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Eric Metaxas – Without Martin Luther, No U.S. Constitution As We Know It

The 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation probably went by for most people without notice last October 2017. Not too many breaking news headlines covered this event. And while most people would have learned of the Protestant Reformation in a day or two of study in public school classrooms, this event that happened five centuries ago really laid the groundwork for America as we know it today. Democracy, Freedom of Religion, Freedom to assemble, Freedom of Speech, all of these...


Dr. Russell Moore: “The Storm-Tossed Family”

It's not politics as usual for Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention. Although the ERLC is the policy arm of the nation's more than 16 million Southern Baptists, Moore is a man of deep faith and has written a book about how that faith can shape family and home. But we also talked about the current political fight over the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the accusations against him by Dr. Christine...


Dr. Edward Feser – Proving God Exists

One of the age old debates is whether or not God exists. And the other debate is whether or not you can prove it. Very few, if any of us approach the question of God with an open mind, or as Professor Edward Feser says, a blank mind. Even the atheist can't prove definitively there's no God. He or she can believe there's no God, but God's existence is not dependent on your belief. But Feser, a writer and philosopher, is one of the powerful minds in the world today who have looked at the...


Chloe Howard – Standing Strong and Beautiful In the Face Of An Ugly World

She was born with a severe club foot, a common, but debilitating birth defect. But Chloe Howard's parents told her it made her special. Her pride though turned to despair when at 14 years old and a freshman in high school, classmates bullied and assaulted her because of the deformity. All of a sudden she felt ashamed of the part of her that made her feel exceptional. A legal fight ensued against the perpetrators, but ultimately Chloe's faith was stronger than her fears, and it helped her...


Pilot Who Should Have Flown Fated Plane On 9/11 Has Faith Strengthened Every Anniversary

Twenty years ago airline pilot Steve Scheibner wrote a life objective. It begins with the words, "To seek trust, and glorify God..." Three years later on September 11, 2001 he was scheduled to co-pilot American Airlines flight 11, but a more senior pilot bumped him from the assignment. That plane flew into the World Trade Center in the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Scheibner now lives his life with a sense of urgency, knowing that somebody died in his place. With the 17th observation...


Melba Pattillo Beals – “I Will Not Fear”

It's been more than sixty years since that racially charged day when nine black students, protected by several national guardsmen, integrated the all-white Central High School. Most of us have only seen pictures and archive video of this iconic event in 1957, but Melba Pattillo Beals lived it. At just fifteen she was one of nine African American students to integrate Central High School in segregated Little Rock, Arkansas. Only her faith saw her through the hatred, anger and death threats...


John O’Neill – The Fisherman’s Tomb: The True Story of the Vatican’s Secret Search

A wealthy Texas oil man, a controversial Pope, and a female archaeologist should have had nothing in common, but when it came to discovering the site of the tomb of St. Peter the Apostle, it took all three. Best-selling author, John O'Neill, tells one of the greatest theological stories of the century of one of the most significant finds since the Dead Sea Scrolls: Peter's crucified bones. It is the same Peter whom Jesus told, "Upon this rock, I will build my Church." In 2013 Pope Francis...


Joseph Rojas – Music & Faith

From the destruction of drug addiction and hopelessness, to the triumph of redemption, Christian artist Joseph Rojas credits music with helping him see the light of salvation. He's on the road most of the year, performing hundreds of concerts in front of thousands of people. More than 100,000 people have made decisions for Christ at his concerts. His group, Seventh Day Slumber is, as he says, about "being real, and connecting with people where they're at." He talks openly and frankly about...


DeVon Franklin – Movie Producer Keeps the Faith

There's no profession that has captured the imagination more than the entertainment world. It has a huge influence on culture, attitudes, worldview. Success in Hollywood is what a lot of young people dream about, but if you're a person of strong faith, how can you make it in an industry that's more known for its decadence than decency? DeVon Franklin knows. He's a successful film producer and is a faithful Christian. Franklin talks frankly about how he may have learned his professional...


Phil Hotsenpiller- Biblical Prophecy and End Times: One Nation Without Law

Are we closer to the End Times? Fascinating, yet scary if true. Biblical prophecy of the End Times and warnings of a coming judgment are a big part of what draws people to and away from the Bible. It's one of the most questioned parts of the Judeo-Christian Holy Scriptures. Some of the signs are wars, terror, murder, general tumult. But how bad does lawlessness and disorder have to be to signal that we are living in the End Times? Phil Hotsenpiller is a noted theologian whose specialty has...


