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Be a manifesting badass in no time with a bit of LOA know-how and your own unique flair!




Be a manifesting badass in no time with a bit of LOA know-how and your own unique flair!






Episode 75: Your Co-Creative Potential; Keeping Your Eye On The Best Prize

Even experienced co-creators have times when their manifestations feel like they're slow in coming. It can be difficult to wait on guidance to show up. During that time, you'll often wonder if you're doing a good job and getting things aligned. However, that's often the bigger part of the process, and when you're in that space, you sometimes doubt if you'll end up with anything at all. Episode #75 is the first in a series (you know how I love doing a series of podcasts!) about your...


Episode 74: The Podcast Episode I Never Wanted To Publish: The Easy, Not So Easy Way To Get What You Want

Thanks to the listener response, this is an update to episode 73. In this episode, you'll hear the following: Don't worry; I'm not super emotional in this one. But having examples of how things unfold might give you the knowledge that holding on and going with the flow can lead to something good. Better than good! With much gratitude, Marcie Social Media: ⭐⭐⭐THE MAGNETIC ME MANIFESTING ENTHUSIAST COMMUNITY on Facebook FB page FB coaching...


Episode 73: The Podcast Episode I Never Wanted To Publish; The Ugly Side Of Manifesting

Well, hello, it's been a bit, so thanks for coming by to check out this episode. I won't lie; I'm a bit nervous about this one, mainly because I'm letting you into the not-so-pretty part of my life a bit. I'm ripping off the band-aid, and I'm sharing how I'm dealing with a situation that's going on in my life right now. I'm laying it all out there; So buckle up, hang on because this one's a ride. It sounds a bit like me rambling to myself, and I even shed a tear or two doing it, but...


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A Most Exciting UPdate About The Powered UP Manifesting Coaching Membership!!!

If you're not interested in this update about the Powered UP Manifesting Coaching Membership and the Manifest My Life Manifesting Coaching Journal, that's okay; I won't be offended if you wait for the next podcast episode. However, there are sooo many of my listeners who have questions about my coaching membership that I decided to update here, and I've gotta tell you this one is over-the-top awesome! And in the update, I try answering all your great questions with the best...


Episode 72: Be Your Authentic Self And You’ll Manifest With The Law Of Attraction

Having practiced consciously creating with the LOA for so long, I like to be aware of my current vibe as well as where I get my attitudes and opinions on any subject. As a coach, I notice how often I ask my clients, "Where did that thought come from?" or "How did you come by that opinion?" It's a lot, if you're wondering. If you've ever caught yourself agreeing with someone else only to get them off your back about something, you probably also know how that can backfire on you. Being...


Episode 71: Empowering Yourself To Get Through Difficult Times With The Law Of Attraction

I'll often speak with someone who's interested in using the LOA to impact their life in a positive way, and you know what their biggest complaint is? They forget to use it. So many people go through tough times and don't even consider that the LOA can help them out of their situation. Then when they do realize the LOA is an option, they wonder if their problem is too big or too small for it to work. Ever been there? The Law Of Attraction works for everything, but how can you get amazing...


Episode 70: The Big Deal About The Law Of Attraction And Karma Connection

I'll confess that I have this thing that when I hear the word "karma," I instantly associate it with the word "regret." I don't know why and realize it's completely inappropriate for me to do that. After all, the idea of karma doesn't mean "negative." It's just as much about positive deeds as anything else. Wherever I got that idea, I'm still working on changing that perception. I know a whole lot of LOA enthusiasts who are a bit confused about where karma fits into manifesting, so I'm here...


Episode 69: Find The Downside Of Gratitude And Wave A Healthy Goodbye To It

The studies on gratitude are clear: grateful people are happier, less stressed, more likely to help others, and more likely to take care of their health. It's been a huge topic for quite a while now. But if we're not careful, gratitude can become a dark force in our lives. Say what? I'm not saying that you should toss your gratitude journal or anything, but I've seen what happens when people think that just saying a half-hearted "thanks" will fix all things. So, let's be sure your...


Episode 68: How To Get Crazy Good Self-Esteem By Demonstrating The LOA

Everyone has good and bad days regarding how they feel about themselves, including me! Those bad days are when you especially need some top tips to help you straighten out that self-esteem so it can soar again. So, listen to this episode to find out more about how you can develop better self-esteem. Btw, have you been to my pretty new website and podcast page yet? Click here to sign up for podcast updates. Look for the form to submit questions and stories you'd like to have featured in...


