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83 Speech Extinction with Author Jonathan Merritt

This week we welcome author Jonathan Merritt to discuss his brand new book Learning to Speak God from Scratch. Obviously, language is very important to us as writers and podcasters but what happens when specific speech begins to show signs of extinction? What can we do to revive it? How can it adapt without losing strength? All that and another game of Seminary Wars! You know Merritt’s work from CNN, USA Today, The Washington Post, Fox News, The New York Times, The Atlantic and...


82 God in a Box: The Cvltvre Episode

Joe Yarbrough from Cvltvre breaks down the new record while Ryan proposes that tearing down is the new building up. The boys see Ant Man and The Wasp and nearly fight a pair of Marvel-disrespecting toddlers. Cvltre’s new record All Life Is //Act 1 An Act of Letting Go is now available on Standby Records @cvltvreca Read Cvltvre’s album breakdown: http://hmmagazine.com/blog/feature/cvltvre/


81 Pro Skateboarder/Jackass/Author/Heroine Addict: The Brandon Novak Episode

Now sober for over three years, Brandon Novak once had it all; a blossoming skate career fostered by Tony Hawk himself, millions of dollars, fame and notoriety. He also had a very public heroine addiction. You know Novak from the hit show/films Jackass, CKY, Viva La Bam and so much more. Novak now helps others combat this awful disease by speaking all over the world and sharing his insane story of recovery. If you’re struggling with addiction or depression, tell someone. In fact, call...


80 Oh Hi, Godspeed. The Greg Sestero Episode

You know Greg Sestero from the cult hit The Room as well as his best selling tale of cinema shenanigans, The Disaster Artist (now an Golden Globe winning film starring James Franco, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen. If you have listened to any past episodes, you’ll know that Jameson is OBSESSED with this story. Sestero currently stars alongside his Room co-star and visionary actor/writer/director Tommy Wiseau in Best F(r)iends. www.bf-movie.com


79 They Say Never Meet Your Heroes: Brian Swindle of Have Mercy

Should art be broken down? Is Have Mercy the next Brand New? What is the best way to find clarity? Is The Shawshank Redemption now tainted goods? Can Jameson just get to his point? Is Ryan about to break on through to the other side? Have Mercy’s latest record, MAKE THE BEST OF IT, is available now at HaveMerchy.com @havemercyMD @brianswindle WeAreHaveMercy.com HopelessRecords.com


78 Kyle Pavone of We Came as Romans

We Came as Roman’s co-vocalist Kyle Pavone sits down with Jameson in a haunted green room while Ryan grapples with what kinda news he prefers to get angry about. We discuss odd inspirations, personality experiments and what the world would be like if we didn’t have to worry about silly necessities like money. @wecameasromans


77 Completely Unqualified to Speak on the Subject: Discrepancies Schools Godspeed

Ryan and Jameson flex their hip hop brain muscles by discussing the several rappers they know. It’s a very East Coast/West Coast conversation. Hip hop/rock band Discrepancies’ front man ATG Metcalf drops by to discuss hip hop’s greatest and how various genres affect listeners differently. Grab their new record, The Awakening, out now at Discrepanciesmusic.com @Discrepanciestv @invoguerecords


76 What are we capable of? The Jen Ledger Episode

Ryan and Jameson finally shut up about The Avengers (because they were ordered to/no spoilers) and find new inspiration in long forgotten Zach Braff indie darlings. Jen Ledger of Skillet steps out from behind the drum kit to bring us her first and highly demanded EP LEDGER. We discuss career paths, dumb anxiety and trusting that you can’t ever screw up the master plan. Get Connected with LEDGER: LEDGERband.com @jenledger


75 The Very Worst Episode with Author Jamie Wright: The Very Worst Missionary

Ryan and Jameson visit Silicon Valley before heading overseas with author Jamie Wright. The very best podcasters meet the very worst missionary. Her new book will blow your mind and make you take down that spring break Facebook photo of you knee deep in Haiti mud. We’ll be giving away copies of The Very Worst Missionary: A Memoir or Whatever via our social media this week so stay in touch! @JamieTheVWM https://theveryworstmissionary.com Giveaways coming soon! @godpseedpodcast


74 Hawk Nelson Performs a Miracle…Longevity! The Jon Steingard Episode

Jameson catches up with his new/old friend Jon Steingard of Hawk Nelson, covering growth as artists, navigating the Christian music machine and our favorite 90’s bands who may be more genius than most think! And tangents abound including Jon’s love for tour mate Colton Dixon and his old school Further Seems Forever stories. All that and some sick Korn references by Ryan. Music giveaways coming soon! Hawk Nelson’s new record Miracles is available now at HawkNelson.com Songs heard in...


