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S3 Flagship Show, Ep37: Restoration Radio Moving Forward

Welcome to our new home! On this episode of the Flagship Show, we will present all of our changes during our month-and-a-half off the air. We talk about the endless hours, the necessary changes, and what this means for our listeners for the 2nd half of Season 3 and beyond. We hope, after listening, that you will understand that these changes were absolutely necessary and will provide us the ability to grow this network into something far beyond what we have achieved thus far. The plans for...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep36: Confessions of a Novus Ordo Seminarian

**PARENTAL WARNING: Mature Audiences Only** On this episode of the the Flagship Show, join us for one of the most lengthy and in-depth programs we have ever done on the Restoration Radio Network. This show will introduce a gentleman who tried a vocation in multiple modernist seminaries of the Novus Ordo sect in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Canada in the 1980s, only to find out the evil and unspeakable reality behind them. Mr. John Thomson will explain in great detail the places, events,...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep34: Health and Fitness

In this month's episode of the True Restoration Flagship show, we dive into the topics of health and fitness. In what seems to be an all-too-often avoided subject, should Catholics care about taking care of their health and trying to attain a respectable level of fitness, or is this flirting with worldliness? Do we really care or know anything about what we are putting into our bodies or from where it comes? How many of us think about such things as the quality of our drinking water? We...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep33: 100th Show & A Gift to Our Listeners

While technically not the 100th Episode, our recently passed milestone gave us a moment to pause and reflect on what 100 episodes of the Restoration Radio Network means, and what our thoughts are on it. In this episode, we will talk a little about where we have been, where we are, and where we intend, by the grace of God, to go. While not all the hosts of the Restoration Radio Network were able to be present on air, we are confident that our conversation reflects their feelings as well....


S3, Flagship Show, Ep32: Relocation

In the current situation brought on by the modernist heresy, you may not find yourself near a Mass that you can attend on every Sunday. This begs the question: should Catholics relocate in order to find the Mass and Sacraments? What kind of planning is involved and what sort of pitfalls should you avoid? How do you go about transferring or finding employment in a new region where you have access to the Mass and Sacraments? What fundamental principles are involved in such a move? In a day...


The Liturgical Year, Episode 8: Passiontide, St. Patrick, And Valid Matter

Before the great crescendo of Lent in the Holy Triduum — Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday — the Church acts out the Gospel for Passion Sunday on that same day: "They took up stones, therefore, to cast at him. But Jesus hid Himself, and went out of the Temple." (John 8:59). This season within a season, Passiontide, commemorates the events of our Lord's sacred Passion, but does so with our Lord hidden. The crucifixes, veiled in violet, along with images of our Lady and the...


The Liturgical Year, Episode 7: Septuagesima, Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Holy Mother Church, in Her maternal care for Her children, not only gives us time to prepare for Her feasts by periods of penance, but applies gentle spurs to us to prepare even for our preparations. Never is there liturgical whiplash: the liturgical year slows down before it turns. On Easter Sunday, the peal of organs and the resounding cry of the Gloria will return after a long absence. To ready ourselves for the joy of the Man-God's conquest of death in His Resurrection, we who are...


The Liturgical Year, Episode 6: St. Therese of Lisieux and the Feast of the Holy Rosary

On this month’s episode of The Liturgical Year, we reacquaint ourselves with St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the "Little Flower," whose feast day we celebrate this month. We are warned, however, that St. Thérèse is no sugary, sentimental saint: devotion to her is not mere flowers and an enigmatic smile. Devotion to her is a powerful — and even manly — way to sanctify even the most everyday tasks. October is favored with the feast day of that most quintessential of Marian devotions, the Most Holy...


The Liturgical Year, Episode 5: Trinity Sunday

On this month's episode of The Liturgical Year, we will be discussing the importance of Trinity Sunday. We will then move into the topics of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and finish up with understanding an often confusing topic of Liturgical rankings of days on the Liturgical calendar. Join Father Charles McGuire and guest host Nicholas Wansbutter for another episode of The Liturgical Year, as we explore our rich Liturgical Heritage. Original Air Date: June 13, 2014 Show Run Time: 1...


S3, Clerical Conversations, Ep13: History, Propaganda, & Catholicism

This month on Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, taking as our starting point a recent article featured on the UK Telegraph, entitled "How a Protestant Spin Machine Hid the Truth about the English Reformation," we will discuss the Protestant Revolt in England and the parallels to be drawn with our own time.. From here we will move to discuss the effect of propaganda, and look at the propaganda of the modern state and Novus Ordo sect. How are traditional Catholics effected by this? What...


