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a show for those who feel they belong in the stars. We discuss ascension, kabbalah, light work, light beings, angelic kingdoms, earth mysteries, psionics, and more. Join us on our Facebook group: Goddess Round Table

a show for those who feel they belong in the stars. We discuss ascension, kabbalah, light work, light beings, angelic kingdoms, earth mysteries, psionics, and more. Join us on our Facebook group: Goddess Round Table
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a show for those who feel they belong in the stars. We discuss ascension, kabbalah, light work, light beings, angelic kingdoms, earth mysteries, psionics, and more. Join us on our Facebook group: Goddess Round Table




Intro to Heart Consciousness Living

What do you know about the higher frequencies of love? Do you realize you have more than ONE Heart Center? We now have several Heart Consciousness Practitioners everywhere. On this show, we will be interviewing one of them. Tiffany McDaniel is the CEO of Amani Coaching Empowerment Co. Her passion is enabling men and women to harness their Purpose Power™ and manifest the lives of their dreams! She is currently seeking 20 men and women to join her *exclusive* Private Coaching Program to take...


Igniting Your Shakti Fire

Kelarius will be interviewing Raet Shishini, a Fire Priestess who has over 12 yrs experience as a Tantra & Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She teaches through the lineage of the Dakini Medicine by way of initiation, Vulva & Lingam Charts, Dakini readings, and some ancient astrology that is off the charts! Join us in our discussion of what Raet will be teaching on the 2012 Mother's Day Cruise (you don't have to be a mother to go) to Cozumel & Progreso Mexico, in the Yucatan. For more info about this...


Womb Readings

We will continue with the initiators of life series next week. Tonight we will do sample womb readings to help women understand what is going on inside of their bodies and how their life is affecting their womb health. This is a show for those who have womb issues, reproductive issues, and need some direction. Call in early to get your spot.


The Initiators of Life Part 2

The connection with the mer ka ba and the tree of live - revealed.. What does it have to do with anything? What does one do after their mer ka ba has been activated? The different kinds of mer ka ba that are appearing now and why the powers that be DON'T want you to develop your mer ka ba power


The Initiators of Life

Discussion on human consciousness, the subconscious mind, the Great Cosmic Mother, and the human body and all of its multi-dimensional counter-parts. Kelarius connects the dots. Join us in the Goddess Round Table Facebook group http://on.fb.me/jbcHlY


What is a Bedroom Priestess?

A Bedroom Priestess is a woman that takes the role of the Initiatress to use sexual and orgasmic energy to help keep her man balanced and stress free. She removes pent up energy stored in his body. She knows how to communicate with his body to provide him with what he needs. She knows how to bring him to orgasm, time and time again. In this show we will be discussing the upcoming 6-week Bedroom Priestess Training Course offered by eternalkween.com and why every woman needs to take it. Tune...


Angels of the Sun

We will be discussing the angelic beings that live in the sun and the sun centers in the human body and its function, how we can harness the power of the sun and why this is beneficial to us. We will also discuss how all of this ties in to Peru and why the work will be done there from October 20 to 30th, 2011.


Animals Cry Out - The Vegetarian Transformational Prayer

Something amazing happened the other night while I was on the phone with Prophetess Eli, The Elohim of Light (work with internal development of spiritual bodies) came to us and told us to bless the animals of the land. As we began to do so, more was revealed as to what had to be released from the bodies of humans that no longer eat meat. It was an extensive list from removing painful emotions, thoughts, behavior, souls, etc. of the animals that had merged with our bodies when we were eating...


Children & Nightmares: What's Lurking in Your Child's Closet?

Too many time children are rushed off to bed. Their fears are overlooked and misunderstood. They get sent back to bed when they have a nightmare and are told "it is just a dream." But is it really? Haven't you ever wondered why they see strange creatures when they go to bed? What about an image from a movie, video game, or t.v. show? Oh, there IS a reason and you NEED to be aware. Listen to this show so you know how to protect your children from these unknown forces. FREE READINGS concerning...


Revelations of the Paranormal

In this segment, Kelarius will talk about some of her paranormal experiences that she shares in her popular blog Cosmic Confessions http://kelarius.wordpress.com/ She will also do Angel Readings for callers who have questions about their own paranormal experiences. Have you ever wondered about a ghost or life form that you have seen? Have you felt something touch you but didn't see anything with your physical eye? Make sure you call early


Part 2 of The Monster in the Vagina: Testament to Vaginal Exorcisms

In this show we will review generational curses, irregular menstrual cycles, dirty dicks, and oral sex that spread entities, demonic spirits, and sentient beings. We will also touch on the removal of demons/entities from the multi-dimensional bodies. Angel readings will also be offered up during this show.


The Monster in the Vagina: Testament to Vaginal Exorcisms

It's not pretty and it is a touchy subject but it needs to be addressed. Haunted vaginas, haunted wombs, wombs are hosts to many things that cause physical conditions and health complications. It CAN be resolved if you are willing to change a few things and educate yourself about the power of your feminine energy.


Secret Wisdom of the Yoni Gates

This ebook is a guide to help one to journey into womb development, what you do after womb wellness. We will talk about what's in the book, the channeling received from both Goddess Isis & Kali. Kelarius will also provide free WOMB READINGS where we talk about what is going on with your reproductive organs and how to make it better.


Messages from the Star Light & Rainbow Light Angels

Some of you are aware that I am a part of the Star Light Angels and work very closely with them as well as the Rainbow Light Angels and several other angelic groups and forces of light. In this special anniversary show of Eternalkween.com we will discuss their role with the evolution of humanity in the coming prophecy of 2012. We will also take calls from those that are wondering if they are a part of these angelic groups/star tribes.


Cards of Your Destiny

Using just your birth-date, the Cards of Your Destiny can accurately predict your future and explain your past. This card system covers finances, personal and professional relationships, travel, career, and health, providing detailed descriptions of the events in your life in relation to these major areas. This information can be utilized to make choices that change your life personally, professionally, and spiritually. I will be interviewing Dez, Intuitive Counselor/Future Insights as he...


9 Heart Centers & the Karmic Shift

The Higher Dimensional Bodies have several heart centers that not only sustain the frequency for the Love vibration but also act as a gateway into the higher dimensions and as connecting points to one's true spirit form. Karmic shifting allows one to evolve into an advance being of light. Join us as we discuss why this is important and how this plays a role in the coming prophecy of 2012.


The Sacred Tree of Life

How important is the tree of life and what exactly is it? What are the Sephiroth? How does it correlate to the attributes and the essence of the Most High God? I will be interviewing Priestess/Prophetess Elisheva who has been working with this for several years. Listen up and tune in


The Genie in the Bottle

Continuing with our magical week, we are going to have a discussion about the history of the Djinns (genies), the science behind it all, and what it is really all about. I have the authors of the book, The Wholly Bible of Djinn, that I will be interviewing.


Faerie Magick & The Land of Faeries

We are interviewing Fiona Broome, who is a descendant of a family that is long associated with the Faerie World. Have you ever seen one? Had a dream about a fairy maybe? What is the history behind these mysterious creatures? What is the connection with Fairies, nature spirits, and elementals? And finally, we'll end the show with faerie magick, what it is and how to use it.


Ascending Mind Boot Camp Part 1

Ascending Mind Boot Camp is taking place in Hawaii this October. Listen up while we discuss Star Ascension, Psychic Attack that lots of people are going through and why, Buddhic Light Body and other higher self activations, and more. This will all hopefully help you to understand why ascension is necessary.