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Welcome to Journey of Faith. In this podcast you will hear the weekly message from Journey of Faith, s multi-site church with campuses in Manhattan Beach and Torrance, CA..


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Welcome to Journey of Faith. In this podcast you will hear the weekly message from Journey of Faith, s multi-site church with campuses in Manhattan Beach and Torrance, CA..






Would you like to get well?

We all want ‘wellness’ in our lives, but it is easy for us to find ourselves at two extremes. We either idolize wellness by making our personal self-betterment the most important part of life or we villainize wellness, seeing it as something counter to putting Jesus first. In this first message in our BE WELL series, we explore the topic of biblical wellness by going behind a question Jesus asked a man who looking for healing: “Would you like to get well?”


Our Playbook for Flourishing

Discover the results of our recent church survey and learn how to grow in your faith and connect with our community. Explore the demographics of our church, the importance of relationships, and our goal of spiritual flourishing. Together, we will learn how to commit to relationship building, turn spiritual problems into clear questions, and explore the Bible to answer those questions. Don't miss this opportunity to grow in your faith and connect with our community.


Into the Unknown

There is only one thing that we can say for sure will happen this year: change. But, for some of us, that’s the most terrifying guarantee of them all. How can Jesus help us face challenges with more confidence? What does it look like to follow Jesus into a world of change? This week we’ll finish our series by looking at Jesus’ promise to be with us and guide us through even the biggest challenges 2024 has to offer.


Upside Economy

We like to imagine that our income is what brings us security – but what if the truth is just the opposite? What if our reliance on our resources is exactly what brings us the most stress, panic, and worry? This week, we’ll explore God’s economy and how trusting him fully can bring us the hope, peace, and engagement we’ve always wanted.


The Secret Life

Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that if what happens in our lives doesn’t get recognition, doesn’t get likes, doesn’t get people’s attention, then it isn’t valuable. But in God’s view of life, our most important connection – the one that we have with him - thrives in secrecy. Why is that? What’s the benefit of developing a healthy personal relationship with God? How can we become more intimately connected to Him this year?


For Every Action…

This year will be full of opportunities to respond to other people’s poor decisions, unkind words, and unwise actions. But what if we didn’t wait for the moment of those events to see what our response would be? What if we prepared for our inevitable stresses by practicing Jesus’ upside-down way of living? This week, we’ll explore what it means to really put Christlike characters into action and prepare to share God’s love at every opportunity.


I Resolve

Many of us enter 2024 with a healthy bit of trepidation: What will our lives be like? How will the 2024 election season shape our culture? What big decisions and challenges will we face this year? Thankfully, Jesus has a message of hope and peace in times of challenge – but that message comes from thinking and acting in ways that are far out of the ordinary. Instead of opinionated and strong, Jesus tells us to be tender and meek. Instead of fighting to be right, Jesus tells us to be pure and peacemakers. We’ll begin this year by taking an important look at Jesus’ upside down teachings and how they can help us transform our 2024 for the better.


Follow the Call

This year, our church has focused on understanding 'The Mission of God', a concept that goes beyond personal salvation. It's about following Jesus and working together as a community to help people live better lives through His teachings. We're encouraged to think about how, as a church, we can join in this mission, aiming to create a world that flourishes under God's love and guidance.


The Christmas Kingdom

Christmas Eve services at church can feel like just another thing to get done during this hectic holiday season. And with the possibility of an even more hectic year looming, is there any hope of a little rest? This Christmas Eve at Journey, we’ll explore how Jesus’ arrival made way for his new Kingdom where he will be called “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father” and, most importantly for us this year, “Prince of Peace.” Let’s discover together how to experience the peace that only a true connection with God’s love can bring.


They Three Kings

The story of the Three Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus may be familiar to us, but those Magi were anything but familiar to Jesus’ parents – they were almost from a different world! What does this say about the type of people Jesus wants to bring into his Kingdom? What role do we play, then, in the beautiful diversity of Jesus’ family? This week we’ll explore a classic Advent story from a refreshingly new and challenging angle and discover how God is calling people from every walk of life to be part of his Kingdom.


Silent Night

We may have heard the classic Christmas story of the shepherd’s hearing that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. But what if we had been those lowly shepherds? What would our reaction have been? How far did Jesus go to share his love with me? This week we’ll explore this famous Advent story and find that we, just like the shepherds, are seen and called by the God of love.


The Angel and the Kingdom

Many of us have heard the story of the angel Gabriel visiting the virgin Mary to tell her that she would have a son, Jesus. But we often overlook a pivotal promise from that interaction: that Jesus’ birth would usher in his Kingdom, and that Kingdom would have no end! But if that Kingdom started 2000 years ago on that first Christmas, where is it now? How can we experience Jesus’ leadership and rule in our lives? This week we’ll see how the classic Christmas stories take on new meaning as we see them as a reflection of Jesus’ character and mission.


Filled with God’s Comfort

Group Discussion Guide To view the Leader Guide for this week, click here. To view read more...


Holy Spirit 101

The Holy Spirit can seem like a mysterious, ethereal being in our faith journey, but who read more...


Share Each Other’s Burdens

Following Jesus is a lifelong, everyday Journey. What can we do when we grow weary in our pursuit of a simple, flourishing faith or when our lives go off course? We will answer that question this week as we close out this series from Galatians. We will see in chapter 6 that we can help one another through accountability and encouragement to stay focused on the goal of the spiritual life.


Let the Holy Spirit Guide You

What does a real Christian look like? You can’t a Christian by their ethnicity, income level, what they wear, or who they vote for. The best way to identify a real follower of Jesus how they relate to other people. This week in our Simple Faith series, we measure ourselves against what the letter to Galatians calls “the fruit of the Spirit.” We’ll exchange our old “spiritual success measurements” for a simple faith of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentles, and self-control.


Let Faith Be Your Fuel

A Christian’s life should be full of love, kindness, compassion, and good works. But is that what MAKES someone a Christian, or do those qualities flow from a deeper source? Does where our goodness comes from make any practical difference? This week we’ll explore chapters 3 and 4 of Galatians and be encouraged to explore how vital and life-giving a faith-fueled connection with God can be.


Die To Your Old Self

What keeps us from living a simple faith in Jesus? It’s often a natural but unhealthy focus on ourselves. Sometimes we are scared that we are measuring up to expectations set by us, others, or what we think God’s expects from us. Other times, we are tempted to sit in judgment of others rather than moving toward the very people God is wanting us to befriend. This week, we’ll see how Paul’s letter to the Galatians challenges us to move from fear to faith.


Believe the Good News

What is the Christian Faith really about? Put simply… Jesus. We tend to make it complicated. We find Jesus and then we start adding things on – cultural traditions, politics, personal preferences – and by the time we are done, we might be following a different Jesus! This complicated faith is not only spiritually exhausting, but it makes it harder to get along with other people. In this first message of our Simple Faith series, we look at the basic message of the Christian Faith, what’s called the Gospel and start the process of removing the religious “add-ons” that we’ve collected along the way.



Jesus is one of the most influential leaders in history! The secret to his lasting influence was something he called “abiding.” It involves remaining in an intimate spiritual connection with God. In our last message of this series, we’ll explore one of Jesus’ stories that shows what it takes to find and nurture this abiding relationship with God and how we can invite others to experience it too!