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Join Yukiko Amaya, Priestess of Goddess and Avalon, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Soul Motion and Goddess Motion Dance Weaver, Crone Wisdom Holder, for talks and conversations on the world of Matter and the Mundane, and the Otherworld of Energy, Spirit, Goddess, Consciousness, the Divine and the Shadow. These are conversations born out of inquiry and curiosity about the nature of life, embodiment, consciousness, spirituality, power, energy, healing, art, and searching for a new paradigm of co-existence with all life.


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Join Yukiko Amaya, Priestess of Goddess and Avalon, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Soul Motion and Goddess Motion Dance Weaver, Crone Wisdom Holder, for talks and conversations on the world of Matter and the Mundane, and the Otherworld of Energy, Spirit, Goddess, Consciousness, the Divine and the Shadow. These are conversations born out of inquiry and curiosity about the nature of life, embodiment, consciousness, spirituality, power, energy, healing, art, and searching for a new paradigm of co-existence with all life.




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Wild Remembering: Words to Ignite Your Soul

Words can be magical or mundane. Humans have always had story as a way of learning, communicating, understanding, defining, creating the realities within us and around us. Bards were sacred beings in ancient times. We are all story weavers in our daily lives. So what makes a story special that it connects us to the Unseen world of sacred, magical, dreamtime? My featured guest, Christine Watkins, is a storyteller, author, and performance artist. She is a Priestess of Avalon and Storyteller...


Find Your Life Purpose Through Story

Do you love a good story? Well, I think it's in our DNA as humans to know the world through story. Story can literally shift the way the world is from within our consciousness as well as creating social norms and cultures. It's a powerful vehicle that can also be consciously harnessed for seeing into the Unknown. Healing and magic happens when we can identify which part of what story we are in! This is what Cristina Craciun, sister Priestess of Avalon and member of the Order of Bards,...


Divine Feminine and Sacred Business

What is the Divine Feminine and how does that connect with Sacred Business? What is the power of the Moon? As we navigate a shifting world, how do we become empowered and rooted in our inner authority? How does business fit into this? Join me in conversation with special guest Laura Jean Cornell, PhD. She is an award-winning speaker and author as well as a divine Feminine Yogini and Sacred Business Mentor. Her books are "Moon Salutations: Women's Journey Through Yoga to Healing, Power and...


Sacred Healing of the Drum

Did you know that once, the drummers were women. Women played the Frame Drum from at least 5000BC!! This instrument connects us on a visceral level with our own remembering and connection with our ancestors, with Mother Earth, with all Life. Join Yukiko in conversation with a Grammy nominated percussionist and flutist, Marla Leigh. Listen as they dive into the ancient mysteries and healing energy of the Drum, even evoking the Mother Goddess Cybele. Experience this magic first hand as Marla...


Navigating the World as an Intuitive

It takes a lot of skill, courage and awareness to navigate the corporate world as an intuitive. Meet LaShanda Brown, a woman on her own journey of reclaiming her power even as she looks after others. Inner alchemist, mother, lover, nurse, educator, researcher, yoga teacher, meditator, friend, leader, she meets the world with thoughtfulness, openness and curiosity. Join me in this LIVE conversation with LaShanda at this time in the world when so much stress, uncertainty and anxiety is causing...


Passion, Respect and Abundance: getting our house in order

The world is changing rapidly. How do we stay grounded and at the same time open to shifting our perspectives? How do we flow with change that is not only in response to outside forces, but coming from a deep place of alignment with our own truth?


Yule and the Grail Goddess Arianrhod

What is Yule – Winter Solstice time? We dive in here to the quality of the Solstice: stillness. And the Goddess with a beautiful name of Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel. Find out who She is and the energies connected with Her as we enter into and enjoy this beautiful season of Yule.


Sacred Message of Nature

How do you listen to Nature and be able to converse with Her? Seshen is a vocal, sound and movement artist who is blurring the divide between art, healing and the natural world. Originally from Japan, she was profoundly influenced by the powerful geo-rhythms of Iceland and Norway. She brings a rare level of listening to her work that is held in a vast spaciousness of stillness. Powerful and moving. https://seshenarts.com https://mindful-japanese-cooking.com


Ritual, its power, and how to set one up

How would you like to connect into the rhythm of Life, of the Universe? Welcome to Ritual. The power of Ritual is something people knew and understood and actively exploited way back from Paleolithic times in the caves. Listen in and learn how to activate your own ritual and the healing power of the sacred.


