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Podcast of Rev. Kevin C. Benton. Podcast contains Biblical Messages, Lives Sermon Recordings, and various other encouraging items to uplift, encourage and inspire all who listen. Rev. Kevin C. Benton is the Senior Pastor & Founder of World Harvest Worship Center in Gibsonton Florida which was established in 2013. His also the founder of his evangelistic ministry Kevin C. Benton Ministries/Voice Of Truth Ministries which was founded in 2003.


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Podcast of Rev. Kevin C. Benton. Podcast contains Biblical Messages, Lives Sermon Recordings, and various other encouraging items to uplift, encourage and inspire all who listen. Rev. Kevin C. Benton is the Senior Pastor & Founder of World Harvest Worship Center in Gibsonton Florida which was established in 2013. His also the founder of his evangelistic ministry Kevin C. Benton Ministries/Voice Of Truth Ministries which was founded in 2003.








Searching For The Savior

Everyone is searching for something. Many of us spend our lives searching for things to make us happy, fulfill our needs and desires. The treasures and pleasures of this world will never meet these needs. What many of us don't realize what we are searching for is the savior. Its not until we find Him will our lives become complete. Search for the Savior. Seek to find Jesus. As we celebrate Christmas this season, let us not just celebrate family, friends and gifts. Let us search for the savior and celebrate Jesus who makes us complete. Jesus is the reason for the season. Search for the Savior. Search for More of the Savior. Search for Jesus and you will Find Him!


Fathful By Design

Tired of being let down, feeling like you can not count on anyone? Feel like no one really knows you or who you really are? Tired of getting close to others and realizing they are not as close to you as you thought? Tired of the only thing people think of intimacy with you is sex and not a deep closeness that can't be separated? There is good news. There is one who is Intentionally Intimate with you because He loves you, He loves you for who you are and can be counted on every time! His name is Jesus and he if faithful. He is always with you and cares for you, for who you are and not what you do for Him. Our God is Intentionally Intimate with us and He is Faithful by His Design!


The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

In life we desire things, we want things. Some things come right away or rather quickly, while others take time. Sometimes we trust God for things, believe He is going to do something through us or for us, or maybe we are asking for the fulfillment of a desire. Some Times The Waiting is The Hardest Part. Though it may be hard and difficult it so worth it when we wait on God and His Plans, His Purposes and His Promises. Be encouraged even though the waiting is the Hardest Part ,,, It is so worth it!!


Visitation Or Habitation

God is calling His people to a closer walk with Him! Unfortunately the majority of churches and believers are satisfied with visitations or occasional encounters with The Lord. The Lord loves to visit with us. However, He desires so much ,ore. He desires Habitation not just visitation. He wants to live with us, dwell with us and inhabit our lives. Our time is running out so seek Him while He can be sought. He is waiting on us to invite Him to be a part of our every day life, not looking for visitations, but seeking and desiring His habitation in our lives.


He Is My Hiding Place

As we walk through our daily lives we may face struggles, temptations, sickness, disease and various other circumstances and situations that could frustrate, anger and even scare us. We may face attacks and deceptions from our adversary the devil that are meant to harm us and have us living in fear. It is important during these times that we must know who we are in Christ, that Christ lives in us and most of all who Jesus Christ is. When we need a place to run to, we must run to Christ! We must know that He is Our Fortress, He is Our Refuge and He is our Hiding Place!


Strong Surrounded & Satisfied

Through the many challenges that we face, we are never facing them alone. We can always be confident in knowing that through Jesus we are strong. We can be assured that we are surround by His love, HIs presence and His protection. Know that He is always with us should give us a sense of satisfaction no matter the circumstances of the moment. Take confidence in knowing you are Strong, Surrounded & Satisfied in and By Jesus!


KCBM PROMO-River of Marysville



Breakthrough in 2022

Breakthrough in 2022! God will break the chains that bind you, break down the walls that confine you and lead you to your destiny and His Promises for you! Keep pressing in, keep trusting Him and his Explosive Breakthrough or Breakthroughs in your life! Breakthrough in 2022


What Next?

The Holidays are over, Christmas has come and gone. So what next? At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but what next? We should celebrate Jesus every day we are alive. Even when times are confusing, uncertain and even painful we must celebrate Jesus and trust in Him! Marry & Joseph had to trust God all through Mary's pregnancy', throughout His childhood and all the way to His crucifixion. Like Mary, Joseph, David and many other biblical people, we have to trust God in all things. Trust Him in Good Times. Trust Him In Bad Times, and Trust Him in the in between times. No matter the circumstances Trust God! He will not let you down!


