City Mission as their Communications Manager, working on all of the Comms activity as well as leading a team of four. She is also involved with the youth and young people ministries nationally with Church of God of Prophecy whilst serving as the worship leader at her local church, Jubilee Wood Green. She has a huge passion for seeing people realise their skills and gifting and supporting them to use them to grow God's Kingdom.


Series 2 Episode 7 with Seb Gray

Life is an adventure, whether you're fighting frozen eyeballs in Canada, getting benighted by 90mph winds on the side of a mountain and loosing your boots or having to drink your own urine due to dried up rivers. But my real adventure is people, leading people and shaping culture to look more like what God says it should look like. That's what's tough, that's what's rewarding!


Series 2 Episode 6 with Elizabeth Neep

Elizabeth Neep is a Commissioning Editor and Publicist for SPCK and writes commercial fiction in her spare time, currently represented by MMB Creative. She is passionate about making faith accessible to all and breaking down stereotypes surrounding Christianity.


On the Sofa with Simon Barrington - interview with Lesley Dolphin

In this wide ranging interview with Lesley Dolphin on BBC Radio Suffolk, Simon Barrington talks about life, travels, business and what caused him to found Forge Leadership Consultancy


Series 2 Episode 5 With Abi Jarvis

Abi Jarvis is the public leadership coordinator at the Evangelical Alliance, seeking to equip Christians with the skills and confidence to be leaders in the places where God has called them. She has a BA in Ancient History, a MSc in Political Communication and is currently studying for a MA in Kingdom Theology at WTC. Abi was formally Public Affairs Executive at International Justice Mission UK. You can find her on twitter: @AZ_Jarvis.


Series 2 Episode 4 with Tom Christmas

In this episode podcast hosts Jonny Abbott and Simon Barrington speak with Tom Christmas. Tom is the Founder and National Coordinator of Just Love - which is all about raising up a generation of leaders who engage in a lifelong, whole-life pursuit of Jesus and justice. He is passionate about strategic thinking and leadership development. He lives in London where he enjoys following football, listening to Taylor Swift and visiting the restaurant 'Honest Burger'.


Series 2 Episode 3 with Miriam Swaffield

Series 2 Episode 3 with Miriam Swaffield by Leadership Podcast from Simon Barrington


Series 2 Episode 2 with Rachel Luetchford

In this episode podcast Jonny Abbott interviews Rachel Luetchford and Simon Barrington about their research into millennial leaders. Rachel Luetchford is a millennial and graduated in 2017 with a First class degree in International Development. Before University, she lived in Canada whilst on the Soul Edge leadership course. Rachel has been the key researcher on the Forge Leadership Research report and as part of that has interviewed 50 millennials in leadership. She has been interested in...


Series 2 Episode 1 with Jonny Abbott

Series 2 Episode 1 with Jonny Abbott by Leadership Podcast from Simon Barrington


Episode 29 With Simon Barrington

In this final Episode of Series 1 of the Forge Leadership podcast, Peter Wooding turns the tables on Simon Barrington, Founder and Director of Forge Leadership and asks him what the vision is behind Forge, why he is passionate about raising up a generation of leaders of outstanding character and what he's planning for Forge Leadership in the future


Episode 28 With Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas embodies for me a person who lives out their values in leadership. After 25 years building his business, 8% of his revenues go to supporting charitable work around the world and particularly in India. Mark runs MDNFusion and is the founder of Child's Trust. Simon Barrington met up with him to find out what makes him tick.


Episode 27 With Bonnie Yule-Kuehne

Bonnie Yule-Kuehne is the Global Chief Operating Officer of Alpha ( Millions of people have tried Alpha, all around the world, and it's been translated into 112 different languages. Alpha has helped many people outside of the church who wanted to explore the Christian faith. Alpha now runs in every part of the global church, including the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and all mainline Protestant denominations. Simon Barrington caught up with Bonnie and found out why...