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Want to align your life and business with your highest and best self?

Want to align your life and business with your highest and best self?
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Want to align your life and business with your highest and best self?








Episode 143: Spiritual Detox - Part 2: Emotional Freedom

This week, we bring you part 2 of our Spiritual Detox series, Emotional Freedom. Last week, with part 1, we talked about what happens when you have certain things in your life that don’t support who you are, what you’re doing and offered tips on how to navigate that. In this episode, we’re discussing what’s going on in your head, your heart, and what needs to be solved and resolved in order for you to be on (what Kisma likes to call) the “Divine Success Track,” where you’re facing forward,...


Episode 142: Spiritual Detox: Part 1- Community Over Competition

Happy New Year, Everyone! We hope that your 2019 is off to a great start. We’re starting the year with a 3 part series: Spiritual Detox. Today’s episode (Part 1) was inspired by an interview we had last year with Peg Fitzpatrick (Episode 88) about creating community over competition. Often times we find ourselves in a cycle of comparison and can feel like someone else’s gain automatically equates our loss. This is the antithesis to the Law of Supply, which states that there is more than...


Episode - 141 - How to Be Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears

As we bring 2018 to a close, we wanted to re-release one of our favorite episodes: How to Be Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears. JP Sears is one of the funniest, most innovative, enlightening and inspiring spiritual leaders. As an emotional healing coach, most famous for creating a connection through his humorous approach, JP connects with a vast audience through his courses, YouTube Channel, and has spread his message via a new medium with the release of his book How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12...


Episode 140- New Years Resolutions That Work

This episode was recorded around mid-December, as we were all starting to think about the things that we want to see shift in the New Year. New Year’s Resolutions are a big part of that conversation. What would you like to happen in 2019? It invites and inspires reflection on where things may have gone awry this year, where didn’t we step up to the plate? It’s also important to acknowledge and appreciate the areas where we DID step up. When approached in the right way New Year’s Resolutions...


Episode - 139 - How to Make the Present Moment Perfect

In this episode, we discuss how to make the present moment perfect. As we get closer and closer to the holidays, we want this to serve as a reminder to identify and be in the perfection, don’t take on any of the chaos. There’s perfection all around us, at every moment and we’re often conditioned by our beliefs to automatically focus on what’s wrong with a situation or to wish for things to be other than they are. Not only does this prevent us from seeing the beauty and perfection of a...


Episode 138 - How to Find Your Life Purpose

This week’s episode is about finding your purpose - this is a question Nick and Kisma receive often. This time of the year, in particular, starts to raise this question, more and more, as people are beginning to reflect on the current year and plan for 2019. We’ve all asked that question in some form or another: “why am I here?” , “what does it all mean?”, “what am I supposed to doing?” , “is this it?” We all have a purpose and discovering it is a large part of our journey - it’s important...


Episode 137 - Kisma's Gift Ideas

In this week’s episode, Kisma (aka “The Master of Gift Giving”) shares her insights on intentional gift giving, along with a list of her favorite gift ideas. Last week, Nick and Kisma talked about the impact and causes of Festive Stress - gift giving was among the top contributors. Along with being an additional expense, many people get very stressed about picking out the “right” gift. Nick and Kisma encourage us to reignite the joy in gift giving, and receiving, that we experienced as...


Episode 136 - Festive Stress

This episode was recorded right before the Thanksgiving Holiday, and Nick and Kisma kick off the discussion about getting into the holiday spirit (Kisma already has her Christmas music set in the car). As great as the holidays can be, they’re also a time of increased stress and elevated anxiety for a lot of people. Tune in for a mindful discussion on some of the approaches and practices that you can implement to safely (and peacefully) navigate any festive stress.


Ep. 135: The Power of Gratitude

Each and every person can have gratitude. When you look at everything with gratitude, it propels you. It allows you to stay in movement and become powerful. Energetically there will be a shift in your tone and attitude giving you a sense of humility.


Ep.134: Who Do I Need to Be?

Who do you need to be to, have what you want? Many people don’t think about this in these terms. It’s an important part of the process in goal setting and goal “getting”. A very common phrase is, Be – Do - Have.


Ep.133: Is Discipline a Dirty Word?

Both Nick and Kisma have a deep appreciation for discipline in their lives. However, many others don’t even want to hear about discipline. It feels restrictive and repressive to some and not something they want more of in their lives until they learn what it really is.


Ep. 132: What is Sacrifice

More There are some thoughts around the word sacrifice that make it seem like a “bad” thing. There is a positive energy to the attitude of giving up, letting go. Giving something up for something greater is sacrifice.


Ep. 131: Knowing Your Value

What Is Value? Money is one example of value. You can burn paper money to stay warm, you can exchange it for something of, clothing, services, etc… It’s important to understand what you are really looking for.

Ep. 130: Law of Success - Working with the Law Part 8

Kisma believes that when we go for “the real success”, that serves and makes an impact on the world, it’s easier to get because we are working with the Laws. When business comes into accordance with the Golden Rule, then we will have success.


Ep. 129: Law of Forgiveness- Working with the Law Part 7

Forgiveness is super important for health of the mind, body and soul! To live life as a Divine Being, forgiveness is the first requirement. This does not mean it’s ok to allow people to steal from or harm you and become “happy-happy” and not do anything.


Ep.128: The Law of Non-Resistance - Working with the Law Part 6

When focused on what others do wrong, your sending that energy out and will boomerang right back to us. This creates resistance, stopping your flow of love, health, and abundance in all things.


Ep. 127: Law of Compensation - Working with the Law Part 5

You reap what you sow. We see this Law in many different iterations. You will see this in the Bible as well as in other spiritual texts. The Law of Compensation falls under or is a subset of the Law of Karma.


Ep.126: Law of Attraction - Working with the Law Part 4

This law gets a lot of attention and more people are realizing that we do create our own reality. However, due to the wide area of attention on this law, there is some misunderstanding of what it really is all about. There is a lack of depth around The Law of Attraction.


Ep. 125: The Law of Receiving - Working with the Law Part 3

You can start using this Law by being open to receiving. By setting an intention or desire you want to receive is a want to have a fuller expression of life. Kisma believes when desires get convoluted or we’re not receiving the desire that we put out there, it’s usually because one is not letting go of the desire.


Ep. 124: The Law of Supply - Working with the Law Part 2

Most people forget to ask for help or what they desire. Therefore, the thoughts go into, I don’t have it rather than going to seek it. . The Universe is always giving; it’s an endless supply. Humans are the ones who keep wanting to cut the supply, yet, the Universe keeps giving! You must understand that we are not operating from our own physical supply ourselves.