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An Easy Way to Create the Most Meaningful Gift in the World

The root of the word eulogy translates to “praise.” Over time, it became associated with a funeral because people were compelled to be emotional in that environment. We save the eulogy for death because it’s comfortable. To tell someone why we love them while they’re alive produces anxiety—who knows how they will react. But why should we wait? In this episode, James talks with Andrew Horn, Founder and CEO of Tribute, a platform for creating video tributes for the people you love.


The Hidden Superpower in All of Us w/ Paige Southard

There’s a piece of everyone’s story that’s interesting. And guess what? There’s an art to learning what that piece is. In this episode, Paige Southard explains how you can connect with people in a genuine way by asking questions that put the spotlight on them.


When Love Doesn't Come Naturally w/ Brady White

The realization hit him one day: every good story about loving people came from his wife—not from himself. At first, seeing people who loved so naturally was inspiring. In time, though, it became more and more discouraging. Listen in to hear Brady White talk about his realization that love seemed really unnatural to him compared to other people—and how he’s planning to fight through that disinclination.


The Lost Art of Self-Care w/ Brittany Tovado

If you’ve never heard of the concept of self-care, you may be in dangerous territory. It’s so easy to give and give, but if your energy tank runs dry along the way, you’re in for serious burnout. Listen in as Brittany Tovado shares how she ran herself into the ground while living in a foreign country, and the realization that taught her to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


What Improv Can Teach You About the Art of Active Listening w/ Rebecca Siegel

As an improv teacher, Rebecca Siegel focuses on teaching her students to listen. Since improv is a highly reactive performance, you have to know not just what people are saying, but how and why they're saying it. In this episode, Rebecca draws some amazing comparisons between the world of improv comedy (which she’s been doing for 17 years) and loving people in everyday life.


Simple Steps to Help You Spread Love and Appreciation w/ Anton James

If you had the option to choose the average or the amazing, which would you pick? I think we’d all pick the average. Wait, that’s not right… The question is, how do we get there? How do we get to amazing? You’re gonna hear how to start that journey in this episode, straight from the mouth of Anton James, one of the founders of The Magic Estate.


How to Invest in the Next Generation w/ Kenny Ortiz

If you look for it, you’ll see a trend in life over and over again: If you’re really, really great at your craft, it’s because someone spent time to help you get to where you are. The next generation can’t be as great as they could be if the previous one doesn’t intentionally invest in them. Stepping in as a mentor to someone is a perfect way to love the next generational wave. Listen in as Kenny Ortiz, one of the breakout speakers at the 2016 Love People Better Experience in Orlando,...


A Guide to Meaningful Gift Giving w/ Lisa Carbary

Giving gifts to people you love can be hard. Giving incredibly thoughtful gifts, on a consistent basis...well, that's way harder. In this episode, Lisa Carbary shares the techniques she uses to give meaningful gifts to the people in her life.


What to Expect from the Love People Better Podcast

In this first episode, James explains the heart behind Love People Better and what you can expect from each episode.