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Welcome to Jews You Should Know, introducing the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.

Welcome to Jews You Should Know, introducing the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.
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Welcome to Jews You Should Know, introducing the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.




Episode 086 - The Evolving Philanthropist: A Conversation with Anthony Moshal

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Few people can claim to have rolled multiple high-demand careers into one personal journey, but Anthony Moshal has been a physician, online-gaming mogul, real estate investor and venture capitalist. His most prized role, though, is as a philanthropist, investing in the future of orphaned Jewish children in the former Soviet Union, and in the Jewish education of disaffected youth around the world. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces...


Episode 085 - The Outerstuff CEO: A Conversation with Sol Werdiger

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Sol (Shloime) Weridger runs one of the most interesting companies in the Jewish world. Outerstuff is a leading provider of sportswear - jerseys, youth-wear and more - for most of the major sports leagues in the United States. He is also a deeply committed Jew, focused very much on the themes of integrity and Jewish values. Through his interface with commissioners, franchise owners and the titans of the sports apparel world, Sol creates a kiddush Hashem (sanctification of...


Episode 084 - The Children's Author/Illustrator: A Conversation with Ann Koffsky

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Ann Koffsky is an author, illustrator, editor and publisher of Jewish children's books, averaging a book per year for several decades! She is also an activist promoting the inclusion of women's images in religious publications. Follow her on Instagram @JewishArtByAnn, or on the Web at Also see her work for Behrman House - - and it's children's picture books imprint at Her advocacy work is featured...


Episode 083 - The Australian Psychologist and Leadership Innovator: A Conversation with Jackie (Engel) Glaser

ABOUT THIS EPISODE From her post as a psychologist on the Australian "Today" show, to her recent engagement in the mountains of Toledo, Spain, Jackie (Engel) Glaser has led a fascinating life. Her great passion - empowering young Jewish student leaders, as Director of Global Leadership for OLAMI - is an outgrowth of her own experiences, and has already brightened the firmament of Jewish campuses and communities around the world. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should...


Episode 082 - The Brazilian Mega-Philanthropist and Olami Co-Founder: A Conversation with Elie Horn

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Elie Horn is a Brazilian real estate magnate. He is also one of the most passionate philanthropists in the Jewish world, dedicated entirely to combating assimilation and offering young Jews the gift of Jewish education. Along with the Wolfson family, Mr. Horn founded Olami, a worldwide network of organizations in over 20 countries committed to this noble mission. Learn more at -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces the...


Episode 081 - The Marathon Mother: A Conversation with Beatie Deutsch

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Beatie Deutsch is not only the "fastest woman in Israel," but also the fastest to attribute her success to the One Above. As an Orthodox woman and mother of five, Beatie transcends stereotypes and is on a mission to transform public perception of what the women of her community can accomplish, while preserving and promoting her most sacred values. An aspiring Olympian, Beatie is now sponsored by the Israel government and Nike, and has been featured in countless media...


Episode 080 - The Father of Koby: A Conversation with Seth Mandell

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Most people - gratefully - cannot imagine the pain of losing a child under any circumstances, much less in a brutal terror attack while he is still a young boy. Yet we also cannot imagine the strength of character and the spiritual power necessary to transform that grief into a plan of action aimed at growth and healing for fellow victims of unspeakable tragedy. Rabbi Seth Mandell, along with his wife Sherry, turned the most terrible experience of their lives into a...


Episode 079 - The UConn Basketball Star: A Conversation with Doron Sheffer

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Doron Sheffer has played basketball at a level few people - much less few Jewish people - ever attain. Through his years as a star at the University of Connecticut, and in Israel for illustrious teams such as Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Jerusalem, Sheffer expressed his immense talents on the court. Off the court, though, he was traveling a spiritual journey that eventually led him back to his own Jewish roots, and to a life-after-basketball spent instilling values into...


Episode 078 - The Gifted Communicator: A Conversation with Moe Mernick

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Moe Mernick has been an actor, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, Torah teacher and more in his life and career. These accomplishments would be exceptional for anyone, but far more so for one who suffered his whole life from a debilitating stutter. Moe eventually came to see this challenge as a mountain to conquer, and in fact became the catalyst for his later achievements. He chronicled this journey in his 2016 book, The Gift of Stuttering, and continues to...


Episode 077 - The Fertiliy Advocate: A Conversation with Gideon Weitzman

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Fertility - or its opposite - is not a subject considered by most people...until they encounter it. Today, nearly one in seven children is born through various interventions, and Jewish couples worldwide need guidance, support, and material assistance navigating the labyrinth of options and emotions involved in this process. Puah is a remarkable institution, based in Israel but with partnerships worldwide, offers the full gamut of resources, plus broader support on topics...


