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Language of God is a podcast produced by BioLogos that shows the harmony between Christian faith and current scientific discoveries by sharing the stories of interesting people who have found a better way of understanding science and Christian faith.

Language of God is a podcast produced by BioLogos that shows the harmony between Christian faith and current scientific discoveries by sharing the stories of interesting people who have found a better way of understanding science and Christian faith.
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Language of God is a podcast produced by BioLogos that shows the harmony between Christian faith and current scientific discoveries by sharing the stories of interesting people who have found a better way of understanding science and Christian faith.




John Ortberg | Sacred Habits

Our habits shape us in ways we often neglect, guiding the majority of our thoughts and actions. Pastor John Ortberg argues that when these save us from spending unnecessary energy on menial tasks, they are good. Trouble brews, however, when sin creeps in. In this episode, John talks about the forgotten practice of spiritual disciplines, how biological predispositions affect human character, and the formative role philosopher Dallas Willard has played on his own life. John Ortberg is the...


Season 2 Trailer

In Season 2 of Language of God we’re going to hold faithfully to the truths of Christianity, while we explore the realities of this world, up to the limits of what we can know. Our guests include pastor John Ortberg, host of the On Being radio show Krista Tippett, writer and journalist Jonathan Merritt, biblical scholar John Walton, and many others. Episodes coming soon!


BONUS | Listeners Ask

Language of God has hosted many great guests already in its first season but as hard as we try, we can’t always get to all your questions. So while we’re between seasons, we thought we’d open the phone lines. Jim Stump, host of Language of God, and a few BioLogos staff members sat down to try and wrestle with some of the questions we received. Here’s their conversation. Read Joel Duff’s article mentioned in the conversation on our website. Ask your own questions to a community committed to...


BONUS | Science & Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries

BioLogos is not the only organization tackling issues of science and faith today. Today’s episode features a panel from Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries (STEAM), a project from Fuller Theological Seminary which offers resources to help teens and young adults to think through issues of science and faith. The panel discusses their project and lessons they have learned along the way. Special thanks to Greg Cootsona, Kate Vosburg, and Len Tang. Find more resources like STEAM...


BONUS | Cool Creations

This bonus episode highlights a few favorite ‘Cool Creations’ of people in the BioLogos community. From walking whales to the largest organism on earth, these astonishing snippets of God’s creation offer a reinvigorated view of the world around us. Special thanks to: Ryan Bebej, Jeff Schloss, Rick Lindroth, Kate Vosburg, and Praveen Sethupathy. Original music from Carp.


Rick Potts | A Long Becoming

Rick Potts has always had an interest in origins. As a kid, exploring the origins of musical instruments and the solar system fascinated him. In high school he stumbled upon the study of human origins; he has not stopped investigating since. Dr. Potts tells Jim stories of excavations in China and southern Kenya and of people encountering the exhibit on Human Origins around the US. Reverberating throughout their conversation is the question, ‘What does it mean to be human?’ Dr. Rick Potts is...


Elizabeth Conde-Frazier | Dynamic Theology

The Christian story is both universal and individual, all-encompassing and intensely personal. A robust theology holds the two in tension, weighing the church body against the single sanctuary. In this episode of Language of God, Dr. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier joins BioLogos President Deb Haarsma to discuss the growth of a Latino/a theology which expresses the community’s experience in all its rich variety. Dr. Conde-Frazier speaks to life in the US with immigrant parents, the troubled history...


Peter Enns | God is Not a Helicopter Parent

How do we live when we don’t have all the answers? How do we find answers amidst Biblical contradictions? Theologian Peter Enns refuses to shy away from asking the larger questions about Christian faith. He brings these questions to his conversation with Jim, wrestling with how the Bible relates to our lives today. They explore the potential behind reading the Bible creatively, the dangers of our modernist sense of truth, and the growing desire for spiritual authenticity. Theologian and...


