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Popes Against Modern Errors, Episode 5: Rerum Novarum (Part 1)

In this first of two episodes, His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn discusses the first half of this great encyclical on the use of capital and labour. Written to counter the rise of socialism all over Europe and in the United States, Rerum Novarum reads like a text book in moral theology for both employers and employees alike. The show discusses the encyclical in both its historical and contemporary context and goes some way to explain the governmental and economic system under which the...


Popes Against Modern Errors, Episode 4: Libertas Praestantissimum

"Liberty" is the theme of the encyclical covered in this month's episode of Popes Against the Modern Errors. This is a masterful teaching encyclical by His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII, this longest of the writings we have covered this season. His Holiness explains the definition of liberty, its relationship to good and evil, the relation of the intellect and the will to liberty, and all the implications that follow not just for good society and government, but the importance of the relationship...


Popes Against Modern Errors, Episode 3: Diuturnum Illud

Do today's Catholics really have a proper sense of “right government”? While the secular world of today and the Vatican II sect in the last 50 years have done much to destroy order, the sense and reasons behind governance, and the proper and Catholic attitude of obedience, all such issues were addressed in 1881 by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII in Diuturnum Illud. Listen as His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn guides listeners through this masterful encyclical, discussing the roles and duties of...


Popes Against Modern Errors, Episode 2: Quanta Cura and the Syllabus

After a bit of absence due to a sickness, His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn returns to the airwaves to discuss the next encyclical in this series, His Holiness Pope Pius IX's Quanta Cura and the accompanying Syllabus of Errors. Bishop Sanborn begins by discussing the reign of the Pope in broad strokes and then sets the encyclical within a historical context. He also goes on to discuss its infallibility before digging into the text. Join host Stephen Heiner as he walks through this...


Popes Against Modern Errors, Episode 1: Mirari Vos

When asked to name 2-3 of his "favorite" encyclicals to be covered this season, with an exception for Pascendi, Bishop Sanborn named Mirari Vos. Coincidentally, it is also the first encyclical we will examine this season. In writing Mirari Vos, Pope Gregory XVI was dealing with the ongoing fallout of the French Revolution and the "restorations" that had happened superficially, but had not gone down to the root. He addresses many errors prevalent at the time that are simply part of what we...


Popes Against Modern Errors, Episode 0: Introduction

New for Season 4 of Restoration Radio, Stephen Heiner will sit down with His Excellency, Bishop Donald Sanborn and discuss a number of encyclicals from the time of Pope Gregory XVI all the way to Pope Pius XII. While not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of each encyclical, nevertheless each episode will examine important points of each encyclical both within the context in which they were written and what pertains to us in our present time. But before we can examine these encyclicals,...


S4, Devotions with Bishop Dolan, Ep8: Devotions in General and Devotions of Mexico

Restoration Radio is excited to welcome back His Excellency, Bishop Daniel Dolan, to Devotions with Bishop Dolan from Season 2. In this first episode back on Season 4, His Excellency starts out by exploring and defining what is a true devotion. Building upon this solid definition, Bishop Dolan provides an overview of some of the general aspects of devotions. Guided by His Excellency, the show delves into the heart of what motive a Catholic should have when praying a devotion. To help...


S4, Clerical Conversations, Ep19: ISIS and Mohammedanism

On this month's episode of Clerical Conversations, we follow-up on the discussions from last month about the "Je suis Charlie", phenomenon, and focus more closely on Mohammedanism and the most recent incarnation of the Islamist jihad in I.S.I.S. Looking at the history and teachings of Islam, His Lordship and Father will instruct the listener on the false notions preached by the Novus Ordo sect and modern society that "we all worship the same god" and that Islam is a "religion of peace"....


S4, Clerical Conversations, Ep18: From Charles Martel to Charlie Hebdo

On this month's episode of Clerical Conversations, we launch an in-depth discussion about the recent events of 7 January 2015 in Paris, France that resulted in the murder of twelve individuals at the headquarters of the scandalous French satirical magazine publication entitled Charlie Hebdo. Modern Western society has had a near universal outcry about this event, galvanizing their outrage by uniting with their contemporaries and demonstrating in the streets of Paris and indeed worldwide...