Episode 076 - The Viral Ambassador of Joy: A Conversation with Meir Kay

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Few people in the world - much less the Jewish world - can claim to have produced videos viewed tens or hundreds of millions of times, but Meir Kalmanson (a.k.a. Meir Kay) has done precisely that with his creative and uplifting productions. A lifelong Chabad chasid, Meir has fulfilled his mission as a "lamplighter" in a distinctly modern way, capitalizing on social media and other technologies to spread happiness, meaning and kindness around the world. View his work at...


Episode 075 - The Harvard Spiritual Psychologist: A Conversation with David Rosmarin

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Spirituality and psychotherapy aren't always thought to go together, but for Dr. David Rosmarin, who runs a department at Harvard Medical School's Mclean Hospital and a series of outpatient clinics across New York, the two disciplines are greatly connected. Drawing on his own personal challenges with anxiety as a young adult, Rosmarin has pioneered academic studies and designed modalities built around the role that spirituality can play in mental health. As the author of...


Episode 074 - The "Possible You" Founder: A Conversation with Yom Tov Glaser

ABOUT THIS EPISODE As a traveler, surfer, mountain biker, meditator, Torah teacher, and personal growth coach, Yom Tov Glaser has experienced a wide variety of what life has to offer. He spends his life now helping others plumb the depths of their inner selves, catching their own "waves" and expressing their unique Jewish souls. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a...


Episode 073 - The "Getting UnStuck" Author: A Conversation with Shira Gura

ABOUT THIS EPISODE A winding life path and Jewish journey led Shira Gura to an aliyah story and to the creation of unique system for emotional growth. The "Getting UnStuck" method helps people move through and past challenges they encounter in everyday situations, forging a deeper understand of themselves and connection with their spiritual core. Visit Shira's website,, for information on her method, links to her own podcast, and more. -------------------- ABOUT THIS...


Episode 072 - The Spiritual Seeker: A Conversation with Dov Ber Cohen

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Few people can claim to have seen as much of the world - or immersed in as many of its cultures - as Dov Ber Cohen. Spending six years in the "East" - engaged in meditation, silence retreats, days-long fasts, martial arts and more - Dov Ber sought enlightenment and happiness. He ultimately made his way to Jerusalem where he discovered a Judaism he never knew existed. Today, he devotes his life to writing and teaching Jewish newcomers and veterans alike about the spiritual...


Episode 071 - The Jewish Positive Thinker: A Conversation with Chaya Hinda Allen

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Chaya Hinda Allen grew up in Liverpool, England, married a Chassidic man from Austin, Texas, and moved with her young family to a fledgling community called Beitar, half an hour outside Jerusalem. In the decades since, she has pioneered a methodology to help (mainly women) find their connection with G-d and channel His love for their own emotional development. Jewish Positive Thinking - as she's dubbed her approach - has impacted thousands of women throughout the world,...


Episode 070 - The Wisdom Tribe Founder: A Conversation with Yaakov Lehman

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Yaakov (formerly Jake) Lehman has studied Mandarin in China, founded music festivals in Santa Barbara, and traveled to over fifty countries in his highly eclectic life. It wasn't until he re-connected with his Jewish roots, though - via "the Mexican Mafia, Mick Jager, and the Highway 405," as he describes it - that he found his own balance, and ultimately chose to share that with others. As founder of The Wisdom Tribe, Yaakov hobnobs with wellness executives from Google,...


Episode 069 - The Tech Connector: A Conversation with Hillel Fuld

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Hillel Fuld has built an entire brand - and career - as the consummate connector. An aficionado of all things tech, Hillel began vlogging - covering companies and products - years ago, steadily building a serious following. Along the way, he became: a formal or informal strategic advisor to hundreds of emerging companies; a brand ambassador for major international corporations; a middleman between investors and growing startups; a lecturer at conferences worldwide and...


Episode 068 - The MEOR Exec and Investment Banker: A Conversation with Debbie Kodish

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Debbie Kodish came to Israel with a limited Hebrew and quickly entered the world of high finance as one of its only female participants at that time. Her rise through the investment banking world mirrors the country's development as a center of foreign investment, and as an environment far more hospitable to both immigrants and women. In time Debbie redirected her prodigious financial acumen and fundraising skills towards MEOR, a leading provider of identity-forming...


Episode 067 - The Gush Etzion Co-Working Pioneer: A Conversation with Rachel Moore

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Rachel Moore, an American oleh and passionate Zionist, as well as an innovative businesswoman, is trying to "change the conversation (around Israeli settlement) through profit." A longtime public relations professional, she more recently founded the first co-working space in Judea & Samaria, with the dream of attracting business development in this neglected area in Israel's ancient heartland. Rachel is a renaissance woman, raising a large family while create real change...