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Our Sunday morning messages.

Our Sunday morning messages.


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Our Sunday morning messages.




All That God Had Prepared for Those Who Love Him

We conclude our series in this session with an overview of all that we have talked about in the past 15 sessions. We have covered a lot in detail and it can be easy to forget the bigger picture. This overview should convince us, and motivate us, that in light of all that God has prepared for us (see I Corinthians 2:9), we have been called to a very important work here in our lifetime! If you'd like to know more about Eternal Life, Mike has written a book, Words of Eternal Life, which can be...


Our Life in Review

Today we look at how we live our lives here on earth in light of all that God has prepared for us. We are told in I Corinthians 3 that we are to be careful how we build because all our deeds and works will be tested and judged by fire. Are we building with gold, silver, and precious stones….or are we building with wood, straw, and hay? Are we storing up treasure here on earth, or are we stored up treasure in heaven. These are hard questions we must ask ourselves! If you'd like to know more...


Looking for the City

In this life we all pass through various trials, disappointments, times of confusion, and even suffering. In this message we take a look at an inside view of how people like Abraham, Moses, and others viewed the difficulties they passed through. We focus on the insights found in Hebrews 11. We see that their truest desire was for a city, a heavenly city, whose architect and builder is God. It was that vision of that future city that kept them going and enabled them to do the things they were...


What Will we do for All Eternity?

Have you ever wondered what we will be doing for all of eternity? We are not told all the details, but we can see from the Scriptures that the New Earth/New Heaven will be filled with activity and enjoyment. Being bored certainly will not happen. This future world where we live forever will be far supported in every way over this present world. As we are told in I Corinthians 2:9…..we cannot even begin to imagine or comprehend all that God has prepared for us. If you'd like to know more...


Death and Resurrection (part 2)



Death and Resurrection (part 1)



Why Pray for Jerusalem?



The Great ”I AM” (part 2 continued)



The Great ”I AM” (part 2)



A Peek Into the Next World

The prophet Joel spoke of God pouring out His Spirit upon all mankind in the last days through dreams and visions. God is doing this around the world today in unprecedented ways. In this message we look at a few examples of God revealing Himself…in dreams and visions, and giving us a glimpse into this other world that one day we will call home. If you'd like to know more about Eternal Life, Mike has written a book, Words of Eternal Life, which can be ordered on Kindle or in paperback below....


New Heaven and New Earth

We now turn our attention to the New Heaven and New Earth when God makes all things new. This message is an introduction to this very important and often misunderstood topic. Revelation 20-21, the last two chapters of the Bible, talk of this ultimate destination for Christians. Actually, it is more than just a destination. It is our inheritance that is spoken of throughout both the Old Testament and New Testament. If you'd like to know more about Eternal Life, Mike has written a book, Words...


Matthew 25 Parables

In this message we look at the last two parables found in Matthew 25. The Parable of the Talents and the Parable of the Sheep and Goats, along with the Parable of the Ten Virgins (discussed in the previous session) are a trilogy of parables that Jesus gave His disciples concerning how we are to prepare and be ready for His coming. Together, the messages found here can instruct us on what is important in life. We see what Jesus is calling for often does not line up with our priorities. If...


The Parable of the 10 Virgins

In this message we look at the Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25. Once again, this is a parable Jesus gave to His disciples concerning being ready and alert for His return. The admonition is clear. We are to keep our lamps lit. and with oil, until the very end. But what does this mean? The lesson is very practical and is extremely important for us to hear. If you'd like to know more about Eternal Life, Mike has written a book, Words of Eternal Life, which can be ordered on Kindle or...


Many are Called but few are Chosen

In this message we look at the Parable of the Wedding Guests in Matthew 22. The parable is similar to the parable we looked at last week in Luke 22. However, there are some significant differences. One difference is that this parable in Matthew 22 adds a part of the importance of wearing wedding clothes. We talk about what this means….something very necessary! If you'd like to know more about Eternal Life, Mike has written a book, Words of Eternal Life, which can be ordered on Kindle or in...


That My House May be Filled

Jesus often talked about the age that is to come later, especially in His parables. One such parable is the Parable of the Dinner found in Luke 14:16-24. We see that two things stand out from the beginning of the parable. First, God is preparing a very big dinner, which of course, speaks of the lavish feast with abundance in the next life. The second is that He is inviting many to this Dinner. In this message we dig deeper into this parable for insights into what is next, as well as how...


The Great ”I AM”



The Role of Angels

Any serious study of heaven and the next age will eventually take us to the topic of angels. In this message we do a very introductory study of what the Bible says about angels. Sadly, there are all sorts of wild ideas, and sentimental ones, that are not Biblical. These ideas have often infiltrated the Church. We will probably see an increase of angelic activity in the last days. We also need to know that not all angels are “good angels” even though they may appear to be harmless. The Church...


Living in the Millennium

Most Christians have heard of the Millennium that will happen after the return of Jesus, but few have a good understanding of what it will look like. While we don’t know everything, there are a number of passages that describes this next age. In this message, we see that the glorious Kingdom of God will reach its fullness during the Millennium. Almost every major and minor Prophet in the Old Testament speaks of this glorious new age. Looking at just some of these passages will give us all a...


The First Resurrection

We look at all the events surrounding the second coming of Jesus, the event that begins a glorious eternity. We see that His return will be amazing…..with trumpet blaring, angels, a great shout. We talk about the first resurrection when we receive our glorified bodies. And then we talk about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the first gathering that includes all the saints from all generations and all nations. If you'd like to know more about Eternal Life, Mike has written a book, Words of...


Present Heaven

In this message we look at what happens after death during the time between the resurrection of Jesus and His second coming. More specifically, we look at what the Scriptures say about what we can expect heaven will be like. We answer questions such as will we recognize one another, can we see what is going on here on earth, and what we will be doing. We also take a quick look at what Hades will be like. For the book Mike mentions, here are the links: English:...