Leaning On Him

We go through many challenges, changes and seasons in our lives. During these times we try to get by on our own strength and intellect. We must learn to lean on Him. Living a life leaning on Him is a life of peace, persistence and satisfaction. Learn to Live Life leaning on Him!.


In His Hands

As we go through life and the various pleasures, struggles, victories, defeats and situations that it brings we can be confident of one thing. No matter what, no matter where, if you believe are a believer you are in the hands of Jesus. Even in times that seem to be setbacks, we can be encouraged the we are In His Hands and He is at work in our lives!


King 0f Kings King Of My Heart

Jesus Is The King Of Kings! Nothing anyone can say or do will ever change that. The question we need to ask ourselves "Is He the King Of My Heart" When He is the King of our Heart we can walk in His Love, HIs Power and Victory!!!


Prison To The Palace

Life has its ups and downs. Life has its struggles and its times of uncertainty. No matter what is going on in life, God is in control. If we continue to trust Him, Follow Him and never give up on Him, no matter the circumstances the outcome is good. God can takes form the prison cell to the palace!


Time To Wake Up

The times we are living in are like none ever seen before. In these times of uncertainty and insecurity there is one Truth that stands alone. The truth of Jesus Christ and His return. It is time for the church, believers and all those who are fast asleep to wake up It is Time to Wake Up Rise and Rise Up! Be rapture ready, Jesus is Coming


Into The Deep



It Is Finished - I Am Brand New

When we celebrate the holiday that some call Easter, we are celebrating more than just a religious holiday. We are celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!!! We are celebrating the completed work of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. We are celebrating the Finished work over sin, hell, death and the grave. Jesus defeated death and rose again on the third day. We have victory in this completed work. We are no longer bound to sin. When we call on Jesus as our Lord we become a brand new creation, old things pass away & all things become new. We can proudly say It Is Finished, I Am Brand New!!!


We Have The Victory-Victory Is Mine

As we celebrated Palm Sunday and the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem we see that this event is filled with imagery of victory & success. In reality it was our Heavenly Father publicly displaying or presenting His Son Jesus as the sacrificial lamb that would be offered for the sins of the world. As believers in Christ Jesus we can celebrate and proclaim that We Have The Victory over sin, difficulties, sickness ... and that devil. Because of the sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus we can proudly and boastfully declare We Have The Victory-Victory is Mine!!!


Protect Your Identity

One of the fastest growing crimes is the crime of Identity Theft. Hackers steal a persons personal information and assume their identity to commit crimes, buy house, drain bank accounts and sometimes actually become the person whose identity they have stolen. These sometime undetected crimes have a devastating and sometimes damaging affect on the individuals life. There is another form of Identity Theft that is committed around the world by our adversary and enemy the devil. He tries to steal the identity of Christ form the world and from those who call them followers of Christ or "Christians" His goal is to rob the world of the Savior and to rob believers of the victory, promises and protection that comes with the inheritance that comes with calling on the name of Jesus. He wants us to live unhappy, unfulfilled lives wandering down a path with no direction. He tries to rob us of the destiny and purpose that God has designed for each and every one of us. Protect your identity that Christ gives you by being one of His followers. Do not be a victim of Identity Theft, Protect Your Identity and live in the victory of Jesus each and every day of your life.


The Fight The Faith The Promise

Life can be a struggle. Life can be difficult. Life can be a Fight! Fight the fight of life with your Faith in the Lord! No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Weapons will be formed. Circumstances will arise. Troubles will come. Life will happen, but we have a power and a strength that nothing can be compared to. Don;t Give Up! Do Not Quit! Fight the Good Fight of Faith and receive the promise, protection victory provided by Jesus!!! Fight the Fight! Stand firm in the Faith. Receive The Promise!


Are You Ready

As we live our daily lives we encounter struggles, difficulties, good times, bad times, sickness, disease and many other life altering situations. We need to be ready for these situations before they arrive. Are You Ready For Life? We also are iiving in the age when Jesus could come at any time. Are You Ready For Him? Establishing a relationship with Jesus will help you be ready for life, and ultimately ready for Him when He comes!!