S4, Clerical Conversations, Ep17: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Clerical Conversations returns to begin Season 4 by discussing several topics near and dear to the hearts of Catholics. Bishop Daniel Dolan and Father Anthony Cekada share their many decades of pastoral experience and discuss the proper Catholic approach/attitude to and proper enjoyment of, in sequence, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. What is a Catholic to think about partaking in games of chance, casinos, or upping the ante at a friendly poker game by placing a wager? How do we as...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 7: The Nature of Christian Perfection

In this episode, we begin the second section, Christian Perfection, in Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection. We have now completed the first section, Doctrinal Principles. When we speak about Christian perfection, we are speaking about a supernatural perfection, an elevation of man, and the perfection of man as he is elevated to a higher order. Christian perfection consists especially in the perfection of charity, the supernatural love of God and neighbor. Christian perfection...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 6: Supernatural Growth

Father Nicolás Despósito continues in this episode with Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection Chapter 6: Supernatural Growth. Sanctifying grace is meant to increase and develop in our souls. God alone is the efficient cause of the increase of our supernatural life. Ordinarily, the increase of grace is produced in two ways: ex opere operato by the sacraments, and ex opere operantis by supernatural meritorious acts and by the impetratory efficacy of prayer. Join Father Nicolás...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 5: The Gifts of the Holy Ghost

This month on Catholic Spirituality, Father Nicolás Despósito continues with Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection Chapter 5: The Gifts of the Holy Ghost. This doctrine of the gifts of the Holy Ghost is very important. It is important for us to understand what the gifts do, how they operate, and their function with regard to our sanctification and salvation. The gifts of the Holy Ghost are necessary for the perfection of the infused virtues and are necessary for salvation. Join...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 4: Infused Virtues

In this episode Father Nicolás Despósito covers the fourth chapter of Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection. The topic treated is the infused virtues. What is an infused virtue? How are they divided? Also, Father reminds us that natural and infused virtues are two essentially different things, and that we absolutely need the latter in order to perform meritorious supernatural acts. Join Father Nicolás Despósito and host Father Germán Fliess, seminary professors at Most Holy Trinity...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 3: Indwelling of the Blessed Trinity

In this episode Father Nicolás Despósito covers the third chapter of Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection. The topic treated is the Indwelling of the Blessed Trinity in the soul of the just. Sacred Scripture is very clear: "If anyone love Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him" (John 14:23). What is the purpose of the divine indwelling? What are the practical consequences of this sublime mystery? Father answers...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 2: Sanctifying Grace

In this episode Father Nicolás Despósito covers the second chapter of Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection. The topics treated are: sanctifying grace, its nature and effects, actual grace, its nature and functions. The supernatural life is analogous to the natural life, and this is clearly seen in the four elements that constitute life. A living subject (the supernatural living subject is the human soul), a formal principle of life (the supernatural principle of life is sanctifying...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 1: The End

On this episode, Father Nicolás Despósito covers the first chapter of Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection: The End. The consideration of purpose is the first thing required in the study of any dynamic work. The glory of God and our sanctification are two modalities of one single end. Father explains the distinction between the intrinsic and the extrinsic glory of God and how the ultimate end of the Christian life is to glorify God. Even the soul's salvation and sanctification must...


Catholic Spirituality, Episode 0: Introduction

In this introduction episode, Father Germán Fliess introduces Father Nicolás Despósito, Vice-Rector and Professor at Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida, guest of the new show, Catholic Spirituality. Father Despósito explains how he ended up as a professor at Most Holy Trinity Seminary, his previous years in Argentina, and the circumstances that lead to his becoming a true Catholic. The book chosen for this series, The Theology of Christian Perfection, by Antonio Royo Marín...


The Anti-Modernist Reader, Episode 4: Resisting the Pope, Sedevacantism and Frankenchurch

In this episode we are joined by Father Anthony Cekada to discuss an article written in 2005 in response to an attack on sedevacantism published in The Remnant. Father Cekada was asked to produce a rebuttal in no more than 3,000 words to a seven pointed attack on the only truly Catholic response to the current crisis in the Church. The result was a brief, pointed and refined defense of Father’s position based on insurmountable moral principles and backed up, as always, by theologians,...


The Anti-Modernist Reader, Episode 3: Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope

In this episode Father Anthony Cekada joins Matthew Gaskin to discuss this significant article in the history of opposition to Vatican II first published in 1995 and again in 2006. As part of True Restoration's Anti-Modernist Reader series we delve into this article to address: the important issue of why Catholics rejected the Vatican II changes, the errors and evils of the Vatican II sect, the inability of the true Catholic Church to give evil doctrine, discipline and liturgy to the...