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Real and honest Bible conversations from three people who will never claim to know everything. We are just exploring the Scriptures, God, and theology in an open way. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Real and honest Bible conversations from three people who will never claim to know everything. We are just exploring the Scriptures, God, and theology in an open way. Thanks for joining us on this journey!
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Real and honest Bible conversations from three people who will never claim to know everything. We are just exploring the Scriptures, God, and theology in an open way. Thanks for joining us on this journey!




23 - Philemon

On to one of the shortest letters in the New Testament, this curious case called Philemon provokes more conversation that we had anticipated. Listen in on this limited-edit edition of Good Good Podcast where we attempt to be as minimal with our own editing as Paul is with the words he's given us to work with. Thanks for tuning in and as always, feel free to send us any questions or comments you may have!


22 - 1 Corinthians (The Second Part)

We wrap up our discussion over 1 Corinthians, in light of the question "who is Jesus?" We begin in controversial territory and want to disclaim ahead of time that we are not making any theological assertions when discussing homosexuality as Paul portrays it here, we're merely reading and reflecting in a candid way. We also want to apologize ahead of time for the audio discrepancy that flips to HD part of the way in.


21 - 1 Corinthians Part 1

Who is Jesus? There's a lot to be said for that topic in 1 Corinthians so we broke our discussion into two sections. Jesus is a life-changer for Paul, and in this letter he breaks down exactly how that looks in 5 different categories that the Corinthians struggle with and, surprise surprise, they're still relevant issues today! Thanks for listening, let's do this!!


20 - Galatians

Continuing on in our discussion of who Jesus is, we turn to Galatians which is the first major theological writing coming from Paul and offers a lot to be examined when it comes to the discussion of Jesus' identity. Buckle up and thanks for going on this journey with us!


19 - Who is Jesus, Paul?

There have been a lot of things written down about who Jesus is, but what are the first things people wrote about him? Most likely, those first written thoughts come from Paul, specifically in his first letter to the Thessalonians. So this week we dive in to Paul and his first writings all while trying to answer the question: who is Jesus?


18 - I Am the Life

Continuing our conversation on "Who is Jesus?" we look at Jesus' sayings and parables in which He talks about himself, particularly the ones where He refers to himself as the Life. What does it mean that He is the life? Why does He use the metaphors that He does? Join us as we discover Jesus' identity together!


17 - Jesus' Self Identity

We pick up where we left off and explore the question "Who did Jesus say he was?" Looking primarily at the gospels but also several other sources, we begin to talk about who Jesus thought he was. Why did he call himself the Son of Man? Did he think he was God? Thanks for listening!


16 - Who is Jesus

This week we start a journey that will continue on for multiple episodes asking the fundamental question "who is Jesus?" This will launch us into all sorts of topics, ideas, and of course generate other questions, but we hope you'll join us as we explore the main thing in the Bible: Jesus! Email us at if you have thoughts, input, questions, or want to be a guest!


15 - 2 Samuel

We continue into 2 Samuel and begin to notice how the story seems to be pointing us to a new character that won't show up for some time...a character that we'll begin talking about next week. But first, we have to set the stage, and 2 Samuel has quite a bit of staging to lay out for us.


A Word From Us

We want to take this opportunity to speak to you directly, give you a glimpse into the background of the show, and ask for your partnership in this podcast. Email us at!


13 - 1 Samuel

We're taking on another book study this week! After our last few discussions on the Bible's origins and what it means to have faith in the Bible, we wanted to take a moment to study the Bible with this lens "what is the Bible saying that, as a Christian, I should be putting my faith in?" So that's how we're approaching 1 Samuel and the conversation that we'll have surround the book in this episode. Thanks for listening, and as always, please send us any questions or thoughts you all have!


12 - Faith

After talking about the Bible, we wanted to explore what it means to have faith in the Bible. This is generally an abstract concept that often becomes all about "believing something in your heart." But what does the Bible say about faith, and what does it look like in practice? Tune in to learn!


11 - The Bible

This week we're taking a step back to as "what is the Bible? Where did it come from? Why should we read it?" This conversation proved really fruitful and we're glad you're here to explore alongside us! We've tried new and different this week due to travel schedules and recorded our episode mobily, so we apologize for the slight downgrade in audio quality. Thanks for listening!


10 - Catholocism

This week we've invited a guest, Garrett, to come in and talk about some of the major topics that Catholicism holds and how they relate to a Protestant viewpoint. Garrett was raised in a Protestant family but became a member of the Roman Catholic Church as an adult, and has since dove deep into Catholic Theology. We hope this conversation will spark more questions that you can send to us at and we can continue to address them with more guest-centric episodes in the...


9 - Jonah

We're taking a bit of a turn this week from talking about topics from the Bible to one specific book: Jonah. Jonah is an odd book of the Bible but one that has a whole lot to be pulled out of it, and even some good things we can apply in our lives today. Thanks for listening!


8 - Forgiveness

This week we get a little taste of a practical theology of Forgiveness! Forgiveness seems to be one of the most difficult things for us to do as humans, so we're diving in to see what the Word has to say about God's forgiveness, forgiving others, and forgiving ourselves.


7 - Kingdom of Heaven

Time to get back to the good stuff with...HEAVEN! What is Jesus talking about when he says "the Kingdom of Heaven?" What is Revelation all about? And a whole lot more! Thanks for tuning in to what might be our most practical episode yet, we hope you love it. Also, we are looking for guests to appear on the podcast as well as future topics, so please send us an email at if you have anything for us. Thanks again!


6 - Sin

Harry, Chris, and Hayden are in Breckenridge, Colorado, arguably a new Eden on Earth, which is where they'll begin to explore the questions "what is sin?" and "why does sin exist?" We live in Genesis for the majority of this podcast, but find ourselves talking about sin in light of Jesus as well, and what that means for us.


5 - Creation

Harry, Chris, and Hayden take on some of the big questions: WHERE DID WE COME FROM AND WHY ARE WE HERE?! Talking about Genesis 1&2 and what they're saying about creation, God, and us. We thank you so much for joining us this week and hope you'll engage in some meaningful discussion with a friend or two after you listen!


4 - Hell

We're taking on the topic of hell and exploring some traditional views on what it is, but also discussing a practical theology of hell, how it pertains to God's love and goodness, and what Jesus means when he is talking about it. We thank you for listening in and hope it is stimulating for your own thoughts and discussions!