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This sermon podcast features the verse by verse, expository, preaching of North Valley Baptist Church in Mayfield, Pennsylvania. For more information about NVBC, and for the full sermon archive, go to

This sermon podcast features the verse by verse, expository, preaching of North Valley Baptist Church in Mayfield, Pennsylvania. For more information about NVBC, and for the full sermon archive, go to


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This sermon podcast features the verse by verse, expository, preaching of North Valley Baptist Church in Mayfield, Pennsylvania. For more information about NVBC, and for the full sermon archive, go to






God's Desire For His Church: With Thanksgiving

Everything God has created is good. And so everything God has given people to enjoy is good. This is because He is a good God who is worthy of our gratitude towards Him. Therefore, to fail to give Him the thanks He deserves is to fail to recognize His goodness. In the Ephesian church, where Paul had left Timothy to deal with the false teaching that had risen up there, a kind of asceticism had been spread by the false teachers, forbidding marriage and require abstinence from certain foods....


God's Desire For His Church: The Church of the Living God

Sermon description will be added soon


God's Desire For His Church: Qualified Servants

Sermon description will be added soon


God's Desire For His Church: Qualified Overseers

God desires His church to be lead by qualified leaders. Each person who would take up the role of pastor (overseer/elder) must be a man who is above reproach. In this passage the Apostle Paul lays out what it means to be above reproach with thirteen moral qualities that address an overseer's character, and one quality that addresses his ability. By being above reproach the pastor will keep from bringing disgrace upon Christ's church, and he will lead God's people by being an example for the...


God's Desire For His Church: Role Distinctions

In chapter 2 of 1 Timothy, Paul, having left Timothy in Ephesus to command certain persons to stop teaching any different doctrine, has begun to instruct the young pastor in addressing the practices and conduct of the church that has grown out of the false teaching that has taken hold. After addressing congregational prayer, Paul explains that it is the men who should be leading the congregation in those prayers, and he goes on to describe the conduct of such men who are qualified to lead...


God's Desire For His Church: Corporate Evangelistic Prayers

God has prescribed for us how he desires His church to worship Him when we gather. As false teaching had taken hold in the church in Ephesus, and the Apostle Paul had left Timothy behind, to "command certain persons not to teach any different doctrine", the false teaching had also effected the practice and conduct of the church. Therefor, starting in chapter 2, we see the Apostle begin to tell Timothy that one way he is to execute his charge is to address the practices of the public assembly...


God's Desire For His Church: Mercy and Overflowing Grace

The Bible is clear, no one is saved by their own goodness or works, but one can only be saved by God's grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, alone. But if someone would think that they are beyond saving, because they have just lived too bad of a life, then this passages demonstrates the hope that anyone has who trusts in Christ Jesus. Because the truth of the matter is, God saves even the worst of sinners. And not only does He save sinners who trust in Christ alone for their salvation, but...


God's Desire For His Church: Using the Law Lawfully In Accordance with the Gospel

This sermon is preached by Ken Pyne (Sermon description will be added soon)


God's Desire for His Church: Our Aim Is Love

Where the true Gospel is not proclaimed, where the Scriptures are not accurately preached, there is no true church. False doctrine has a devastating effect, leading people away from the truth into myths lies. False doctrine can only produce a false unity and unbiblical love. Therefore, when Paul urged Timothy to stay in Ephesus to command certain person to stop teaching different doctrine, the aim of both his command to Timothy and Timothy commanding the false teachers to stop their false...


God's Desire for His Church: Paul, An Apostles of Christ Jesus, to Timothy

This sermon is an introduction to the sermon series, "God's Desire for His Church", in 1st and 2nd Timothy. At the beginning of this message, Pastor Scott asks the question, who has the say for how the church is to be ordered and function? Who is it that should determine how the church worships and elements of its worship? Who determines what the teaching of the church should be? Is it the congregation? Is it the deacons? Maybe it's the elders? The answer to all of those suggestions is an...


