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Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels Has a Personal Story of Faith Through the Twists and Turns of Trauma and Joy

If you've walked through a shopping mall or an airport terminal, you've probably whiffed the savory and sweet scents of Auntie Anne's Pretzels. They are some of the most popular franchise eats around. But what you probably don't know is story of the woman who started it all: Anne Beiler. Her rise from sheltered Amish girl to high powered businesswoman, is a unique journey filled with the pain of a toddler daughter's tragic death, to years of sexual abuse from the very person she reached out...


Weaving Fact and Fiction, Jonathan Cahn's New Book The Oracle Draws On Ancient Biblical Prophecies

It's sometimes hard to tell the difference between truth and fiction when reading Jonathan Cahn's books. So much of what he writes about is based on real people, real events, and predictions for the future, that one commentator called him a modern-day Nostradamus. His new book The Oracle, is in line with his previous offers, "The Harbinger" and "The Paradigm". Cahn says the story is merely the vehicle through which he delivers his message of biblical truth. He's Jewish, but was an atheist...


A 9-11 Anniversary Story Filled With Transforming Faith

We've heard the harrowing details of the planes crashing into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, of how the First Responders risked their lives -and hundreds of them died- to save people trapped inside. More than three thousand people died on September 11, 2001 after terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. But there were thousands of regular folks who fled their apartments, homes and offices not knowing if they would live...


The Legacy of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, a Love Story for the Ages

Imagine you were ten months old when your missionary father is killed by the very tribe members he had come to bring the Gospel. Then imagine that his wife, your mother, took you as a toddler to that very same tribe to continue your father's work. That's either insanity, a love that surpasses all understanding, or a faith that can move mountains. But that is in fact the early life of Valerie Elliot Shepard, the daughter of one of the most influential Christian women of the 20th Century,...


Overcomer, The Kendrick Brothers Talk about Their Latest Film and the Movie Industry

Alex and Stephen Kendrick emerged on the scene in 2003 with a small film called Flywheel. They were two ministers from Albany, Georgia, with a passion for telling the Gospel narrative through film. Flywheel, shot on a shoestring budget which wouldn't even pay for catering on most productions... ended up getting picked up by Sony. The rest, as they say, is history. They soon followed with Facing the Giants, Fireproof, War Room and Courageous. Each film takes on the different challenges we all...


El Paso, Dayton, and the Presence of Evil: “Giving the Devil His Due”

The latest mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio pose a quandary for pundits who want to blame right wing or left wing political views for the shootings that left scores dead. Political Science professor Paul Kengor, says it's time to put blame where blame is due: the presence of evil. During this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, we talk about his recent article in Crisis Magazine called, "Giving the Devil His Due," and how our modern culture is so adverse to the idea of a...


Philosophers Rediscovering God

If your college-bound student is taking philosophy this fall semester, beware that they are in danger of losing what religious faith they have. That's because some 70 percent of college philosophy professors are atheists, and they have no problem challenging impressionable minds on why they believe there is no God. But, and here's the good news if you're a person of faith, some philosophers are coming back to religion. In a new book called, Faith & Reason, editors Brian Besong and Jonathan...


Filmmakers Sofia and Jay Lyons Tell the Kara Tippets Story

It's difficult to think of death as being a happy ending, especially when the person dying is a beautiful young wife, and mother of four children. But the story of Kara Tippetts-- pastor's wife, mommy blogger and best-selling author-- becomes one of triumph in the hands of filmmakers Jay and Sofia Lyons. Their documentary film, The Long Goodbye: The Kara Tippetts Story, has just been released, and follows Kara through her last few years as she battles stage-four breast cancer. In this...


Lauren & Michael McAfee: Not What You Think!

Social media mania, computer crazed, smart phone savvy and oh yeah, more spiritual than religious. The Millennial generation may have an affinity for avocado toast and taking selfies, but they shun organized religion having been raised on the internet and individual freedoms, aka 'determining right and wrong for themselves.' But something happened to a few of those Millennials who are now searching for something beyond a surface spirituality. They craved a foundational faith that transcends...


Father Joseph Fessio, Publisher of the Pope

With Pope Francis taking the helm of the Catholic Church six years ago, there's been a decided divide between the conservative and liberal wings of the Church body. Early on Francis was a media darling. Liberals love him for his more personal, humble approach to Christian doctrine. While conservatives still long for the good ole days of Pope Benedict XVI, the now retired pontiff who was more comfortable in the world of theological academics than in the vast splendor of the Vatican's top...


