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Motherhood Unstressed is a series of conversations and meditations addressing parenting, stress management, personal growth, and mindfulness. In reality, Motherhood Unstressed expands beyond the show, it's a global community of mindful, purpose-driven people looking to grow and create a positive ripple effect at home and in the world.


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Motherhood Unstressed is a series of conversations and meditations addressing parenting, stress management, personal growth, and mindfulness. In reality, Motherhood Unstressed expands beyond the show, it's a global community of mindful, purpose-driven people looking to grow and create a positive ripple effect at home and in the world.






Heidi Reimer's "The Mother Act": Balancing Self and Sacrifice in Motherhood

Heidi Reimer's journey into motherhood sparked the inspiration for her latest work, "The Mother Act," a poignant exploration of the intricate dance between maternal devotion and personal fulfillment. As a stay-at-home mother juggling the demands of caring for a baby and a toddler while her actor husband traveled for work, Heidi found herself at a crossroads. In a moment of quiet desperation, she contemplated the unthinkable: walking away from it all. Yet, instead of succumbing to her fleeting thoughts, Heidi channeled her emotions into a feverish burst of creativity, weaving her experiences into a literary tapestry that captures the essence of modern motherhood. "The Mother Act" delves deep into the trials, triumphs, and sacrifices of motherhood, offering a bold perspective on the thin line between self-prioritization and self-centeredness. Through the lens of a mother and daughter duo, Heidi explores themes of identity, ambition, and the profound impact of our choices on those we love. Tune in as we dissect the greater themes within "The Mother Act," from its feminist undertones to its exploration of the complexities of womanhood. Join us as we unravel the layers of this compelling narrative, exploring how Heidi's personal journey informed her storytelling and the universal truths it unveils about the human experience. Whether you're a parent grappling with the challenges of balancing family and personal aspirations or simply a lover of thought-provoking literature, this conversation promises to enlighten and inspire. Connect with Heidi Web: Instagram @heidi.c.reimer Get the Book: The Mother Act Connect with Liz Web: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed About Heidi Heidi Reimer is a novelist and writing coach. Her debut novel, The Mother Act, is coming from Penguin Random House in April 2024. Her writing interrogates the lives of women, usually those bent on breaking free of what they’re given to create what they yearn for. Her front row seat to The Mother Act’s theatrical world began two decades ago when she met and married an actor, and her immersion in motherhood began when she adopted a toddler and discovered she was pregnant on the same day. She has published in Chatelaine, The New Quarterly, Literary Mama, and the anthologies The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood and Body & Soul: Stories for Skeptics and Seekers. About the Book Set against the sparkling backdrop of the theater world, this propulsive debut follows the complicated relationship between an actress who refuses to abandon her career and the daughter she chooses to abandon instead. Sadie Jones, a larger-than-life actress and controversial feminist, never wanted to be a mother. No one feels this more deeply than Jude, the daughter Sadie left behind. While Jude spent her childhood touring with her father’s Shakespearian theater company, desperate for validation from the mother she barely knew, Sadie catapulted to fame on the wings of The Mother Act—a scathing one-woman show depicting her maternal rage. Two decades later, Jude is a talented actress in her own right, and her fraught relationship with Sadie has come to a head—bitterly and publicly. On a December evening in New York City, at the packed premiere of Sadie’s latest play, the two come face-to-face and the intertwined stories of their lives unravel. With years of love, resentment, and misunderstanding laid bare, the questions loom: What are the costs of being a devoted mother and a devoted artist, and who gets to decide if the collateral damage is justified? Compelling, insightful, and cleverly conveyed as a play in six acts, The Mother Act is equal parts stylish page-turner and provocative exploration of womanhood. Coming April 30, 2024 from Dutton and Random House Canada. Pre-Order here:


