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Episode 105: I Love (Consuming) The 80s

THIS WEEK... You've heard the saying, "The 80s was the best time to be a kid," well, we regret to inform you that we've discovered why, and it's actually kind of sad and scary. JP and Father Chuck learn about how in the 80s Ronald Reagan used the FCC to lift regulations on advertising toward children via children's programming, and how that may have had a hand in shaping the attitudes of Generation X, Millennials, and more generations to come. They also go in-depth on how shows and toys...


Episode 104: Parasocial Penguin

THIS WEEK... JP and Father Chuck discuss the phenomenon of parasocial relationships, and how potent they have become since the advent of the internet personality. Father Chuck tries extremely hard, with much difficulty, to identify with those who find themselves in a parasocial relationship, while JP fully admits that, yeah, he's totally in more than a few. We also learn the tragic tale of the Parasocial Penguin, Grape-kun, and a brief rundown on our fascination with the Milkshake Duck...


Episode 103: Snaptured

THIS WEEK... JP and Father Chuck are back again to talk about THANOS, from the hit summer blockbuster and latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Infinity War. The discussion is mostly focused on Thanos and whether or not he works as a character and a protagonist. There's also some lovely chatting on emotional labor, brief mention of parasocial relationships, and JP's harrowing tale of being stung by a yellowjacket wasp. It hurt, guys. Don't forget to visit our Patreon if...


Episode 102: Zero Mention of Black Hole Grenades

THIS WEEK... Gondor calls for aid! But Rohan doesn't answer... Father Chuck and Father Fun have a nice chat about rewatching the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even dip their toes into some Star Trek related talk. Listen, if you're a fan of Thor: The Dark World, you better turn away right now, it gets absolutely zero love in this episode, and goes completely undervalued. Also, both Fathers mention Iron Man 2 and how it might be somewhat underrated, but completely fail to mention...


Episode 101: We Talk About Incels

Content Warning: This week's episode is particularly dark, recounting in journalistic-style detail three mass murders, as well as discussion about depression, suicide, and self-harm. THIS WEEK... In what my be the heaviest episode of Masters of Divinity yet, JP and Father Chuck discuss Incels. You might not be familiar with the term "Incel," and if you are, it's probably because you've heard it mentioned once or twice on the news after recent events in Toronto, Canada, when a man performed...


Episode 100: One Hundred War Pigs

THIS WEEK... 100 EPISODES!!!!! We did it, Internet! We made it to 100 and we're still friends! You've probably wondering since we hit Episode 90 just what exactly the Masters of Divinity have in store for their 100th episode. A a star-studded look back at our most memorable moments? An airing of Grievances? A musical?! None of those! We spend a good portion reflecting on our journey as Masters of Divinity and how much it's meant to us, referring to our favorite episodes and moments. And then...


Episode 99: Prosperity Rules Everything Around Me

THIS WEEK... Our trio of Divine Masters return to discuss the rise and popularity of the prosperity gospel, and the tastemakers aka "hypepriests" who are making super kewl, you guys. We talk about the origins of prosperity gospel, the Catholic church's thoughts, tithing, and so much more that it would be a shame to give it all away in this little description box. Do people even read this thing? I've been typing in here for years and no one has ever mentioned it. I'm starting to think that...


Episode 84: Happy TREKSGIVING!

THIS WEEK... We forgot to plan a Thanksgiving episode (whoops!), and after JP, Matt, and Father Chuck wrapped up an episode (which will go live next week), JP and Father Chuck suddenly started to geek out over Star Trek. They went so long that it warranted an actual episode! And thus, a new tradition was born: TREKSGIVING. Because Star Trek has once again made its way into the public consciousness thanks to Stark Trek Discovery and The Orville, JP decided to go on a massive Star Trek: The...


Episode 83: The Dark Side of Disney

THIS WEEK... Hiatus, shmiatus! JP The Moderator is here! This week the gang reflects on the *interesting* week Disney is having, what with banning LA Times reporters from official screenings of Thor: Ragnarok, and beginning the early phase of taking over the world by announcing their talks to buy 20th Century Fox. We're Disney fans here at Masters of Divinity, and one thing we've never addressed are some of the shady aspects of how Disney conducts itself as a major conglomerate. Whether...


Episode 82: An Impromptu Viewing of Marvel's THOR: RAGNAROK

THIS WEEK... Father Chuck and Officer Matt briefly touch on the comparisons between being an officer of the law and a man of the cloth, until the brilliant idea emerges that they should just drop everything and go see MARVEL'S THOR: RAGNAROK. Although the brilliantly cinema-savvy JP is on a hiatus, Chuck and Matt escape to see Neon Thor and give their in-depth analysis of the film afterwards!


