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05. Selfless Service and the Ego

SUMMARY What motivates our desire to serve others? Does the measurement of the outcome of our service really matter in the grand scheme of things? Will we judge ourselves at the end of our lives for how much we did or did not contribute? How do our egos come into this equation of serving others and does this serve a purpose? In this episode we dive into the mechanics of service. We talk about having clarity, consent, and clear communication when serving others and how this sets the...

03: Completion: Why Some People Achieve It and Some Don't

SUMMARY Have you ever wondered why some people seem to rocket through their goals and projects enabling them to manifest whatever they envision? While others can't seem to complete what they started due to quitting their projects as soon as they hit a speed-bump or have to do something they don't want to do? Some of us only want to do the fun stuff and aren't willing to push through the boring and tedious parts of our passions and pursuits. Does it take a "special" kind of person to...