Money, Abundance and Wisdom

Spirituality and finances are not always seen together. And yet. Susan Shloss is deeply connected with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance, a trained violinist, AND has worked in financial institutions and accounting. How do we connect Wisdom, Money, Abundance and Spirituality? Come on in and join the conversation.


Shamanism, Nature and Healing

When the calling comes....My guest, Amanda Foulger, is a senior faculty member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. She has also been a shamanic practitioner for over 3 decades. Amanda and I dive into how her calling came, and the work of a Shaman as well as the importance and connection with Nature. What is Soul Retrieval? How does one enter into Non-Ordinary Reality? Experience the power of her calling in helping spirits towards the end of our conversation.


Dreaming and Awakening to Creativity and Healing

What is this other domain or world we enter into when we sleep and dream? Dreaming has been a revelatory tool for eons and in certain cultures, there were people who were revered as dreamers for the entire community. Dreams connected them to the wisdom from the Unseen world or the Divine. Can dreams be a powerful tool for our own healing? My guest, Valerie Dillman is a Dream Alchemist, writer and actor. She has been exploring the world of Dreams through Creative Dreaming for over 15 years...


Power and Wonder of Water

Water is our capacity to connect with and intuit, sense and feel the world around us and within us. It is a powerful element that has consciousness and is the birth mother of life on this planet. Join Yukiko on her journey with Water - this life energy, the Goddess of the Deep, Domnu. Consciousness of Water.


Science and the Path of Priestess

How does the wonder for Nature influence your life? We look at the confluence of magic, science and devotional work, inspired by the magnificence of Nature. Meet my guest and sister Priestess of Avalon, Elsa Field. Elsa holds a PhD in Forest Ecology, which she worked on while training to become a Priestess of Avalon. She combines these with her passion and love for devotional singing and healing through sound.


Wisdom of the Body - Surrender and Connection

How do we go beyond the tyranny of our mind and personality to connect to a vast world of healing and wisdom? In this episode, we dive into the world of Conscious Movement or Dance. In human history, dance, rhythm and chants are how we connected with the Divine, alone and in community. Want to move in sync with Life energy? Join me and guest, Marisa Cheb Terrab for a journey into the magical, open and freeing world of conscious dance. Marisa is a 5 Rhythms teacher, sister Soul Motion®...


Embodied Energy, Breath, Nature and Transformation

The power of healing that comes in from the Unseen world of connection with All. A miraculous healing to some. We discuss what it means to embody, connect with the elements of Nature, and the ways of accessing our hidden energies through breath. Experience Nadi Shodhana or Alternate Nostril Breathing of balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain and energy lines in our body. Guest Lydie Ometto is a psychic healer, yogi, and breath healing specialist.


Full Moon, Water, Earth Energy and Emotions

What is water? How does it flow and move withing our planet Earth? Within our own bodies? Join me as I contemplate and riff on the power of water, the sacred energy of water in the land, as well as the influence of the Moon on the water bodies.


Nature and Healing with Dolphins

What is energy that runs through our bodies? How do we come into connection with these energies? When a particular energy is met by another in complete surrender and acceptance, something shifts within us. Our cells start to move towards wholeness or healing. Guest, Eka Kapiotis, is a Healer, an Integrative Therapist, Reiki Master, Cranial-Sacral Therapist, and a Dream Weaver, working in the continuum of Nature and our nature, the Divine Feminine. Her work with dolphins and subtle energies...


Singing for and as Sacred Healing

The world opens when we face it with a yearning to connect. There are many entry points into the powerful, beautiful, and magical world of the unseen or Otherworld. One of them is through singing. Like any magical maneuver, one sings in this way when one can truly connect with the heart and soul capacity to listen with awe and reverence at Life. Listen to guest Shay Nichols, who is a magical, mystical, playful, soulful being who walks between worlds with her singing. I met Shay about 10 year...


From Patriarchy to Mother World

What is it to be a Priestess? How is Goddess consciousness different from what we have been living? Matriarchy and how it differs from Patriarchy and the "power over" structure. Matrilineal societies nourishing ALL, not the select few. Alchemical moments of shift that is needed. Ecological awareness and social justice consciousness and movement that is also at the heart of Goddess spirituality. Guest Rachel Jesien is a Priestess of Avalon, Celtic shaman, back care yoga specialist, intuitive...