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Intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators speaking about our connection and partnership with the living Earth.

Intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators speaking about our connection and partnership with the living Earth.
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Intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators speaking about our connection and partnership with the living Earth.




Finding A Way Home Together

Dougald Hine speaks with Joanna about: the genesis of the Dark Mountain project and the manifesto “Uncivilization”; facing the darkness about climate change and going beyond; recovering a sense of how to be a shelter to each other; facing the shadow of cultural poverty in our wealthy culture and finding a way home together; the everyday practice of hospitality and conviviality; the sacred emerging in a space that allows the articulation of darkness and despair; cultural rupture and prophetic...


The Path of Primordial Light

Zvi Ish-Shalom speaks with Joanna about: the vast ground of our primordial nature; the direct experience of the Mystery itself; words and the mysticism of sound; healing together the scroll of humankind; his most profound experience of compassion; we are cells of the Earth being; waking up and waking down, the two poles of the spiritual path; the Celestial Mother and the journey of the individual soul; the Path of Primordial Light. The post The Path of Primordial Light appeared first on...


El Tiempo Está Vivo

Gabriela Jurosz-Landa habla con Joanna acerca de:: una temprana afinidad con la cultura Maya; otra concepción del tiempo en la cultura Maya…y en la antigua cultura europea; el trágico resultado de la desconexión con la naturaleza en la cultura occidental; el calendario Maya Cholqui’j; el sentido cualitativo del tiempo; el día de nuestro nacimiento tiene una resonancia energética concreta con la naturaleza; todo está vivo y comunica con nosotros; “el que conoce su pasado conoce su futuro”;...


The Aliveness of Time

Gabriela Jurosz-Landa speaks with Joanna about: the cycles of time and 2012; the concrete, qualitative aliveness of time for the Maya culture; the day we were born determines our animal guardian vibration; a vivid , rich ecology of time; transcendence and transformation through Nature, prayer and vibrant ceremony; communicating with the qualities of time; the initiation process to becoming a Maya daycounter; asking for wisdom from the numinous forces; opening doors through lifting our heart;...


A Bursting Heart

Janelle Hardy speaks with Joanna about: breaking through the resistance to write; getting older and letting go of perfectionism; a bursting heart; discovering the mythologies that we’ve been raised in; the taboo of the sensuous; the inarticulate belief systems we inherit; support of the body for writing; an ancestral visitation; lessons from doing carpentry work; tapping into the foundation of those who came before us; the tale of the seal woman, sensitivity and navigating between two...


A Wonderful Secret

Filip Záruba speaka with Joanna about: how “Bufo Alvarius: The Underground Secret” came to be; a psychedelic medicine with short duration that changes you forever; merging with the Absolute; a brief history of 5-MeO-DMT; the auspicious emergence of the toad medicine in times of emergency; a wakeup-call for radical change; safety measures and counterindications; the miraculous gift of being a human being on this planet. The post A Wonderful Secret appeared first on Future Primitive Podcasts.


What We Have Forgotten

Meggan Watterson speaks with Joannna about: Mary Magdalene, a direct connection to the divine; the discovery of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene; a patriarchy-challenging, heart-expanding form of Christianity; the electryfiyng truth in “Thunder, Perfect Mind”; a personal quest and act of devotion; love and the ultimate and radical equality; the sacredness of Earth; finding the naked truth in all the suppressed voices of women; facing the genocide caused by the shadow of Christianity; the...


Falling in Love with Love

Loch Kelly speaks with Joanna about: effortless mindfulness, a shift of identity into a more natural level of mind; a direct method of awakening similar in all the wisdom traditions around the world; a democratic, immediate way of shifting into awake awareness; childhood glimpses into a dimension of interconnected, loving, embodied presence; practising awareness yoga; the unique paradox of this approach; a guided glimpse of effortless mindfulness; “small glimpses, many times”; feeling the...


Finding Authenticity

Tanya Constantine speaks with Joanna about: memoir as catharsis; who is Eddie Constantine?; an American in Paris; a difficult childhood; a testament to the resilience of the human spirit; being the child of a celebrity; looking for authenticity; a long process of clearing pain and trauma; searching for the truth of one’s identity; the medicine of MDMA; becoming a finder; grounding with the Earth and the Sun; relaxing into who you are; a balance between doing and being; competing with Frank...


The Natural State of Being

Jan Van Ysslestyne speaks with Joanna about: the Ulchi culture, people of Eastern Siberia; Doro, an ancient Daoist way of being in the world; technology also comes from Nature; an ancient oral history coming back to Neolithic times; the natural art and skill of shamanizing; an intimate relationship with Nature and the Universe; Nature as a system of complementary and cooperative experience; the paradox of individuation and connection; play, the most important thing that is; everything is a...


