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NewSpring is a church that exists to connect people to Jesus and each other. Visit NewSpring Church online at for additional content like this.

NewSpring is a church that exists to connect people to Jesus and each other. Visit NewSpring Church online at for additional content like this.
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NewSpring is a church that exists to connect people to Jesus and each other. Visit NewSpring Church online at for additional content like this.




Elephant in the Room: Politics

Do you think our society is divided politically? So was Israel — torn between coexistence with the occupying Romans and the hope of a political savior Messiah. Jesus refused to pick sides. Instead, he called everyone to submission to the word of God. In this message, Brad Cooper shares three major Biblical principles that must guide our engagement with politics.


Elephant in the Room: The Third Option

Our society is more than divided than ever between "us" and "them." Whether it's race, politics, social class or some other identity, this type of thinking prevents us from seeing people as God sees them. In this message, Pastor Miles McPherson calls us to a third option: To view all people as brother, sister, or neighbor. Discover how to identify in-groups and out-groups and how you can live out the third option by showing visible love to everyone.


Elephant in the Room: Idolatry

Is God No. 1 in your life? That's the elephant in the room for all us. In this message, Dan Lian discusses idols of the heart, such as college sports, work, hobbies, or relationships. These idols can frequently become the center of our lives instead of God and demand our worship. Discover three ways Jesus wants us to respond to potential idols in our lives. View the toolkit here.


Elephant in the Room: Sexuality

What does love require? That's the question we need to ask ourselves when we relate to people with same-sex attraction, identify as transgender, or define their sexuality in other ways. It's not an issue to take a stand on, but loving people made in the image of God. In this message, Clayton challenged us to “love like Jesus loved” — welcoming everyone into our community and inviting them to join us in submitting fully to Jesus' desire and design for human flourishing.


Elephant in the Room: Pornography

Is porn harmless? In this message, Brad Cooper talks about how porn is the perversion of God's gift of sex and how Satan is using it to destroy our society and our families. He shares three truths to help us find freedom and healing.

Elephant in the Room: Loving Conversations

Yelling or ignoring. How church has traditionally engaged culture is the elephant in the room. Dan Lian invites us to take Jesus’ posture when it comes to speaking into the hot-button issues that divide our communities and our nation. As ambassadors for Christ, we must learn to have conversations just as he did. In this message, Dan offers three principles to guide us as we seek dialogue with people who live and believe differently from us.


Chasing Purpose: Stories of Purpose

Everyone has a unique purpose. And that means we all have a unique story to tell about our journey of chasing purpose. In this message, Clayton King and three guests share how they are finding purpose.


Chasing Purpose: Defusing the Purpose Myth

Do you feel like you missed your destiny because you snipped the wrong wire and exploded your life? In this message, Brad Cooper shows us how to defuse the myth that our past prevents us from fulfilling God's purpose. Find out how restoration and healing come when our mistakes meet Jesus' mercy through repentance.

Chasing Purpose: Your Personal Purpose

Does God have a personal purpose for you? A million times yes! However, many of us fix on transportation questions: "Where am I?" and, "Where do I go from here?" In contrast, God cares about our transformation questions: "Who am I?" and, "Who am I becoming?" In this message, Dan Lian explains that God cares about every one of our choices, but he cares most about our identity, not our activity.


Chasing Purpose: His Purpose and our Part

Does knowing your purpose feel too complicated? It's as simple as knowing Jesus and making him known. In this message, Clayton King uses The Sermon on the Mount to help us understand why our purpose is clearer when we understand God's purpose for His people, the Church.


Chasing Purpose: The Sweet Spot of Purpose

Are you living in your sweet spot? God created us for a purpose, and he designed us to operate in that purpose in everything we do, every day. In this message, Brad Cooper shares the three purposes that make up a life of worship.


Gauntlet 2019: Gauntlet Session 8

Success in the kingdom of God is defined by succession. In this message, Brad Cooper challenges us to be intentional about passing on the good news of God’s love from one generation to the next. He shares three keys to ensure our children don't become the Judges 2:10 generation that did not know God or His promises.


Gauntlet 2019: Gauntlet Packing List

Students leave Gauntlet week with some great memories and on fire for Jesus. In this message, Brad Cooper sends students home with a packing list for a lifetime of spiritual growth.


Gauntlet 2019: No More Fear

Many students are burdened by fears and anxieties. In this message, guest speaker Jabin Chavez explains that fear is learned and fear is a liar. Living in the identity of Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit lifts this heaviness and brings freedom.


Gauntlet 2019: True Value

In our culture, students are bombarded daily, in social media and everywhere they go, with a "fake value" system that prevents students from living the life God has for them. In this message, Dan Lian explains how students can know their true value and worth to God by asking three questions.


Gauntlet 2019: Ask For More

In the opening message of Gauntlet 2019, Kaleb White challenges students to believe that God is able to do more in their lives than they could ask for or imagine.


Live for Freedom: The Pathway to Freedom

Everyone wants to freedom. But do you know how to stay free once Jesus has set you free? In this message, Clayton King talks about the path to a lifetime of freedom that comes from letting the patterns of your life lead you into God’s presence. You'll learn how intentional daily choices can “re-wire” your mind to seek the rewards of God, not the world.


Live for Freedom: Freedom From The Inside Out

Do you think something must change around so you can be free? In this message, Brad Cooper shows us how the experience of the unhindered presence of God breaks us out of the prison of our pain and our circumstances. Discover the three principles of living in freedom.

Live for Freedom: Dependence

Do you think about freedom as independence? God challenges us to see true freedom in our dependence on Him. In this message, Kaleb White looks at the Old Testament story of Exodus to show us that freedom is found in the presence of God. Find out what it means to submit to Jesus, not cultural expectations.


Live for Freedom: Reversing the Curse

Do you know what freedom looks like? It's the Garden of Eden, where, in the beginning, there was no shame, no striving, and no separation from God or one another. In this message, Dan Lian tells us why the world's definition of freedom is wrong and how it sends us looking for freedom in all the wrong places. Only Jesus can reverse the curse of sin and satisfy our deepest longing to be free.