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Conversations about what we believe, why we believe, and how we navigate the common ground and differences between our traditions!

Conversations about what we believe, why we believe, and how we navigate the common ground and differences between our traditions!
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Conversations about what we believe, why we believe, and how we navigate the common ground and differences between our traditions!




Language Holds Everything

An Abenaki poet and a Lutheran pastor discuss rights vs responsibility, working towards ‘survivance’, and The Great Conversion. This summer, in a creaky Vermont farmhouse on the campus of the Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English, Jack hosted a conversation between poet Cheryl Savageau and retired pastor Mike Fonner. Cheryl graciously shared about leaving Catholicism as a youth, reconciling her Abenaki heritage with Jewish traditions, and the importance of telling stories of the...


Comics + Religion!

Join us for a delightfully dorky discussion on the intersection of comics and religion with A. Dave Lewis (founder of Sacred and Sequential, and writer of Kismet: Man of Fate), Assaf Gamzou (editor of Comics and Sacred Texts), and Dan Clanton Jr. (author of The End Will Be Graphic). We talk about which X-men keep kosher on missions, why comics are the perfect medium to watch the growth of a soul, and of course we end the show with eschatology (extra credit if you get that pun!). Learn more...


Hail Satan?

For our first edition of "Interfaith-ish Goes to the Movies", we review the new documentary 'Hail Satan?' Jack hosts an all-star panel, including Sabrina Dent of the Religious Freedom Center, Charles Watson Jr of the BJC, Derek from the Capital Area Satanists, and interfaith ish-tronaut Miranda Hovemeyer. We dive into religious liberty claims, confronting notions of Christian supremacy, and whether Satanists are welcome at the interfaith table. Plus an interview with filmmaker Penny Lane...


Midsummer Mystical Music Tour!

Guest host Sue Katz Miller takes us on another midsummer mystical music tour, featuring Sephardic rhythms, African-American spirituals, feminist Muslim hip hop, and more! Learn more about: Trio Sefardi Rhiannon Giddens Mona Haydar Emma's Revolution


Building Bridges Globally

From Tahiti to the Yucatan, Djibouti to DC! Guest host Sue Katz Miller chats with international interfaith-er MacKenzie Bills about her many endeavors across the world. Plus how she navigates interfaith spaces as a secular person. Learn more about the DMV Youth Empowerment Retreat:


Making the Groundbreaking Film 'The Gate'

This week, we have a special interview with the filmmakers behind The Gate, the first major film about the early history of the Baha'i Faith. Peabody Award-winners Steve Sarowitz and Bob Hercules discuss the interfaith origins of their collaboration, creating a film to appeal to people of any or no religion, and how they told their story without actually showing their main character on screen. Watch 'The Gate': About the Baha'i Faith:...


Hindu Ish + Episcopal Ish

Guests Jay Kansara, Director of Government Relations at the Hindu American Foundation, shares his take on the recent Indian elections; Anne LeVeque, a former Senior Warden for the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, reflects on witnessing the first Episcopal ordination of women priests; and we all discover how rich, sensory experiences are common to both traditions. Learn more: Hindu American Foundation Episcopal Church of the Ascension...


Creation Care Ish

Are you down with AOC or Laudato Si? Guests Joelle Novey and Avery Davis Lamb of Interfaith Power & Light DMV discuss why we can read both the Pope's encyclical and the Green New Deal as moral documents. Plus, what stirs up "holy envy", who the Bible calls a "dirt person" (spoilers: everybody), and tools for opening a conversation about climate change in your faith community. Learn more about IPLDMV: Read Laudato Si:


Don't Duck!

We cover A LOT of topics with Lutheran Pastor Karen Brau and Fazia Deen of Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center: serving homeless women in a changing DC neighborhood, growing up Muslim in Guyana, finding common ground with Evangelicals, feeding the hungry during Ramadan, and what it means to love boldly… More info: Luther Place Memorial Church N Street Village Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center



Hugging imams in public, lying to avoid bad desserts, and other awkward anecdotes... This week, Jack welcomes Dr. Sabrina E. Dent of the Religious Freedom Center at the Freedom Forum Institute and Usra Ghazi of America Indivisible to talk about religious liberty and literacy, but also just as importantly, to laugh. Learn more about: Religious Freedom Center America Indivisible ISPU's American Muslim Poll...


