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#9.5: On Home Improvement Shows

This week, three of our editors discuss the booming home improvement show trend (and everyone's favorite Fixer Upper couple!) -- why are they so popular? Are there deeper meanings behind our love for these shows? Listen in to find out!


#9: On Hospitality and Women in the Church

This week, Kelly and Rachel have a "girls only" conversation, talking to Kristin Schell about her turquoise table and hospitality and then discussing women in the church. Whether you're a woman or not, listen in to this conversation about building community of all kinds in all areas of life, and join us on to share your thoughts and feedback!


#8: On Anxiety and Being Ordinary

This week, Shawn McEvoy interviews popular author and pastor Max Lucado about his upcoming book "Anxious for Nothing" and the editors discuss anxiety in our culture today. They also debate "radical" versus "ordinary" based on two popular Christian books that have made waves in recent years-- which one is better? Which should we be pursuing? Is it possible that there's a better middle ground? Join us on to leave your comments!


#5.5: On Parenting in the Social Media Age

In this week's mini episode, we hear more from author Jaquelle Crowe about being a teenager in today's technology age. The editors discuss parenting, social media, and boundaries and balance when it comes to social media and the Internet. Join us on to share your own parenting tips when it comes to technology, or your own thoughts about how social media affects us all these days! All topics discussed can be found in our show notes at...


#4.5: On Books: Childhood Favorites, Re-reads, and Summer Reads

In this shorter episode, the editors talks about a few of their favorite books, which was about as hard as trying to pick favorite children! Each editor shares a childhood favorite, a book they re-read yearly, and a summer reading recommendation -- you're sure to walk away with a longer to-read list after this one! Whether you're a fan of fiction, non-fiction, Christian books, or the classics, we bet you'll hear us mention some of your favorites in this conversation. Join us on...


#4: On Loneliness and Small Groups

This week, the editors talk about loneliness (we all feel it--married or single, male or female, parents or not!) and small groups (what we love about them, what's worked, what's frustrating and challenging about how churches organize them, and more). Author Lydia Brownback is featured in an interview with Kelly Givens about her new book "Finding God in the Loneliness." Join us on to share your own small group stories-- we'd love to hear your thoughts!...


#3.5: On Bloggers to Follow

This week on our mini episode, we shine a spotlight on the lesser known bloggers we love and think you'll love too. After talking about platforms and brands in Episode #3, we wanted to give these platforms a boost, and we hope you'll check out their writing and follow along with their work! Join us on to share your feedback-- we look forward to hearing your recommendations of bloggers we should follow, too! All topics discussed can be found in our show...


#2.5: On Bible Study

This week on our mini episode, we discuss Bible study -- how we do it, what resources we're using, how we reward ourselves in our quiet times, and even how we're struggling to study the Word consistently. Join us on to share your feedback-- we look forward to hearing your thoughts on grace and graciousness! All topics discussed can be found in our show notes at Thanks...


#2: On Grace and Graciousness

This week on the podcast, we share Shawn McEvoy's recent conversation with Kyle Idleman, author of the newly released Grace is Greater book and discuss how grace plays out in our daily lives and in our weakness. We also talk about graciousness and some silly (and serious) things Christians really should stop saying both on Facebook and in face-to-face conversations... if you caught episode #1.5, you have an idea of what we're talking about here! Join us on Facebook...


#1.5: On “Smokin’ Hot Wives”

We're having a short conversation today (we'll share these mini-episodes in between our longer ones!) and discussing a topic that's been bugging us for some time... when pastors (or men in general) describe their wives as "smokin' hot." We chat again with Barnabas Piper who wrote a popular blog post on this topic as well as hear a woman's perspective. Join us on Facebook (link coming soon) to share your feedback-- we look forward to hearing your thoughts on "smokin' hot wives." All topics...


#1: On Curiosity and Coloring Books

It's our first episode! We're excited to share's newest endeavor with you and tell you why we're excited to be starting a podcast. Barnabas Piper, author of The Curious Christian, sat down with Steve McGarvey this week to share why he's become so interested in the idea of curiosity, and it sparked a conversation among our editors on how curiosity relates to our faith, work, interests, and more. We chat about one particularly curious phenomenon making waves in Christian...