Journey to Inner Harmony Guided Meditation

Indulge in a tranquil journey to inner peace with this soothing guided meditation, designed to guide you to a state of profound relaxation and harmony. Immerse yourself in the gentle frequencies of alpha waves, known for their calming effects on the mind and body. Whether you're seeking stress relief, mental clarity, or simply a moment of tranquility, this meditation offers a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Join us and embark on a transformative voyage to inner harmony. Connect with Liz Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Youtube Motherhood Unstressed


A Race Against Blindness: A Dad's Journey of Inspiration and Resilience Amidst a Rare Diagnosis

Stephen Johnston is a father, radiologist, nonprofit founder, and Ironman athlete, who faced his son Luke's life-altering diagnosis with resilience and determination. At just seven years old, Luke was diagnosed with a rare disease: retinitis pigmentosa and Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS). With no medical intervention available for BBS-related retinitis pigmentosa, Luke faced the prospect of slowly losing his vision, eventually leading to blindness in his teenage years. Undeterred by the daunting prognosis, Stephen embarked on a mission to save his son's sight. Connecting with a UK-based researcher on the cusp of human clinical trials for a potential treatment, Stephen founded A Race Against Blindness to raise $1 million for sight-saving research. Through his relentless efforts, Stephen has raised over six figures, garnering attention from major media outlets like and various TV news stations. His story is not just about fundraising; it's about finding purpose in adversity and redefining resilience as a parent. In this episode, Stephen shares invaluable insights on parenting through tough situations, setting a strong example for your children, and navigating co-parenting post-divorce, especially when faced with unexpected challenges like a serious medical condition. In this episode we discuss: Finding Your Purpose Amidst Adversity and Channeling Change: Stephen discusses discovering his passion amidst his son's diagnosis and the complex emotions that accompany finding purpose in difficult situations. Making a Safe Space for Your Children Through Effective Co-Parenting Post-Divorce: Stephen offers practical tips on co-parenting through adversity, drawing from his experience of re-evaluating priorities and fostering family unity post-diagnosis. Setting a Strong Example: Modeling a Balance of Strength and Vulnerability for Your Children: Stephen shares how he redefined resilience and vulnerability to become a better parent, inspiring listeners to shift their mindset and embrace challenges. Parenting a Child Through Tough News: Stephen reflects on communicating difficult diagnoses to children, offering coping strategies and parenting tools to support children through challenging times. Tune in to gain valuable insights from Stephen's journey and learn how to navigate parenthood with resilience and grace. Connect with Stephen Web: Instagram: dad.vs.blindness and a.race.against.blindness Youtube: A.Race.Against.Blindness Connect with Liz Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Youtube Motherhood Unstressed


Prime Your Training and Your Life: A Deep Dive with 'Good for a Girl' Author + Elite Runner Lauren Fleshman

My guest today is none other than Lauren Fleshman, a former elite distance runner turned dedicated coach and author. Lauren's latest book, "Good for a Girl: A Woman Running in a Man’s World," has been making waves since its release in paperback, shedding light on the unique struggles faced by female athletes and advocating for change in how we support and train them. In this episode, we'll dive deep into Lauren's journey as a runner, her experiences as a major figure in women's running for Nike, and her insights on female physiology and disordered eating and her inspiring vision for a more inclusive and empowering future in sports. So, whether you're a parent, a coach, or simply passionate about creating a better world for young female athletes, Lauren's perspective is as insightful as it is inspiring. Connect with Lauren Web: Instagram: LaurenFleshman Get the Book: Good For a Gir: A Woman Running in a Man's World Connect with Liz Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Youtube Motherhood Unstressed Resources Mentioned: NEDA - Stanford Female Athlete Science and Translation Research Program IG @stanfordfastr Web: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) "Take Back the Game" by Linda Flanagan About the Book “Good for a Girl is simultaneously a moving memoir and a call to action in how we think about—and train—girls and women in elite sports. It’s a must-read—for anyone who loves running, for anyone who has a daughter, and for anyone who cares about creating a better future for young women.” —Emily Oster, author of Expecting Better, Cribsheet, and The Family Firm


HOW TO BE OLD: Life Lessons on Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon Lyn Slater

