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Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Importance of Integration [Episode 39]

Blessings Luminous Beings, In this episode we are diving into the importance of Integration. As we move through Life initiations and cross various thresholds often times integration is overshadowed by the bigger events that stand before us. Many times we are left in the wake of change with questions like "And now what?" In my personal experience, having a solid integration framework/support system in place is crucial and has given me room to be present and really do the work that follows...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Individual vs Collective Healing [Episode 38]

Blessings Light Beings! We are back this week discussing Individual vs Collective healing work. Just a couple friendly reminders: 1) That it is so very important to have a strong foundation in your own individual healing work before engaging in collective healing efforts. 2) Your individual healing work informs the collective healing work. Deep gratitude to all of you amazing human beings listenting! Don't forget to rate and subscribe to the podcast and follow me on Instagram...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Gift of Community [Episode 37]

Luminous Ones, A reminder that the greatest act of self-care and rebellion is having the courage and vulnerability to immerse yourself in Community. The old paradigm of the "Individual" is crumbling to make room for the vast ocean of community that nourishes our growth, fosters our expansion and cultivates our Inner Light. Happy Communing, Mira


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Gratitude for the Shadows [Episode 36]

Just a moment of gratitude for those Shadow moments in our lives that hold beautiful uncharted landscapes and unimaginable possibilities for transformation within their folds. Ase, Mira


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Illusion of Falling [Episode 35]

Blessings All, Today's episode is a reminder that although at times it may seem that we are falling we are in fact truly being held. In Grace and Gratitude, Mira


Mini-Soul Flow: The Power of Choice [Episode 34]

Blessings Divine Beings, Here is a little reminder about this beautiful power of "Choice" that we have been gifted in this lifetime. It is this power of "Choice" that allows us to do our work here on Earth as we continue to evolve as Divine Beings and as Humans. In Grace and Gratitude, Mira


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Earth Medicine aka Grounding/Earthing

Hello Bright Ones, I hope this finds you vital and supported. This week I wanted to talk about some deep and powerful medicine called grounding or earthing. Many times we use the phrase "grounding" in conversation without having a true awareness of the importance of physically grounding ourselves. Literally-- kick off your shoes and enjoy this episode. Check out the "grounding" articles below!!


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Power of "I Don't Know" [Episode 32]

Light and Blessings All, I am currently resting and recalibrating by basking in the freedom and grace of the mysteries of the Universe. I have been holding a deep practice of resting in all of the things that I don't know. Life has certainly surprised me in many way during this practice and presented me with the gift of learning a new level of surrender and being. When is the last time you allowed yourself to rest in the mysteries of what you don't know? When is the last time you gave life...


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Ask for What You Need [Episode 31]

Hi Lovelies, I think this episode is something that we all need to reflect on because there so many blockages around asking for what we need. I thought I'd share my approach: Step 1: Ask. Step 2: Listen. Step 3: Receive. Step 4: Repeat. Be ready to work through each step because 9 times out of 10 we have our own blockages/wounding surrounding each step listed in the process above. Remember--The only requests that lay unattended are those that we dare not speak. (Tamira Cousett)


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: A Mission of Service [Episode 30]

Blessings Bright Beings, Just a quick reminder that we are all on a mission of service here in this plane (or on this journey---which ever you prefer). Did you know that our lives are fueled by acts of service? When we view our lives from this vantage point, it is crucial that we have an awareness of how and why we choose to we serve ourselves and others. Blessings, Mira


Soul Flow Mini-Podcat: You are Peace

Love and Blessings, Just a simple reminder that Peace is within you-- not in what you are doing and material things. The price tag is small and the rewards are great when surrender to Peace. Blessings & Peace, Mira


Competition and Aspects of Mastering Vibrations

Don't Compete...Evolve No other Being is your Competition and this includes Yourself. Happy Evolving, Mira


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Bless Yourself [Episode 25]

Stop waiting for someone else to give you something that you have the Divine Power and Divine Inner Authority within to give yourself. Blessings and Joy--Mira


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Healing Powers of Water [Episode 23]

Let's talk about the magic of "Water" and the important role it plays in balancing our channels physiologically and spiritually. When we take into account that we are composed primarily of water and that water carries vibrations/energy signatures we can see how water is such a potent tool for healing. Be Blessed, Mira video links on Dr Masaru Emoto:


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Gifts [Episode 22]

Because we all have gifts and part of the work here on Earth is to explore these gifts and use them to inform our journey in this lifetime. Using tools of discernment and boundaries enable us to work these gifts and not be worked by them. Blessings, Mira


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: Slow Down and Be Present [Episode 21]

Let's talk about the Truth of where the Higher Self lives and two of the most powerful illusions of this world. [Hint]- These illusions constantly keep our wheels spinning in order to keep up with the "world".


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast:Balancing Energies [Episode 020]

It's time to stop nurturing our imbalances and turn our attention on living in balance with creation energies.


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast- Your Relationship to Self [Episode 19]

Helllllllloooo Dear Ones, I have just one question this week... How solid is your relationship with yourself and do you know what baggage you bring to your relationships ? -Mira In the word of E. Badu -"Pack Light...."


When Love Isn't Enough

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share some wisdom that I have learned over the years in my relationships involving Love. Here are two of my favorite nutrients that Love requires to grow and thrive in any relationship. Cuffers beware...I know that Cuffing Season has started so ya might want to assess if you are really going to be sustained and nourished long-term in whatever relationships you start this Fall. Until we meet again may you all have health in the body and peace in the mind.


Soul Flow Mini-Podcast: The Root of Our Expectations [Episode 16]

Blessings All Have you ever wondered what your expectations reflect about your healing process? If so grab, your journal and tune in; you might be surprised what you find. Love and Light, Mira


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