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Kosher Queers is a podcast with at least two Jews and generally more than three opinions! Each week Jaz and Lulav bring you queer takes on Torah.


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Kosher Queers is a podcast with at least two Jews and generally more than three opinions! Each week Jaz and Lulav bring you queer takes on Torah.




101 — Shavuot in Cheshvan

Did you miss us? As a treat, we've crafted some deluxe Kosher Queers bonus material for you; here's all the short parsha summaries we did throughout the two years of making the podcast, all neatly collected in one place. Get ready for a lot of very rapid speech. Transcript available here! Tip us on Ko-fi! Our music is by the band Brivele. This week, our audio was edited by Lulav, and our transcript was written by Jaz Twersky. Our logo is by Lior Gross, and we are not endorsed by or...


100 — V'Zot HaBerachah: What If The Real Blessing…

This week, we talk about the dubious metaphor of Gog and Magog, name our city Pluralism and then rename it again, talk about crumbling empires, and reflect on what we’ve learned about the text over the last two years. We do that because this is our last episode of season 2 and thus, the formal end of the podcast!!!! Bye y'all; thanks for these last couple years. (But stay tuned for a small surprise in the feed coming soon.) Transcript here. Lulav listens to the podcast Emojidrome, which...


99 — Haazinu: Can I Get a Selah?

This week, we debate the unholy combination that is polyamory, ponder the beauty of limericks, flirt briefly with pornoprophetics, and talk frankly a lot about words related to "gadol." Transcript available here, but this week's transcript is also a little delayed due to the holiday, and the full thing will be up and correct shortly. You can check out the band Really From at their bandcamp! You can also check out the work of Fat Torah at their website, where Jaz's classmate Emily Rogal has...


98 — Vayelech: Ice-Skating Tzadikim

Shana tova! This week, we talk about unsatisfying endings, concise prophets, and how a DM slide can be a radical gift of honesty. Also, the pluses and minuses of smooth roads, insufficiently Jewish translation choices, and what having four different answers to the same question means, Talmudically speaking. Transcript here. This week's reading is a combination of Hosea 14:2-10, and Micah 7:18-20 and Joel 2:15-27. Next week's reading is Samuel II 22:1-51. Support us on Patreon or Ko-fi!...


97 — Nitzavim: Am Bartholomew Chai

This week, we are strongly in favor of having help (both from people and canes), have mixed feelings about Jericho walks, and dislike when trans people are rude about the ways other people are trans. Plus, being flirty but judgemental with G-d! Transcript available here. Here's the Cowbody Rap that Lulav referenced. For our listener Consolations, you can listen to "Back in the Ring" by Chris Pureka and the poem "Hope Is Not A Bird, Emily, It's A Sewer Rat" by Caitlin Seida, which is...


96 — Ki Tavo: The Top Surgery of Kings

This week, we return to the text from our very first pilot episode, and take a fresh look at it two years later! We talk about taking some distance in different types of relationships to be able to return to them better, the importance of mourning, and excellent gay novels. Plus, no kings! They're all too busy working in service jobs to rule. Transcript available here. You can find out more info about the most recent Philly Trans Wellness Conference. There's also an overview Wikipedia...


95 — Ki Teitzei: Queer Futurities

This week, we discuss metaphorical big-tent design, and the joys and perils (mostly joys) of not getting back together with your exes. Also, a reminder not to argue with randos on the internet and skepticism about people who talk in vague, idealitistic terms about "queer elders." Plus, journaling as a reality check on our fallible memories and impression of self and the value of just keeping things to yourself for a change. Transcript available here. You can listen to "Fire Back About Your...


94 — Shoftim: Go Touch Grass

This week, we ponder things that can be both liberatory or oppressive depending on the circumstances, discuss interesting translation choices, and compare divine retribution to "buy one, get one free" sales. Plus, thoughts about debt. Transcript here. The part of Job that Jaz was referencing starts at chapter 38:4. Lulav references the "RIP but I'm different" meme. We asked if anyone knows things about modern Jewish Greek translations of the Tanakh and how those compare to Christian...



This week, people are gay for Shabbat, the Shabbos bride brings a dowry of relaxation, and people re-write prayers to make them more gender-balanced, but forget that Judaism has more than four women. Plus, a formal announcement about what's happening at the end of this season of KQ! Transcript here. There are so many different kashrut certifying organizations that each have their own hechsher; you can see a list of some of their symbols here. Here's an Orthodox list of the 39 types of work...


92 — Eikev: What Makes a Parent

This week, we talk about bioessentialist familial claims, the metaphorical home renovations you need to do if you want to rekindle an intimate relationship with your estranged children, and gay math. Also, Lulav fails to pluralize in a language she doesn't know, and we touch the merest surface of the topic of punishing Jeff Bezos. Transcript available here. The podcast otipêyimisiw-iskwêwak kihci-kîsikohk, a.k.a. Métis in Space, is hosted by Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel and is on the...