MMP Episode 67: How Your Personality Connects You To The Law Of Attraction

I talk a lot about how you work with the LOA, and there's a good reason for it. Your characteristics and your personality are the main drivers between a good result or one that could use some improvement. In this episode, we'll look at three different personality types and how they generally make or break your results. Btw, have you been to my pretty, new website and podcast page yet? Click here to sign up for podcast updates. Look for the form to submit questions and stories you'd like to...


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MMP 66: Creating The Perfect Alignment To Manifest All Your Important Desires; A 5-Step Framework

Hey there magnetic you! How many times have you wondered whether or not you're aligned with the universe? Does it freak you out just thinking about getting off course and how long it's gonna take you to get back on track? I hear you, my type-A friend. How the heck do you even know if you're in agreement with the LOA? Aaaaargh! It's completely normal to wonder these things and if you do you're not alone. I've heard that no matter how many youtube videos some of my clients/students have...


Episode 65: Why ”Spidey Senses” Are Definitely A Thing; 6 Burning Questions Answered

Hello Magnetic You! Being that it seems so darned mysterious, I get lots of questions about how I understand intuition. The more logical of us may think it's a load of crap, but most of us have a belief in it. I usually get my husband's attention when I tell him that my "spidey senses" are tingling. That might just be his love of superheroes, but I like to think it has something to do with how I've developed my intuition to the point where both he and I can trust it to a reasonable...


Episode 64: Make Yourself An Amazing Affirmation To Get On The Right Wavelength

Hey Magnetic You, thanks for being here! You know that sometimes if you make some small changes and stick to 'em that bigger things will start to change as well. That's what affirmation is all about. It's the easiest way I know to reprogram old beliefs and create new mindsets. If you think that mentally blurting out a thought or saying it so you can hear it isn't enough then you may be prone to putting in too much effort and that's a topic for another day. Concerning affirmation,...


Episode 63: Know How To Set The Most Awesome Intentions For The Best Results

What do you think of when you think of "evil intentions?" Is it your favorite superhero mega-villain, muhahahaha? Intentions are for more than just a superhero movie and whether you have good, bad, or none at all, it impacts the way you manifest and what you end up with. Learn more about it in this episode of the Magnetic Me Podcast. Note: Episode 63 is part of a series, LOA Essentials. The show notes for this episode can be found on The Ignition Blog on my website at...


Episode 62: Keepin‘ Things Clear For The LOA To Respond To Your True Desires

Hey Magnetic You! We're starting a new series this week called Law Of Attraction Essentials. It's where I'm talking about building a foundation for each one of your manifestations to be a success. This week is all about what clarity is and what it means for manifesting your desires. There are lots of different types of it out there to think about so I'm giving you 3 characteristics you want to apply or develop when you set out to attract something that's important to you. If you...


Episode 61: Timing Is Everything During Manifesting Because Of This Remarkable Principle

Hey Magnetic You! Welcome to another episode in the series on ignored but awesome universal principles! Today it's all about The Law Of Gestation. As you can tell by the title, this one is all about divine timing. Boy, do people ever take that for granted. I've heard so many complaints about manifestations not occurring yet or how long it's taking. When I hear someone despair that they feel like it's not going to happen, I always wish they could see exactly how far along they are in the...


Episode 60: What Your Co-creation Capabilities Have To Do With The Law Of Gender

Hey Magnetic You! The title of this episode tells it all. Many people have never even heard of the Law of Gender, never mind understand what it's about. If the idea has you going..." Uhhh okay," then you might want to listen to it. It actually has a lot to do with manifesting what you want. In fact, without it, you couldn't manifest anything! Note: Episode 60 is part of a series, The Five Often Ignored But Seriously Useful Principles Of Manifesting. The show notes for this episode can...


Episode 59 : Great Reasons Why The Law Of Rhythm Shouldn‘t Block Your Manifesting Goals

Hey Magnetic You! Sooo this is the time when... If you hear the little snores, it's because I'm holding my sweet but sometimes demanding 4 lb pomeranian. She insisted on being picked up and fell asleep while I was recording. Anyway. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Continuing with our series on the 5 Often Ignored But Seriously Useful Principles Of Manifesting, today we're touching on the Law Of Rhythm. You find examples of rhythm everywhere in our world and the cosmos. It's responsible for things like...