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Making Catholicism Fun Again






Forte Catholic Ep 136-God Made, Self Driven w/Dustin Bertrand & when your best isn't good enough

Allison Sullivan cohosts for conversations on when we do our best but it wasn't good enough and how to deal with that. How do we play to our strengths and approach our weaknesses? In the second segment, Dustin Bertrand joins the show to discuss how "God made, self driven" has motivated his life. This conversation is a perfect Forte Catholic balance of intense laughter and deep, thoughtful insights. Dustin truly shares his heart in a powerful way that you don't want to miss. In the final...


Forte Catholic Ep 135-Good Shepherds & Barking Dogs w/Fr. Anthony and Ali Hoffman

Fr. Anthony co-hosts as he and Taylor dive deep into Jesus as the Good Shepherd and it's implications on us today. Taylor shares a cartoon that wrecked him(weird right?), the importance of scary sheep dogs and Jesus breaking your legs(what!?!?!) This episode also makes Fr. Anthony tell Taylor "You're broken and you're not special," so that's fun. In the second segment, Ali Hoffman rejoins the show to talk Oodles of Doodles, Taylor's terrible handwriting and life skills, praying and much...


Forte Catholic Ep 134 w/guest cohost Liv Harrison

We recorded this show through a tornado warning! That's how much we love y'all! Liv Harrison is welcomed back into the studio to guest co-host. We catch up on life, spoiler free Avengers thoughts & finish last week's discussion on the book of Revelation(the thunder, lightning and tornado were a perfect background.) We also play a game perfectly suited for this dreary day called Job or Eeyore where Liv and Taylor face off by guessing who said each phrase. We hope you enjoy this hilarious...


Forte Catholic Ep 133-The biggest pop culture weekend ever, Ennie Hickman & more

Fr. Anthony co-hosts as we discuss the ridiculously insane weekend with the Avengers endgame premiere, largest battle in television/movie history on GOT & more! NO SPOILERS! Fr. Anthony gets on the biggest soap box he ever has…and he promises not to spoil anything. In the second segment, we’re joined by one of the coolest dudes in the ministry world, Ennie Hickman. We talk about preaching, actually loving your neighbors and all his work at Del Rey Collective. In the final segment, the guys...


Forte Catholic Ep 132-Easter Celebrations w/Fr Joseph-Anthony Kress & Allison Sullivan

Happy Easters!!!! We hope you enjoyed your Easter day and are continuing to enjoy the celebration of this great season! This week, Allison Sullivan cohosts as we discuss how our Lent's went, Easter joy and Taylor being the balance in the Force. Our guest this week is Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress, a Dominican priest who is the chaplain at the University of Virginia. We talk about how he and Taylor met(including a dino suit, a car wreck and a bar). We also talk about what young adults need most to...


Forte Catholic Ep 131-Sports, Faith & Holy Week w/former pro soccer player Luke Vercollone

Bearded Blevins co-hosts this week as we discuss Tiger Woods return to Master’s victory and what it has to do with Taylor’s working out and spiritual life. They also talk about the super long Palm Sunday and Good Friday Gospel readings and how to have a good experience with them instead of focusing on your knees buckling for standing up so long. We connect with some of the characters in the Passion narrative that we’ve never really connected with before. Our guest this week is Luke...


Forte Catholic Ep 130-Ministry Madness Bracket Results & Stacey Sumereau

The Ministry Madness Bracket results are in! We go through some of the best first round matchups and eventually countdown the Top 10 finishers, all the way down to our winner! Shaun McAfee cohosts to weigh in on the results, share recent travel struggles and once again prove how odd Italy is. Our guest this week is former Broadway/reality TV star and current Catholic mom, speaker and podcaster, Stacey Sumereau. We have a tremendous and hilarious conversation about social media, discernment,...


Forte Catholic Ep 129-Jesus, demons & Janet from The Good Place w/Edmund Mitchell

Fr. Anthony Sciarappa co-hosts as he and Taylor talk growth in friendship, demons, the power of Jesus name, & play a game, all through friendly argument and unstoppable laughter. This week's guest is Edmund Mitchell, host of "The Show" a self-proclaimed semi-Catholic podcast. We talk about curating the media we consume & getting out of our bubble. Connect with Edmund at Subscribe/Rate Never miss out on the craziness of each episode by hitting the subscribe button RIGHT...


Forte Catholic Ep 128-Why do we focus on the negative? & hilarious conversation w/Liv Harrison

In this special edition of the show, we have two different co-hosts, and in person interview & only two segments(cuz we weren't stopping that interview. It was priceless) We start with Shaun McAfee and Taylor talking about why we focus on the negative in situations that are mostly positive. We also have a sneak peek into some of the closest matchups in the ministry madness bracket. In the next segment, Allison Sullivan and guest Liv Harrison join Taylor in studio for one of the wildest...


Forte Catholic Ep 127-Memento Mori, Ministry Madness & Paul George

Jon Blevins co-hosts this week as we talk updates, Memento Mori and are joined by Paul George to talk marriage. The 3rd annual Ministry Madness Bracket is here! This is a voteable bracket on which Catholic ministry leaders would win in a legal boxing match all decided by you, the listener. Head to for more info and to cast your votes now! We loved our conversation with Paul! One of my biggest issues with how I have seen most marriage prep work is that a picture is cast...