Episode 81: Beware the Heck House! A MoD Halloween Special

THIS WEEK... Happy Halloween! JP and Father Chuck are here for a special Halloween edition of Christian Curiosities. As some of you may know, we have a fascination with some of the more odd, mystifying aspects of the Christian subculture, especially those that have come out of the modern evangelical movement. Today on All Hallow's Eve, If you look hard enough in every city and town in America, you'll find that someone, somewhere has constructed a haunted house to scare the bejeezus out kids...


Episode 80: A Hard Pass on Candy Corn

THIS WEEK... Father Chuck and JP get nostalgic as they reminisce about Halloween in their youth, reflecting on their favorite costumes, favorite scary movies to watch, and more! If you've ever wondered how much two grown men can talk about candy, wonder no more! Also, JP asks Father Chuck why God hates Halloween...the answer may shock you (or not).


Episode 79: Floppy Na'vi Ears

THIS WEEK... JP and Father Chuck talk about "fan ownership" and the nature of entitlement that is inherent in fandom. From demanding that certain characters are forced to have a romantic relationship, to insisting that certain head canon is official canon. Where does one draw the line? We talk about the fun that can be found in critical analysis, theories, and individual interpretation as it relates to the "death of the author" theory. It's a fun episode where JP and Father Chuck let loose...


Episode 78: Filmmaking & Addiction: A Conversation With Filmmaker Amanda Young

First and foremost, we are deeply saddened by the events that took place in Las Vegas on October 1st. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and we continue to keep those affected by this tragedy in our prayers. This week, JP and Matt are joined by Amanda Young, a colleague of JP's from their film school days! Amanda just wrapped her first short film, LOVE, GWEN, a deeply personal crime-thriller that was written and directed by her in order to attend the American Film...


Episode 77: This is an Episode of Our Podcast

Matt returns! This week, Matt joins JP and Father Chuck as they have another riff-tastic episode about...stuff! Father Chuck checked out The Orville, Seth McFarlane's "send up"(?) of Star Trek (or is it??), Matt watched a couple of underwhelming movies and we're all just doing our best to get by, man. Matt also tells us what it was like to be an on-duty officer during Hurricane Irma and how life On The Streets is treating him. We have fun with this one, so just come hang out with us,...


Episode 76: The Devin's in the Details

JP and Father Chuck are back together again after Father Chuck endured the wrath of Irma. Then our duo tells the tale of The Rise and Fall of Devin Faraci, a film critic that JP and Father Chuck followed closely until controversy arose, and why he is suddenly in the news. It's a discussion that leads to musings on forgiveness, redemption, and the ol' Internet Witch Hunt. Then they get into some arguments about pineapple on pizza, how to properly pronounce Gif, and "soda" vs "pop." Yeah, it's...


Episode 75: Irma Gerd

JP and Father Chuck talk hurricanes, natural disasters and whether or not Harvey and Irma is God's vengeful wrath. The duo geek out a little over the upcoming Halloween Horror Nights, reminisce and share stories of experiencing hurricanes in the past (both JP and Chuck were living in South Florida during the marathon of hurricanes in 2004, and also Wilma!), and Father Chuck assures us all that he will be safe as Irma approaches Florida - also keep in mind this was recorded before Irma made...


Episode 74: Vampires are Immune to the Jesus Fish

JP and Father Chuck are back for another episode about "Christian curiosities." This is one of those episodes where we talk about weird Christian ephemera, whether it be a book about how a prayer can grant you anything you want, a harmless bracelet with roots in social justice, or an emblem on a car that became the most recognizable modern day Christian symbol that isn't a cross. This episode is of course about the latter, as JP and Father Chuck discuss the history of the Ichthys, or as what...


Episode 73: Heroes Are Good

In American society the idea of a hero is pretty much the ultimate ideal a human being can achieve. But what does that mean, exactly? Does anyone truly personify the idea of being a hero, or is being a hero acting on heroic moments that happen upon us? The Masters of Divinity discuss heroism and what exactly it means to be a hero, and even get into some philosophical/theological musing on nothingness. It ties in. I think. Also, Father Chuck is none-too-happy about DC's dual Joker films...


Episode 72: Nazis are Bad

In this edition of Masters of Divinity, JP and Father Chuck spew their triggered SJW liberal snowflake propaganda about why Nazi's and white supremacy is bad. We get it. It's a low bar. We wondered why we should even address something as obvious as "don't be a white supremacist," and yet, here we are. They address the many issues and concerns surrounding the Charlottesville incident and attempt to get to the root of the kind of hatred that spawns white supremacy.