Join me as I sit down with the legendary Lyn Slater, better known as the Accidental Icon. With over 750 thousand followers on Instagram and accolades from top brands and media outlets, Lyn's journey from social work professor to fashion influencer extraordinaire is nothing short of inspiring. In our conversation, we delve into Lyn's new memoir, "HOW TO BE OLD: Lessons in Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon." We explore her transformative decade, where she defied expectations, battled ageism and influencer culture, and ultimately chose to walk away from it all at the peak of her career. Part personal style memoir, part social commentary, and part creative manifesto, "HOW TO BE OLD" offers invaluable insights into reinvention and embracing change and challenges conventional standards of aging, advocating instead for inclusivity and empowerment. Tune in to discover how Lyn Slater's rebellious journey will inspire you to redefine what's possible in your own life. Connect with Lyn Web: Instagram: @iconaccidental Get the Book: How to Be Old: Lessons in Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon Connect with Liz Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Youtube Motherhood Unstressed About the Book HOW TO BE OLD shows readers that while you can’t control everything, what you can control is the way you think about your age and the creative ways you respond to the changes in your mind and body as they happen. Rather than trying to meet standards of youth and beauty as a measure of successful aging, Slater promotes a more inclusive and empowering standard to judge our older selves by. A true icon and trendsetter in more ways than one, Slater will inspire readers to reimagine what’s possible with the tales of her bold, fashionable, and rebellious journey in HOW TO BE OLD.


Kelly Armatage ON: Transforming Trauma and Healing Mother and Father Wounds

In this episode, join me as I sit down with Kelly Armatage, a globally recognised Therapist and expert in the field of psychological trauma and behavioural transformation. Through her personal odyssey, Kelly has evolved into a beacon of healing, offering profound insights into navigating life's challenges. At the heart of our conversation lies Kelly's groundbreaking A.S.K. Technique—a fusion of somatic and cognitive tools meticulously crafted to dismantle limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns. But our exploration doesn't stop there. We delve into the intricate dynamics of 'mother and father wounds,' dissecting their profound impacts on our behaviors and relationships. This isn't your run-of-the-mill self-help spiel. It's a candid, no-nonsense discussion rooted in real experiences and tangible solutions. Tune in for an illuminating journey towards personal growth and healing. Connect with Kelly Web: Instagram @kellyarmatage Facebook @kellyarmatage TikTok @kellyarmatagetherapist Connect with Liz Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Youtube Motherhood Unstressed Episode Summary Kelly's Journey to Therapy: Overcoming Trauma and Helping Others Healing, Self-Love, and Personal Growth Discussion KellyKellyParental Wounds: Impacts and Healing Healing Mother and Father Wounds: Transformative Change KellyTransforming Trauma: A Path to Personal Growth KellyTrauma and Accountability Discussion KellyKellySetting Boundaries in Relationships Kelly and Liz discussed the significance of setting boundaries, especially in relationships with parents. Kelly emphasized that boundaries are about respecting oneself and treating others with love, support, and respect. She suggested that expressing boundaries in a calm, assertive, and respectful manner can transform relationships. Liz admitted that setting boundaries can be scary, but Kelly reassured her that boundaries are about respect and vulnerability, not aggression or conflict. Liz discussed the goal of the show, which is to empower listeners to make small changes in their life for a better future. They touched upon a listener who wants to model healthy mental programming for her children, and Kelly suggested she embark on a self-love journey and focus on her happiness, confidence, and self-esteem.


Anti-Aging Secrets with Joi Founder Katy Whalen: Hormone Replacement (HRT) and Peptide Therapy

Are you tired of feeling fatigued, struggling with hormonal imbalances, and searching for holistic solutions to reclaim your vitality? In this episode Katy Whalen, founder of Joi, shares her personal journey through infertility, miscarriages, and IVF, highlighting the struggles with hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and weight gain that many women face. She discusses how her search for holistic solutions led her to discover hormone optimization and peptide therapies, which ultimately transformed her life. Through candid discussion, Katy explains the mission behind Joi: providing accessible options for women to manage their health holistically and feel like themselves again. It's not just about looking better—it's about feeling better from the inside out. Connect with Katy Instagram @joiwomenswellness Facebook @JOIwomenswellness TikTok @joiwomenswellness YouTube JOI Women's Wellness Connect with Liz Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Youtube Motherhood Unstressed


