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The Cody Bonnette Episode

As Cities Burn’s Cody Bonnette talks Tooth N’ Nail glory days, the voices in his head and the lore of ACB. Also, Ryan and Jameson saw Spider-Man: Far From Home and didn’t get kicked out! Their new record SCREAMING THROUGH THE WALLS is out now on Equal Vision Records.


The Tiny Stills Episode

Kailynn West of Tiny Stills is our guest this week! We talk Black Mirror, mentorship and Jameson's Pete Holmes experience. Spoiler alert: They're now best friends. Sorry Ryan! Follow: @tinystills Grab their latest record Laughing Into the Void at TinyStills.com


The Darling Fire Episode

Jolie Lindholm joins! Her new band The Darling Fire consists of members of Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional, Strongarm and more. Spartan Records will be dropping their new release Dark Celebration this summer! @Fire_Darling


The Brooks Paschal Episode

The genius behind Spartan Records' Surprises, Brooks Paschal drops by. His new record Natural Disaster is out now! Ryan is on his way to becoming a bestselling author while Jameson sells ideas he hasn't created. Follow: @surprisesband @spartanrecords


The Taya Kyle Episode

Taya Kyle's newest book American Spirit: Profiles in Resilience, Courage and Faith is out now! You may know Taya Kyle as the wife of Chris Kyle, the US's most prolific sniper and author of American Sniper and American Gun. She has made numerous appearances on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. We talk negativity in the media, Chris' legacy and what it was like to work with Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood. Purchase American Spirit at TayaKyle.com @tayakyle TayaKyle.com


The Pete Holmes Episode

After wishing on every shooting star and picking every four leaf clover, we finally welcome comic/author/actor/teacher Pete Holmes. His new book is Comedy, Sex, God, coming 5/14/19. @peteholmes Pete's new book Comedy Sex God hits stores 5/14. You can pre-order now at PeteHolmes.com Crashing airs on HBO Pete's podcast is You Made It Weird His latest stand-up special is entitled Dirty Clean and is available on HBO


The Art Alexakis Episode Pt. 2

The continuation of our chat with Everclear frontman Art Alexakis.


The Art Alexakis Episode Pt. 1

Everclear front man Art Alexakis talks creative beliefs, spiritual beliefs and his life as a father and rock star with MS. @everclearband @artalexakis Visit everclearmusic.com for all upcoming tour dates and releases


The Chris Conley Episode Pt.1

To date Saves The Day has released nine albums and captured at least one heart. Jameson sits down with another hero of his to meticulously work through each Saves the Day record. Pt 1 covers Can't Slow Down through Stay What You Are. Sprinkled along the pathway of emo rock love, Jameson attempts to discredit Ryan's recent brushes with fate as a simple act of Google spies. Follow: @savestheday


Godspeed Gets Selfish: Alex Biro of Selfish Things Joins

Over consumption of anything can put you in a rut. Thankfully great art is always just around the corner and Pure Noise Records band Selfish Things is that spark. Front man Alex Biro joins the boys to talk gratitude, heroes and snow storms. What band/author/film reignited your love for the medium? Follow @selfishthings and for all that is is holy please go listen to Jameson's latest obsession, their song "1435".


The William Ryan Key Episode

Former Yellowcard front man and current folk solo artist, William Ryan Key joins. We talk comic books, the pains and joys of starting over and the importance of visualization. Also starring Doug from down the street. Grab Key’s latest EP Virtue, out now! @williamryankey


102 The Cory Wells episode

This week's guest is Pure Noise artist Cory Wells.Wells is a great example of a fearless pursuit of passion. What do you do when you've known your path from a young age? What if you still don't know? All that and Will Smith parables. You can currently catch Wells on tour with William Ryan Key and Selfish Things. Follow Cory: @corywellsmusic


101 The Cody Carson episode

"You're already risking your entire future by being in a band, why hold back now?" Set It Off front man Cody Carson invites Jameson into his two man bathroom to talk risk taking and why fans hate when you find happiness. Godspeed is now live at Facebook.com/Godspeedpodcast Grab Set It Off's new record, Midnight, out now!


100 Dream Jobs and Dream Makers

How many of us truly have our dream jobs? The goal is as elusive as Bigfoot, and twice has hairy. Thankfully we have friends like Becky Kovach, publicist for Big Picture Media, to advise us on our pursuits of employment happiness. Kovach’s firm works for every single one of your favorite bands, brands, non profits, and not to mention the entire Vans Warped Tour! Follow @beckystrz Follow @bigpicturenyc Photo credit Lori Gutman


99 The Jon Foreman Episode

Ryan and Jameson discover a new language with Switchfoot's Jon Foreman. Self-doubt, writing woes and creative pressure be darned! This one is a long time coming! Switchfoot's new record Native Tongue out now! Visit Switchfoot.com for tour dates.


98 Start With Love: The Return of David Stagg

HM Magazine's David Stagg returns. What do you do when met with drastically different viewpoints? At what stage do you disengage? Will the internet ever become a peaceful place facilitating constructive conversation? What would happen if we start every difficult situation with love? All that and Sam Elliott. Visit HMMagazine.com and don't forget to follow our socials for upcoming giveaways! @godspeedpodcast


97 The Boys Get Social: Director Jonathan Ignatius Green on His New Film Social Animals

Jonathan Ignatius Green's Social Animals dives deep into the Instagram culture by highlighting three teens and the impact that the platform has had on their lives, for better or worse. Is Instagram just full of dopamine seekers? Do we use social media to dull our own problems by chasing the approval of others? Can someone invent a "like" bank so that we store up virtual accolades and pass them onto our children? See the trailer and read more about Social Animals and Jonathan's other work...


96 You've Heard of Bad Christians, Now Let's Talk Ugly Christians

Our guest today is Nicole Littletaylor, author of Ugly Christians: And the Beautiful Solution. What major hot topic have you most drastically changed your view on as an adult? What kind of ugly Christians have you encountered? What kept you in the church? What does love even mean!? All this plus Jameson eating spinach while smelling a cheeseburger and Ryan clearing his brain fog with his own brand of yoga called kinda yoga. Follow Nicole: @nlittletaylor Purchase Ugly Christians: And...


95 How do you define success? The Ryan Phillips episode.

Phillips is the world renowned guitarist for St. Louis band Story of the Year. Did you know he’s also a bad ass photographer? We talk success, insecurities and artistic integrity. Be sure to jam the latest DIY Story of the Year record, WOLVES, out now. Follow Phillips at @ryan_t_phillips and ryantphillips.com


94 It's a Beautiful Day in Ryan's Neighborhood w/ Wilson Smith III

What does it take to be a hero? Honesty, Empathy, Respect, Open-Mindedness. Today we focus on the ever-elusive EMPATHY. Our hero and guest today is Wilson (last name), a dear friend of Ryan's and a kickass designer for Nike. Wilson works with adaptive athletes and is an avid TED Talker. Also, Ryan gets trapped in a sensory deprivation tank while Jameson looks forward to his future in an old folks home. Watch TEDx Portland - Wilson Smith - Empathy...