Richard Mouw | An Eternal Gentleness

In today’s episode, Jim talks to evangelical theologian Dr. Richard Mouw. Rich shares his experiences from working in interfaith dialogue and lays out a compelling vision for Christian civility. Reflecting on his career, he finds our polarized cultural environment is not new—we’ve been stalwart in battling over big questions for decades at minimum. Looking ahead, exciting avenues of progress and growth are entangled in the corrosive arms of static certainty. The first step to a greater...



One of the foundational practices of faith, prayer is an essential part of Christian life. But what is prayer? How does it work? Can we see its effects? Does science have anything to tell us about prayer? In this episode on prayer, Language of God producer Colin Hoogerwerf explores the relationship between science and prayer with Dr. David Myers, journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty, author Philip Yancey, and Dr. Jimmy Lin. They discuss a 1997 Harvard experiment meant to measure the effects of...


Bethany Sollereder | Lion Tennis in Heaven

In this week’s episode, Language of God host Jim Stump is joined by Dr. Bethany Sollereder to wrestle with the problems of natural evil and the origin of death—topics Bethany addresses in her new book God, Evolution, and Animal Suffering: Theodicy without a Fall. They delve into the traditional answers to these questions, probing their strengths and deficiencies, and grapple with challenging Biblical passages on these issues. Bethany discusses the possibility of animals going to Heaven and...


Francis Collins | Dig Deeper

In the second half of our conversation with Francis Collins, he recalls writing Language of God over ten years ago and how the excited public response to the book sparked his idea for BioLogos. We reflect on the early days at the organization as well as Francis’ departure to become the head of the National Institutes of Health. Despite his departure from BioLogos, he still shares a firm commitment to gracious dialogue, to finding common ground with those with whom we disagree. Francis hopes...


Philip Yancey | What Good is Disappointment?

Philip Yancey is one of the most compelling and popular Christian authors of our time. But the Church has not always been good him: growing up in Atlanta included absorbing the confidently racist doctrine his childhood pastor distributed from the pulpit. At one point, an inability to reconcile his experiences with the Christianity he was brought up to practice caused Yancey to abandon the faith. Yancey is not free from the pangs of doubt and disappointment today, but he gathers courage from...


Faith & Soil

Amidst a culture fostering skeptical apathy and fatalist visions of our planet’s future, how can we begin to strive toward a renewed creation? In this episode, our producer, Colin Hoogerwerf appeals to Dr. Steve Bouma-Prediger, Dr. Dan Richter, and Dr. Norman Wirzba in order to gain a richer view of these complicated issues. Colin invites these experts to reflect on how the role dirt has played in our lives has evolved since Biblical times, and how this may be connected to humility. They...


Jennifer Wiseman | Light in Space

As she recounts her life in science, astronomer Jennifer Wiseman discusses faith in her work, human significance in a vast universe, and the mysterious awe inspired by investigating the cosmos. Spanning her life from gazing at the night sky as a child in the Ozark mountains to searching for life outside our galaxy as an astronomer, Wiseman’s passionate work in science and Christian faith have been the warp and woof of her life story. Jennifer J. Wiseman is an astrophysicist, author, and...


Praveen Sethupathy | Goodness, Civility & Transformation

From Praveen’s childhood, growing up in a Hindu family, to his later conversion to Christianity and his entry into science, he has gained great insight into the science and faith conversation. With grace and humility, Praveen shares some of that insight as he considers what it means to be made in the image of God in light of our understanding of evolution and DNA. He has long felt the importance of fostering healthy dialogue among Christians and the scientific community and discusses how...


Francis Collins | Finding a New Story

Dr. Francis Collins is a physician and geneticist known for spearheading the Human Genome Project and for his landmark discoveries of disease genes. Collins founded the BioLogos Foundation in November 2007 and served as its president until August 16, 2009, when he resigned to become director of the National Institutes of Health. Collins sat down with us at his home to talk about his own journey in finding a harmony between faith and science. He talks about the early part of his career...


Introducing Language of God

Language of God is a new podcast on science and Christian faith from BioLogos. The first four episodes of Season 1 will be available on March 28th. Our theme song is by Breakmaster Cylinder. For more information about BioLogos visit our website at