Forte Catholic Ep 126-Lenten Checkins(uh oh...) & THE Beth Davis of Blessed is She

Fr. Anthony Sciarappa co-hosts as the guys checkin on how Lent is going so far(uhhhh....whoops) and talk about the ups and downs of the last week. The highlight is really talking about shaving Taylor's beard down to a creeper stache. We're also joined by THE lovely Beth Davis of Blessed Is She, this tremendous ministry for Catholic women...that the dudes didn't know much about because...well...the whole dude thing. Beth is tremendous and her joy contagious. She shares her journey and what...


Forte Catholic Ep 125-2nd Annual "Limping Into Lent" w/guest "Canadian" Patrick Sullivan

In our 2nd Annual "Limping Into Lent" episode, Taylor lets the audience decide what he's doing for Lent. Allison Sullivan co-hosts as we go through all of the silly, serious and downright awful listener suggestions for what Taylor should do this Lent and ultimately decide by the end of the show. Our guest this week is another attempt to decide if Canada is a real place. Patrick Sullivan is a "Canadian" evangelist who has a project around Catholic review of tv shows. We talk the pros and cons...


Forte Catholic Ep 124-Taylor's Academy Awards & Dale Ahlquist introduces us to G.K. Chesterton

In the wake of the 91st Academy Awards, Taylor wanted to give out his own awards. Shaun McAfee co-hosts and the guys talk movies & the Forte Five segment is back as Taylor counts down his favorite movies of the year. Then it gets really interesting as we make up new categories for Scripture to receive some of the awards. Our guest this week is acclaimed G.K. Chesterton mind, Dale Ahlquist. We get to know Chesterton, his conversion story and how he has helped others do the same. How is...


Forte Catholic Ep 123-Comedian Jeremy McLellan, unconditional love & dumb questions

Allison Sullivan co-hosts and the comedian currently winning the internet, Jeremy McLellan joins as our guest this week! We talk comedy & faith and how he has intertwined those with race and religion. Jeremy has a special gift of making the controversial hilarious. Hear his comedy and story first hand right here! The rest of the show, Taylor and Allison discuss how we often forget that God's love really is unconditional(and Allison gets her preach on again!) We also answer really dumb...


BONUS CONTENT-Galentine's Day Episode w/Katie Prejean McGrady

BONUS EPISODE-Galentine’s w/Katie Prejean McGrady-Clearing up confusion and a guide to this strange holiday So this all started with a friend of mine who is in a serious relationship hosting a Galentine’s celebration for all of her friends…who are single. She is of the mind that it’s ladies getting together to celebrate female friendship. I think her hosting for all her single friends is the accidentally cruelest thing this sweet lady as ever done lol. So of course, we took the discussion to...


Forte Catholic Ep 122-Guest Joel Stepanek on humility & Jon Blevins update from inside Exodus 90

Jon Blevins co-hosts and gives an update from inside Exodus 90. Taylor's take on the matter has become quite public so we let someone who's in the middle of doing it report on how it's going. Tune in to find out! Joel Stepanek first came on the show as guest co-host on episode 33 and now rejoins to share about humility. His new book "Chasing Humility" is coming out just in time for Lent! It revolves around the Litany of Humility, which Jon and Taylor are terrible at. Joel gives insight into...


Forte Catholic Ep 121-Super Bowl, Ad Orientem, Mass Confusion & words Taylor doesn't understand

Ooooo boy! This one was wild! Taylor got very little sleep and loses it on the air! Fr. Anthony joins and tries to help with the meltdown, but even his priest powers can't resist the tide. We talk Super Bowl, ad orientem Mass, and simple things that should have occurred to Taylor about the liturgy years ago but didn't until this week. Our guest this week is David Bates: British Catholic, fancy word user, owner of glasses which make him seem believable, & former unemployed hobo. Tune in for...


Forte Catholic Ep 120-The joy of a father, staying close to Christ. But wait...there's more!

Shaun McAfee cohosts as we discuss how there is sooo much more in store for us than we often think in our relationship with God. We also talk about the joys of fatherhood, including conversations about Pokemon, Ariana Grande and what this all has to do with our faith. The guys are joined this week by the founder of "Stay Close to Christ."( We talk about how he was inspired to start a company to help people live their faith, and how it all started in his classroom. We...


Forte Catholic Ep 119-Funniest show yet! Blowing up the moon, Taylor was duped. Guest Chris Wesley

Just might be the funniest show yet! Fr. Anthony Sciarappa co-hosts as we talk follow up to the #Exodus90 convo on Ep 117 & how the audience trapped Taylor into becoming a better person. In the second segment, Taylor is joined by youth ministry guru Chris Wesley. They shoot the breeze(literally?), talk about riding other people's coattails, youth ministry stories and how to get out of the ruts we find ourselves in. Check out everything he's doing at Marathon Youth Ministry. And the final...


Forte Catholic Ep 118-Taylor forgot to pray for you but Mary Bielski is authentic

Allison Sullivan co-hosts as we talk about intercessory prayer...and how bad Taylor is at it. Allison essentially preaches up a storm and looks at him with scorn so he will be better. In the second segment, we're joined by Mary Bielski. She travels the nation to speak and has run into Taylor a few times. She leads the convo on authenticity. (If you like this convo, there is a 30min bonus podcast that flows straight from this conversation on In the final segment,...