Navigating ADHD School Stress: Julie Skolnick's ON Practical Strategies for Success for Gifted and Distractible Kids

For many kids, school generates stress and challenges beyond studying for tests and doing homework, especially for those with conditions like ADHD or sensory processing disorders. In this episode, join us as we delve into the world of "twice-exceptional" kids—intellectually gifted individuals with simultaneous learning differences. My guest, Julie F. Skolnick, MA, JD, is not just an expert but a parent to three twice-exceptional children. Through her service, With Understanding Comes Calm, she has supported and guided thousands facing similar journeys. Julie's new book, "GIFTED AND DISTRACTIBLE," unveils the unique challenges these remarkable kids face and provides strength-based, hands-on strategies for their success. In this episode we explore her Cycle for Success framework, demystifying the 'why' behind challenging behaviors while emphasizing interventions that support the whole child. Julie shares insights on morning and bedtime power struggles, homework stress, understanding 'bad' behavior, identifying triggers, and becoming an advocate for your child with their teachers. Discover how to work with, not against, your child, create effective routines, and navigate the educational landscape with confidence. 🎧 This episode will equip you with the tools to understand and support twice-exceptional kids, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Connect with Julie All socials @julieskolnick or @letstalke2 Web: Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


Full Body Relaxation, Stress Healing, and Anxiety Relief

This guided meditative journey is an oasis for your spirit, a sanctuary where anxiety dissipates and the weight of the world lifts from your shoulders. Invite healing energies to flow through you, revitalizing your entire being. Bask in the warmth of self-love and acceptance, as the meditation encourages you to embrace the present moment with open arms. Whether you seek solace from the demands of a hectic day or a sanctuary for deeper healing, this guided meditation is a compass guiding you to the shores of tranquility. Rediscover the harmony within, as you emerge from this transformative experience rejuvenated, balanced, and ready to embrace life's challenges with newfound resilience. Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


Meditation Teacher Michael O'Brien ON: Thriving Through Chaos and Finding Your Home Within

This week my guest is Michael O'Brien, renowned meditation teacher and creator of the transformative Pause Breathe Reflect Meditation and Relaxation app. Join us as we explore Michael's incredible journey from surviving a life-altering accident to thriving through the power of meditation. Discover practical insights tailored for busy mothers, unraveling the myth that meditation requires ample time. Michael shares invaluable wisdom on turning small ripples into big waves, offering a lifeline for overwhelmed mothers seeking balance. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how mindfulness can be seamlessly woven into your daily routine, bringing peace, resilience, and transformative joy to your life. Tune in for an enriching discussion that promises to empower mothers worldwide on their journey to holistic well-being. Connect with Michael Web: App: IG, Facebook, YouTube @PauseBreatheReflect Tiktok @pbrwithmichael Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz Podcast Episode Summary Mindfulness Transforms Michael's Life Michael experienced a life-changing event that led him to a mindfulness practice. He initially viewed mindfulness as a hippie dippy practice, but after a health scare and a full recovery, he learned about the benefits of mindfulness from his mentor. Michael's mentor taught him that everything is neutral until labeled by the individual, a concept that helped Michael reclaim his life and identity after their health scare. Michael's Mindfulness Journey Michael shared his personal journey of discovering mindfulness, particularly through his experiences following a serious accident. He rejected the binary concept of labeling a day as good or bad and emphasized the importance of moments. He explained that he began practicing box breathing, a technique he learned from the Navy Seals, to manage overwhelming feelings and stress, particularly while in the hospital. He also expressed his desire to return home, where he found comfort and familiarity. Michael's Mindfulness Journey and Sharing Michael shared his personal journey with mindfulness, starting from his early practice in 2001 to his decision to share his experiences during the pandemic. He explained how his mindfulness practice helped him manage stress and alter his relationships with others and himself. Initially, he kept his practice private while in the corporate world, but as he transitioned into full-time mindfulness practice in 2014, he began to share it more openly, including in blog posts. His goal was to help others through mindfulness during challenging times, such as the pandemic. Mindfulness and Reflection in Challenging Times Michael and Liz discussed the need for mindfulness and reflection during challenging times, such as the Covid pandemic. Michael shared his concept of the "ultimate barista" (MUG - Mother Earth, Universe or God) as a metaphor for being more mindful in daily life, and suggested short, frequent mindfulness practices as a practical way to incorporate mindfulness into busy schedules. He also mentioned leading public meditations based on this approach. Mindfulness Practices and Personal Journey Michael shared his personal journey of using mindfulness practices, especially through challenging times such as a bike accident and the pandemic. He expressed his commitment to helping others access mindfulness in a secular and relatable way, especially those who may not have time for traditional practices. Liz agreed, noting that Michael's experiences seemed to prepare him for sharing his insights with others. Michael also mentioned his intention to offer various mindfulness practices, such as silent retreats online, to help people build a practice over time. He...


