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003: The 3-Part Mythic Paradigm of Cosmic Proportions in The Genealogy (Mt1:17)

In episode 3, I try to answer two questions about verse 17 of Matthew chapter 1... Why is it structured in three parts? and, Why is it of equal proportions? Short Answer: The structure of the genealogy is a three-part mythic paradigm of cosmic proportions. Part 1 examines the pattern of kingship, exile, and Christos. Part 2 examines the cosmic proportions (apocalyptic dimensions), touching on the issue of divine providence.


002: Verse 1 of Matthew. Defining the Genesis of Christos in Eight Nouns

In this episode (episode 2), I provide a commentary on verse 1 of Matthew. Verse 1 consists of eight nouns, in four pairs: BIBLOS GENESIS JESUS CHRISTOS SON (OF) DAVID SON (OF) ABRAHAM I discuss the main debates, namely is verse 1 the original heading for the whole book? What's the meaning of the first pair of nouns: Biblos Genesis? Is this intended to echo the name of the first book of the Bible? Or perhaps echo the naming of the first account of human ancestry (in Gen 5:1)? Also...