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Mythicist Milwaukee is a group dedicated to studying the mythicist position - researching the parallels between ancient civilizations' beliefs and today's modern religious practices.

Mythicist Milwaukee is a group dedicated to studying the mythicist position - researching the parallels between ancient civilizations' beliefs and today's modern religious practices.
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Mythicist Milwaukee is a group dedicated to studying the mythicist position - researching the parallels between ancient civilizations' beliefs and today's modern religious practices.




Tim Pool Gets it Done on the Joe Rogan Experience w/ Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde

Tim Pool was Joe Rogan’s special guest on a JRE podcast that included CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s head of Trust and Security Vijaya Gadde. This interview was in response to the last interview Joe Rogan did with Jack Dorsey where Joe admittedly did not know enough to challenge some of the censorship concerns Twitter users currently have. This is our review of how we felt this conversation went.


Today's College Experience w/ Jacob Dee

Jacob Dee is fresh out of college and discusses what his experience was like w/ Brian and Dima.


Abortion Rights, Bible Literacy, The Border Wall & More w/ Lauren Chen aka Roaming Millennial

Lauren Chen aka @roamingmil is a prominent and very talented conservative commentator, who has an informed approach and values dialogue w/ varying viewpoints. Checkout Lauren's YouTube channel here:


Sargon of Akkad on Brexit, Covington, DNC Candidates and More

Carl "Sargon of Akkad" Benjamin is a popular independent Vlogger with almost 900,000 subscribers on YouTube. A skeptic of ideologies both theological and political, his channel is dedicated to rational arguments backed by evidence. Sometimes a polemicist, at other times soft spoken, Sargon of Akkad has created a considerable amount of content regarding skeptical thought. About us: If you like our videos please support our Patreon:...


Louis CK @ The Governor's Club, The Hostless Oscars & More

Sean Brian, and Dmitry review the Louis CK’s latest set at the Governor’s Club. We also touch on Kevin Hart’s decision to not host the Oscar’s.


Keeping Up w/ Scientology: Tony Ortega Joins us

Tony Ortega is a journalist who was formerly the editor of The Village Voice. He's written about Scientology since 1995, and in May 2015 released a book about Scientology's harassment of Paulette Cooper titled 'The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.' He continues to monitor breaking developments in the Scientology world from an undisclosed location in an underground bunker he shares with four cats and one of them wrinkly Shar Pei dogs. We discuss the various celebrities that are currently in the...


Bunty King Discusses Video Games and MMORPG Social Norms

Bunty King joins us for our first show of 2019. We discuss his new focus on video game only related content. You can find Bunty’s YouTube channel here:


The Current Climate Surrounding Religion and Politics w/ David Fitzgerald

David Fitzgerald joins us to discuss his new book and the current climate surrounding religion and social politics.


Rucka Rucka Ali on Patreon, Capitalism and Censorship

Rucka Rucka Ali is a musician and internet sensation. His music infuses comedy with sociopolitical commentary. You can find Rucka's music on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify etc. You can also find Rucka's wildly popular videos on his YouTube Channel. What's going on with Patreon? Is comedy under attack? Is capitalism the best way to go? We discuss all of this and more with Rucka Rucka Ali.

Karen Straughan Joins Us Live on Mythinformed

Karen Straughan is a Canadian spokesperson for Men’s Rights. She is a producer and writer, known for My Thoughts Re Chris Cantwell (2017), Revenge of the Misogynerds (2017) and The Red Pill (2016). She is also a YouTube creator that creates videos criticizing feminism.


Ian Miles Cheong on Video Games, Censorship, and Political Correctness

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist who writes about entertainment, video games, politics, and culture for the Daily Caller. Follow Ian on Twitter: If you like our videos please support our Patreon:


Angel Bonilla on the Trans Panel at #Mythcon

Angel Bonilla is an LA-based singer and outspoken advocate for transgender rights, originally from the Philippines. Bonilla represented the Philippines at the 25th annual Discovery International Pop Song Festival in Bulgaria in 2016 and placed 2nd runner up out of 57 countries. She was the first Filipina to ever compete in the festival. In 2018, she became the first openly transgender singer to appear on NBC’s “The Voice." If you like our show please support our Patreon:...


Lucas Lynch on Culture, Politics, and Social Justice

Lucas Lynch is a writer and blogger who got his start writing for Carlos' Watson's "The Stimulist" when Watson was then an MSNBC anchor, invited to join by a then unknown, now world renown author Taiye Selasi. His interests include Science, Religion, Culture, Politics, and the Arts.


Nationalism VS. Globalism w/ Kevin Logan

We have a chat with YouTuber, Kevin Login on what we feel the differences are between nationalism and globalism. We had many viewpoints represented int his conversation.


Liberalist International Association Coming to #Mythcon

In this podcast we have members of Mythcon V sponsors Ben Brown, founding member of the Liberalist International Association (LIA), and Shane Armstrong, chair of public relation and board of directors for LIA of Montreal. The mission of the LIA is to promote Liberalist Principles on an international stage by being a support group for the various regional Liberalist groups. They act as a supportive conduit, not an over-arching authority, to any organizations whose aims and values are similar...


Vadim Newquist aka Creationist Cat on Mythcon, Dusty Smith and More

Vadim Newquist is a comedian, political/pop culture commentator and humble servant to YouTube's Creationist Cat. He's an Upright Citizen's Brigade veteran and former member of the award-winning sketch comedy group Mr. A$$ featuring Jon Daly (Kroll Show, I'm Dying Up Here) and Brett Gelman (Eagleheart, The Other Guys). He considers himself an atheist although the existence of a talking, evangelical cat that claims to have been 'Zapped by God through the internet' has provoked him to challenge...


"Music Man Mike" Michael Rowlands on Mythcon, Social Justice and More

Mike's provided bio: Michael Rowlands aka Music Man Mike is a radical left, cultural Marxist, SJW YouTube personality that enjoys censorship and political violence. Personal heroes include Hitler, Stalin and that dude from 1984… Nah, not the loser beta who gets cucked by the government... the brother guy, with the cool mustache. He also plays a mean guitar. We discuss Mike's upcoming appearance at Mythcon V, social justice, intersectionality and more.


Armoured Skeptic On #Mythcon and Current Events

Armoured Skeptic is a Canadian sociopolitical commentator. He produces high-quality content with intricate animations and well thought out arguments to promote critical thinking and skepticism. We had a fantastic conversation about the Transinvestigation community, Jon Hamm and "White Thoughts", Mythcon and more!


Karen Garst The Faithless Feminist on Mythcon, Women V Religion and More!

Karen Garst joins us live to discuss her upcoming conversation on stage at Mythcon V. We also discuss her new book and the current state of Atheism in the US. Karen L. Garst holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She retired as executive director of the Oregon State Bar in 2008. She has edited two anthologies about women and religion: Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion and Women v. Religion: The Case Against Faith… and for Freedom.


Godless Mom on Mythcon, Atheism and the Prison System

Courtney Heard aka Godless Mom is a blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber that covers atheism and all of the topics that surround the community. She has also started to cover topics outside of atheism on her various platforms. We always have a great time talking with Courtney and have a ton of respect her and her work.