All Religions Condemn Suicide, and Yet Suicide Continues To Grow

With the recent celebrity suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, Lauren takes a look at suicide from a religious point of view with College of Holy Cross religion professor, Mathew Schmalz. He wrote an article called, "Why the Religions of the World Condemn Suicide", which basically explains why the vast majority of faiths, even with their differences in doctrine, agree on this subject that your life is not your own. But then the question remains, why the increase in suicides? Is it...


Abdu Murray – Saving Truth

What people believe is a powerful part of being human, beliefs shape our thoughts and our actions. But what if those beliefs are not based on what's true and good? Christian author Abdu Murray says we actually live in what's called a "post-truth" world, one that puts feelings ahead of facts. In his new book, "Saving Truth," Murray says that because we've lost sight of truth, we actually live in a culture of confusion. He says, "What happens if my preferences conflict with someone else's...


Amb. Sam Brownback: Governments Don’t Have A Right To Interfere With Religious Freedom

The future of religious freedom around the world weighs heavily on U.S. Ambassador Sam Brownback. Since February of this year the former Kansas Governor, U.S. Senator and congressman has been the Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. Thousands of people in the world today are being persecuted for their faith, and much of it is done legally through government anti-blasphemy and anti-conversion laws; case in point, the trial of American Pastor Matthew Brunson. The ambassador...


Catholic Intellectual, George Weigel, on Order and Truth

We live in tempestuous political times where respectful discourse has been replaced by virulent name-calling. Enter George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow of Washington's Ethics and Public Policy Center, who talks about his most recent book, "The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times. Today, says Weigel, "order is especially vulnerable under the cultural conditions of a postmodern world unsure about its grasp on the truth of anything." Weigel, one of the foremost...


Hobby Lobby’s Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee: “Only One Life”, A Legacy of Women and Faith

Mother and daughter Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee, draw on the legacy of generations of Green family women, women in the Bible and throughout history. In their first book, "Only One Life," they push back against feminist opinions of the Bible as misogynistic, and responsible for suppressing women. The Green's paint a bold picture of the Bible's women like Esther, Mary Magdalene, and of course Mary the mother of Jesus for their courage, wisdom, and boldness. They explain how their...


Jack Phillips, Cake Baker – Making His Victory Lap

Following the landmark 7 to 2 Supreme Court ruling in his favor, 62-year-old Jack Phillips is probably the most famous cake baker in the world. In 2012 he declined for religious reasons, to make one of his artistic wedding cakes for a same-sex couple. Now five years later, the nation's highest court says he has the right. Hear from Jack himself, exactly what happened that day that set off a nationwide debate and court battle.


Journey’s Jonathan Cain: “Don’t stop believin’!”

"Don't stop, believin!" And with that fatherly advice, songwriter and keyboardist Jonathan Cain, went on to pen some the rock band Journey's biggest hits like "Open Arms" and "Faithfully." In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, the Hall of Famer talks about his new book, "Don't Stop Believin'; about how a childhood tragedy shaped his faith life; and about being married to Pastor Paula White, spiritual advisor to President Trump. And, surprise! Pastor White joins the conversation and...


Where does evil lurk?

Why the mass shootings? Columbine, Virginia Tech, Las Vegas, and most recently the Waffle House, this is a short version of an extensive list that seems to keep growing. Family physician, psychologist, and author Dr. Leonard Sax talks with me about a rarely discussed reason behind the violence, the spiritual. We unpack his First Things magazine article, "The Unspeakable Pleasure." While mainstream media focuses on social causes like bullying, family dysfunction, gun control or even mental...


Wesley Bauguess: God, Country, and Golf

How does the game of golf relate to real life struggles? One Gold Star family member credits her training in golf to getting her through one of the most harrowing and heartbreaking times in her life. Wesley Bauguess, an amateur golfer and military wife, tells her story of faith as she recounts the moment officers arrived at her door to inform her that her husband had been killed in action; how she told her small children; how her grief consumed her, and how her training in golf drove her to...


Daniel Mattson and Jason Steidl Discuss Homosexuality and the Church

Ever since Pope Francis uttered those famous words, "Who am I to judge?", concerning homosexuality, the Catholic Church has been hotly debating the issue of how to respond to the LGBT community. This podcast is a conversation with two men, both with same sex attraction, who have taken opposite points of view. One has embraced being gay as a member of a gay friendly Parrish in NYC, the other believes that this is not God's plan for his life. Please listen to this heartfelt discussion as the...