Breaking the Silence: Navigating Motherhood, Sobriety, and Mommy Wine Culture with Celeste Yvonne

Recent data from the nonpartisan health advocacy group March of Dimes reveals a concerning trend—a 4 percent decline in hospitals with labor and delivery services between 2019 and 2020. This decline, coupled with insufficient support, leaves many new mothers feeling isolated and struggling with mental health symptoms. Renowned sober mom advocate, writer, and certified recovery coach Celeste Yvonne experienced this insufficient support personally, recounting the dismissive response she received from her OB when voicing concerns about postpartum depression. Faced with limited options—enroll in a psych ward or let it work itself out—Celeste found herself without the support she desperately needed during a vulnerable time. In this episode Celeste sheds light on the pervasive Mommy Wine Culture, discussing how it distracts society from addressing the real issue—providing proper support for mothers in need. She explores the dangerous normalization of using alcohol as a coping mechanism for the challenges of motherhood. From Struggle to Sobriety: Discover Celeste Yvonne's powerful journey from postpartum depression to sobriety. She unveils the reasons behind keeping her sobriety a secret for a year and the challenges she faced during this transformative period. Seeking Support: Celeste discusses the importance of reevaluating how we support mothers at work and at home, sharing insights on creating a community that understands the struggles of sobriety and provides tools and resources for those looking to quit drinking. Sober Mom Squad: Learn about the online community Celeste co-hosts, the Sober Mom Squad. Uncover the valuable resources and tools it offers for mothers navigating sobriety and seeking a supportive community. Celeste Yvonne's story is not just one of overcoming personal challenges but also a call to action for a fundamental shift in how we approach maternal healthcare and support. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation that challenges societal norms and advocates for a more compassionate and understanding approach to motherhood. CELESTE YVONNE Sober mom advocate Celeste Yvonne is a writer and certified recovery coach (IAPRC) with over 20 years of experience as a communications professional in corporate America. Her essays on parenting, the mental load of motherhood, mommy wine culture, and sobriety resonates with mothers everywhere and has been featured in the Washington Post, Good Morning America, Today Show, and Refinery 29, among others. She is also a contributing writer to the Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestseller So God Made a Mother. Over five years sober and a founding host of the Sober Mom Squad, Celeste advocates for mothers who struggle with addiction and mental health. She is a recipient of the Windfelt Inspire Award by the Dry Society Social Club, as well as 2x winner of Red Tricycle's Spoke Challenge for best writing. She lives in Reno, Nevada, with her husband and two children. Connect with Celeste Yvonne: Official site: Facebook: @theultimatemomchallenge Instagram: @theultimatemomchallenge


