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10. The Seeds of Life: An Interview with Ben Richards, Part 3 of 3

This is the final part of my Ben Richards interview. See part 1 for more info.


09. The Seeds of Life: An Interview with Ben Richards, Part 2

This is a continuation of episode 1 with Ben Richards, owner of the Seeds of Life raw food restaurant and elixir bar in Ubud, Bali. See part 1 for more info.


08. The Seeds of Life: An Interview with Ben Richards, Part 1

In this episode, I caught up with Ben Richards, owner of the Seeds of Life raw food restaurant and elixir bar in Ubud, Bali. Ben Richards has been living the Raw Food lifestyle to the fullest for over 11 years, completing over 70 fasts and vision quests from 1 day to 30 days. He's a student of life, educator, holographic kinetics facilitator, body worker, practicing yogi, chocolatier, Taoist tonic herbalist, certified tea master and certified at E Cornell for nutrition. This long form...


07. Escaping Our Inner Prison to Return to Our True Selves

Summary Part of being human is forgetting who we truly are and forgetting our divine purpose on this planet. This "forgetting" starts early and continues throughout adulthood until we are so far from our essential Truth that we have no clue how to navigate back to our center. If we're lucky, we are able to recall a semblance of who we once were before the layers and layers of story, expectation, and false narratives were laid upon us. If we're even more lucky, we begin to call forth the...


06. That Voice in Our Heads: Regaining Control

SUMMARY [4:30] How do you know when to listen to the voice in your head? How do you know it's not your ego? How does your voice affect you and your outcomes. [6:00] How do you know when you out of your own way? [7:30] Where does judgement come from? [10:50] How are you hearing the voice in your head and is the way you're hearing it aligned with your higher ideals? [15:15] Where the voice comes from and when to listen to it. [18:15] You're the only one who can create change in your...


05. Selfless Service and the Ego

SUMMARY What motivates our desire to serve others? Does the measurement of the outcome of our service really matter in the grand scheme of things? Will we judge ourselves at the end of our lives for how much we did or did not contribute? How do our egos come into this equation of serving others and does this serve a purpose? In this episode we dive into the mechanics of service. We talk about having clarity, consent, and clear communication when serving others and how this sets the...

04. The Overlooked Key to Healing Ourselves

SUMMARY The process of healing is delicately complex. One of the components of healing that goes unmentioned in the western world is that of "envisioning" one's healing. This goes beyond merely the power of positive thinking. This isn't about false belief. It's about calling in a possibility that lives in the myriad of potential outcomes; one of those outcomes is to be completely healed of your affliction. The more we can connect with this possibility, the more clear our vision becomes of...


03: Completion: Why Some People Achieve It and Some Don't

SUMMARY Have you ever wondered why some people seem to rocket through their goals and projects enabling them to manifest whatever they envision? While others can't seem to complete what they started due to quitting their projects as soon as they hit a speed-bump or have to do something they don't want to do? Some of us only want to do the fun stuff and aren't willing to push through the boring and tedious parts of our passions and pursuits. Does it take a "special" kind of person to...


02: Getting Free From Limiting Perceptions, Stories and Beliefs

SUMMARY Can harnessing a skillful command over our perceptions help us grow and become more advanced beings? There was a point where you were completely pure and empty…"perceptionless". Your perceptions were taught to you, learned, and conditioned from your environmental influences. How do your early formed perceptions affect your life today? Expanding the capacity of our perceptions is a means of personal growth and increased awareness. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the...


01: Finding Your Life's Purpose and Intentions for This Podcast

Have you ever heard something or read a passage in a book that changed your life’s path forever? Have you ever had an epiphany after which you never saw a situation the same way again? At times do you reflect on the fact that you are capable of much more than you are currently being, doing, and having? Do you hear a deep calling inside whereby if answered you’d be living life to its fullest? The New Perspectives podcast is a compilation of talks, interviews and conversations that I’ve...