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A sermon podcast of Hope Alliance Church

A sermon podcast of Hope Alliance Church
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A sermon podcast of Hope Alliance Church






A Picture of God: Faithfulness & Overcoming Temptation

In the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4 we see a picture of our God who wants to see idolatry (and temptation) overcome. And in Jesus we see his faithfulness to God to do just that! Through our union with Jesus, we, too, are able to know the God that Jesus knows and keep God on the throne instead of anything or anyone else.


A Picture of God: With Us

When Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, it not only connected him to the larger narrative of the Gospel throughout Israel's history, it also firmly rooted him in and WITH humanity. In looking at this first major event in the ministry of Jesus, we see a picture of God WITH us in the muck and mire of life and it shows again the love of God for us.


A Picture of God: Jesus

What we think God is like has practical implications in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. To get a clear picture of God, we simply need to look to Jesus.


A Time for Hope: A King

After trying to find their identity and provision in anything but God, "nevertheless" God tells His children that hope is coming into their darkness and despair. In Isaiah 9 we see that their hope is the coming of a son...the true King of Israel. Knowing now that the true King of this world is Jesus, we find hope and our identity in living in the ever expanding kingdom of Jesus.


A Time for Hope: Restoration

In Jeremiah 29-33 we find a God who calls His people to invest and to be a light in the midst of exile and pain. They can do so because their hope is in the God who will restore. But when we look further, we see that restoration and a return to the land God had promised comes when the covenant is fulfilled by Jesus. We, too, can invest and be light in the midst of exile and pain because we know that Jesus has come and fulfilled the covenant and will some day restore and redeem the...


A Time for Hope: A Healer

In this season of Advent we remember that our hope for spiritual and physical healing is found in Jesus. Looking back to Isaiah 53 we learn that the mighty warrior God of Isaiah actually becomes the suffering servant who provides healing and the shalom of God for the returning exiles.


A Time for Hope: A Rescuer

In this season of Advent we have reason to put our hope in God. Isaiah 61 points to a savior who would come and rescue the children of God, giving them purpose, provision, and righteousness. We see this fulfilled in Jesus who is the rescuer of all. (Please forgive the poor audio quality)


Identity: Empowered

God has given us the identity of a Gospel-centered, family, on mission. But this is not something we simply will into existence. It is the role of the Holy Spirit to empower God's children to understand the Gospel and believe it, to live out the law of love and life as a family, and to be sent as ambassadors.


Identity: Sent

In John 20, Jesus says something profound: "As the Father has sent me, I am sending you." We find our identity as a congregation and as individuals in being a family on mission, living as sent ones in our spheres of influence. By looking to how Jesus was sent to proclaim the rule and reign of God, we learn that we have been sent to be WITH people, to SERVE people, and to LOOK for people to invite into the family of God.


Identity: Living as a Family

The narrative of Scripture shows again and again that God desires to reunite heaven and earth and that His primary means of doing so has been through a family...the families of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and then the tribes and family of Israel. As a local congregation, Hope Nazareth finds its identity in being a Gospel-centered family on mission. By looking to the letter Paul wrote to the Ephesian church communities we find how it is that we can live out this calling to be a family of...


Identity: Children of God

Hope Alliance Nazareth aims to be a "Gospel centered family on mission." We believe that God is a compassionate Father who wants to find His lost, rebellious, and even self-righteous children and restore them to His family; not as servants but as co-heirs with Jesus. In this talk we take our cues from Luke 15's parable of the lost son(s). Much credit is due to Tim Keller and his book "The Prodigal God" which is highly recommended reading.


Identity: The Victory of God

The identity of Hope Alliance Nazareth is built on the Gospel that God loves humanity deeply and has won the victory over his enemy through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. In this talk we look at how Jesus is the Passover Lamb that was given as a ransom for many to free them from slavery to sin which leads to death. (The picture referenced can be found here.)


Identity: The Good News of God's Love

Our identity as a church community is rooted in the good news that God loves and pursues His creation, despite humanity regularly walking away from Him. As individuals, when we start to believe this good news, it has the power to change and transform our lives now and for eternity.


Identity: Simply Jesus

Rather than pursuing his own identity and glory, John the Baptist pointed a finger at "Simply Jesus" as the hero and savior of the world. Taking our cue from him, Hope Alliance Nazareth's identity is to point to Simply Jesus as well. We also find that by being yoked to Simply Jesus, we can rest as children of God instead of exhausting ourselves trying to build our own identity.


Hope Nazareth Guiding Values

What does "success" look like for a local church? In short: staying faithful to the success of Jesus' death and resurrection; the Gospel. In the Nazareth congregation of Hope Alliance Church, our guiding values set the S.T.A.G.E. for us to do just that. Simple Team Authentic Relationships Gospel-centeredness Empowered by the Spirit