Dr. Gavin Francis ON: Recovery and the Lost Art of Convalescence

This week Dr. Gavin Francis joins us to discuss his latest book "Recovery," where he unveils the hidden gems of healing, challenging the notion that recovery is a mere obstacle on the road to health. Discover why recovery is an active and empowering process, not just a passive aftermath of treatment. Our conversation explores the secrets of recovering from any illness, and educates on how to embrace the rhythms of recovery, invest your time and energy, and witness how this act has the power to reshape your life. Join us for a lively discussion on the tools and wisdom found in "RECOVERY" – your guide to navigating the landscape of illness and emerging whole on the other side. About Dr. Gavin Francis Gavin Francis is a general physician with more than 30 years of training and practice in medicine. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He is also an award-winning writer and a contributor to the Guardian, Times, New York Review of Books, Granta, and the London Review of Books. He’s authored eight books, including Empire Antarctica, Adventures in Human Being, and Shapeshifters: On Medicine & Human Change, which was a book of the year in the Sunday Times. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz About the Book When it comes to illness, sometimes the end is just the beginning. Recovery and convalescence are words that exist at the periphery of our lives – until we are forced to contend with what they really mean. Here, GP and writer Gavin Francis explores how – and why – we get better, revealing the many shapes recovery takes, its shifting history and the frequent failure of our modern lives to make adequate space for it. Characterised by Francis’s beautiful prose and his view of medicine as ‘the alliance of science and kindness’, Recovery is a book about a journey that most of us never intend to make. Along the way, he unfolds a story of hope, transformation, and the everyday miracle of healing.


Mastering Addiction and Depression: Bob Gardner's Body-Based Approach

This week I sit down with Bob Gardner, renowned as The Freedom Specialist, Author, Transformation Specialist, Speaker, and Host of the podcast Alive and Free. Bob shares his incredible journey from the depths of addiction, contemplating divorce and suicide, to becoming a beacon of hope for thousands seeking happiness, health, and well-being. Bob introduces us to his body-based approach that forms the foundation for happiness and well-being on autopilot. His book, "Built for Freedom," serves as a guide to unlocking the secrets of real freedom and happiness. In our conversation, we delve into Bob's personal struggle, where after 18 years trapped in addictive patterns, he defied prevailing wisdom to create a permanent solution for his challenges. Discover how Bob's unique body-based techniques have since empowered individuals to leave their struggles behind and embark on a journey to thrive. As a Transformational Specialist, Bob incorporates knowledge gained from his extensive background in martial arts, breathwork, functional psychology, deep tissue release, and various healing modalities. Learn how he has successfully helped people overcome chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, childhood wounds, addictions, and OCD through intensive in-person retreats, transformational coaching, and online resources. Bob's mantra, "Freedom is a skill, not a pill," encapsulates the essence of his teachings. We explore how he guides individuals to train their bodies and minds to achieve freedom autonomously, fostering a life filled with joy and fulfillment. Visit to discover more about the reliable tools and experiences provided by The Freedom Specialist. This episode promises insights into the transformative power of Bob Gardner's approach and offers a glimpse into the incredible world of lasting freedom and happiness. Tune in and embark on a journey to unleash your own freedom! Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


Inner Child Healing and Authentic Happiness Guided Meditation

Today's meditation is a soul-nurturing experience designed to peel away the layers and unveil the authentic you. As you settle into a serene space, let the gentle guidance lead you back to the tender essence of your inner child, where innocence and joy reside. This guided meditation is a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing, leaving you with a heart full of compassion and a spirit that dances with the pure delight of being truly, unapologetically yourself. Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


Alexandra Ford's Journey from Trafficking Survivor to Advocate | Unveiling Misconceptions, Recognizing Signs, and Building a Safer Community Together – Including Vital Insights on Protecting Our Youth

In this compelling conversation with Alexandra Ford, we delve into her powerful origin story as a survivor of human trafficking. Unveiling the pivotal moment when she recognized the gravity of her situation, Alexandra shared insights on common misconceptions surrounding trafficking and highlights crucial signs to be vigilant about. Our discussion emphasizes the importance of how to foster a safe and supportive community environment, thereby encouraging survivors to come forward and end the cycle of abuse and exploitation. Discover eye-opening perspectives and learn how each of us can contribute to creating a safer community for everyone. Join the conversation for a profound exploration of resilience, awareness, and community empowerment. Connect with Alexandra The Uprising non-profit Instagram @thelaughingsurvivor Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


