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1. One Another Intro

1. One Another Intro Welcome to One Another, the podcast for Church Group Leaders, where we discuss what it means to gather together in smaller groups to be transformed by the presence of Christ. We'll bring you Bible discussion highlights, spiritual practices, practical leadership tools, and ways your group can be the hands of feet of Jesus in our community. This week, we are double clicking on what the phrase "one another" means in the New Testament, and how its used. This phrase in...


2. Why Can't We Be Friends w/ Andy Kelly

2. Why Can't We Be Friends w/ Andy Kelly On this episode pastor Andy Kelly discusses how community has formed him, and the heart behind the series, "Why Can't We Be Friends." Difficult people are all around us. We work with them, live with them, and are related to them. Oftentimes, others would say we are them. We want to love well, but sometimes that can feel nearly impossible. Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus encountering and engaging with all kinds of difficult people, and loving...