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Jesus Christ is supreme brilliance. He has the best information for our lives. Now. And ultimately, the horizon is bright!

Jesus Christ is supreme brilliance. He has the best information for our lives. Now. And ultimately, the horizon is bright!
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Jesus Christ is supreme brilliance. He has the best information for our lives. Now. And ultimately, the horizon is bright!






055: Healthy Soul Care -- A Refreshing, New Normal - Bill & Harriet Mouer

The Old Normal is unsustainable. Here's what Jesus said about a refreshing, New Normal ... "I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me -- watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly" (Matthew 11, The Message). Bill and Harriet Mouer show us why healthy soul care is so vital.


054: There's a "Lid" Over Your Life Without the Right Kingdom Relationships - Jason Howard

We think that Kingdom-real, life-giving relationships are so vital, there's a "lid" over areas of our life without them. It's above and beyond attending church services -- what is Jesus building? And what gives Satan a killer panic attack? We think we're on to something innovative. Are your Kingdom relationships too safe and boring? Most likely. See the show notes page for this episode at CLICK! >> ----more---- JESUS SMART: THE PODCAST Get the Jesus Smart...


053: Locate Your North Star for Your Next Season - Ken L. Roberts (Achieve Series #4 of 4)

This 4-part series has been all about getting into a PEAK STATE of gratitude and abundance thinking for fruitful planning, goal setting, and action for any new season. The science ways we'll be more successful. The Christ-Follower should excel at this! Ken L. Roberts is a life coach, online trainer, author, and speaker -- he shows us how we can play our unique part in a Bigger Than Everything Story. #4 of 4 in the Achieve Series <----- CLICK! ----more---- See the show notes page for...


052: Smart People Know This: Your Tongue Steers Your Life - Brian Del Turco (Achieve Series #3 of 4)

Here's a case to keep a firm hand at the helm of your "ship" ... your life and personal world. And your sphere of influence. And what steers it all? Your tongue. Indeed, internals shape externals. This is #3 of 4 in the Achieve series -- cultivating gratitude and abundance thinking and mixing it with goal setting for a new season. See the show notes page for this episode at ----more---- JESUS SMART: THE PODCAST Click to receive the Jesus Smart eLetter and keep current...


051: Gratitude Powers Higher Achievement - Tom Schwab (Achieve Series #2 of 4)

A friend and podcasting influencer, Tom Schwab (, thinks with me on this one. This is the #2 of 4 in a series on cultivating gratitude and abundance thinking and mixing it with goal setting for a new season. The research is clear: you'll be more successful with this approach. We’re made for horizons. A key aspect of happiness is having quality goals … and moving toward them. See the show notes page for this episode at ----more---- JESUS SMART: THE...


050: Hi-Def Living for a New Season - Joshua Faltot (Achieve Series #1 of 4)

A high value with the Creator is clarity. We could say he's Hi-Def ... infinitely Hi-Def. And so how can we live an intentional, proactive life, moving toward a preferred future in harmony with God? We can cultivate gratitude and an abundant mindset as we set goals for a new season. See the show notes page for this episode at ----more---- As we pray, listen, and prepare, we position ourselves for a new season of optimal living. We learn to balance the creative tension...


049: We Are Raised Now as Vice-Regents in Christ's Kingdom - Matt Raines

"[The Father] made us alive together with Christ ... and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus" (Ephesians 2:5-6). In Christ, we die to ourselves as a False King. And we are raised as Vice-Regents in the Kingdom of God! A Grand Narrative is at play -- a marred Creation is moving toward the New Creation. The Father is putting all things right in Christ. See the show notes page for this episode at ----more---- And the True...


048: Christ Is an Indestructible King! Ask Herod. (Christmas Series #6)

If you're a child of God through Christ, you cannot be defeated! God is a winner in every situation. Nothing frustrates his purpose. Christ was born as an indestructible king ... the demonized Herod soon discovered this. As we're obedient to the Word, and keep in step with the Holy Spirit, we always experience the triumph of Christ. The DNA of Christ and his kingdom simply cannot lose. 6 of 6 in the Christmas series See the show notes page for this episode at...


047: Advent Is Advancing and the Dragon's Doom (Christmas Series #5)

Advent is not just the anticipation of celebrating Christ’s birth each December. Advent is advancing each day. Each year. Each century. The real truth of Advent is that Christ coming into our world pronounces a sentence of doom upon all darkness. The incarnation is an existential threat to the Serpent of Old and his kingdom. Christmas has set in motion a powerful process which is transforming everything ... and this comes right down into our personal lives! 5 of 6 in the Christmas...


046: Alert: What You Say Shapes Your Future (Christmas Series #4)

Can it be that what you believe and say shapes your future and can release Heaven's Design into the earth? It sure seems so when we consider the experience of Zacharias, the priest and father of John, the forerunner of Christ. It's the nature of things and how they work -- our heart-state and words affect things. The call is to align with Higher Design. 4 of 6 in the Christmas series See the show notes page for this episode at ----more---- JESUS SMART: THE PODCAST Click...