Chris & Emily Norton: Tragedy Transformed into Triumph

A wise woman of faith once said to me, "You can become bitter or better from the things that happen to you. It's your choice." Well Chris and Emily Norton have not only made their life better, but they've made other young lives better in the process. When Chris was an 18 year old college freshman football player, he was severely injured in a game. One tackle, one split second, changed his life forever. He became paralyzed from the neck down. But though his body couldn't move, his spirit...


Jerry Newcombe: George Washington’s SACRED FIRE and the Faith that Forged America

Some historians have tried to recast the Founding Fathers as more secular than spiritually passionate about the Christian faith. And there's been much written about whether George Washington, the first president of the United States, was really a Christian or just a deist, a person who believes in God but more as a Creator who got things started and stood back to watch. But Newcombe begs to differ, and has done extensive research from Washington's own letters, speeches and actions that prove...


Ravi Zacharias – And the Logic in Believing or Not Believing in God

Listening to Ravi Zacharias will make you see a whole different way of looking at faith. First and foremost he helps people understand that everyone, even an atheist, has faith. Ravi is the founder of the international ministry, RZIM. His latest book, The Logic of God, is a 52 week devotional that asks the question, "is it logical to even believe in God?" And then he answers it by revealing what is in us, who are made in God's image. Ravi points out that while there is a coherence to God,...


The Devil Is To Blame: Dr. Taylor Marshall Researches the Spiritual Roots of the Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis and More

If you don't believe that Satan and his spiritual band of evil malcontents are on the prowl, don't bother reading best-selling author Taylor Marshall's latest book; per his request. In his new book Infiltration, The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, Marshall, also a popular podcast host, attempts to get at the spiritual roots of the clergy abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, as well as other "evil" assaults on the Christianity in general. He posits, that for two thousand years the...


Colorado Christian University’s Fight for Religious Freedom

It's not easy being a religiously conservative school in a community of liberal politics. But that's where Colorado Christian University finds itself. However, CCU is not backing down, and certainly not watering down its beliefs to suit the cultural climate. It is the institutional version of Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop, who won a Supreme Court victory for his right to religious freedom in not baking a cake for a same sex wedding. Like Phillips, CCU is standing its...


Open Door’s David Curry, Updates on Religious Persecution Around the World, with a Closer Look at China

While the U.S. is engaged in a trade war with China, watchdog groups are warning of China's religious persecution, and enemy number one is Christianity. David Curry is the founder and CEO of Open Doors USA, which monitors religious persecution around the world. China, he says is a growing concern. In the thirty years since the Tiananmen Square massacre, Christianity has grown by leaps and bounds, with some experts saying until the latest government crackdown, was on pace to become the...


Catholic “Bulldog” Bill Donohue Isn’t Shy About Anything

Bill Donohue is not known for being passive and compliant. As President of the Catholic League, he has staunchly defended the Catholic Church with the delicacy of a pit-bull. And many on the left have felt his bite. Whether it's in the newspapers, television, movies, radio or any other platform, Bill Donohue's roar can be heard sniping at the powers that be who malign Catholicism and/or Catholics. His newest book, "Common Sense Catholicism: How to Resolve Our Cultural Crisis," "analyzes how...


Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his Sons Al and Jase: A Dynasty of Faith

They made a reality show around their Duck calling business, but the Duck Dynasty clan is more about Faith than fowl. Phil Robertson, the patriarch, and his sons Al and Jase, now have their own podcast, but came to Lighthouse Faith podcast to also talk about Phil's new book, "The Theft of America's Soul: Blowing the Lid off the Lies that are Destroying Our Country". They also exposed some of the conflicts over their faith values they had with the show's producers at A&E. Phil talks about how...


Dr. Marcelo Gleiser: 2019 Templeton Prize Winner Says Science and Faith Belong Together

Science and religion are not odd bedfellows, even though that's how many people view them. There's an impression that they are at best at opposite ends of a spectrum, and at worst in two different universes altogether. But 2019 Templeton Prize winner Dr. Marcelo Gleiser dispels the notion that science and faith can't get along. In fact he says they not only get along, but belong together as the only way to make sense of our world. Gleiser is Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and a...


Mother’s Day and the Faith Behind the Summer Holidays: Bill Federer

Mother's Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July have become quite commercialized today; retail sales and bargains are aplenty. But there's a foundation of faith that started all of these well-known celebrations, even though advertisers have all but ignored their religious pasts. Bill Federer, Historian and best-selling author, breaks down the plethora of faith facts surrounding our nation's biggest defining moments. The Revolutionary War and the Mother that nursed the wounded before field...