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Holy Owned and Operated presents “On The Road To Perfection,” a weekly discussion between Beth and Kristofer Cowles focused on living the Catholic Faith as they take their evening walk.


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Holy Owned and Operated presents “On The Road To Perfection,” a weekly discussion between Beth and Kristofer Cowles focused on living the Catholic Faith as they take their evening walk.




Solidarity With The Church – Episode 132

After going over their Frustrations With The Church in an earlier episode, Beth and Kristofer now explain Solidarity With The Church. What exactly does that mean? How can we know if we are in solidarity with the Church? Beth and Kristofer dive into the relationship we should have with the Church and by extension our relationship to and with Jesus. Unity with the Magisterium is important and Job One at Holy Owned and Operated and in the Cowles Family. So how do we reconcile those frustrations...


It Works! – Episode 131

With a great sigh of relief and near shouts of joy, we share a wonderful discovery: What we have been practicing for decades, talking about in the last 130 episodes, and teaching for years actually works for others, too! This discovery - and edification - comes after spending a recent weekend with two listeners (and HOO supporters), and their children. Encountering and experiencing Betty and Archie's Catholic faith in action and infused in their parenting, daily living, and lifestyle, The...


Frustrations With The Church – Episode 130

Starting with the God-given right we have as outlined in Canon Law, in this delicate topic, Beth and Kristofer discuss their frustrations with the Church, from the misuse of liturgy to the administration of the Church. But this is not a gripe session on this rainy and windy day; they explain the canon law, historical, pastoral and liturgical context behind their beefs and want to help us be more aware of what might be going on at our own parish. Kristofer breaks down what is the source of...


Relying On The Holy Family – Episode 129

In the day-to-day struggles of raising a family, let alone a holy family, and living in a sinful world, we have to Rely On The Holy Family for support and guidance. But how often do we think of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary together as the basic unit of society - a family? Beth and Kristofer share insights into how they relate with and rely on the Holy Family and what the importance of The Holy Family is in our lives raising children and taking care of a family. Kristofer opens up and shares a lot...


Taking Kids to Mass – Age 7 and Above – Episode 128

How do we take kids to Mass after they have achieved the Age of Reason; after they've received First Communion? Beth and Kristofer talk about how to help our newly enlightened children better understand the Mass. They talk about their own trials and errors and explain the need and importance of taking these children to Mass. This episode fits with the episodes from early in our production that addressed younger children and teenagers at Mass, and how to approach those situations. Sorry we...


Giving Back – Episode 127

The season of giving is here. And where there is giving, there is getting, so how do we Give Back? Beth and Kristofer reflect on this topic in both a material and spiritual sense in this episode right before The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! They discuss the importance of humility and gratitude during this season and offer insights into how you can have a Happy Christmas!


Spiritual Reading – Episode 126

What are spiritual readings? What is spiritual reading? Beth and Kristofer discuss the purpose and reason why we should read spiritual books. They talk about their experiences with spiritual reading, how it has affected them, and why it is important for all of us to read spiritual books. And they offer some suggestions on what to read.


The Immaculate Conception- Episode 125

What is the Immaculate Conception? Or, more specifically, who is the Immaculate Conception? In this podcast Beth and Kristofer explain this dogma and correct any misunderstandings about this Holy Day of Obligation. They detail the reasoning and understanding behind The Immaculate Conception, as well as why it really matters to understand it and how it points to God's great grace! Also, enjoy some fun decision making that usually goes on before the podcast starts!


The Sacred Role of Women in the Church – Episode 124

The sacred role of women in the Church goes back to the time before Jesus came to Earth - way before! In this episode, we talk about that - after a short disclaimer from my lovely bride - and how there is an important significance to women being in the Church and the role they play in salvation history. We claim that the first Catholic was Mary (a woman, BTW!), and share who "the first Apostle" was, as well as "the Apostle to the Apostles" - both women! But it is way more than a title, and...