045: Discovering the True You at Christmastime (Christmas Series #3)

Christmas is the revelation of God in Jesus. And the Christmas Dynamic includes the revelation of you! Your best life is found in a relational, heart knowledge of Christ. Everything you need and truly want is wrapped in the person of the Christ Child ... now resurrected, ascended, and enthroned as King. “Now with God’s help I shall become myself” (Soren Kierkegaard). 3 of 6 in the Christmas series See the show notes page for this episode at ----more---- JESUS SMART: THE...


044: Is That Your Heart Talking at Christmastime? (Christmas Series #2)

Our hearts are limitless. The beautiful and good things we desire in life are signs pointing us to Someone and Something -- the Creator and His Dream. These wonderful things seem to be stirred each Christmastime. It’s an opportunity to more closely harmonize with The Design for our lives. The weeks and months to come can be different. Much different. 2 of 6 in the Christmas series See the show notes page for this episode at ----more---- JESUS SMART: THE PODCAST Click to...


043: The Birth of Jesus and Ultimate Disruptive Innovation (Christmas Series #1)

Disruptive Innovation is a concept from the business world—something new and innovative disrupts what has been and introduces something never seen. The Ultimate Disruptive Innovation was birthed in a little town outside Jerusalem roughly 2000 years ago. Disruptive Innovation has big-scale potential for us. And my Friend, the Christmas Dynamic is Ultimate Disruptive Innovation. 1 of 6 in the Christmas series Show notes page at JESUS SMART: THE PODCAST Click...


042: Encore Episode -- Benefit with a "Beginner's Mind" (Minisode 6:57)

A beginner’s mind is a beautiful mind. It’s the mind of a child — questing, questioning, welcoming, learning. It is supple and receptive. This is an Encore Episode. See the show notes page for this episode at “Beginner’s mind” is a concept that comes from Zen Buddhism. I’m not a Buddhist, but this particular concept resonates with me. It’s a mindset, an approach to life that is open, boundless, limitless and infinitely wealthy. Interestingly, Jesus spoke of becoming a child...


041: Understand the Kingdom Story, Acts I-V -- Find Your Place with Matt Raines

You’re designed for narrative -- your Personal Life Story and the Big Story that’s shaping and moving everything. The Grand Narrative is the loving rule and reign of God. Jesus has come to put things back in order, restoring us as Vice-Regents under God as King. You’re going to hear from Matt Raines. Get ready for this. The 5 acts of the Kingdom Story ... nuanced and subtle, and yet writ large across time and space. And in Christ, your life is written into the Big Story on the Big...


040: Elevating My Internal State to Live My Best Life (Minisode 13:09)

I can live a better life on the outside if I invest in my life on the inside. We live from the inside-out . . . our internals shape and sustain our externals. When I’m in a higher internal state, I sense renewed hope. Fresh energy seems to ignite. At times, my body can be energized. New ideas show up. I start imagining potentials -- both near and far. My faith is strengthened. I feel more authoritative. Like anything can happen. Are there things I can do to achieve a higher internal...


039: War of the Worldviews with Joshua C. Faltot

You’re called to do more than just consume content ... you’re called to create it. And by so doing, you engage the Narrative Wars. False narratives live in television programming, film, video, audio, music, curricula and education, writing, public policy and law, and more. Upstream from the Narrative Wars are the Worldview Wars. In the 2 half of this conversation, Joshua and I discuss content and the war of the worldviews, and how even in the Church, many believers are compromised. See...


038: Apostolic DNA: Engage Spiritual Warfare -- Minisode 14:53 (Apostolic Christ-Followers Series, No. 9)

Question for us: Has Christianity degraded as a movement from the powerful, uncomplicated, and original to the overly-complex and institutional … what Paul referred to as a form with no power? The core DNA element of Apostolic Christianity is the Gospel of the Kingdom. What is “Good News (the Gospel)”? The Good News is the announcement of the Caesar Christ -- Christ as King, God as King. This implies conflict. ----more---- See the show notes page for this episode at A Few...


037: Pastor Andrew Brunson Freed from Turkey! -- Travis S. Weber, Family Research Council V.P. for Policy

Many of you have heard about American Pastor Andrew Brunson who was imprisoned in Turkey for 2 years. Pastor Andrew and his wife Norine served in Turkey for more than 2 decades where they established Izmir Resurrection Church. They openly shared Christ and also helped Syrian refugees – some of them Kurds. In 2016, there was a failed coup attempt against the president, and in the crackdown which ensued, Pastor Brunson was falsely accused of being a CIA agent and plotting with Kurdish...


036: Pray-Vote-Stand with Brent Keilen, Director of FRCAction

I was at a massive pumpkin festival of all places when I sat down on a tour bus for a few minutes with Brent Keilen. He's the Director of FRCAction, the legislative affiliate of Family Research Council in Washington, DC. We discussed the vital significance of Christ-followers engaging the political space with consistent prayer, political participation, and standing strong for the values of faith, family, and freedom. It's more than the political space though -- we're called to be salt and...