73 Friendship and Fate: We Welcome Back Can’t Swim!

Vocalist Chris Loporto hits the streets with Jameson, literally! We discuss fate, the oddity of being signed without a band or songs and who qualifies for captains of friendship. Godspeed will never fail you again. Be sure to grab Can’t Swim’s new record FAIL YOU AGAIN out now on Pure Noise Records. You can hear our previous interview with Can’t Swim’s drummer Andrea Morgan (https://godspeedpodcast.podbean.com/e/61-creativity-is-my-happiness-cant-swims-andrea-morgan/) Song in episode:...


72 “Once the Song is Written and Given to Fans, it No Longer Burdens Me”: Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen

We get heavy with Buddy Nielsen, vocalist of Senses Fail. Is the 12 Step Program for everyone? How do you share the worst events in your life with a massive audience? Does better art come from times of struggle or times of peace? Is Senses Fail due for another rise in fame? Also, Ryan and Jameson single- handedly dismantle Facebook and the NRA in one fell swoop. Senses Fail’s new record, IF THERE IS LIGHT, IT WILL FIND YOU, is available now at Purenoise.net Songs heard in...


71 Between the Buried and Godspeed ft. Tommy Rogers

Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me answers a few queries from afar and invades your dreams with their new record Automata I. Ryan and Jameson achieve nutritional maturity while still chasing the ever elusive manhood maturity. Automata I is out now on Sumerian Records @btbamofficial @tommybtbam SumerianRecords Song in episode: “Millions” by Between the Buried and Me from Automata I


70 Highs and Lows with My Epic’s Aaron Stone

Ryan and Jameson are back this week with guest Aaron Stone of My Epic. We talk deconstruction, doubt and devastation. Infinity War discussions abound, Ryan educates the next generation of Marvel fans and Jameson struggles to find another word for “synonym”. Eagle Muntz. Pre-order My Epic’s latest record, Ultraviolet, now at: myepicrock.com @myepicrock My Epic songs heard in this episode: “Of Wilderness” “Voices”


69 It’s High Time for Good Times: FLOODS Joins Godspeed

We’ve been obsessing over the talent on InVogue Records lately and you should too. Godspeed welcomes Emily Prather of FLOODS to talk their brand new record BAD TIMES, the power of music and why moms rule. Jameson discovers his favorite food is gluten and Ryan launches the latest weight loss craze with two little words, @invoguerecords @FLOODS_band Songs heard in episode: “Feel So High” and “Heavy Hearts”


67 Blasting off With Blessthefall’s Beau Bokan

Ryan and Jameson are experts on interplanetary travel, authentic art and fatherhood. Ryan explains the madness of Elon Musk while Jameson confuses Space X jamming David Bowie for the new Space Jam film. Thankfully Blessthefall’s Beau Bokan brings the boys back down to earth with his thoughts on vegetarianism, imitators and what it means be a rockstar parent. Blessthefall’s new record, Hard Feelings, drops this March on Rise Records. Song in episode: “Melodramatic” @blessthefall


66 Laughing in Church: Kortney and Carter of Chapel

Ryan and Jameson would rather be broke than brain dead. New Rise Records signees Chapel join Godspeed for one goofy hangout. Posted up in the darkest corner of the Hawthorne Bar, Kortney, Carter and Jameson beef over breakfast food, define success and endure the technicalist of difficulties. Chapel’s latest EP, Sunday Brunch, was one of Jameson’s top 10 best records of 2017 while Ryan longs for simpler times, including an extended and ill-advised camping trip with Woody Harrelson. And as...


64 “There’s a mountain in front of me, but there is nothing I’d rather do” Sleep On It’s Zech Pluister

A couple of chatty Cathy’s here. Jameson speaks with Sleep On It vocalist Zech Pluister, covering sex scandals, hero worship and why your 20’s is more than kids and mortgages. Ryan chimes in with why Christmas should be obliterated. sleeponit.lnk.to/overexposed @sleeponitband @ZechPluister[...]


63 Risky Business with Chad Johnson

Former music mogul, current ministry leader and future bestselling author Chad Johnson joins Godspeed to talk about his new book, One Thousand Risks. What would it look like to follow your very difficult, scary and sometimes awkward calling? What if you embraced those who wished you harm? And the always important question, can limbs regenerate? Ryan tends to a screaming child (Is it his? Find out) while Jameson recaps his encounter with The Disaster Artist. Be sure to order Chad...


62 Godspeed Welcomes Their New Favorite Neighbors to the North: Seaway

We’re just going to start calling this interviews “The Pepinos Sessions”. Vocalist Ryan Locke and guitarist Andrew Eichinger of Seaway discuss their biggest failures, successes and why paying it forward is still a meaningful currency. Ryan and Jameson highlight their own shortcomings, endure migraines and forget to say what their thankful for. Seaway’s new record Vacation is a fun one! Visit the links below to check out more songs and see where you can catch Seaway near...