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Episode 139: Monuments & Chill

In case you haven't heard, your moderator JP is a young, single fella living as a bachelor in rural Oklahoma and has decided to give the Online Dating Scene a try. In this episode the Masters of Divinity talk about dating apps, their first dates with their spouses, and their collective thoughts on dating and relationships in general (and Josh Harris is only mentioned once, amazingly). In addition there's also some fun talk about podcasting and YouTubing. We're still working out a solid...


Episode 138: The Dream of the 90s are Alive in Country Music

THIS WEEK... Father Chuck and Matt are together recording and I think this is some kind of riff episode? They start talking about country music, then 90s philosophies and trends, then a lot of talk about post-modernism, malls, mall culture, the GAP gets some lip service and uh, y'know what, JP wasn't present during the recording so the very concept of moderating a discussion is played with pretty fast and loose, BUT HEY! It's still a fun time! Matt goes into depth about why he loves country...


Episode 137: Once Upon A Fixed Point in Time

Quentin Tarantino's latest flick plays it fast and loose with history, and this inspires some discussion on revisionism and nostalgia for JP and Father Chuck. In Once Upon A Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's latest film explores 1968 Los Angeles and addresses an historical event that impacted the history of cinema, pop culture, and the counter culture. This got JP and Father Chuck thinking about our culture's obsession with nostalgia and how its manifested in our entertainment, as...


Episode 136: Bat-Riff

The Masters of Divinity return to celebrate Batman's 80th anniversary. For better or worse, Batman is a staple in American pop-culture, and has been for nearly 8 decades. The center of countless movies, TV shows, videogames, the DC comics character has stood the test of time. So, of course, The Masters of Divinity wanted take some time to talk about Batman, their favorite Batman films, and comment on the lasting legacy of the character. Check out our site:...


Episode 135: "Alan!"

JP and Father Chuck are freed from the shackles of a long and perilous Music Mayhem. So what do the Masters of Divinity talk about now?" One word: Alan! Listen folks, Music Mayhem was really hard and we just wanted to cut loose, let our hair down and talk about things like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and our visions for the perfect Jurassic Park sequel. In other words, it's a JP and Father Chuck riff-sesh! So, look, crack open a La Croix and let the sound of our voices wash over you as...


Episode 134: The Wheel of Mayhem -- A Beautiful Lie by Thirty Seconds to Mars

In the final installment of this year's Music Mayhem, the crew let's fate decide on which album they'll be listening to. We wanted to end Music Mayhem with something out of the ordinary, so we came up with the Wheel of Mayhem. It's a very basic spin-wheel/wheel of fortune contest. Each of us chose two albums, one good album, one bad album, we threw the titles up on the wheel, and we gave it a spin. We want to shroud the episode in as much mystery as possible, so if you want to know what we...


Episode 133: Music Mayhem -- Father Chuck Listens to Celebrity by NSYNC

Music Mayhem is on its way out this year, so why not subject Father Chuck to NSYNC one last time? This week, while Moderator JP is out for the week, Matt and Father Chuck dive deep into NSYNC's very last album: Celebrity. Celebrity was a vastly different album that was created by the vocal group, as it featured songs produced and written by actual members of the group, as opposed to being mass produced like previous entries. Matt felt this would be an important distinction for NSYNC, and...


Episode 132: Music Mayhem -- Definitely Maybe by Oasis

The best thing about Music Mayhem is discovering new music that somehow eluded you your whole life. So far on Music Mayhem, when our podcasters select an album, it's an album that they normally have a personal connection with. Some of these albums we grew up with, some we discovered for the first time recently and HAVE to share with the world what we think about it, but this time around, for his episode, Moderator JP wanted to select an album he'd never heard before, from a band he'd never...


Episode 131: Music Mayhem -- Audioslave by Audioslave

In 2002, two of the most successful and distinct bands came together to form one of the best rock bands of the 2000s. JP, Matt and Amy are here to talk about it. Last week, Amy selected Audioslave's self-titled debut album for Music Mayhem. Audioslave has the distinction of being one of the few supergroups to find massive success with audiences, combining the talents of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden. Those these bands are drastically distinct in sound, their formation created and...


Episode 130: Music Mayhem -- No Strings Attached by *NSYNC

Way back in the late '90s, boy bands were all the rage. Countless indistinguishable boy pop groups sprung up throughout the music industry attempting to cash in on the fad. But there was only one group that would stand out by trying to strike out on their own terms... This week, Matt selected *NSYNC's second studio album, "No Strings Attached" for this year's edition of Music Mayhem. The reaction to the announcement was...mixed. Matt and JP were delighted, of course, but Father Chuck...?...