How Then Shall We Be Saved

This sermon is preached by Dr. Matt Tarr, pastor of High Point Baptist Church, in Larksville, PA. In this sermon Pastor Tarr dives into whether or not one is saved, declared righteous before God, by faith or by faith plus works. If the Gospel calls one to trust in the finished work of Christ, will we still be justified by God if we add to His Gospel, add to the work of Christ, or do we lose the Gospel all together? Listen, as Pastor Tarr answers the question, "How then shall we be saved?"


Stand Firm: Take Care That You Are Not Carried Away

In this sermon Pastor Scott finishes this study through 1st and 2nd Peter. We end with the call to take care, or watch out that you are not carried away. Peter, throughout this letter has refuted the false teachers claims that Christ will not return and that there will not be coming judgment. So, instead, he has told them Christ will return, and the current universe will be burned up in judgment. Therefore, since his readers have been warned of this ahead of time, they are to live in...


Stand Firm: The Day Will Come

The Apostle Peter has made it clear, that though the false teachers were saying Jesus is not coming again and that there is no judgment coming, Jesus is coming back. And He will return in judgment, and in judgment God will destroy the earth and this universe. And when He does, all who have not been forgiven of their sins, in Jesus Christ, will be brought into His judgment. Though, Peter was writing nearly 40 years after Christ had ascended back into heaven, and though we, as the church, have...


Stand Firm: Maintaining Lies and Ignoring Truth

In verses 1 thought 7 of 2 Peter, chapter 3, we see Peter begins to specifically address the claims of the false teachers, that Jesus was not returning and that He would not pour out His judgment. Due to this, Peter wants His readers to remember God's Word, in both the Old Testament and the New; the prophecies made about Christ's return and the commandment of our Lord, passed down by the Apostles. He also challenges the assertion, by the false teachers, that "ever since the [Jewish] fathers...


Stand Firm: The Apostasy of the False Teachers and Their Followers

The end of chapter 2, of 2 Peter, demonstrates the effect that the false teachers, which Peter warns of, have on others. We see that they make empty promises, as they speak with lofty words, as they target the unstable. They once made a profession of faith, but they have turned their backs on the truth and now are worse off than they were. And any of those who are lead astray by the false teachers will suffer the same fate, apart from repentance. In all that we read here in 2 Peter we see...


A Search of Greatest Value

What are you searching for? Whose words are you following? In this sermon Ken Pyne walks us through Proverbs 2 and shows that God has made His wisdom available to us, who know Him, if we will only search it out, like searching for great treasure, as God has provided for us to know wisdom in His Word.


Stand Firm: The Immorality and Deception of the False Teachers

As we continue studying through Peter's warning of false teachers, in 2 Peter 2:10b-16, we see that Peter continues to develop the immorality of the false teachers and their deceptiveness. The description that Peter gives of the false teachers are characteristics that are in contrast to the the Christlike character qualities that Peter has called for believers to have and increase in. Such qualities that confirm, all the more, a believer's salvation. False teaching is truly a dangerous...


Stand Firm: There Will Be False Teachers

In chapter 2 of 2 Peter, the Apostle warns about the false teachers who are in the church. He tells of their immorality, motives of greed, and destruction. He also makes it clear that their fate is shared by those who would follow their teaching. From the context of 2 Peter it would appear that their teaching included a denial of Christ's return and final judgment. This leads them to living a lifestyle of licentiousness, and giving an example of such a life for their followers. There are...


Don't Worry About the Wicked - Psalm 37

This message was preached by Caleb Suko, who is a missionary, proclaiming the Gospel in Odesa, Ukraine.


Stand Firm: The Reliability of the Scripture

False teachers had risen up in the church denying the return of Christ, prompting Peter to write his second letter to the churches. In 1:16-21 Peter addresses the fact that Christ is indeed returning, and he basis this on two things: His experience on the Mount of Transfiguration, when he saw a glimpse of the coming majesty of Christ, and on the Old Testament prophecies about Christ. Of these two testimonies, to the truth of Christ's return, Peter says that the written word of the prophets...