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Podcast by John Kevitz
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Podcast by John Kevitz




I'm Just A Dude - Episode 6 - Bernie Sanders - Abortion - Climate Change - Religious Freedom

In today’s I’m Just A Dude Podcast we take a look at democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. In the latest town hall, the democratic presidential candidates discussed climate change. During the discussion, the subject of abortion came up when Bernie was asked a question about population control. We’re going to review His answers and talk about why Christians should be more considered about Bernie than just His socialistic views on how our culture should work. We’ll touch a bit on...


I'm Just A Dude - Episode 5 - Freedom Of Speech And Live Action Censored

In today’s episode of I’m Just A Dude Podcast we review the importance of Free Of Speech. I talk about why Christians, Conservatives, and Libertarians are being censored on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I discuss the censoring of the Pro-Life organization "Live-Action" on Facebook and why silencing any groups has a profound effect on everyone! Remember to give this podcast a 5-star rating or more and leave a comment below. You can listen to the I'm Just A Dude Podcast on iTunes,...


I'm Just A Dude - Episode 4 - Abortion And The Value Of Innocent Life

In today’s I’m Just A Dude Podcast we tackle a very touchy subject—abortion. I discuss the value of life, and when does it begin. How can so many people have such opposing views on the creation of life and when it begins? Who and what defines the value of life? We get into all these things, and more in this episode of I’m Just A Dude with John Kevitz. Remember to rate the podcast high and leave a comment below if you're on iTunes. All other platforms have different systems of rating and...


I'm Just A Dude - Episode 3 - The Bible - YouTube Censorship - Twin Babies Saved

A new study shows that fewer Christians are reading the Bible. So, how can we be prepared for critical moments in our lives if we’re ignoring the one thing that has the wisdom for us to be ready? YouTube is censoring a veterans outreach ministry. They placed an ad trying to advertise their ministry so other veterans could find help dealing with their PTSD. YouTube blocked their ad because they used the “Christian” in the ad. Now using the word “Christian” is considered by Google and YouTube...


I'm Just A Dude - Episode 2 - Christian Persecution - Jesus At Comic - Con

Are you a Christian, or an Easter Worshiper? According to the mainstream media, you're an Easter Worshiper. So why is it that when a Christian/s get persecuted in America or around the world we never hear about it? If we do hear about Christian Persecution, why are politicians and the mainstream reluctant to say the word Christians? We explore this more and learn the real stats about religious persecution around the world. Then we take a look at a more positive outreach taking place at...


I'm Just A Dude - Episode 1 - Where Does True Freedom Come From?

Have you ever wondered the basis of our Freedom? Where does it come from, and what are some examples? What is true Freedom, and how do we get and keep it? In today' s podcast, we explore the true nature of Freedom, and if we're smart, we'll get it and never lose it!