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September 2, 2018

It is the practice of our faith that is essential to our lives and the life of the world, a practice that must begin with an intention to love God with our whole being and to follow-through with action by loving our neighbor as ourselves.


August 26, 2018

Jesus is the second Adam, the one who demonstrates what it means to be truly human. The one who lives the fullness of the human experience and shows us that the way of the cross is the way of life, that the way of love is the path to fulfillment; the one that touches the untouchable, has table-fellowship with the undesirables; and brings a new understanding of what it means to be righteous, not in outward appearance, but in inward purity of heart.


August 19, 2018

The way of Jesus is the way of love and the Christian life is to be lived joyfully and with passion. As followers of Jesus, God is throwing us a party and we are invited to enter in with our whole hearts.


August 12, 2018

One of the most important things John tells us in his Gospel is that Jesus is the living Word of God, the divine logos, through which all things were made and came to be. Creation itself was accomplished through this divine Word that God spoke, “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”


August 5, 2018

Traditional Christian spirituality recognizes the two essential sacraments instituted by Jesus himself, baptism and the Eucharist, but we also have a tradition of recognizing the sacramentality of the whole of creation. Every table, every meal can be "an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace."


July 29, 2018

In the same way that Jesus satisfies the multitudes deepest hunger, beyond their physical hunger, by his words and deeds, so Jesus banishes the fear of death in the midst of the storm, and brings the peace of God to rest on the hearts and souls of his disciples through his words and actions.


July 22, 2018

Many times we think God not only doesn’t answer our prayers, but may not even hear us? Maybe what Jesus was trying to get the people of his day to understand is the same paradigm shift we need today – namely, that God doesn’t necessarily remove us from uncomfortable situations, but is with us in the midst of them, in order to help us see that this reign of God is spiritual and not temporal.


July 8, 2018

Paul models for us the very real and constant struggle to rely on a God who is sufficient for us. Paul may have wrestled with the need to boast, to prove his credentials, even as he tried not to rely on them. Paul may have wrestled with the need to be admired, even as he wanted just to be humbly known.


July 1, 2018

In the end, vulnerability is both a frightening and wonderful thing, for it is here where I am at my lowest and where my defenses are down. This is where God can get into my heart easily for there is no resistance on my part. Here is the true measure of my faith. Here is the full measure of God's grace.


June 24, 2018

Sometimes tragedy strikes the best of us for no apparent reason and we’re left with the nagging question Job was left with - why?


June 3, 2018

…following the law was meant to give life, to make our lives better, to help us reflect the character of God in our interactions with each other. But when those laws are used to denigrate and control others in order that we might feel better about ourselves then we have lost the purpose of those laws.


May 27, 2018

If you were born into a human body, and if you can feel the wind on your face, then you can almost grasp the most challenging mysteries of our faith—rebirth in the Spirit, drawing us into the abiding love of the Father and the Son.


May 20, 2018

Pentecost Year B Remember a few weeks ago one of our readings was about the Ethiopian Eunuch who was travelling home after the Feast of Passover in Jerusalem and he didn’t understand what he was reading from Isaiah’s prophecy about the suffering servant. Philip the Deacon shows up and explains how Jesus is the fulfillment of that prophesy. Today’s reading from Acts continues that story with people from many nations hearing the good news of Jesus in their own language after the Holy Spirit...


May 13, 2018

Jesus came so that we might know the truth about God – that God is for us and not against us; that God is love and not hate; that we are loved and valuable in God’s sight; that God cares for us like a shepherd cares for his sheep; that there are no outcasts in God’s household; that everyone deserves a place at God’s table because God is no respecter of persons and regards everyone with equanimity.


May 6, 2018

Our invitation is to the world, to the towns and cities in which we live, to the people who struggle to provide hard answers to complicated issues. In the workplace we behave as willing partners to do good work that demonstrates our best efforts. In school we see others as friends and seekers, and we offer our support in each others’ struggles.


April 29, 2018

There are no barriers to God’s love in Christ other than the self-imposed ones we have created by not accepting God’s love. And each week we have this tangible expression of that acceptance as we are welcomed to the Lord’s table and feast on the heavenly banquet as members of God’s family becoming more and more the body of Christ for the world.


April 22, 2018

Remember the second half of the great commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Yes, you are to love and care for yourself, for you are as valuable in God’s sight as your neighbor. And what good are you to God or your neighbor if you are not whole. After all, that is the root meaning of the word salvation, to become whole, in body, mind, and soul.


April 15, 2018

The First Letter of John calls us to an identity in which we’re all little children of God, all wearing clean and flowing gowns that mark us as precious and beloved brothers and sisters, full of the possibility that we will become something good through Christ’s righteousness, and something unimaginable through Christ’s resurrection.


April 8, 2018

Jesus comes in the midst of our fear of being found out and not only does he say, “Peace, be still,” but he says “you are forgiven.” You are forgiven for the shame that binds you, for the failure to live the life you think you should, for not being perfect! “You are forgiven!” And not only are you forgiven, but Jesus breathes on the disciples and us, and says, “receive the Holy Spirit.”