From Broadway to Bookshelves: Rachel Montez Minor's Encore Act – 'See You on the Other Side'

Join us for an insightful conversation with actress, dancer, singer, and now acclaimed author Rachel Montez Minor as we delve into her latest children's book, "See You on the Other Side." In this interview, you'll discover the inspiration behind Rachel's shift from a two-decade career on Broadway and in TV and film to her second act as a writer, artist, mystic, mother, yoga teacher, and meditation practitioner. Rachel will share insights into her multifaceted career, discussing what inspired her to add "author" to her extensive resume. We'll also delve into the creation process of "See You on the Other Side" and how it is already helping young readers heal and navigate various forms of loss, from the death of a loved one to a friend moving away. Don't miss the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Rachel Montez Minor's journey and the meaningful messages embedded in her latest creation. Whether you're a fan of her performances on Broadway or a parent seeking resources to navigate conversations about loss with your children, this interview promises to be a heartfelt and enriching experience. About the Book Released on September 26, 2023, and suitable for all ages, this heartwarming picture book is a follow-up to Minor's 2021 release, "The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars." Richly illustrated by Mariyah Rahman, the book serves as a beautiful ode to lost loved ones, offering comfort through simple, rhyming text and evocative imagery. Join us as we explore the universal message that no one truly leaves us forever; "Our hearts remain tied. This isn't the end," writes Montez Minor. 📖 Learn more about Rachel Montez Minor and her works at or on Instagram @rachelmontezminor Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Twitter @lizziecarlile Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


Learn with Dr. Emily: Penn Holderness - ADHD as a Superpower

This week, I'm excited to share an episode from the Learn with Dr. Emily podcast, a space where parents and teachers unite to support neurodivergent youth. Host Dr. Emily King is a child psychologist and former school psychologist with expertise in nurturing and educating children and teens diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, and/or giftedness. As both a parent and a lifelong learner, I believe this episode holds valuable insights that you'll find truly enjoyable! --- Growing up, Penn Holderness knew he was different than his friends. He had tics. He was called a spazz. He would cry really easily. In basketball practice, he would nearly chew through his shirt if he wasn't running around enough. If he was growing up in the 2020's, he'd be treated for ADHD pretty quickly. But back in the 80's, ADHD information wasn't widespread, and it wasn't until college that he was officially diagnosed. On today's episode, Penn talks about growing up with ADHD, finding his passion for music and performing arts, learning how to accept his limitations and lean into his superpowers, and how he would design a school for ADHD minds. You don't want to miss this vulnerable and hilarious episode. The Holderness Family YouTube | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | Podcast --- Sign up for Dr. Emily's weekly newsletter at Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Twitter @lizziecarlile Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


Insightful Yoga Nidra Meditation for Profound Relaxation and Clarity

Discover the extraordinary world of Yoga Nidra, a profound yogic practice that combines relaxation and insight. This Insightful Yoga Nidra Meditation invites you to embark on a journey to deep relaxation and inner wisdom. Yoga Nidra, often referred to as 'yogic sleep,' is a state of conscious relaxation that allows you to access your innermost self and harness your innate wisdom. This guided meditation takes you through a soothing body scan, mindful intention setting, and a tranquil visualization, all in just a few minutes. Release tension, gain clarity, and find peace as you explore the depths of your inner world. Embrace this transformative experience, converting stress into serenity with every breath. Your path to renewed balance and insight starts here. Join us and discover the serenity that lies within. Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Twitter @lizziecarlile Your feedback means the world to me. If this episode has been helpful to you, please take a moment to leave a review. With heartfelt appreciation, Liz


Author Lara Love Hardin's Inspiring Story of Redemption and "The Many Lives of Mama Love"