Episode 129: Music Mayhem: Hello Nasty by The Beastie Boys

In 1998, The Beastie Boys released their fifth album, "Hello Nasty" and it was unlike any album they had ever released. "Hello Nasty" was released during pretty formative years for both JP and Father Chuck, and as a result, the music videos, the hit singles, and the deep cuts inspired them deeply, not just upon release, but in later years as well. The album is as irreverent, erratic, and as dense as any other Beastie Boys album, but the injection of spiritual, social and political...


Episode 128: Avengers: Endgame

After a decade of movies, what Marvel has deemed "The Infinity Saga" has come to an end with Avengers: Endgame. And we saw it. And we have thoughts. Last week we talked about the decade of Marvel movies. This week, we discuss the movie that rounds out the entire franchise, Avengers: Endgame. The movie has garnered over a billion dollars at the box office, and is proving to be a hit with critics and audiences. So, what did The Masters of Divinity think? We discuss the film's most emotional...


Episode 127: Marvel Mayhem

THIS WEEK... We're in the endgame. The gang reflects on ten years of Marvel movies, pick their favorite entries, and discuss the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check out our site: If you'd like to support the show, become a patron by visit our patreon! Follow us on social media: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel...


Episode 126: Resurrection Countdown

THIS WEEK... JP, Father Chuck and Matt discuss what the resurrection means to them, the very concept of resurrection, and their favorite resurrections from various films, tv shows, comics and books. Check out our site: If you'd like to support the show, become a patron by visit our patreon! Follow us on social media: Subscribe...


Episode 125: Ye'vangelicals

This week, with Father Chuck in the moderator's seat, it's all about God & Gucci, as MoD talks about super fresh ye'vangelicals. You've heard us talk about Hypepriests in the past. Well, to this day we're still pretty fascinated by this new blend of Millennial trends and evangelicalism taking the younger circles of places like New York and LA by storm. Usual moderator JP is considered to be within the target demographic of these types of churches, and Father Chuck grills JP on his thoughts...


Episode 124: Who Do Stories Belong To?

We're back! In this episode, The Masters of Divinity are joined by Michael, a long-time listener of the podcast who also happens to be MoD contributor Father Fun's better half. Michael joins our trio of Masters to discuss the topic of just who exactly stories belong to. Is it the author? The audience? The corporate pigs responsible for the degradation of culture for the sake of exponential financial growth? There is also a lot of discussion on the post-structuralist philosophy of Death of...


Episode 123: "My Neil!" — A Discussion About The Matrix

JP and Father Chuck reflect on the groundbreaking sci-fi action film that completely changed the landscape of cinema. It's been 20 years, does it still hold up? Of course it holds up, THE MATRIX rules! JP and Chuck talk about what it was like during peak THE MATRIX hype back in 1999, and the experience of watching it for the first time on the big screen back then as a young moviegoer. They also do their best to parse out the layers of meta-narrative that completely encompass the film,...


Episode 122: Hoverboards All The Way Down

THIS WEEK... JP, Matt and Father Chuck discuss THE FUTURE. Did you ever think about what the future would be like when you were a kid? Did you fantasize about hoverboards and flying DeLoreans, or were you too preoccupied with the thousands of supermodels and/or athletes you'd be dating? How do you feel about the future now that you're a bit older and a bit wiser? These are the questions we ask on this week's episode, and while we talk a lot about our collective fascination with technology,...


Episode 121: The Marvelous Mrs. Marvel

Much like BLACK PANTHER and THOR: RAGNAROK, CAPTAIN MARVEL is presented as another milestone in Marvel Studios' ouvre, this time for centering a female lead (their first one in the studios' 10 year existence). BLACK PANTHER was met with astounding success, both with audiences and critically, earning itself a Best Picture nomination at the 91st Academy Awards, a milestone for a superhero film that featured an all-black cast and made by a mostly black crew. THOR: RAGNAROK wasn't nominated for...


Episode 120: Good Christian Fun (Ft. Kevin Porter & Caroline Ely)

THIS WEEK... JP, Father Chuck and Matt are joined by Kevin Porter and Caroline Ely of the Good Christian Fun podcast! The Masters of Divinity are big fans of Good Christian Fun, a podcast dedicated to "delving into the strange upside-down world of Christian pop culture," this of course is straight up our alley, and we absolutely had to get Kevin and Caroline on the show. Sure enough, they obliged, and joined us to talk about their backgrounds, how they met, how Good Christian Fun started,...