I'm Crying With You

The "consolation and desolation" of Notre Dame, lost histories of Sephardic Jews in the Holocaust, and amazing foods to try during Passover. Vanessa Badré, a parishioner at St Louis du France in DC, provides a unique insider perspective, not only as an art historian and a French Catholic, but also a leading advocate for Notre Dame's renovation campaign. And Franz Afraim Katzir, founding director of SHIN-DC, talks about preserving Sephardic Jewish stories and traditions. About: La Paroisse St...


The Interfaith Family Journal!

Guest hosts Miranda and Sue explore Sue's new book The Interfaith Family Journal! Together they go through a couple of the journal's exercises for blended families, including sharing food traditions and navigating the politics of gift giving. Plus our hosts discuss their favorite moments from the past year of our show and why comedy is essential in interfaith work. Thanks to everyone who called and emailed to pledge your support during our Takoma Radio fundraising week! You can contribute...


Zoroastrian Ish + Baha'i Ish

Two religions, originating in Persia. One, ancient and steeped in ritual. The other, founded in the modern age. What are the connections and differences between them? Jack speaks with Hormuzd Katki, a lay priest with the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington (ZAMWI), and Nickole Best, a program coordinator with the DC Baha'i Junior Youth Empowerment Program. Plus, we discuss how each celebrates the start of spring with Nowruz / Naw Ruz, the new year of both Zoroastrians and...



How is LGBTQ inclusion discussed in the Methodist and Sikh traditions? What work needs to be done in the broader interfaith community? This week, Jack welcomes Rev. Rochelle Andrews (who is ordained AME and works at University UMC) and Ranjana Kaur Kohli (Sikh volunteer with Center Faith) to share their perspectives. Center Faith: University UMC:


Live from American University!

Recorded at the 2019 DMV Interfaith Leadership Summit at American University’s Kay Spiritual Life Center. For our first-ever live show, Jack talks with Chase Kimball about being a Mormon in Libya; Nada Zohdy tells the story of a cab driver who wanted to convert her boss; Adrian Graham shares how a Christian/Pagan ended up in charge of synagogue membership; and Aesha Mehta gives us the 411 on where all the Millennial Hindus are hanging out. Plus we play a trivia game called Comics or...


Adventist Ish + Ahmadiyya Ish

Guests Pastor Mario Broussard II, a psychotherapist and ordained elder in the Adventist Church, and Imam Hammad Ahmad of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community's American Fazl Mosque, discuss holistic health, religious freedom, and the similarities between these religious movements, which were both founded in the mid-1800s.


Orthodox Ish

When you bring together a Modern Orthodox rabbi and a Russian Orthodox priest, of course we're going to start by talking about beards! Besides grooming, guests Father Victor Potapov (rector of the Russian Orthdox Cathedral of St John the Baptist) and Rabbi Uri Topolosky (leader of Kehilat Pardes, the Rock Creek Synagogue) discussed their definitions of Orthodoxy, what attracts new members to their communities, and how they both met their wives playing guitar in Jerusalem. Kehilate Pardes:...


Christian-Muslim Unity Ish

Talk about wearing many hats.. or rather headscarves! For our first show of 2019, Jack brought together two tireless interfaith advocates: Jordan Denari-Duffner, associate at The Bridge Initiative and author of Finding Jesus Among Muslims; and Nadia Hassan, an educator and Executive Director of Young Leaders Institute. Both guests shared the experiences that sparked their passion for interfaith engagement, and we discussed ways we can recognize our own blindspots when it comes to...


Kwanzaa Ish + Pagan Ish

Jack welcomes Toussaint Tingling-Clemmons to speak about the African-American holiday of Kwanzaa; and Alex Zach, a leader with Turning Circle (, who shared about her Pagan practice.


Buddhist Ish + Methodist Ish

Thomas Merton, Steven Seagal, and meditative flute music. These are just some of the topics our guests dive into this week as we discuss Christianity and Buddhism with Rev. Dr. Charlie Parker, a retired Methodist minister, and Bill Aiken, former Director of Public Affairs for Soka Gakkai International-USA. For more on Soka Gakkai International-USA, visit For more on National United Methodist Church, visit For more on Aikido Shobukan Dojo,...