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The ultimate Torah class with Rabbi Simon Jacobson. A spiritual workshop that will inspire and teach you how to transform your personal life. Get unlimited free downloads of MP3 recordings of all classes in this series with a free membership at

The ultimate Torah class with Rabbi Simon Jacobson. A spiritual workshop that will inspire and teach you how to transform your personal life. Get unlimited free downloads of MP3 recordings of all classes in this series with a free membership at
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The ultimate Torah class with Rabbi Simon Jacobson. A spiritual workshop that will inspire and teach you how to transform your personal life. Get unlimited free downloads of MP3 recordings of all classes in this series with a free membership at




The Kabbalah of Tattoos

"Kabbalah of Tattoos" -- say what?! What in the world can the Kabbalah possibly say about tattoos?! What mystical significance can tattoos possibly have, particularly considering that tattoos are explicitly prohibited in the Torah (“You shall not etch a tattoo on yourselves")?! Please join Rabbi Jacobson and discover some surprising and illuminating insights into the nature of tattoos and their psycho-spiritual impact on our bodies and souls. Learn how tattoos of all types -- literal and...


Responding To The Pittsburgh Massacre: What Are We to Think? What Are We to Do?

We are all mortified by the brutal murders of the eleven innocent Jews killed last Saturday in Pittsburgh. During morning services a Jew hating gunman stormed the Tree of Life Synagogue and opened fire on worshipers, yelling "kill all the Jews." This horrific massacre, considered the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history, has left the community and the entire nation reeling. But beyond shock and grief, how are we to respond to such unspeakable tragedy? What can we do about such...


How to Define Your Moral Standards

Morality lies at the heart of every healthy society. Without mutual ethical values checking raw self-interest and different viewpoints, any group of individuals would tear itself apart. But what/who defines our moral standards? If we are left to our own subjective devices to determine right from wrong, how can we find common ground and respect? Even if we can achieve a consensus and build a constitution of laws to govern our communities and nations, what happens with all the areas that...


How Big Is Your Ego

You can't live with it; you can't live without it. If ever this expression applies it certainly applies to the ego. Without an ego we lose our personality and self-confidence, not to mention our natural instinct for self-preservation. Too great of an ego can hurt us and others. But how much of an ego is healthy? And above all: How big is your ego? Are you able to answer that question when your ego blinds you from seeing yourself objectively? Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating...


The Politics of Sexuality

Glaringly missing from all the controversy and debate raging around now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearings is the underlying issue that lays at the heart of the matter: Sexuality. Or in legal terms: Roe vs. Wade - the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision that established a woman's constitutional legal right to an abortion. In a twist of irony, the last-minute bombshell accusation that almost torpedoed Kavanaugh’s nomination was also about sexuality:...


Should We Ever Take Extreme Measures?

Balance is the healthiest and most coveted approach to life and the challenges we encounter. Extremes usually lead to undesired consequences. When we act desperately, without disciplined composure and presence of mind, we usually make mistakes and go too far in one direction or another. Yet there are times when extreme measures are warranted. How does one determine when to exercise an extreme approach and when not to? Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this special High Holidays talk which...


What a Good and Sweet Year Means

We all want a good life. But what does "good" mean? Does it signify anything more than a platitude? The traditional New Year greeting is to be blessed with a "good and sweet year." What is the difference between "good" and "sweet'? Why are these specific terms used? Please join Rabbi Jacobson is this pre-Rosh Hashana talk and discover how the two dimensions of "good and sweet" capture the primary thing we are all looking for: A year of abundance and blessings in all matters, material and...


The Kabbalah ofYou

How high can we reach and how do we reach there? These two questions lie at heart of life's "big" questions. Some argue that we mortals are quite limited and cannot reach very far. Others add that even if you were able to reach to the stars, you wouldn't know how to or you wouldn't be able to find a vehicle that can take you there. These perspectives hardly leave us with much hope to discover great vistas. No wonder many of us give up before even trying. Enter two great mystics who taught...


How to Build a Marriage That Defies the Odds

How many of today's marriages are healthy and successful? What even defines success in marriage? Is it simply two people getting along, or is there more to it? While failed marriages can be difficult to measure, current statistics show up to a 50% divorce rate. And that does not take into account dysfunctional marriages and emotionally divorced couples who remain only technically married. So we are left with the million dollar question, which is asked again and again: Can we build a...