S3, Clerical Conversations, Ep12: Relocation, Survivalism, and the End of the World

On this month's episode of Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, we will tackle several topics of recurring interest to traditional Catholics. Following up on the January Flagships show, we will discuss the pros and cons of relocation for the sacraments from a clerical perspective. Is it a moral imperative to move to be closer to the sacraments? Can one settle for attendance at an S.S.P.X. Mass if that is nearby? We will also discuss the oft-floated idea of creating a traditional Catholic...


S3, Clerical Conversations, Ep11: Annulments and the Catholic Order of the Household

On this month's episode of Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, we will tackle two topics that are both timely and topical. As time marches on and annulments have become almost as widespread as a pandemic, how are Catholics today to understand Novus Ordo annulments and deal with them in their daily lives amongst family & friends? What are the effects on children and how should that be dealt with? How are we as Catholics to deal with those who are in invalid marriages. What are those who...


S3, Clerical Conversations, Ep10: Sports Build Character? (Part 2)

On this month's episode of Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, we will bring a second installment of last month's show theme Sports Build Character? Part 1. His Excellency and Father will respond to several question themes given to us by listeners, and then will continue to expound on their thoughts from last month's show. They will dig deeper into the modern understanding of sport and its place in today's society, and they also will examine forensically the fundamental problems with the...


S3, Clerical Conversations, Ep9: Sports Build Character? (Part 1)

Restoration Radio presents its own version of a "Super Bowl Sunday" special: "Sports Build Character? Part 1." We have all heard this, but is it so, or is there more to it? In today's modern world, sports has been placed on a lofty pedestal of central importance in the lives of modern men. TV, radio, and internet provide 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage of everything imaginable related to sports and atheletes. Children idolize athletes and aspire from a young age to play sports, well into their...


S3, Clerical Conversations, Ep8: Right vs. Left Politics, Abortion & the Media Age

Kicking off Season 3 of Restoration Radio's Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, we are restructuring the show back to its original intent - to discuss modern issues facing Catholics across a broad spectrum of topics. On this episode, we will break the show into three parts: (A) Right vs. Left Politics: we will discuss the philosophy behind this, and why it simply is a distraction from real issues. (B) Abortion: what is the appropriate social action for traditional Catholics regarding...


Pastoralia, Episode 10: Dating and Courtship

In this episode of Pastoralia, we take a few steps backward from our look at Catholic child rearing to discuss the Catholic ideal of courtship. Blind and infatuated worldlings date in order to date, with perhaps only the remotest thought to the permanence of marriage. Why, then, does a Catholic not merely date for the sake of dating? We begin our episode with a look at the purposes of courtship, which extend well beyond compatibility testing. Next we speak about the spiritual aspect of...


Pastoralia, Episode 9: Catholic Parenting (Part 2)

On this season's inaugural episode of "Pastoralia," we pick up where we left off last season, in the second of two episodes devoted to understanding Catholic parenting and child rearing. My, how these children have grown in just a few months! Diapers and strollers have given way to increasingly independent pre-teens and teenagers. It is on these older children that we focus in this episode, again steadying ourselves on perennial Catholic thinking, rather than the absurd and dangerous maxims...


Pastoralia, Episode 8: Catholic Parenting (Part 1)

On this month's episode of Pastoralia, we take on a perennial topic in part 1 of a 2 part discussion: the Catholic understanding of parenting and the raising of children. This is a topic which is obscured and largely influenced by a cacophony of noise from modern pop psychology and pseudo-intellectual modern parenting books. We begin the conversation with a discussion of the child-rearing theories of the modern world and the inherent problems with them. Father will compare those to the...


Pastoralia, Episode 7: Extreme Unction and Last Rites

On this month's episode of Pastoralia, we tackle a subject that is somewhat confusing to the laity and accompanies with it some degree of fear: Extreme Unction and Last Rites. We will begin by having a deep discussion of what exactly this Sacrament is, what it is not, and understanding the difference between Extreme Unction and the Last Rites. After we examine the nature of the Sacrament, then we will shift into what the necessity of it is, when a Catholic may ask for it, and what the...


Pastoralia, Episode 6: Confession

On this month's episode of Pastoralia, we return to talk about the Sacrament of Confession. While we may consider this topic to be understood by most practicing Catholics, there is never enough discussion both on the fruits of the Sacrament, but also on the various orbital topics that go along with it. Before we begin the topic itself, we begin the program by first making a slight detour per listener requests about "what to do now?" So you have been studying, you've come to the realization...