91 — Va’etchanan: All Flesh Is Grass

This week, we talked about creating accessibility rather than uniformity, finding joy for the future out of really tough situations, and keeping kindness on your person in as ordinary a way as wearing your clothes. Also, we shared our first consolation with you; tell us yours, either on social media or at Content note: we discuss suicide at a whole bunch of different points throughout the episode, non-graphically. Transcript available here. Lulav's cool and queer or...


90 — Devarim: When Your Kid Becomes A Cop

This week, we talk about paradigms of childrearing, giving people space for low-stakes disagreement, and also Kanye lines from 2010. Transcript available here. You can probably still do games on Dreamwidth. Also, Lulav is running and Jaz is playing a game of Heart: The City Beneath by Grant Howard and Christopher Taylor, which you can buy a PDF of here. Lulav references "POWER" by Kanye West, which you can see here. Support us on Patreon or Ko-fi! Our music is by the band Brivele. This...


89 — Matot-Masei: Born All at Once

This week, we talk about abolishing air forces, the human capacity to change large social institutions, and driving lessons. Plus, Jaz can't remember things about Christian theology but does know you can learn different lessons from history, and Lulav is always down to fight Hashem out back behind your fast food joint of choice. Transcript available here. Here are our episodes with Jill and the Hawk! Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott is a public domain work available for your bedtime...


88 — Pinchas: Treated Like Children, Acting Like Adults

This week, we learn about how if you see a stick in a dream, it's because G-d is sticking by you. Also, we diagnose Jeremiah with ADHD, discuss how new relationship energy can disguise problematic dynamics, and Lulav starts writing A Gamer's Translation of Tanakh. Transcript available here. Lulav is running a game of Heart: The City Beneath by Grant Howard and Christopher Taylor, which you can buy a PDF of here. You can listen to the newest season of the tabletop roleplay podcast Friends...


87 — Balak: The Rest is Commentary

This week, we talk about mountains as metaphors, Rashi's genital jokes, and being an anti-astrology gay. Plus, we debate anti-assimilation vs anti-colonial readings, and Lulav is a slut for economic interpretation. Transcript available here. Seen and Not Heard is a touching narrative podcast about not getting in fistfights with ableist mothers, and instead figuring out how to live your best deaf Jewish life. You can find a comprehensive list of other works Caroline Mincks here or follow...


86 — Chukat: The Other Woman's Son

This week, we discuss whether it's a good idea to tell your girlfriend your secrets and let her tie you up, unearned dramatic plot resolutions, and how rough a position messengers must have been in. Plus, what does it really mean to have land "belong" to a "nation" or a "person" anyway? Transcript available here. You can check out Yente Over the Rainbow, which is "a matchmaking service for LGBTQIA+ Jewish people" that Jaz works for. Here's the story about Arnold Schwarzenegger's...


85 — Korach: Party Down In Stone Town

We brush up on Shmuel's reasons to hate kings, listen to him brag about not being a jerk, name a sheyd, make folk etymologies about a coronation party at Gilgal, and sneak a Degrassi reference in there. Also, in more serious news, we discuss our preferences for positive vs negative mitzvot and compare commandments to perennial queer discourse. Transcript here. Check out Xai, How Are You? a queer Talmud podcast hosted by Xava de Cordova, which we like. Lulav references the Bartimaeus...


84 — Shelach: Historical Hotties and Horrible Hebrews

This week, we discuss a sex worker who hangs out with a king, extremely inconsiderate invaders, and the vibes of different names. Plus serious dilemmas of moral relativity, words that mean "red," and overly horny Talmudic rabbis. We had to mark it explicit because the text is sexually explicit; it's not our fault. Transcript here. Here's Austin Walker's old tumblr blog clockworkworlds and his current work on the podcast Friends at the Table. You can also check out The Objective and follow...


83 — Behaalotecha: He’s Not Being A Yankee

This week, Jaz is back, with some sad personal news but (with the benefit of Lulav's editing prowess) decent podcasting energy! We're talking about mistakes and new connections, condescending to unpleasant people who are nevertheless your people, and $2000 fancy dresses. Plus, elaborate wagon metaphors and the connection between personal breakdown and societal breakdown. Transcript here. Jaz mentioned some book recommendations about death. For talking to Jewish children, there's Zayde...


82 — Naso: Angel's on First

This week, Jaz was out, so Lulav and guest host Iscah discuss role models who fight altogether too much, being way smarter than your husband, and having your prophesied child take after said husband anyway. They also revisit favorite motifs from Season 1 — like the oath of the nazirite and angels being random messenger dudes who tell you about pregnancy — because they're strangely relevant to this first chapter of Samson's story. Also, the points of reference for Lulav's cohost have shifted...