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Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Embodying the blessings of diverse ancestral lineages

This episode contains a recording of an interview that did in the 2019 Ancestral Healing Summit hosted by the Shift Network. In my interview I focused on the importance of harmonizing and celebrating the diversity of one's own blood and bone ancestral lineages as a means of engaging in cultural repair. I also shared how the embodiment of ancestral wisdoms & blessings surrounding diversity help me to deepen my relationship to my personal values around diversity and continue to help me to...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Ancestral Healing

Peace and Blessings Bright & Luminous Ones, This week I wanted to share a bit more around the Ancestral Healing work I'm practicing & how it has been a potent invitation to expand the definition of the "village" that supports each of us. This work has been a powerful teacher in helping me to develop a framework for relating with the unseen and unknown powerful forces that support my life-- it has also guided me home to some of the West African Spiritual traditions and practices of my...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Inner Spaciousness

Blessings Luminous Beings, Happy 2019! I hope that the start of the year has been steady and easeful. This fall and winter I have been making a deep study of what it means to live from the depths of my Inner Spaciousness. Within this study I have been holding the intention and heart felt desire to live and move more fully from a space that is even more deeply resourced by Spirit, my well ancestors and the powers that back my life. During this potent work I was gifted the teaching of the...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: A Conscious Relationship with Our Suffering

Blessings All, Prayers that this message finds you all nourished and well as we continue to head towards the winter months here in the United States. In my own personal work of offering up prayers and light for those that are suffering, I received a beautiful teaching around suffering that I wanted to share in this episode. Many times we go out in the world offering light, love, service, charity and compassion for those that are suffering and yet, we fail to offer these things up to the...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Occupy Your Being (Meditation)

Blessings Friends, I'm holding deep gratitude for all of those that are diving deep into learning and living from a space of occupying all parts of their Being. This is deep medicine that I have been sitting with since returning from Ancestral Healing training. May you find connection and inspiration in this episode and the meditation that follows. Let's Connect Via Instagram @Getyourchittogether Twitter @chittogether Facebook @GetYourChitTogether Access Mediations: New website coming soon!...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Parenting Fears

Blessings All, This episode is a gentle reminder to all of the caregivers and parents of tiny humans. Parenting and tending to young humans is deep, rewarding and potent work. As we are in the process of tending to them, it is vital that we remember that we are of the greatest service, when we are in remembrance and honoring of our own Soul's inner-work and actively doing that work in their presence. As we navigate our own inner landscapes in our parenting endeavors, we are also providing a...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Heavily Invested in Humanity

Autumn Blessings All, I am back from a short and nourishing break from the world of social media. During this break, I received a beautiful reminder that we are heavily invested in humanity. In fact a large part of our work here is remembering this truth and honoring it. Much of our healing on an individual and collective level is amplified when we honor this investment by seeking to be in good relation with others on this journey. Link for free Ancestral Talk:...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Creating Sacred Spaces and Altars

Blessings All, In this sweet episode I share some practical tips for setting up your sacred space and altars. There are 4 components that I like to explore in my personal engagement and curating of my sacred spaces. I have found that in my personal life, these components have also allowed me to more consciously engage and take care of the most important altar/sacred space that I have access to, which happens to be this amazing body that my Soul is currently in. The conscious practice of...


Mini-Meditation: Affirmations on Being

Taking time to connect with your Being and to affirm your Divinity is a beautiful way of staying grounded and in a state of gratitude. Take a few moments to enjoy this short and powerful offering. Supported by the soothing waves of the ocean in the background, Tamira invites you to connect with yourself and celebrate your Life here on Earth. Take a moment to enjoy this sweet meditation. May you find nourishment and spaciousness in this offering. In Light, Mira Let's Connect Via Instagram...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Alignment

Blessings All, Prayers that you all are sailing through this retrograde season with grace. A big theme for me that has been present is working on my Alignment(s) on a large and small level. This retrograde is us gifting the opportunity to make a study of our Alignment(s) and presenting an invitation to make refinements to them as they are coming into our field of awareness. Holding sweet prayers that every being is leaning into the opportunity to be a student of their Alignment(s) and...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Sacred Grief of Childhood