How One Inspiring Moment Can Change Your Life

We usually associate great power with sheer size and strength. A while back the strongest army was the one with the most military personnel and the largest weapons and arsenal. But as science has increasingly demonstrated, it's not quantity but quality that wields the greatest potency. The splitting of a microscopic atom can deliver far more energy than the largest weapon. Same with the human body: The most powerful forces in our organisms are contained in the tiniest forms in nature --...


Ordinary People Becoming Extraordinary

Do you consider yourself ordinary? Who would you describe as being extraordinary? What defines a hero? Who are the people you admire most? Are they also your role models? What are our criteria for greatness? The standards for excellence in our modern culture are quite confusing. The idols we worship today -- superstars in sports, Hollywood, TV and all our other cultural symbols -- deeply skew and distort reality. How can anyone growing up in today's society have a clear headed view on true...


The Longest Eclipse

Some of life's greatest lessons can be derived from the cosmos. We can learn much just from just looking up at the heavens and seeing the celestial bodies in space. This is especially true of the moon, which continues to mesmerize the human race. Its close proximity to earth, its haunting glow, its phases and effects on our tides and plants -- have, and continue to feed romance, science, religion and folklore, and our quest to better understand ourselves and the world in which we live....


Courage To Break With Fears, Routines and Habits

Fear is one of the most debilitating -- and invisible -- forces that we need to contend with in life. How does one find courage to face fear? It seems like a catch-22 situation: Fear is the antithesis of courage. If you have fear, how can you muster up courage to fight fear; and if you have courage, then you have no need to fear the fear. Is there a way our of this quagmire? All this gets more complicated when you take into consideration your being comfortable with your routines and...


How to Create a Bright Future Unhaunted by the Past

Why is it that we an't seem to free ourselves of our pasts even when we determine to proceed on with our lives? What is it about the past that keeps us down and even trapped? Why can't we just shake off previous experiences and move forward? In this powerful class Rabbi Jacobson uncovers the mysterious power of inertia created by our pasts, and teaches us how to loosen its hold. Learn how to unclog blocks that imprison your psyche -- and release the enormous energy within, allowing you to...


Are You Dependent, Co-Dependent or In-Dependent?

Independence Day seems to be a good time to take stock of your own state of independence. Do you feel free or do you feel subjugated to forces controlling your life -- your job, expectations of others, your inner fears? Is your spirit light and soaring like a bird, or are you weighed down and drained? Perhaps this compels us to ask the bigger question: What actually is true independence? Is it a physical state -- as in not being confined to a dungeon, or is it an emotional and...


What Is Integrity?

Integrity is a critical component in virtually every aspect of existence. From infrastructures to relationships, from nature to medicine, from education to leadership - when integrity is compromised the entire entity is jeopardized. Integrity engenders trust and builds confidence and stability. Nothing, frankly, can be relied upon if their is no integrity. And yet, most of us can agree that we live in times when integrity is in crisis. What impact does this have on our psyches and societies?...


Is Suicide a Solution? Perspective from Kabbalah

With high profile celebrity suicides in recent news, this painfully tragic issue has returned to the fore. Perhaps the single most dreaded and shame-filled act, suicide remains one of the darkest deeply hidden secrets in a family's life. Citing statistics about something so alarming, seems callous and insensitive, yet this unfortunate data can hopefully serve to propel us to action with increased and focused urgency. Facing the devastating facts, that 45,000 people die by suicide each year -...


How to Earn Trust

"Trust me" is one of the most untrustworthy statements one can make. Would you trust someone simply because they ask you (or tell you) to trust them? Trust must be earned. This is especially true in a situation -- and an environment -- in which trust has been violated, and people have been hurt by those they trusted. But how does one earn trust? Trust is the single most important ingredient in any true communication; it creates the fertile ground for all relationships. What ingredients are...


The Third Option

When faced with a dilemma do you usually find yourself stuck between two stark options - yes or no, right or wrong, hold or fold, proceed or retreat? Do you tend to look at things in black and white? Or in extremes? Do you see people in terms of being either friend or foe? When someone hurts you, do you write them off? When you run into an obstacle, do you easily give up? So often, we only see two options before us. Whether this is due to social conditioning or lack of training, this myopic...


What a Civilized Society Looks Like

How would you define civilization? Do you think that the standards for a civilized society have changed over the years? Would we consider, say, ancient Greece as civilized? How would they consider us? Which words would you use to describe civilized: cultured, educated, ethical, enlightened, refined, sophisticated, advanced, or something else? Are there even objective values with which to measure civilization? Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Shavuot class as he presents a surprisingly...