Discover an extraordinary journey of redemption on this episode of Motherhood Unstressed. New York Times bestselling author Lara Love Hardin shares her gripping transformation from suburban soccer mom to opioid addict, her time behind bars, and her remarkable resurgence as a thriving ghostwriter. Join us for a riveting discussion about her candid memoir, "The Many Lives of Mama Love: A Memoir of Lying, Stealing, Writing, and Healing." Lara's story is a rollercoaster of resilience and humor that you won't want to miss. Tune in now for this incredible tale of hope and recovery. Connect with Lara Love Hardin Web Instagram @laralovehardin Facebook @lara.l.hardin Find out more about Lara's non-proft The Gemma Project Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Twitter @lizziecarlile No one expects the police to knock on a million-dollar, two-story home in a picture-perfect cul-de-sac. But soccer mom Lara Love Hardin has been hiding a shady secret: she is funding her heroin addiction by stealing her neighbors' credit cards. Until it all comes crumbling down. Lara is convicted of thirty-two felonies and becomes inmate S32179. She learns that jail is a class system with a power structure that is somewhere between an adolescent sleepover party and Lord of the Flies. Furniture is made from tampon boxes, and Snickers bars are currency. But Lara quickly discovers that jailhouse politics aren't that different from the PTA meetings she used to attend, and she climbs the social ladder to become the "shot caller" and earns the nickname “Mama Love.” When she’s released, harnessing lessons learned from women she was incarcerated with, she reinvents herself as a ghostwriter and successful agent. Now legally co-opting other people’s identities through her writing, she goes on to meet Oprah, meditate with The Dalia Lama, and have dinner with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. But the shadow of her past follows her. Shame is a poison worse than heroin—there is no way to detox. Lara must learn how to forgive herself and others, navigate life as a felon on probation, and prove that she is more good than bad. The Many Lives of Mama Love is a heartbreaking, tender, and ultimately inspiring journey from shame to redemption, despite a system that makes it almost impossible for us to move beyond the worst thing we have ever done. Praise for The Many Lives of Mama Love “A suburban mom weathers addiction, jail, and parole in this roller-coaster debut memoir…Hardin mixes despair and comedy in her evocative prose: “I carefully pick through the bottom-of-purse debris until I find some small brown chips.... I don’t know if I’m smoking heroin or food crumbs or lint, but I feel the anxiety slowly leave my chest.” This redemption story feels well earned.”—Publishers Weekly “In addition to revealing the struggles of female felons in a misogynist justice system, the author celebrates her own determination to accept herself and begin again. A courageous and inspiring memoir.”—Kirkus “A hilarious and heartbreaking confession that will not let you go until it is done—and then it will haunt you. It will give you hope in what is possible for each of us if we allow others—and ourselves—to move beyond our shame, find redemption, and write a new, more inspiring story of our lives.”—Lori Gottlieb, author of the New York Times bestseller, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone “Lara Love Hardin writes with the same humor and bravery that helped her navigate incarceration, sobriety and a daunting return to the community to regain her place in her children's lives. This beautifully told story flies in the face of assumptions about substance use disorder and incarcerated women and shows how community and connection help people rebuild themselves for the better.”—Piper Kerman, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Orange is the New Black “A compelling and timely rebuttal...


Preparing Kids for Success: Elevating Your Child's Future with Bestselling Author Brooke Romney's Expertise in Modern Manners and Beyond

Brooke Romney, bestselling author of the "52 Modern Manners" books shares her wisdom on how parents and students can prepare for the upcoming school year by brushing up on essential social skills. Whether your child is stepping into middle school or embarking on their senior year of high school, Brooke's insights will empower parents to cultivate meaningful relationships with their children while imparting the critical social etiquette required to excel in both school and life. Don't miss this valuable discussion on fostering success through manners and respect. Connect with Brooke Website: Get the Books - Amazon Instagram @brookeromneywrites Twitter @brookeoromney Facebook @brookeromneywrites Connect with Liz Website: Instagram @motherhoodunstressed Twitter @lizziecarlile