Is Some Music Bad – Episode 123

One man's vulgarity is another man's lyric. So says the Supreme Court of the United States, and, coming from that secular view, I begin with the answer that, "Yes, some music is bad." But there's a BIG but - and we're not talking Bobby Jimmy and the Crickets! Though this topic is right up my alley, DJ Duck doesn't go too far down that road, but Beth and I use that as a springboard to talk about why some music is bad, while that same music is good. Huh? While some music may not be art in the...


Raising Kids In These Times – Episode 122

Raising Kids In These Times is HARD! How do we do it? How do we raise our children to be in this word but not of it? What is the secret? Is there a formula, a road map, a sequence of strategies and tactics? In this episode we continue our discussion inadvertently begun a couple of weeks ago, focusing on kids and what they and we have to deal with, and how to handle it. How different is it from the past? And, yes, there is a formula, which we gladly share!


Being a Family of Prayer – Episode 121

In the past, Beth and Kristofer have talked about how to do family prayer. In this episode, they discuss how to be a family of prayer. They answer how long it takes to "get there" and share some of what it takes, without getting into tactics or strategies or specific practices. Being a family of prayer is a way of life, not a set of check boxes! With that in mind, they discuss why it is important to be closer to God and our family, what it means to be a harmonious family, and how to be it.


Moral Relativism – Episode 120

What is Moral Relativism? What is wrong with it? How do I counteract it? In this Episode, Beth and Kristofer discuss Moral Relativism and what we can do to fight it and overcome it, despite the Devil's attempts to stop them from sharing the secrets! (You'll have to listen to the first part at least to hear the story!)


All Souls Day – Episode 119

All Souls Day is an often overlooked day of remembrance. Beth and Kristofer explain why the Church celebrates the lives of all the Souls not yet in Heaven. They touch on Purgatory and the path to Heaven. They talk about why we should pray for our deceased loved ones and even those souls who nobody prays for. Also, Beth and Kristofer answer why it is an important day to us as Catholics., why we should remember and celebrate it, and why we pray for the souls in Purgatory.


All Saints Day – Episode 118

All Saints Day is the day we celebrate the lives of all of the Saints, and the gift they are to us. But why? What is so important about having a generic day to celebrate people we don't know about? Don't we already have a day for the "famous" saints? Beth and Kristofer explain why Catholics make it a point to celebrate the lives of the Holy Men and Women in Heaven.


The Perils of Halloween – Episode 117

Is Halloween the Devil's Holiday? Is it bad to go trick-or-treating? In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Beth and Kristofer discuss "The Perils of Halloween" and what it is as both a secular "holiday" and a Catholic celebration of the Holy Saints. They answer all of our questions about Halloween, and what we can do and what we shouldn't do.


It’s a Mystery – Episode 116

What is a Mystery, in the Catholic sense? We all know the spray-painted, flower-laden, Shaggy-and-Scooby-style whodunit mystery. But what is a Catholic Mystery? Beth and Kristofer unmask the meaning behind the word "mystery" and the different Mysteries of the Catholic Faith in this lively episode of On the Road to Perfection!


Angels – Episode 115

Angels we have heard on high! Or at least heard of from on high. This episode includes an interruption by the demons from the start - so much so we had to re-record! Calling out Lucifer, we jump right into giving the etymology of the word "angel," defining their perfection in true HOO manner. We talk about the type of beings angels are as well as the type of doing that they do. We discuss their wings, their appearance in scripture, and their history in art. We even talk about how they are...


What Are Good Works – Episode 114

There is a gnawing question for Catholics and a point of contention Protestants have with us concerning good works. So, having been asked "What Are Good Works?" by our listener, former Protestant Debra, Beth and I took to the streets to explore the question, the reasoning behind the answer, and that nagging idea about whether or not good works are necessary for our salvation. Beth points out shortly after we began walking that I did a good work inadvertently - woohoo! - and we finish with...


The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony – Episode 113

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, Marriage, Nuptials, and the ever-endearing "mawwiage" from The Princess Bride... However we refer to it, do we truly understand it? This Sacrament is misunderstood, taken for granted, and completely ignored by many people, but Beth and Kristofer stand up for this extremely important Sacrament. They explain the importance of it, why we should cherish it, and who needs to be involved in the actual Rite. And keep an ear out for Beth's dig at Kristofer - it's a...