Blessings All, Mira here-- with a gentle reminder of how important it is for us older human adults to validate the experiences of the young people that surround us...especially in their work/experiences with grief. Normalizing grief at a young age provides a foundation for navigating the waters of grief in adulthood with resilience and the resources that are present though our connections with others like family/community! Ase! Let's Connect Instagram @Getyourchittogether Twitter...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Tending to Grief

Blessings Luminous Beings, In this week's episode, I wanted to share some insight on being present for others as they experience grief/loss. Spolier alert--the most valuable thing that you can offer is your presence and not a desire to make someone forget or feel better. Learning how to witness and tend to grief is an important skill that we must refine as we navigate being embodied on this planet and as we continue to evolve. Tune into the full episode for more nuggets of wisdom. Blessings...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Earth & Human Relationship

Blessings Bright Ones, When we invest in healing our relationship to Earth we will strengthen our capacity to heal our human relationships across race, identity, socioeconomic status and all divides. This healing invites us to remember that we receive our Divine form from this Great Mother, our Earth. And as we consciously engage in this healing, we will come to cherish, love and respect her as she lives and is expressed in all of her children. Ase! Mira Let's Connect.. Donate to the podcast...


PSA What's Happening at the Border

What is happening at the Border is a reminder that there are no real Borders. What is happening at the Border is happening to all of us. Those man-made Borders cannot protect us from witnessing our repressed and collective human grief--a grief that continues to manifest in the dehumination and devaluing of human lives. Light, Prayers and Love, Mira Let's Connect Instagram @Getyourchittogether Twitter @chittogether Facebook @GetYourChitTogether Access Mediations:...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Importance of Being Teachable

Blessings Bright Beings! Today's epsiode is a beautiful reminder that our ability to learn hinges on our ability to be Teachable. Being teachable or being in a position to receive teachings is a Learned skill that we are constantly refining as move throughout this life. So Ask yourself "Am I making myself available to Learn? Am allowing myself to be in the space of the student? Am I ready to receive?" Write about it in your journal. Be sure to rate and subscribe to the podcast wherever you...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Validation & Self Worth ft. Kiddo Wisdom

A reminder that when we come to recognize & have a deep respect for our own self worth we are gifted the ability to understand and respect the value that all Beings carry. Enjoy a sweet message from the kiddos as well! Light & Love, T Let's Connect Instagram @Getyourchittogether Twitter @chittogether Facebook @GetYourChitTogether Access Mediations: Subscribe and Rate the Show on Itunes, SoundCloud,...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Forgiveness and Compassion

Blessings and Love Light Ones, The most powerful teachings that we make ourselves available to receive in this Life are the teachings of Forgiveness and Compassion. Enjoy this episode and if you haven't, be sure to rate and subscribe to the podcast ! Sending Grace and Ease Your Way, Mira Let's Connect Instagram @Getyourchittogether Twitter @chittogether Facebook @GetYourChitTogether Access Mediations:


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Importance of Integration

Blessings Luminous Beings, In this episode we are diving into the importance of Integration. As we move through Life initiations and cross various thresholds often times integration is overshadowed by the bigger events that stand before us. Many times we are left in the wake of change with questions like "And now what?" In my personal experience, having a solid integration framework/support system in place is crucial and has given me room to be present and really do the work that follows big...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Individual vs Collective Healing

Blessings Light Beings! We are back this week discussing Individual vs Collective healing work. Just a couple friendly reminders: 1) That it is so very important to have a strong foundation in your own individual healing work before engaging in collective healing efforts. 2) Your individual healing work informs the collective healing work. Deep gratitude to all of you amazing human beings listenting! Don't forget to rate and subscribe to the podcast and follow me on Instagram...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Gift of Community

Luminous Ones, A reminder that the greatest act of self-care and rebellion is having the courage and vulnerability to immerse yourself in Community. The old paradigm of the "Individual" is crumbling to make room for the vast ocean of community that nourishes our growth, fosters our expansion and cultivates our Inner Light. Happy Communing, Mira Let's Connect Instagram @Getyourchittogether Twitter @chittogether Facebook @GetYourChitTogether Access Mediations:...