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BGWG 3: Feminism

Black Gal, White Guy returns for their third episode to discuss feminism. Topics include: Frontiers in Catholic Feminist Theology: Shoulder to Shoulder Send emails with questions or comments to Ebony and Steve at More relevant resources: Watch from our YouTube embedded below, or audio-only through directly on this page or through any of the linked podcast directories.


Interview: Brian Zahnd, Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God (Part 1)

Book image via Waterbrook Multnomah Brian Zahnd joins the podcast to discuss his new book, Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God. In part 1, they focus on Brian’s story and the nature of the Bible: Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God. Links: Word of Life Church Brian Zahnd (website) Brian Zahnd (Twitter) Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God Watch from YouTube embedded below, or subscribe to our audio podcast feed through any of the links provided.


BGWG 2: The Decriminalization of Drugs

Ebony and Steve return for the second episode of Black Gal, White Guy. In this show, they discuss movements to decriminalize drug possession including new legislation in Steve’s state of Oregon. The episode includes further discussion on topics like the racial elements of the war on drugs and the need to treat addicts as somebody in need of help, not somebody to be excessively punished.


Interview: Manny Cumplido, Addiction

Manny Cumplido, a MennoNerds member, joins the podcast as a guest to share a bit about himself and to talk about sexual addiction. They talk about Manny’s sexual addiction and steps he took to recover, as well as more generally how churches can do a better job of helping people with sex addiction, and self efficacy vs individualism. Link Manny’s Blog, Word Framed World Watch from YouTube below, press the audio podcast logo to play the audio in your browser, or subscribe to the podcast...


BGWG 1: The Acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez

In the brand new MennoNerds show, Black Gal, White Guy (BGWG), hosts Ebony Adedayo and Steve Kimes discuss the recent acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez, the police officer who killed Philando Castile in his car last year. How can we participate in stopping these shootings? How would Jesus respond to the acquittal? Resources All Saints The Body Keeps the Score Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Watch from YouTube embedded below or subscribe to the audio podcast through one of the links provided...


Interview: Katelin Hansen, Neuroscience (Part 2)

Katelin Hansen returns on the guest side of the conversation to discuss neuroscience. After part 1 looked at the relationship between science and faith more generally, this part 2 jumps into more specifics of neuroscience questions. Katelin’s website:


Vlog 36: Future Hope

In the final vlog topic, Steve introduces by asking about hope for the future and whether we are progressing the world toward something better, worse, or pretty much the same. Micael provides the only response and discusses the impending collapse of Western civilization due to factors like nuclear weapon stockpiling and climate change. This is the final vlog topic. Please stay tuned as we try out a new idea soon. You can watch from YouTube embedded below or listen through our audio...


Interview: Katelin Hansen, Neuroscience (Part 1)

Katelin Hansen returns to the guest side of the table to talk about neuroscience. In this first part, she and Paul focus more generally on the relationship between science and faith. In part 2, they will dive into more specific neuroscience questions. Katelin’s blog “By Their Strange Fruit”: Paul’s sermon “Be Transformed”:


Interview: Wesley Rostoll, Seeing the Cross with New Eyes

Fellow MennoNerd Wesley Rostoll joins the podcast to talk about his new book, Seeing the Cross with New Eyes, with host Paul Walker. The book description is as follows: “Why did Jesus have to die on a cross? Was it to appease His Father’s wrath or was it to undo the effects of the fall in Eden? In his first book, author Wesley Rostoll tackles the tough questions surrounding the atonement, eternal life, the Book of Revelation and more; offering us fresh perspectives into the cross that...