A Quiet Revolution

Pip Waller and Lucy Wells speak with Joanna about: plant spirit medicine, all about relationship; the uniqueness of medicine received from plants; re-emergence of our original, ancestral knowing; signs of the cry of the spirit; the loss of our indigenous ways in Europe; the medicine of rootedness; praying to the roots of the one tree; the mesenger plants; an ongoing, humbling process of initiation and service; feeling divinity in nature; Fire, the deep ocean of joy, connection and...


Words from a Maasai Chief

Maasai Chief Nickson Parmisa speaks with Joanna about: the Maasai way of life; the Maasai origin story and spirituality; the key role of livestock in Maasai life; empowerment for Maasai women today; the challenge of combining traditional life and innovation; leadership in Maasai culture; protectors of wildlife; Acacia Moyo, where tradition meets technology. The post Words from a Maasai Chief appeared first on Future Primitive Podcasts.


Eldering into Hope

Stephen Harrod Buhner is an Earth poet and the award-winning author of books on nature, indigenous cultures, the environment, and herbal medicine. He comes from a long line of healers including Leroy Burney, Surgeon General of the United States under Eisenhower and Kennedy, and Elizabeth Lusterheide, a midwife and herbalist who worked in rural Indiana in the early nineteenth century. The greatest influence on his work, however, has been his great-grandfather C.G. Harrod who primarily used...


Roots Deeper Than Whiteness

David Dean speaks with Joanna about : the circularity in systems of oppression; the system of domination began dissociating people from the land; the connection between economic exploitation and racism; the roots of white supremacy; the scientification of racism; inquiring into the history of Western culture through developing a summer program integrating basketball with social justice education; the key tool to unlocking white resistance to movements for racial justice and progress;...


The Science of the Sacred

Nicole Redvers speaks with Joanna about: medicine and the nature of things; the journey of perseverance and community service; the challenge of reconciling two cultures within; an example of the science of the sacred; the modern rediscovery of interconnectedness known to traditional indigenous cultures; epigenetics, trauma and healing; the reverberation of laughter; vibrational medicine and the sound of the Universe; the “grandmother diet”; the holistic wisdom of indigenous systems around...


The Medicine of Connection

George Greer speaks with Joanna about: the work of teaching how to do MDMA-assisted therapy; the unique characteristics of MDMA; the openness of love is always present, fear is a distraction from it; the healing effect of psilocybin in high doses; two stories of healing existential transformation with psilocybin mushrooms; the life-changing summer of 1968; the helpful complementarity of meditation and psychedelic work; MAPS, Heffter Research Institute and the spirit of Esalen; passing on the...


Healing with the Black Mother

Alessandra Belloni speaks with Joanna about: growing up with the Black Madonna; the universal Mother is everywhere; the hidden continuity, from Cybele and Isis to the Black Madonna; sacred chants of the Divine Feminine; a life-changing vision of the Black Madonna, feeling other’s people pain and the pain of the Earth; guided to the dancing and singing rituals of the Black Mother in Southern Italy; tammoriatta, the wild communion with the Divine Mother; the sacred erotic; healing the trauma...


The Root of Life

Larry Glover speaks with Joanna about: the wild resiliency that connects us to the heart of the cosmos; Nature’s capacity for change and transformation; a shift in identity for belonging; falling in love with the Earth; moving beyond rebellion to freedom; a theology of awe and wonder, the mother of all religions; a life-changing meeting with a black bear; Nature lives inside of us; an emerging story of kinship with the planet; a practice of communion with all of life; rediscovering breathing...


Peace from the Soil

Emmanuel Karisa Baya speaks with Joanna about: a prayer answered from the soil; his beginnings as a farmer; learning to listen to the soil from the heart; feeling the love from the soil; creating the Magarini Children Center & Organic Demonstration farm; the soil will let you know what to do; from traditional farming to learning organic farming in Japan; natural crop protection; children learning that loving the soil is loving ourselves; supporting 252 children and families; asking the soil...


Life is Art

Stepehen Nachmanovitch speaks with Joanna about: interdependence, the source of improvising; the poetic genius of Thich Nhat Hanh, emptiness is interbeing; the dance of the secular and the sacred; fluidity makes things new; breathing and time; the gateway to living life as art; mistakes create extraordinary things; the circularity of leadership; allowing oneself to have a fresh perception of objects or processes; the life-affirming power of beauty; how an experimental musician changed a...